Five Finger Crawl

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(8:28:23 AM) The topic for #rpgnet-fivefingercrawl is: ParrotVytzka: you’re trying to pimp Deiss? is that right? Cassandra: Cassie has a lot of love to give. Yep.
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(7:03:22 PM) FusionClock: It’s scorching again.
(7:04:44 PM) Kzar: You could get a fan
(7:05:18 PM) FusionClock: Can’t take it with me.
(7:05:28 PM) FusionClock: I don’t wanna buy one then.
(7:06:02 PM) Kzar: ah
(7:27:24 PM) Cassandra [] entered the room.
(7:28:15 PM) mode (ooo Cassandra NotHereDude Ximni) by Kzar
(7:28:49 PM) Cassandra: Ooo. Should I go mad with power?
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(7:29:09 PM) Kzar: Yes
(7:29:15 PM) Beelzedude: It’s too damn hot here, too.
(7:29:27 PM) Kzar: I put on an extra shirt
(7:29:31 PM) Kzar: because it’s cold :(
(7:29:40 PM) Beelzedude: I envy you.
(7:30:03 PM) Kzar: Do have 25 degrees here apparently, maybe I’m getting sick :/
(7:30:15 PM) Beelzedude: mebbe
(7:30:23 PM) Beelzedude: it’s 29,8
(7:30:31 PM) Beelzedude: °c in my room.
(7:31:06 PM) Kzar: we could trade
(7:32:47 PM) FusionClock: I might take my laptop and sit in the kitchen.
(7:32:51 PM) FusionClock: ffs
(7:33:04 PM) Beelzedude: yay for fans.
(7:33:46 PM) Cassandra: I have a meal bar. They are good.
(7:33:59 PM) Beelzedude: a what now?
(7:35:09 PM) Beelzedude: I also can’t think of a name for my arbitrator, Cassie. that’s bad.
(7:35:23 PM) Cassandra: Indeed.
(7:36:03 PM) Cassandra: Its an soft oat bar filled with apple cinnamon gel and all sorts of vitamins and minerals. :)
(7:36:15 PM) Beelzedude: sounds tasty.
(7:36:45 PM) Cassandra: Indeed!
(7:37:05 PM) Cassandra: And quite nutritious. Cassie needs her nutritions.
(7:37:06 PM) Beelzedude: I could use one, I’m hungry.
(7:42:12 PM) Beelzedude:
(7:42:14 PM) Beelzedude: :D
(7:44:04 PM) FusionClock: Yup, I’m going downstairs.
(7:44:24 PM) Beelzedude: also:
(7:46:01 PM) Beelzedude: even better:
(7:48:01 PM) Catseye [] entered the room.
(7:49:25 PM) Cassandra pats a Catseye.
(7:49:55 PM) Catseye smiles and then hugs Cassie
(7:53:47 PM) FusionClock: So.
(7:54:21 PM) Cassandra: Hrm?
(7:54:29 PM) FusionClock: I went downstairs.
(7:55:33 PM) Catseye: who is HarryPotter?
(7:56:32 PM) Beelzedude: some wizard…
(7:59:32 PM) FusionClock: Well, #cbhq is an nWoD channel.
(7:59:59 PM) Kzar: So quite possibly a wizard
(8:01:26 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(8:01:47 PM) Catseye: I thought that were OWoD
(8:01:48 PM) vytzka: are you bad enough dudes (and ladies) to steal some cortices?
(8:02:10 PM) FusionClock: no
(8:02:11 PM) Cassandra: Nope.
(8:02:19 PM) Beelzedude: first someone has to talk to gatorguy.
(8:02:19 PM) vytzka: well, shucks
(8:02:21 PM) Ximni: no
(8:02:28 PM) Cassandra: Hehe.
(8:02:30 PM) vytzka: maybe you guys could plan some more
(8:02:35 PM) vytzka: I’d make a pizza :P
(8:02:40 PM) Cassandra grins.
(8:03:08 PM) Cassandra: We will have to do it today. Yep. :)
(8:03:14 PM) Cassandra hugs the Vytzka.
(8:03:25 PM) vytzka hugs the Cassandra
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(8:03:47 PM) vytzka: eh?
(8:03:51 PM) mode (oo Catseye vytzka) by Ronja
(8:03:52 PM) vytzka: what’s wrong with HarryPotter
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(8:04:26 PM) FusionClock: It’d be great if he would answer/react/talk.
(8:04:26 PM) Catseye is now known as Lena
(8:04:37 PM) FusionClock: He can get the log from OP.
(8:04:41 PM) vytzka: you think he’s an alien spy?
(8:04:47 PM) Cassandra: Possibly!
(8:04:47 PM) Beelzedude is now known as Desmond
(8:04:50 PM) Ronja: a wizard spy
(8:04:55 PM) Cassandra is now known as Deiss
(8:05:00 PM) FusionClock: well, he got kicked
(8:05:10 PM) FusionClock is now known as Vincent
(8:05:17 PM) vytzka is now known as ParrotVytzka
(8:05:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: you should have at least shouted FUSION KICK
(8:05:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: ANYWAY
(8:05:47 PM) Vincent: kicku
(8:05:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: kicku
(8:05:52 PM) Deiss: Rocketpunch?
(8:06:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: that could be the followup
(8:06:05 PM) Deiss: Cassie is hardcore.
(8:06:25 PM) Deiss: What is our IC channel again?
(8:06:33 PM) Vincent: gon get coffeh
(8:06:34 PM) Ronja: #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:07:26 PM) Deiss: Things!
(8:07:46 PM) Deiss: You are a silly man, Mr. Vytzka.
(8:08:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: things
(8:09:34 PM) Deiss turns Vytzka’s life up side down. ;)
(8:10:07 PM) Deiss: You know… How would he have a picture of Vito?
(8:10:17 PM) Deiss: Did someone draw it for him?
(8:10:20 PM) Vincent: a drawing
(8:10:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure!
(8:10:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: or might be a woodcut
(8:10:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: from a newspaper article perhaps?
(8:11:19 PM) Deiss: Perhaps! I don’t know.
(8:11:41 PM) Deiss: Meanwhile Vytzka likes cut scenes. :)
(8:11:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: I just realised that gatormen swimming in the sewer is really gross
(8:11:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: their mouth doesn’t close properly
(8:11:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: crocodiles have no lips
(8:11:57 PM) Vincent: thanks
(8:12:02 PM) Lena: I told you he ate people!
(8:12:05 PM) Vincent: now i can’t kiss it anymore
(8:12:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: so if anyone is romantically involved with him/her keep it in mind
(8:12:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: can you kiss with no lips to begin with?
(8:12:33 PM) Deiss: He is King Sewermouth. :)
(8:12:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: anyway I think I’ve had enough cutscenes?
(8:12:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: what are the haps?
(8:12:37 PM) Vincent: we can talk about this later
(8:13:03 PM) Vincent: i guess one of the scouts gets back to chat with gatorman
(8:13:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: bring him some breath mints?
