Five Finger Crawl

Session 6 IC

Ill Fortune

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(6:52:54 PM) The topic for #fivefingercrawl_ic is: Cassandra: I will remain loyal to Vytzka and his game until such time that he shows weakness. Then I will strike out on my own.
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(8:06:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: THE STORY SO FAR
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(8:07:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja and Desmond are stuck in a warehouse, waiting for… the night? or whatever?
(8:07:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: everyone else is at home, excitedly talking about things and things and things
(8:07:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: IN THE MEANWHILE
(8:08:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: on a ship somewhere, a man and a women, dressed in vaguely sailor-like or perhaps piratical garb, are exchanging cryptic comments
(8:08:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: the woman is sitting on a large wooden crate with an inscription “Radcliffe Arms LIMITED. Destination: Jake Rockwell, Five Fingers”
(8:08:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: IN THE MEANWHILE
(8:09:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: Fat Tony is throwing darts at the picture of Vito Alexander, hanging on his door
(8:09:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: IN THE MEANWHILE
(8:10:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: a few men and women, dressed in that casually very expensive fashion that only looks like that to other people from the same stratum, are smoking cigars and making small talk around a table with the map of Five Fingers marked with colored crayons
(8:11:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: IN THE MEANWHILE
(8:11:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: Mr. Lizard disappears underwater in the Five Fingers sewer
(8:13:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: camera pans back over Five Fingers from high above and zooms onto Argent Aurora
(8:13:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: EPISODE FIVE (SIX?): ILL FORTUNE
(8:18:25 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, I’m going to see the gatorman. Care to join me to guard my back?”
(8:19:54 PM) Vincent: “I think it’d be better for the negotiations if I left my sword here. I’ll do the bargaining, you can do the threatening.”
(8:20:33 PM) Deiss: Deiss stands from the table and checks her weapons, “Sure, boss. I can do threatening.” Deiss grins and follows him to the basement.
(8:21:25 PM) Vincent goes to the basement door and opens it. The smell of dead bodies is somewhat nauseating. “And you gentlemen are still here too.”
(8:22:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: it seems empty
(8:22:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: well, apart from all the corpse parts and rotten books and whatnot
(8:22:50 PM) Deiss pulls her scarf up over her nose and grunts. “We need to clean this place when we get some down time.”
(8:23:19 PM) Vincent grabs a lantern off the wall and heads downstairs to meet the gatorman.
(8:23:55 PM) Vincent: “True. manario should set up his workshop down here once we get this sorted out.”
(8:25:44 PM) Deiss: “Do you think we can trust this lizard guy?”
(8:26:31 PM) Vincent: “I think they’ll de putting every pair of boots on the ground once we snatch the cortices. So, I hope we can.”
(8:28:02 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods and follows him deeper into the tunnels.
(8:28:39 PM) Vincent arrives at the gatorman’s lair. “Huh. He’s not at home. Where would a gatorman go?”
(8:29:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: there’s about six feet wide hole in the wall the opposite of the entrance, which looks like the most probable candidate
(8:29:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is not illuminated
(8:30:01 PM) Vincent: “Do you feel particularly lucky, Deiss?”
(8:30:37 PM) Deiss: Deiss peers into the big hole in the wall, “Not sure we should risk it right now. We could get lost then miss the heist.”
(8:36:46 PM) Vincent: “You’re right. We should probably head back, can’t afford any delays now.”
(8:36:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: you hear some wet steps faintly echo in the passage before you
(8:36:46 PM) Vincent: “I will bet you five gold crowns that you won’t dare to see what’s on the other side of the hole.”
(8:36:46 PM) Vincent moves to the side of the hole, against the wall. “Did you hear something?”

