the story so far

Session 1: A new gang in town (2 xp)
There are two crime syndicates on this island, and at least one of them doesn’t like us. IC OOC

Session 2: The Alfonso’s model (1 xp)
We have a secret basement. There are gators in the sewer. IC OOC

Session 3: Connections within shadows (1 xp)
Trouble comes knocking when you don’t want to pay protection money. IC OOC

Session 4: Awakening of aggression (2 xp)
We pack quite the punch in a fight! IC OOC

Session 5: Fortune (1 xp)
When we plan we plan for everything! IC OOC

Session 6:  Ill Fortune (1 xp)
Ambushes are deadly! IC OOC

Session 7:

Session 8:

Session 9:


the story so far

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