(8:14:14 PM) Vincent: so, one of the scouts gets back?
(8:14:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure
(8:14:40 PM) Vincent: or?
(8:14:42 PM) Desmond: I went back to the bar and then back to the warehouse.
(8:15:04 PM) Deiss: Umm. Let’s skip to us creeping up on the boat or something! We wasted enough time already. :)
(8:15:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah let’s talk about stuff
(8:15:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: do we have a contingency for a meteor strike on Argent Aurora?
(8:15:28 PM) Desmond: I like talking.
(8:15:39 PM) Vincent: so let’s assume the peeps at the bar know that we need to talk to the gator
(8:15:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: or what if Fat Tony turns out to be the same person as Vito Alexander
(8:15:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: (I’ve said too much)
(8:16:01 PM) Deiss talks about Vytzka’s feet.
(8:16:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: my feet are awesome!
(8:16:29 PM) Vincent: I’ll go talk to gatorman about being a sewer guide
(8:16:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: has everyone seen this?
(8:16:49 PM) Desmond: nice
(8:17:23 PM) Desmond: just talk to the gator and be done with it. ;p
(8:17:24 PM) Deiss: So where are we starting out?
(8:17:32 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(8:17:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond and Ronja in the warehouse, the rest of you in AA
(8:17:44 PM) Vincent: We’re going to talk to the gator and ask him to work as a sewer guide
(8:17:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s cool
(8:18:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: bring it
(8:18:05 PM) Desmond: then we meet and rob the guys as planned.
(8:18:53 PM) Lena: I’m still in the warehouse we are using for an on site base
(8:19:31 PM) Desmond: correct. I am ther, too.
(8:19:42 PM) Desmond: there
(8:19:48 PM) Desmond: we can play card or something. ^
(8:19:50 PM) Desmond: cards
(8:20:23 PM) Lena: sounds good :)
(8:21:29 PM) Desmond: strip poker?
(8:22:24 PM) Lena: Given the risk we are currently facing? I’d probably say no
(8:22:27 PM) Desmond: though that could get awkward when the others get here.
(8:23:13 PM) Ronja: I wasn’t at the warehouse?
(8:23:24 PM) Deiss: Nekkid Desmond is not for the faint of heart!
(8:23:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, Ronja
(8:23:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: what’s the difference, right
(8:23:33 PM) Ronja: haha
(8:23:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: >_>
(8:23:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: where are you then?
(8:23:44 PM) Desmond: Ronja: nope, that was a mistake. ^

(8:24:59 PM) Desmond: Ronja is supposed to be at the bar.
(8:25:05 PM) Vincent: so, do we get to the gator?
(8:25:05 PM) Ronja: Indeed
(8:25:42 PM) Manario: We have three workshops to set up Vincent, and only two of them are mine
(8:26:13 PM) Ronja: is one of them a thrall workshop?
(8:26:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, he’s not home
(8:26:34 PM) Desmond: yes please.
(8:26:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: (you saw the cutscene, dammit!)
(8:26:40 PM) Vincent: oh
(8:26:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you look for him?
(8:26:50 PM) Vincent: well, maybe he was around the corner
(8:26:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe!
(8:27:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: there’s a hole in the wall that you never quite explored
(8:27:17 PM) Desmond: I want a thall workshop. not that I want to make them myself, but I want to provide bodies.
(8:27:37 PM) Manario: yes it is Ronja
(8:27:58 PM) Desmond: also it could be a good place to do the ritual to imbue my weapon.
(8:28:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you go in the hole?
(8:28:58 PM) Deiss: Describe stuff in the IC? :)
(8:29:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, since when did everyone start calling him gatorman
(8:29:16 PM) Desmond: since I did so, I think. ^^
(8:29:18 PM) Vincent: yeah, now it looks like were just making stuff up
(8:29:23 PM) Vincent: the two of us
(8:30:02 PM) Ronja: I thought we were undecided on the gators gender?
(8:30:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah I got kinda confused about what in particular you were describing
(8:30:05 PM) Desmond: at least I tend to call him gatorsomething. whereas something can be man, guy, dude or something else entirely.
(8:30:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, male is normative!
(8:30:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: or so your characters think
(8:30:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: being not very enlightened
(8:30:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: so you default to male
(8:36:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: but you don’t know for sure!
(8:36:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: smooth

Conversation with #rpgnet-fivefingercrawl at 7/18/2013 8:39:33 PM on (irc)

(8:39:33 PM) The topic for #rpgnet-fivefingercrawl is: ParrotVytzka: you’re trying to pimp Deiss? is that right? Cassandra: Cassie has a lot of love to give. Yep.
(8:39:50 PM) ParrotVytzka:
(8:39:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ximni?
(8:39:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: you okay?
(8:40:08 PM) Ximni: sorry, anti-virus update made my connection a bit wonky
(8:40:15 PM) You are now known as Manario
(8:40:21 PM) Vincent: oh, he’s not even the gatorman
(8:40:42 PM) Vincent: I thought farrow was a lady gator
(8:40:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: that was sarcasm
(8:40:50 PM) Manario: I hope I didn’t miss anything important
(8:40:57 PM) Vincent: are there multiple docs?
(8:41:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: docs?
(8:41:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manarios?
(8:41:14 PM) Vincent: docks
(8:41:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, nope
(8:41:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh, well yeah
(8:41:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: in every island, to begin with
(8:41:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: pretty much
(8:41:41 PM) Desmond: we could also get docs on people, yes.
(8:41:44 PM) Deiss bops Vytzka.
(8:41:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: docxs
(8:41:58 PM) Deiss: You are making this harder than it has to be. ;)
(8:42:01 PM) Vincent: does my character know the name of the docs?
(8:42:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: don’t blame me
(8:42:06 PM) Vincent: docks
(8:42:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: blame yourself or God
(8:42:32 PM) Deiss: Don’t quote things to me. ;)
(8:43:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you want Rivergrav North docks
(8:43:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: as opposed to Rivergrav South in the Captain’s Island
(8:43:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: you may or may not also give the gatorman too much credit
(8:43:48 PM) Deiss: Perhaps!
(8:44:03 PM) Deiss: Also I want some of those armor leggings.
(8:44:16 PM) Desmond: they look rather nice, yes.
(8:46:01 PM) Deiss: So our lizard guy is kinda dim? :)
(8:46:24 PM) Ronja: I wonder if they spend their whole lives down in the sewers
(8:46:58 PM) Deiss: Anyway. Can we please get on with it? ;)
(8:47:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: get on with what?
(8:48:17 PM) Deiss: Doing exciting adventurous things! Hehe.
(8:48:51 PM) Deiss: We are quite cordial to lizard people, you know.
(8:49:51 PM) Deiss: Muttering to himself, “Disturbing me while I am watching my show, the nerve of some people.”
(8:50:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: :)
(8:50:31 PM) Deiss: Onward!