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(8:39:32 PM) The topic for #fivefingercrawl_ic is: Cassandra: I will remain loyal to Vytzka and his game until such time that he shows weakness. Then I will strike out on my own.
(8:39:46 PM) Deiss: “Do you know the way to the docks from here through the tunnels?”
(8:39:48 PM) Vincent: “Do you know your way around the sewers? The way to the harbor and back?”
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(8:40:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Docks? Harbor?”
(8:40:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: “What are you babbling about?”
(8:40:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Which docks? Where?”
(8:42:51 PM) Deiss: “Show him the map, Vincent?”
(8:44:13 PM) Vincent pulls out his highly detailed map and points the location. “The Rivergrav North dock.”
(8:45:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: the gatorman studies the map intensely for an eternity
(8:45:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: then he looks up at you
(8:45:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I’m sorry, could you say that again”
(8:46:47 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, do you think we will get something out of this?”
(8:47:42 PM) Deiss: Deiss frowns then shakes her head, “Might be more trouble than it is worth.”
(8:48:24 PM) Vincent: “Right. We are sorry to have disturbed you. We’ll be on our way.”
(8:48:39 PM) Vincent rolls up the map and heads back toward the tavern floor.
(8:49:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I bid you farewell!” he waves at you
(8:49:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: and then disappears back in the hole muttering to himself
(8:49:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: “the other human was smarter than this, sheesh”
(8:50:43 PM) Vincent opens the cellar door. “I feel like I’d need a long bath after every visit down there.”
(8:50:54 PM) Ronja: “How did it go?”
(8:51:06 PM) Vincent: “Anyway, if this is all the time we plan to waste, we should go meet up with Lena and Desmond.”
(8:51:21 PM) Vincent: “I hope they don’t get any stupid ideas while sitting idly.”
(8:51:43 PM) Deiss: Deiss pulls her scarf down from her nose and takes a deep breathe, “I know what you mean. Let’s get to it.”
(8:57:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: ADVERTISMENT
(9:02:23 PM) Deiss: Deiss sits on a crate in a darkened alley, her face covered by her scarf and her dull armor blending in with the shadows.
(9:03:20 PM) Vincent is tugging on the straps of his armor, to check if they’re holding, all the while keeping his eyes sharp for any unusual activity that might foil the plan.
(9:04:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: it seems quiet here in the docks, only the cold light of lamps provides some illumination
(9:04:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: a couple of bats are flying around the warehouse
(9:05:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: you hear the distant sound of a row boat far in the river side
(9:05:12 PM) Vincent: “Bah. A ghastly place, wouldn’t you say, Ronja?”
(9:05:25 PM) Lena is keeping watch. Staying ready for the job at hand.
(9:05:41 PM) Ronja: “It does have its charm.”
(9:05:46 PM) Vincent: “If someone happened to feel like burning this place down, he would have my sympathies.”
(9:07:06 PM) Deiss: Deiss laughs softly, “Burning things down does have it’s appeal but not when we might get caught in the firestorm.”
(9:07:29 PM) Desmond: “We should think about getting us a place like this in the future. It could be quite useful.”
(9:08:07 PM) Deiss: “Sounds like a boat is pulling up. We should check it out.”
(9:08:14 PM) Vincent: “In Llael, back at the mansions, we used to have a great barn that was in rather… rambles on
(9:08:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: the rowing sound gets closer and a horse drawn cart approaches from the side
(9:08:27 PM) Ronja: “Yes yes, but the boat.”
(9:09:00 PM) Desmond: “Lena, what do you see?”
(9:09:20 PM) Vincent lowers his voice. “Keep your eyes open and move with haste once the sign is given.”
(9:09:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: three people are in it, they stop next to the pier, one of them waves facing the river
(9:10:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: a sturdy boat comes into view, one person is rowing, another one ties it to the pier and there’s a large wooden crate in it as well
