Manario Benzo


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Careers: Alchemist / Arcane Mechanik
Experience: 8

Exceptional Potential, Gifted, Rune Reader,

Physique: 5 Speed: 7 Strength: 4
Agility: 3 Poise: 4 Prowess: 4
Intellect: 5 Arcane: 3 Perception: 5

Life Spiral
Physique: 2+2/1 
Agility:     2+1/0  
Intellect:  2+2/1
Derived Stats
Defence: 15 (14 in Alchemist’s Leather)
Initiative: 16
Armor: 5 (10 in Alchemist’s Leather)
Willpower: 10
Command Range: 5"/30’
Melee Attack: 4
Ranged Attack: 4

Gang, Inscribe Formulae, Brew Master, Free Style, Arcane Engineer,

Military: Hand Weapon 1, Thrown Weapon 1, Rifle 1
Occupational: Alchemy 2, Medicine 1, Craft (gunsmithing) 1, Craft (metalworking) 1, Mechanikal Engineering 2
Languages: Five Cant, Ordic, Khadoran
Spells: Arcantrik Bolt, Return Fire,

alchemist’s leather, alchemist’s apron, gas mask goggles, travelling alchemist’s kit, rune etching kit, Gunsmithing kit,


Physical Description:
Height: 6’ 0"
Weight: 143lbs
Age: mid-50s?

curious, impulsive, coward, a student of all secrets, absent-minded, possibly insane, no sense for what colours match,

Tinkerer/brewmaster at the Argent Aurora. Inventor of the Fist of Freedom.

Theme Song:

find new secrets, craft new weapons, brew strange concoctions, create new forms of transportation, learn all that can be learnt

Vincent Voclain – boss, dislikes alchemy,
Deiss Barro – underboss, ruthless killer,
Ronja – cultist, initiate to the secrets of Thamar,
Lena Casini – taught him to use throwing knives,
Desmond Blackburn – cutthroat with good taste in tea,
Vytzka – pet,

Manario Benzo

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