(8:53:08 PM) Vincent: i guess we can go to the next scene
(8:53:12 PM) Desmond: to victory?
(8:53:21 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(8:53:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: what’s Lena & Desmond up to
(8:53:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: may I remind you that heist happens tomorrow or do you skip a day
(8:53:45 PM) Deiss: Indeed.
(8:54:03 PM) Lena: we were just waiting, playing cards, until the others arrive
(8:54:16 PM) Desmond: I thought the heist was going down this night.
(8:54:35 PM) Vincent: unless anyone has something we could skip
(8:54:45 PM) Desmond: because the they want to get the stuff on land before the ships docks.
(8:54:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, and it docks a day after that
(8:55:11 PM) Deiss: Okay. So we skip forward. :)
(8:55:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: I made this a bit too confusing, sorry :P
(8:55:18 PM) Desmond: ^
(8:55:58 PM) Deiss: No problems, fair Vytzka.
(8:56:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(8:56:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: skip to tomorrow night?
(8:56:50 PM) Vincent: i guess we could
(8:56:51 PM) Deiss: Indeed.
(8:56:51 PM) Desmond: yep
(8:57:00 PM) Vincent: i was pretty much under the assumption we had to hurry
(8:57:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: sigh
(8:58:00 PM) Vincent: sorry
(8:58:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: ‘s cool
(8:58:34 PM) Deiss: Besides I didn’t want to explore the mysterious of the tunnels without the rest of the group. :)
(8:58:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: and right to the docks I guess?
(8:58:45 PM) Vincent: yeah
(8:59:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah! preparation montage
(8:59:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: give me a sentence on how each of you is preparing
(8:59:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: (or not)
(8:59:52 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:00:08 PM) Vincent: so Desmond gives a sign on where the courier is going?
(9:00:16 PM) Vincent: that’s how it went, right?
(9:00:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: probably
(9:00:32 PM) Desmond: afair. ^

(9:00:46 PM) Deiss: So Desmond is the front man!
(9:00:58 PM) Deiss: Make the call Desmond, make the call.
(9:01:13 PM) Vincent: montage?
(9:01:19 PM) Desmond: the plan was: Lena and Desmond stalk the courier while the others flank them so we can attack from two sides.
(9:01:36 PM) Vincent: right
(9:01:49 PM) Ronja: we’re tactical masterminds sometimes
(9:01:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, well, Deiss checking her ammo, Desmond shaving, that kind of stuff but if you don’t want to forget it
(9:02:21 PM) Lena is keeping watch.
(9:09:47 PM) Desmond: we might have to strike now. the horse carriage could be too fast to track easily.
(9:10:19 PM) Vincent: did we all see the carriage arrive?
(9:11:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: dunno, depends on what you were doing
(9:11:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is not really hiding or anything
(9:12:00 PM) Desmond: how tough to the fice people look?
(9:12:03 PM) Desmond: five
(9:12:07 PM) Vincent: “Lena, what do you elven eyes soo?”
(9:12:10 PM) Vincent: lol
(9:12:15 PM) Vincent: your, see

(9:12:31 PM) Desmond: correct. ^
(9:12:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: they look like thugs
(9:12:54 PM) Vincent: like thuggy thugs?
(9:12:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah?
(9:12:58 PM) Vincent: or regular
(9:13:03 PM) Deiss: Is Vytzka a thug?
(9:13:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: give me a perception check
(9:13:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, no!
(9:13:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m too handsome to be a thug
(9:13:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m more of a rogue
(9:13:35 PM) Vincent: who makes the roll?
(9:13:36 PM) Desmond: all of us @ percetion?
(9:13:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, because he was asking :P
(9:14:14 PM) Vincent: perception?
(9:14:23 PM) Deiss: Cassie would make a good thug. ;)
(9:14:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: perception
(9:14:29 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+4
(9:14:29 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+4]: 12>
(9:14:30 PM) Ronja: I have detection 1 if that helps :P
(9:14:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah well they’re not total run off the mill thugs
(9:14:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: better
(9:16:24 PM) Desmond: can we still attack them from two sides?
(9:17:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: who’s on what side again?
(9:17:32 PM) Deiss: Desmond and Lena then us.
(9:17:46 PM) Vincent: yeah
(9:17:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: err, sure
(9:18:08 PM) Vincent: but could the driver be shot with a bolt in such a manner that his friends won’t notice?
(9:18:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: so Desmond and Lenna are behind the cart, the other ones to the side?
(9:18:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: does that work?
(9:18:25 PM) Desmond: as per Vincent’s order I will try to shoot the driver.
(9:18:29 PM) Desmond: sounds like a plan.
(9:18:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, give me a sec
(9:18:51 PM) Vincent: I guess we will also wait that they have the crates off the boat?
(9:19:13 PM) Desmond: I should think so.
(9:19:16 PM) Vincent: i left my rulebook upstairs
(9:20:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, you can do it but it will require like Sneak 15
(9:20:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: does that sound fair?
(9:20:34 PM) Desmond: I think that I am the one supposed to do that.
(9:20:34 PM) Vincent: the shot?
(9:20:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: yes
(9:20:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: provided you can kill him of course
(9:21:09 PM) Desmond: I also have Prowl, checking what that does axactly.
(9:21:10 PM) Vincent: so, does desmond have sneak?
(9:21:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: prowl gives you stealth while in concealment I think
(9:21:29 PM) Deiss: Well I am probably going to run at them screaming and waving my axe if we get noticed. :)
(9:21:33 PM) Vincent: desmonds sheet seems empty
(9:21:35 PM) Desmond: I have sneak.
(9:21:46 PM) Vincent: and it’s based on agility?
(9:21:52 PM) Desmond: yes.
(9:22:07 PM) Vincent: so you’ll have to throw 10
(9:22:15 PM) Vincent: but what do we have to lose?
(9:22:33 PM) Deiss: I wonder if that can merit an intimidate check to make some of them flee? :)
(9:23:00 PM) Desmond: if sneak is a non combat skill I could boot that.
(9:23:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is
(9:23:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you have backstab?
(9:23:34 PM) Desmond: yes.
(9:23:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok then you roll an extra die of damage
(9:24:14 PM) Desmond: good.
(9:24:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: you wanna try it?
(9:24:28 PM) Desmond: yes
(9:24:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(9:24:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: you get 2 to attack also
(9:25:21 PM) Desmond: first sneak, then attack, right?
(9:25:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: no, first attack, if you don’t kill him sneak doesn’t matter
(9:25:43 PM) Desmond: ?_?
(9:25:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: unless you miss I guess :)
(9:25:47 PM) Desmond: ok
(9:25:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: well he’ll be shouting and bleeding all over the place
(9:26:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: def 13
(9:26:25 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6
(9:26:25 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+7]: 14>
(9:26:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: hit
(9:26:33 PM) Desmond: that’s a hit.
(9:26:34 PM) Vincent: yeaaa
(9:26:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is a hit
(9:26:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: armor 12, vitality 8
(9:26:42 PM) Vincent: that was a quote from scooter
(9:26:55 PM) Desmond: sneak or damage?