(9:11:26 PM) Vincent: “A carriage. The horse might be too fast for us to catch by foot.”
(9:12:15 PM) Deiss: Deiss holds up her hand makes a signal to Desmond, “We should move now. We can catch them off guard.”
(9:13:17 PM) Desmond: “Vincent, you call the shots.”
(9:15:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: one of them remains in the cart, other two jump out and start taking out the crate
(9:15:25 PM) Vincent: “I think we’ll have better chances of taking over the cargo if we strike here.”
(9:15:52 PM) Vincent: “Even with the extra thugs.”
(9:16:37 PM) Deiss: Deiss stands up and readies her weapons, “Alright. Let’s go.”
(9:16:48 PM) Vincent: “Take positions and aim. Desmond, see if you can get a silent bolt into the throat of the chauffeur.”
(9:17:17 PM) Desmond: “I will do my best.”
(9:18:06 PM) Ronja readies her pistol.
(9:20:32 PM) Lena: “Ready”
(9:20:42 PM) Desmond readies his crossbow.
(9:31:39 PM) Desmond aims his crossbow at the driver from his hiding place and lets the bolt fly. The bolt penetrates the driver’s heart with a silent ‘thud’ and he dies not making any sounds.
(9:32:02 PM) Vincent: “Shot like an expert marksman.”
(9:32:14 PM) Vincent: “Now, commence the attack.”
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(9:51:03 PM) Ronja summons up a snowy vortex to encase Vincent.
(9:51:42 PM) Vincent: “Ha! Now to bring the fight to the enemy!”
(9:59:49 PM) Lena charges in to the strongest looking guy and slices off his head with one quick stroke.of her blade.
(10:01:07 PM) vytzka: his head flies off and falls into the boat!
(10:05:41 PM) Vincent charges the thug standing near the carriage and delives a powerful blow from the vom tag stance, splitting his body from his neck to his groin.
(10:12:20 PM) Deiss: Deiss casually walks out of the alleyway, raises her hand cannon at one of the thugs, “Thanks for the cortices, friends” Then she fires.
(10:14:57 PM) Deiss: The large gun makes an ear-splitting boom and the slug buries itself in the gut of the nearest thug.
(10:19:10 PM) vytzka: the thug grabs his belly
(10:19:21 PM) vytzka: they both swear and jump into the boat, cutting the rope
(10:21:05 PM) Vincent: “Don’t let them excape!”
(10:21:11 PM) vytzka: behind you the corpse of the impaled thug on the cart falls down disturbing the horses
(10:31:33 PM) Vincent: “Desmond, still got that flare bolt?”
(10:33:19 PM) Desmond: “Already loading it..”
(10:33:27 PM) Vincent: “Let them have it!”
(10:33:43 PM) Vincent: “The rest of you, stop standing idly and give me a hand with the crate.”
(10:33:58 PM) Vincent: “Someone keep the horses calm while we load the cargo.”
(10:34:22 PM) Lena goes over and starts working to calm the horses
(10:34:57 PM) Ronja goes to give Vincent a hand with the crate.
(10:35:25 PM) Deiss: Deiss keeps watch for any one else approaching.
(10:36:05 PM) Vincent: “Oof. I certainly hope this is worth it for us.”
(10:37:03 PM) Vincent: “Anyone qualified as a carriage driver? I wouldn’t have us driven straight into the water at this stage.”
(10:38:30 PM) vytzka: the burning bolt strikes the boat, and its side catches fire momentarily
(10:38:43 PM) vytzka: but soon it rights itself again, fire fizzles out and the boat disappears into the night
(10:39:27 PM) Vincent: “What a disappointment. Come on Desmond, let’s get out of here before they send a few boats back.”
(10:42:03 PM) Deiss: “I will drive the carriage then.” Deiss climbs up into the driver’s seat and works the reins to get the horses settled down.
(10:42:47 PM) Lena climbs up on the carrage with Deiss
(10:43:04 PM) vytzka: are all 6 of you going and the box?
(10:43:17 PM) vytzka: it will look fun :)
(10:43:22 PM) vytzka: but you can do it
(10:43:24 PM) vytzka: just hang on
(10:45:05 PM) vytzka: you make it back to Argent Aurora safely, if somewhat noisily
(10:45:57 PM) vytzka: taking the box with you inside, you all huddle around it and carefully pry off the lid
(10:46:11 PM) Vincent: “Careful, careful.”
(10:46:26 PM) vytzka: on the inside of the lid is a hand drawn design of four stars in a diamond pattern and two crossed swords
(10:46:36 PM) vytzka: inside the box are what looks like three jack cortices
(10:46:44 PM) vytzka: EYECATCH
(10:50:00 PM) vytzka: Weren’t there supposed to be four? What’s going on here? Does the four star design mean anything? What is the Lizard up to? Will there be more planning? Who gets the 300 crowns?
(10:50:09 PM) vytzka: on the next episode of Five Finger Crawl


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