pistol gauntlet

weapon (melee)


Cost: 45 gc
Ammo: 5 (metal-cased light round)
Effective range: 36 feet (6")
Extreme range: 180 feet
Skill: Pistol
Attack modifier: -1
POW: 10
AOE: -

Description: This weapon is a heavy gauntlet that integrates a repeating pistol firing mechanism with a five-chambered ammo wheel. The ammo wheel can be replaced in the heat of combat instead of reloading each cylinder separately.

Special rules: When used as a melee weapon, this weapon has an attack modifier of -1, is POW 2, and uses the Unarmed Combat skill.

Replacing this weapon’s ammo wheel requires a quick action. Reloading each cylinder of the ammo wheel takes one quick action.

It costs 3 gc for blasting powder, bullets and casings for five light rounds. Additional ammo wheels cost 15 gc each.

As part of a charge, after moving but before making the charge attack, a character can spend 1 feat point to make one ranged attack with this weapon targeting the enemy charged unless the character was in melee with the enemy at the start of his turn. When resolving the ranged attack, the attacking character does not suffer the target in melee penalty. If the target is not in melee range after the attacking character moves, the character can make the ranged attack before his turn ends.


pistol gauntlet

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