(9:27:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: damage
(9:27:19 PM) Desmond: #roll 3d6+12
(9:27:19 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [3d6+12]: 22>
(9:27:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: sneak
(9:27:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: you got him :)
(9:27:33 PM) Vincent: boom
(9:27:33 PM) Desmond: hit location first?
(9:27:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah
(9:27:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: he only has vitality
(9:27:45 PM) Vincent: mooks have only vitality
(9:27:54 PM) Desmond: #roll 3d6+5
(9:27:54 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [3d6+5]: 21>
(9:28:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: :))
(9:28:07 PM) Vincent: did you feat boost that?
(9:28:13 PM) Desmond: yes
(9:28:19 PM) Vincent: cool
(9:28:21 PM) Deiss: He falls dead of mysterious causes. ;)
(9:28:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: he’s like chilled
(9:28:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: exactly lifelike
(9:28:33 PM) Vincent: a heart attack likely
(9:28:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: except dead and stuff
(9:28:47 PM) Desmond: do you describe it or do I?
(9:28:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: bring it on
(9:29:03 PM) Deiss: Am I in a positiion to charge them?
(9:29:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you standing in the open? :P
(9:30:02 PM) Deiss: I am standing in the shadows, like a badass. ;)
(9:30:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure, you can, I suppose
(9:30:58 PM) Deiss: I will hold back until we are noticed!
(9:31:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: they lug the box out of the boat
(9:31:17 PM) Vincent: I guess we can engage?
(9:31:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: what is everyone else doing
(9:31:28 PM) Deiss: Then Deiss will roll down the mountain and strike them with Thug fury. :)
(9:31:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: leeeeeeroy
(9:31:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: the cart thugs are standing with their backs at you now
(9:32:27 PM) Deiss: Whee!
(9:32:32 PM) Vincent: so we charge them inot a bloody melee
(9:32:43 PM) Deiss: Seems so.
(9:32:50 PM) Desmond: I will go in behind the chrging madmen and try to stab people in the back.
(9:32:50 PM) Vincent: I guess we can get a bit closr before they see us atleast
(9:32:57 PM) Lena: sounds like time for initiative
(9:32:57 PM) Deiss: I am good at bloody melee.
(9:32:59 PM) Desmond: that would be good.
(9:33:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: well the two thugs with their backs at you will go last
(9:34:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: as for the others
(9:34:21 PM) Vincent: we roll?
(9:34:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: yes
(9:34:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6+13
(9:34:29 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+13]: 16>
(9:34:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6+13
(9:34:32 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+13]: 20>
(9:34:36 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6+15
(9:34:37 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+15]: 19>
(9:34:43 PM) Vincent: 3d6+15
(9:34:45 PM) Vincent: oops
(9:34:50 PM) Vincent: #roll 3d6+15
(9:34:51 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [3d6+15]: 22>
(9:35:14 PM) Deiss: Let’s see..
(9:35:21 PM) Desmond: vytzka: the guy died, right?
(9:35:36 PM) Deiss: What boosts init again?
(9:35:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: like Lincoln
(9:35:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: a skilled benefit
(9:35:47 PM) Deiss: Ahh.
(9:35:53 PM) Vincent: preternatural awareness
(9:35:58 PM) Desmond: so I regain my feat point. ^

(9:36:07 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6+16
(9:36:07 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+16]: 21>
(9:36:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(9:36:52 PM) Lena: #roll 2d6+14
(9:36:53 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [2d6+14]: 23>
(9:37:07 PM) Vincent: boosted rolls are for n00bs
(9:37:12 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+14
(9:37:13 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+14]: 24>
(9:37:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: nice
(9:37:30 PM) Deiss: Vincent is such a noob. ;)
(9:37:59 PM) Vincent: i am the main noob
(9:38:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: Noob One
(9:38:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario? is he even here?
(9:38:49 PM) mode (o Manario) by ParrotVytzka
(9:39:11 PM) Deiss: Maybe he is back home brewing tea?
(9:39:14 PM) Ronja: Do we have anyone who fight in melee?
(9:39:23 PM) Vincent: hai
(9:39:24 PM) Manario: Manario sucks in a fight
(9:39:30 PM) Deiss: Me and Vincent.
(9:39:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, are you present, though?
(9:39:44 PM) Lena: I prefer a distance. But I can fight hand to hand if necessary
(9:39:49 PM) Desmond: I go into melee, too.
(9:40:10 PM) Desmond: for the kidney stabs.
(9:40:13 PM) Deiss: You could set back and pew pew them, Desmond. ;)
(9:40:26 PM) Desmond: I could do that, too.
(9:40:28 PM) Ronja: I was wondering who to buff :P
(9:40:29 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: probably not, but that depends on what our leader wants
(9:40:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: well give me init anyway
(9:40:43 PM) Ronja: with that chiller thing that gives people close to them -2 def
(9:40:46 PM) Vincent: Manario is there too.
(9:40:54 PM) Ronja: well, enemies close to them
(9:40:54 PM) Desmond: vytzka: what about shooting into a meele? penalties, chance to hit friendlies?
(9:41:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: -4 and yes
(9:41:18 PM) Desmond: then stabbing is the better idea.
(9:42:29 PM) Desmond: plus I got some souls, so my armour went up.
(9:42:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: one of the thugs with their backs at you looks tougher
(9:42:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: both of the boat guys look about the same
(9:43:10 PM) Deiss: Okay. Ronja first?
(9:43:22 PM) Ronja: I shall cast chiller on Vincent
(9:43:56 PM) ParrotVytzka left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
(9:44:08 PM) Vincent: huh
(9:44:15 PM) Desmond: well…
(9:44:22 PM) Manario: please don’t kill the GM
(9:44:26 PM) Vincent: what’s chiller
(9:44:37 PM) Vincent: chill 2: chiller
(9:44:50 PM) Manario: isn’t chiller an aura effect?
(9:44:58 PM) Vincent: alright.
(9:44:58 PM) Manario: centered around the caster?
(9:45:00 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(9:45:04 PM) vytzka: whoa
(9:45:06 PM) vytzka: sorry
(9:45:07 PM) Ronja: chiller is an aura effect that is centered on a friendly target that gives -2 DEF to enemies within 2"
(9:45:08 PM) mode (o vytzka) by Vincent
(9:45:08 PM) vytzka: my PC crashed
(9:45:25 PM) Vincent: linux does a quick reboot then
(9:45:25 PM) vytzka: who said anything after
(9:45:27 PM) Desmond: you came back pretty fast for that.
(9:45:28 PM) vytzka: <Desmond> plus I got some souls, so my armour went up.
(9:45:31 PM) vytzka: Vincent, yep
(9:45:35 PM) Ronja: I’m not sure what chiller does exactly, possibly makes you into snowman and distract your enemies with your snowiness
(9:45:41 PM) vytzka: <ParrotVytzka> one of the thugs with their backs at you looks tougher
(9:45:41 PM) vytzka: <ParrotVytzka> both of the boat guys look about the same
(9:46:12 PM) Desmond: <Deiss&gt; Okay. Ronja first?[21:41] &lt;Ronja> I shall cast chiller on Vincent[21:42] ParrotVytzka ( has quit IRC: Connection reset by peer[21:42] <Vincent&gt; huh[21:42] &lt;Desmond> well…[21:42] <Manario&gt; please don't kill the GM[21:42] &lt;Vincent> what’s chiller[21:42] <Vincent&gt; chill <span style="color: black;">2: chiller[21:42] &lt;Manario> isn’t chiller an aura effect?[21:43] <Vincent&gt; alright.[21:43] &lt;
(9:46:13 PM) vytzka: Ronja, they get covered with icicles!
(9:46:16 PM) vytzka: and their movements slow down
(9:46:22 PM) vytzka: thanks
(9:46:22 PM) Deiss: You leech their strength with the deadly chill of death? ;)
(9:46:31 PM) vytzka: that works too
(9:46:31 PM) Manario: Ronja: I see is as a magical vortex of cold winds and snow
(9:46:43 PM) Ronja: vytzka, but the spells is cast on a friendly target
(9:46:43 PM) vytzka: I like the snowman as well
(9:46:53 PM) vytzka: so the friendly target radiates cold
(9:46:58 PM) Vincent: yeah, Manarios version sounds the most legit
(9:47:14 PM) vytzka: but you can declare them to look like a snowman if you want!
(9:47:18 PM) Lena: hand to hand. Well this is going to get messy fast
(9:47:20 PM) vytzka: when you’re casting
(9:47:52 PM) Ronja: that might be a little silly
(9:48:00 PM) vytzka: you don’t say
(9:48:01 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+4
(9:48:02 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+4]: 14>
(9:48:06 PM) vytzka: what
(9:48:08 PM) vytzka: what’s this
(9:48:15 PM) Desmond: a 14.
(9:48:17 PM) Desmond: ;p
(9:48:20 PM) vytzka: no
(9:48:22 PM) vytzka: more generally
(9:48:34 PM) Desmond: I think it’s chiller being cast.
(9:48:37 PM) Manario: a casting roll?
(9:48:38 PM) Ronja: I don’t know, didn’t we start something?
(9:48:48 PM) Ronja: or were about to?
(9:48:59 PM) vytzka: so you cast 2 spells?
(9:49:05 PM) Ronja: no, just 1
(9:49:13 PM) Deiss: Vincent is well buffed now. :)
(9:49:24 PM) vytzka: well you don’t have to roll fatigue if you just cast for 2
(9:49:35 PM) Ronja: I rolled the spell itself just
(9:49:37 PM) vytzka: or whatever it is that you’re doing here?
(9:49:50 PM) Ronja: You don’t have to roll for friendly spells?
(9:49:51 PM) vytzka: sorry, I’m a bit confused :)
(9:49:53 PM) vytzka: no
(9:49:56 PM) vytzka: haha
(9:49:57 PM) Ronja: Okay then
(9:50:04 PM) vytzka: unless they’re offensive
(9:50:07 PM) Vincent: i let you hit me
(9:50:21 PM) Vincent: ‘hey, a snowy vortex, better catch it’
(9:50:29 PM) vytzka: more like a SNOWcent
(9:50:40 PM) Vincent: So!
(9:50:44 PM) Vincent: descriptions
(9:50:51 PM) vytzka: Ronja?
(9:51:33 PM) vytzka: vInCEnt
(9:51:48 PM) Vincent: my turn?
(9:51:50 PM) vytzka: that’s it?
(9:51:51 PM) vytzka: no
(9:51:53 PM) vytzka: Lena
(9:51:55 PM) Deiss: Vincent is now a snowcone. :)
(9:51:58 PM) vytzka: I was making a pun
(9:52:13 PM) Ronja: that’s it, I’ll keep my head down. I’m not exactly the one to lead the charge :P
(9:52:20 PM) vytzka: okies
(9:52:29 PM) vytzka: is it an upkeep spell?
(9:52:32 PM) Ronja: yes
(9:52:36 PM) vytzka: kk
(9:52:58 PM) vytzka: Lena?
(9:53:06 PM) Lena: I will be closiung in for a nice backstab. Having been using Battleplan Shadow.
(9:53:28 PM) Lena: #roll 3[1d6]
(9:53:28 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [3[1d6]]: 6 6 4 >
(9:53:40 PM) Lena: That total is 18 to hit
(9:54:00 PM) Lena: #roll 3[1d6]
(9:54:00 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [3[1d6]]: 6 5 1 >
(9:54:12 PM) Lena: 21 damage
(9:54:23 PM) vytzka: are you charging the tougher looking guy or the other one?
(9:54:27 PM) vytzka: also, do you have backstab?
(9:54:36 PM) Lena: The tougher looking guy
(9:54:39 PM) vytzka: ok
(9:54:43 PM) Vincent: what’s battleplan shadow?
(9:54:50 PM) vytzka: gives prowl to everyone
(9:54:55 PM) Vincent: alright
(9:55:00 PM) vytzka: not super useful right now but ok :)
(9:55:06 PM) Lena: No, I don’t have Backstab as a special ability
(9:55:10 PM) vytzka: ok
(9:55:16 PM) vytzka: then roll branch
(9:55:18 PM) vytzka: 1d6
(9:55:40 PM) vytzka: no, wait, I think he’s dead
(9:55:43 PM) vytzka: ^
(9:55:58 PM) vytzka: get the feat point back
(9:56:13 PM) vytzka: you were charging so you need to roll one more dice
(9:56:14 PM) vytzka: die
(9:56:32 PM) vytzka: charge attack damage is boosted
(9:56:38 PM) Lena: How do I do that?
(9:56:44 PM) vytzka: #roll 1d6 :)
(9:56:44 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for vytzka [1d6]: 5>
(9:56:49 PM) vytzka: sorry
(9:56:52 PM) vytzka: just like that
(9:56:59 PM) Lena: #roll 1d6
(9:57:04 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [1d6]: 4>
(9:57:06 PM) vytzka: yeah, dead
(9:57:13 PM) vytzka: (in that case you pick three highest out of four)
(9:57:32 PM) vytzka: virtuoso stacks with charge damage, because it’s not a boost
(9:57:32 PM) Lena: That’s 4 added to the 18. So 22 to hit
(9:57:39 PM) vytzka: no, to damage
(9:57:43 PM) vytzka: not attack
(9:57:58 PM) vytzka: JUST the damage
(9:58:13 PM) Lena: 25 damage
(9:58:18 PM) vytzka: yeah he’s done for
(9:58:24 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:58:31 PM) vytzka: you may describe how you’re skewering him
(9:58:39 PM) vytzka: is everyone clear on what happened?
(9:58:40 PM) Deiss: Think you may have slit his throat. :)
(9:58:43 PM) vytzka: how charge damage works?
(9:58:48 PM) vytzka: Deiss, from behind!
(9:58:51 PM) Deiss nods.
(9:59:04 PM) Ronja: charge attacks do 1d6 more damage?
(9:59:07 PM) vytzka: yes
(9:59:11 PM) Deiss: Vincent now, right?
(9:59:20 PM) vytzka: description first, but yes
(9:59:33 PM) Vincent: can I charge the other guy standing there in a manner that will push him into the water?
(9:59:51 PM) vytzka: unlikely
(9:59:53 PM) Vincent: or did an attack follow a charge always?
(9:59:57 PM) Vincent: alright
(10:00:08 PM) vytzka: well you could do it with beat back I supppose
(10:00:11 PM) vytzka: or a slam
(10:00:15 PM) vytzka: but charge is just an attack
(10:00:29 PM) vytzka: also characters are squishy ^

(10:00:37 PM) vytzka: squish
(10:00:38 PM) vytzka: squish
(10:01:20 PM) Vincent: I’ll just move towards the crates, they’re already down on the ground I think
(10:01:38 PM) Vincent: we’ll have to move them onto the carriage
(10:01:39 PM) vytzka: one crate
(10:01:41 PM) vytzka: and yes
(10:01:54 PM) vytzka: but there’s still one thug between it and you
(10:01:56 PM) Vincent: so I’ll move to the crate and grab it
(10:02:02 PM) Vincent: can’t I move past him?
(10:02:11 PM) vytzka: well you can but you probably can’t lift it alone
(10:02:13 PM) vytzka: it’s like
(10:02:24 PM) Vincent: oh, right, it has all the cortices in it
(10:02:26 PM) vytzka: a cube a meter on the side
(10:02:43 PM) vytzka: maybe more
(10:02:43 PM) Vincent: i’ll just bash the guy
(10:02:47 PM) Vincent: if I can reach him
(10:02:48 PM) vytzka: get to it
(10:02:55 PM) vytzka: yeah you can charge him
(10:02:59 PM) vytzka: 2 to hit for backstab
(10:03:05 PM) vytzka: sorry back strike
(10:03:19 PM) Lena: vytzka: The to hit roll I made was actually a critical hit
(10:03:20 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6
(10:03:21 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+1+5+2]: 15>
(10:03:54 PM) Vincent: def 13?
(10:04:08 PM) vytzka: yes
(10:04:19 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+5+6
(10:04:20 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+5+6]: 22>
(10:04:20 PM) vytzka: Lena, correct, but you need a special note on the weapon to do anything on a critical hit
(10:04:28 PM) vytzka: he’s dead, Jim
(10:04:40 PM) vytzka: also that is 3d6 ;)
(10:04:44 PM) vytzka: for damage
(10:04:47 PM) Vincent: well
(10:04:50 PM) Vincent: he died
(10:05:09 PM) vytzka: as he lived – unimpressively
(10:05:34 PM) Deiss: Deiss is not impressed with his valor.
(10:06:10 PM) Ronja: Noone is impressed with these thugs
(10:06:17 PM) Ronja: they’ve not even cried for help yet
(10:06:32 PM) Vincent: we’re kinda having the jump on them
(10:06:32 PM) Ronja: very effective :P
(10:06:45 PM) Vincent: and they’ve not had turns yet
(10:06:54 PM) Ronja: quite brutally so
(10:07:04 PM) Deiss: So anything left for Deiss?
(10:07:07 PM) Vincent: I need to change computers.
(10:07:11 PM) Vincent: moment
(10:07:16 PM) Vincent: just continue
(10:07:29 PM) vytzka: Deiss, the two on the other side of the box
(10:07:31 PM) vytzka: but they
(10:07:43 PM) vytzka: they’re obscured somewhat by the box and your friends in front
(10:08:17 PM) Deiss: Hrm. Obscured.
(10:08:21 PM) Deiss: One moment.
(10:08:46 PM) Manario: this is when you use my Fist
(10:09:06 PM) Deiss: Can I shoot at them?
(10:09:27 PM) Vincent: back
(10:09:56 PM) vytzka: you can, but they get cover from the box
(10:10:01 PM) vytzka: 4
(10:10:07 PM) Deiss: I see.
(10:10:08 PM) Vincent: boost it
(10:10:15 PM) Vincent: and blow their heads off
(10:10:20 PM) Desmond: can she move to a better shooting position?
(10:10:50 PM) vytzka: they’ll still be partially obscured
(10:13:01 PM) Deiss: #roll 3d6+7
(10:13:01 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [3d6+7]: 22>
(10:13:07 PM) Deiss: Whee. :)
(10:13:09 PM) Deiss: Boosted.
(10:13:13 PM) vytzka: hit
(10:13:24 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6+12
(10:13:24 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+12]: 17>
(10:13:27 PM) vytzka: brutal damage?
(10:13:28 PM) vytzka: no?
(10:13:37 PM) Deiss: Hrm?
(10:13:44 PM) vytzka: oh!
(10:13:45 PM) vytzka: sorry
(10:13:51 PM) vytzka: you’re not a gun mage anymore
(10:13:52 PM) vytzka: branch
(10:13:54 PM) vytzka: 1d6
(10:14:10 PM) Deiss: #roll 1d6
(10:14:10 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [1d6]: 4>
(10:14:24 PM) vytzka: wait, how do you boost an attack roll
(10:14:42 PM) Manario: I was wondering that as well
(10:15:04 PM) Vincent: can you do that with feat?
(10:15:12 PM) Deiss: Feat?
(10:15:17 PM) vytzka: non-attack for feat points
(10:15:30 PM) vytzka: unless it’s written differently in different places again :)
(10:15:31 PM) Manario: feat points can only boost non-combat skills
(10:16:25 PM) vytzka: you can reroll if you miss, though
(10:16:33 PM) vytzka: could you give me another attack roll?
(10:16:42 PM) Deiss: Well even if you subtract 6 from my roll I still hit, right?
(10:16:54 PM) vytzka: actually, yes!
(10:17:00 PM) vytzka: now that you mention it, you do
(10:17:07 PM) vytzka: since he’s affected by Chiller
(10:17:15 PM) Deiss: Cool.
(10:17:16 PM) vytzka: Vincent being the local bloodthirsty snowman
(10:17:31 PM) Vincent: also giving false rules advice apparently
(10:17:31 PM) Ronja: Chiller is pretty cool
(10:17:46 PM) Vincent: i thought attack roll could be booster
(10:17:48 PM) Lena: They don’t know what hit them
(10:17:49 PM) vytzka: Vincent, snowman is called “brainless man” in Lithuanian
(10:17:59 PM) Desmond: hehe
(10:17:59 PM) Vincent: yeah?
(10:18:04 PM) Deiss scratches her head.
(10:18:06 PM) Vincent: well
(10:18:07 PM) Ronja: really?
(10:18:09 PM) vytzka: yes
(10:18:12 PM) vytzka: literally
(10:18:30 PM) vytzka: well he took some damage but nothing disabled yet
(10:18:50 PM) Deiss: Cool.
(10:18:53 PM) vytzka: thugs’ turn actually
(10:19:06 PM) Vincent: they get turns too?
(10:19:10 PM) Vincent: whaaaat
(10:19:30 PM) vytzka: imagine that
(10:19:36 PM) Deiss: I thought they were just suppose to stand there dumbly will we slaughtered them. :)
(10:19:42 PM) vytzka: that’s silly
(10:19:53 PM) vytzka: they might not actually be Tony’s men :P
(10:19:58 PM) Manario can’t figure out how nothing is disabled after taking 17 damage
(10:20:10 PM) vytzka: Manario, you subtract armor and physique from it
(10:20:14 PM) vytzka: so it’s more like 6 damage
(10:20:35 PM) Manario: ah, right, sorry, brain not working tonight
(10:20:35 PM) vytzka: or exactly like 6 damage
(10:20:40 PM) vytzka: it’s cool
(10:20:42 PM) vytzka hugs Manario
(10:20:57 PM) Deiss hugs the Ximni too!
(10:21:04 PM) Manario: I’ll shut up now
(10:21:17 PM) Lena: Looks like they are retreating :)
(10:21:42 PM) vytzka: discretion is the better part of valor
(10:21:53 PM) vytzka: one of them uses a feat point for untouchable to spite you
(10:22:04 PM) Lena: who ius our alchemist?
(10:22:13 PM) vytzka: pardon?
(10:22:27 PM) Lena: I’m thinking this is sort of the time for a grenade
(10:22:43 PM) vytzka: well he’s been sitting way back as far as I understand?
(10:22:59 PM) Manario: did you bring a grenade with you Lena?
(10:23:12 PM) Lena: yes, I would
(10:23:39 PM) Deiss: Grenades are fun. :)
(10:23:48 PM) Ronja: they make the party go boom
(10:24:21 PM) Manario: that’s why I don’t have grenades like that
(10:24:43 PM) vytzka: who has grenades
(10:25:26 PM) Manario: Lena maybe?
(10:25:43 PM) Lena: yes. I’m assuming they were made for me
(10:25:45 PM) vytzka: Lena, do you have grenades?
(10:25:52 PM) Desmond: all I have is an explosive bolt rigged to be a flare.
(10:26:05 PM) Deiss: Lena has all the grenades. :)
(10:26:16 PM) Manario: Lena, I haven’t had a chance to make any for you yet
(10:26:18 PM) Desmond: I that thing still explodes, I can shoot the boat.
(10:26:23 PM) Desmond: *if
(10:26:34 PM) vytzka: well Manario hasn’t made any grenades it turns out
(10:26:37 PM) vytzka: too bad, so sad
(10:26:39 PM) Manario: I’d need a lab and a week or two for that
(10:26:41 PM) vytzka: Desmond, your turn?
(10:26:41 PM) Lena: Desmond, shoot the boat :)
(10:26:48 PM) vytzka: shoot it below the waterline
(10:27:04 PM) Desmond: if that is viable, I will do that.
(10:27:06 PM) Manario: vytzka: I can’t really craft stuff until we get some downtime
(10:27:09 PM) vytzka: not really, no
(10:27:56 PM) Desmond: ther’s noone left alive on land, right?
(10:28:09 PM) vytzka: correct
(10:28:16 PM) vytzka: well except for horses?
(10:28:25 PM) Desmond: is the boat still in range 8?
(10:28:26 PM) Deiss: Knock a hole in the boat!
(10:28:36 PM) Deiss: Then we win. ;)
(10:28:37 PM) vytzka: at the moment it is
(10:28:44 PM) vytzka: Deiss, you still win :P
(10:28:59 PM) Desmond: and the flare doesn’t work as an explosive anymore.
(10:29:02 PM) Desmond: correct?
(10:29:25 PM) vytzka: remind me, did you use it?
(10:29:29 PM) Desmond: no
(10:29:36 PM) Desmond: didn’t need to.
(10:29:47 PM) Ronja: maybe you can set the boat on fire
(10:30:07 PM) Lena: flare in the boat would still be quite devastating
(10:30:26 PM) Deiss: Deiss always wins.
(10:30:28 PM) vytzka: it would look cool at the least
(10:30:32 PM) vytzka: so are you shooting at the boat?
(10:30:32 PM) Manario: it would make a great distraction while we flee
(10:30:42 PM) vytzka: a crossbow is not made for arcing fire, remember
(10:30:53 PM) Vincent: so Desmond will shoot the flare?
(10:31:01 PM) Vincent: I will give the command to make it seem auhtentic
(10:31:09 PM) vytzka: FUREAA
(10:31:11 PM) vytzka: HA SHA
(10:31:25 PM) Deiss: Vincent is commanding.
(10:31:25 PM) Desmond: you still haven’t answered my question if that thing still explodes or not.
(10:31:35 PM) Desmond: my action depends on that.
(10:31:40 PM) vytzka: what do you mean by “still”?
(10:31:43 PM) Vincent: it will
(10:31:45 PM) Vincent: likely
(10:31:49 PM) Vincent: i know it
(10:32:44 PM) Deiss: I try to make my attack posts as cool as possible. :)
(10:32:45 PM) Manario: It will not explode, but it will probably start a fire. Remember, I rolled a 21 for the flare, it’s probably pretty powerfull.
(10:32:54 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:32:58 PM) Desmond: ok
(10:33:33 PM) Desmond: then I will shoot the flare at the boat.
(10:33:53 PM) Desmond: any bonus for not trying to hit a person, but a bigger target?
(10:34:19 PM) vytzka: DEF 10
(10:34:35 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6+5
(10:34:35 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+5]: 13>
(10:35:09 PM) vytzka: hit
(10:35:23 PM) vytzka: damage armor 16 to make it stick
(10:36:09 PM) Desmond: the attack would have been at -2 which would still have been a hit.
(10:36:22 PM) vytzka: ok
(10:36:43 PM) Desmond: do I take the explosive bolt’s POW for the damage or something else?
(10:36:55 PM) vytzka: just a regular bolt POW
(10:36:59 PM) Desmond: k
(10:37:10 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6+12
(10:37:11 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+12]: 18>
(10:37:16 PM) Manario: YES!
(10:37:25 PM) Desmond: it stuck.
(10:37:32 PM) vytzka: #roll 1d6
(10:37:32 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for vytzka [1d6]: 1>
(10:37:46 PM) Deiss cheers!
(10:38:14 PM) Deiss: I don’t know that anyone can actually drive a carriage. :)
(10:38:39 PM) Vincent: i assume that regular safe driving doesn’t need checks
(10:38:46 PM) vytzka: sorry
(10:38:48 PM) Manario: manario could probably drive if he spends some feat points
(10:38:54 PM) vytzka: and yeah you can drive it
(10:39:01 PM) vytzka: are you dragging the whole box with you?
(10:39:16 PM) Desmond: -.

(10:39:32 PM) Deiss: Seriously, Vytzka?
(10:39:44 PM) vytzka: I did roll a 1 for extinguishing continuous effects
(10:39:47 PM) Manario: they need to be kept safe, right?
(10:39:59 PM) Deiss: I see.
(10:39:59 PM) Desmond: I’m getting those 20 gold pieces back from somebody.
(10:40:15 PM) Vincent: we’re loading the box onto the carriage
(10:40:17 PM) vytzka: (they normally go out on 1 or 2)
(10:40:21 PM) Lena: It will be taken out of the expenses
(10:40:24 PM) Vincent: Desmond: we will get 300 gc soon
(10:40:35 PM) Vincent: so Manario can roll more arrows
(10:40:53 PM) vytzka: an infinite arrows trick
(10:40:57 PM) Deiss: I think we need some downtime after this job. :)
(10:40:58 PM) Desmond: can I loot the thugs while the otehrs load the crate onto the carraige or does that take too long?
(10:41:04 PM) Manario: only if Vincent gets me my workshop+lab
(10:41:07 PM) vytzka: sure, you can
(10:41:19 PM) vytzka: one has a totally ruined armored greatcoat and a sword
(10:41:40 PM) Desmond: kaputt ruined or bloody ruined?
(10:41:46 PM) Lena: what about Mr Headless? What does he have?
(10:41:47 PM) vytzka: driver has a greatcoat with a hole in the back and a simple pistol
(10:42:06 PM) vytzka: Desmond, ruined “there are now two greatcoats where one used to be”
(10:42:31 PM) Desmond: ah, the one chopped in half.
(10:42:37 PM) vytzka: the last guy has a pistol, sword and 10 gold pieces
(10:42:42 PM) vytzka: yep
(10:43:30 PM) vytzka: sorry
(10:43:34 PM) vytzka: I’m getting sleepy now
(10:43:35 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(10:43:36 PM) Desmond: so 2x sword, 2x pistol, great coat, 10 gp.
(10:43:36 PM) Manario: ok, got the loot written down for the wiki
(10:43:45 PM) vytzka: k
(10:43:46 PM) Desmond: kk
(10:43:52 PM) Vincent: is this diablo
(10:43:53 PM) Deiss: So we all ride back with the carriage. :)
(10:44:07 PM) vytzka: do you open the box when you get home?
(10:44:14 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:44:18 PM) Deiss: Happiness reigns.
(10:44:21 PM) Vincent: we probably should
(10:44:36 PM) Vincent: but should we finish here for today? do you wanna cliffhang here?
(10:44:37 PM) Lena: best to imspect our cargo
(10:44:37 PM) Deiss: Got to make sure everything is right!
(10:44:39 PM) Ronja: it’ll be like christmas!
(10:44:57 PM) Manario: cliffhanger: who is in the box?
(10:45:04 PM) Vincent: mr box
(10:45:13 PM) Deiss: Manario is in the box!
(10:45:32 PM) Desmond: maybe a frozen young woman?
(10:45:37 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:45:44 PM) Manario: kill her!
(10:45:50 PM) Ronja: shes a witch!
(10:45:50 PM) Vincent: a living being is my guess too
(10:46:37 PM) Desmond: we should either get rid of the carriage or find a place to hide it.
(10:47:03 PM) Vincent: eyecatch?
(10:47:06 PM) vytzka: eyecatch
(10:47:12 PM) Vincent: what’s that
(10:47:15 PM) Vincent: a monster?
(10:48:06 PM) vytzka: I think I’m using the word incorrectly actually
(10:48:10 PM) vytzka: I probably meant credits
(10:48:17 PM) Manario: yes
(10:48:17 PM) Vincent: oh
(10:48:19 PM) Deiss: Wasn’t three suppose to be four?
(10:48:24 PM) vytzka: ;)
(10:48:26 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:48:37 PM) Deiss: Its a mystery!
(10:48:37 PM) Desmond: if wikipedia serves right, the eyecatch comes before or after a commercial break.
(10:48:43 PM) vytzka: yes yes
(10:48:44 PM) Manario: yes
(10:49:17 PM) Vincent: i will get out this disappointment of my system by writing on your wall about the superiority of ultramarines
(10:49:36 PM) Vincent: just kidding
(10:49:37 PM) Manario: I will now post the logs to the wiki
(10:49:52 PM) Manario: and our loot list is already updated
(10:50:17 PM) Deiss: Ximni is like a handy, dandy person!
(10:50:34 PM) Vincent: ximni is like a book keeper person
(10:50:40 PM) Manario: well, this is the only thing i can do
(10:50:50 PM) Manario: I can’t help in the fights
(10:51:08 PM) vytzka: who’s disappointed?
(10:51:23 PM) Vincent: no one afaik
(10:51:24 PM) vytzka: comments?
(10:51:28 PM) Deiss: So is there anything else in the box?
(10:51:43 PM) Manario: I’m not vytzka, I know I’ll get to do things eventually
(10:52:05 PM) vytzka: Deiss, a small sheet of paper with writing on it and cotton wool padding or whatever
(10:52:09 PM) Vincent: the start was a bit slow, I also wanted to get the party together again somewhat quick, so I terminated the lizard convo quite quickly, sorry for that
(10:52:16 PM) vytzka: they didn’t have bubbleweap or antistatic bags back then
(10:52:22 PM) vytzka: it’s ok
(10:52:30 PM) vytzka: you missed out a little but as you wish
(10:52:50 PM) Vincent: the lizard being a dense person I wasn’t sure if I should pursue it or not
(10:53:00 PM) Vincent: as people were kinda just waiting
(10:53:01 PM) vytzka: well it’s up to you
(10:53:10 PM) vytzka: you can find out more next time
(10:53:14 PM) vytzka: good night everybody
(10:53:17 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:53:18 PM) vytzka hugs
(10:53:19 PM) Deiss: I think you are improving your GMing talent, Vytzka.
(10:53:21 PM) Vincent: you’re going?
(10:53:22 PM) Desmond: XPs? ^
(10:53:22 PM) vytzka: thanks!
(10:53:25 PM) Lena: see you all next week :)
(10:53:27 PM) vytzka: 1 xp
(10:53:31 PM) Vincent: otherwise it went well, vytzka
(10:53:35 PM) Lena is now known as Catseye
(10:53:43 PM) vytzka: thanks
(10:53:46 PM) Vincent: you’re quite the game mastering master
(10:53:48 PM) vytzka: nighty night
(10:53:49 PM) vytzka: ^

(10:53:51 PM) vytzka left the room (quit: Disintegrated: Leaving).
(10:54:01 PM) Vincent: well, he was in a hurry
(10:54:27 PM) Desmond: looks like
(10:54:30 PM) Desmond is now known as Beelzedude
(10:54:30 PM) Deiss: Sleep waits for no Vtyzka.


vytzka Ximnipot69

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