Five Finger Crawl

Session 5 OOC

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(7:07:35 PM) The topic for #rpgnet-fivefingercrawl is: ParrotVytzka: you’re trying to pimp Deiss? is that right? Cassandra: Cassie has a lot of love to give. Yep.
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(7:32:16 PM) Cassandra: I should star in a movie, ‘I was a teenage Cassie.’ ;)
(7:33:43 PM) Manario: I thought Cassies hatched from eggs fully grown?
(7:35:47 PM) Cassandra: That is likely a myth.
(7:39:13 PM) Kzar: How can we be sure?
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(7:49:33 PM) Beelzedude: oi
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(8:00:56 PM) vytzka: hmm
(8:01:01 PM) Desmond: yes?
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(8:01:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: it appears everyone is present
(8:01:15 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(8:01:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: Catseye?
(8:03:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, Manario
(8:03:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: I decided how to handle the fake cortex thing
(8:03:24 PM) Vincent: What’s the ic channel?
(8:03:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: we’ll use Forgery rules but with mechanika skill
(8:03:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:03:38 PM) Desmond: #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:04:08 PM) Vincent: ty
(8:04:09 PM) Catseye is now known as Lena
(8:05:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss?
(8:05:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, you okay with that?
(8:05:35 PM) Deiss: Parrots know best.
(8:05:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: they do!
(8:05:54 PM) Manario: sure
(8:06:15 PM) Lena: I’m here :)
(8:06:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh right, episode title
(8:07:11 PM) Deiss: Would you mind to give a more detailed introduction?
(8:07:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(8:07:28 PM) Manario: give all the introductions!
(8:07:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you mean a recap?
(8:07:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: or the scene?
(8:08:01 PM) Manario: why not both?
(8:08:04 PM) Deiss: Some recap and setting the scene and such.
(8:08:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure thing!
(8:08:34 PM) Manario: “last time on Five Finger Crawl…”
(8:11:51 PM) Desmond: :D
(8:12:13 PM) Deiss: Craziness.
(8:13:22 PM) Deiss: Shippers?
(8:13:36 PM) Desmond: people that ship people.
(8:13:38 PM) Deiss: You are going off the rails, Vytzka. ;)
(8:13:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you did ask for a detailed summary!
(8:14:01 PM) Vincent: :D
(8:14:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m merely providing the services asked of me
(8:14:39 PM) Vincent: so we’re on the street outside vitos establishment
(8:14:48 PM) Vincent: ok
(8:17:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: I got carried away with mood setting!
(8:17:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: I like that stuff
(8:17:55 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(8:18:02 PM) Deiss: Its okay.
(8:19:01 PM) Deiss: You sneaks! Time to earn your keep. :)
(8:19:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: sneak sneak
(8:19:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: where u goin?
(8:19:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: sneak
(8:19:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: stahp
(8:19:54 PM) Manario: I’m looking at the Forgery modifiers and I will probably only have my dice left.
(8:20:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: let’s see
(8:20:26 PM) Deiss: I think Vytzka might have put some of the hard stuff in his fruit juice.
(8:20:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: several days perfecting the work – nope
(8:20:49 PM) Manario: And I don’t have a workshop to help me.
(8:20:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: has to improvise one or more of the key materials? I think
(8:21:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: you will have the original to compare to if you wait before obtaining it
(8:21:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: in a rush? not sure
(8:21:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: for four of them, probably yes
(8:21:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you want to replace all of them?
(8:22:25 PM) Manario: I don’t want to forge anything, it was not my idea
(8:23:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: who wants to forge anything?
(8:23:18 PM) Deiss: Well it was one plan.
(8:23:30 PM) Manario only wants to craft and brew
(8:23:57 PM) Deiss: I Manario person, you. :)
(8:24:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: and it’s ME drinking alcoholic juice here
(8:24:39 PM) Vincent: Cool.
(8:24:39 PM) Deiss: Hrm.
(8:24:46 PM) Vincent: I’m sober too for a change.
(8:25:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you want me to draw you people a quick map?
(8:25:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh I know
(8:25:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: we can use the roll20 thang
(8:25:44 PM) Vincent: sure
(8:25:46 PM) Deiss: I imagine we will go back to the hideout and talk out some plans IC until they finish their scouting.
(8:25:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: Llaelese girls make the world go round
(8:26:34 PM) Deiss: But Khadoran girls keep it on tilt. ;)
(8:27:17 PM) ParrotVytzka:
(8:27:49 PM) Desmond: don’t have an account.
(8:28:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(8:28:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: is it necessary?
(8:28:51 PM) Manario: yes
(8:28:54 PM) Vincent: Yeah.
(8:34:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: catseye and kzar?
(8:34:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: you gonna join it?
(8:34:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: or do you just want a snapshot when we’re done drawing?
(8:35:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: Beelzedude
(8:36:21 PM) Desmond: snapshot is fine with me.
(8:42:42 PM) Manario:
(8:42:54 PM) Vincent: coolio
(8:43:07 PM) Vincent: so, we cut to aurora with scouting done?
(8:43:22 PM) Vincent: or is there things to experience in between?
(8:43:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: as you wish
(8:43:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: thank you Manario
(8:43:39 PM) Desmond: nice
(8:43:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(8:44:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: the green nearly horizontal line isn’t supposed to be there though
(8:44:36 PM) ParrotVytzka:
(8:44:40 PM) Deiss: We are roleplaying here! :)
(8:44:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: ignore right hand stuff
(8:44:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: good!
(8:45:11 PM) Vincent: looks like win95
(8:45:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s KDE actually
(8:45:24 PM) Manario: I don’t have that blue stuff on the right
(8:45:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: so yeah
(8:45:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah it’s some layer malarkey
(8:45:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: do note the dock line though
(8:45:46 PM) Manario see no face
(8:46:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: the topmost buildings are eyes
(8:46:27 PM) Deiss: Onward!
(8:46:35 PM) Vincent: right
(8:46:41 PM) Vincent: so, aurora?
(8:46:45 PM) Deiss drives off the cliff. :)
(8:47:01 PM) Desmond: ok
(8:48:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: sooo
(8:48:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: people are still doing the roleplayings
(8:49:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: did you guys split at some point?
(8:49:18 PM) Vincent: yeah
(8:49:21 PM) Deiss: Yea.
(8:49:30 PM) Vincent: the two went to check the docks, while rest went to aurora
(8:49:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: okies
(8:50:13 PM) Deiss: We are going to make plans!
(8:50:43 PM) Deiss: Me and Vincent are like a tactical genius. :)
(8:50:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: you’re both halves of a tactical genius
(8:51:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: so added together you add up to one
(8:51:06 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(8:51:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: provided your tactical geniuses don’t overlap
(8:51:32 PM) Manario can brew up some glue to make that happen
(8:51:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, Lena, what are you looking for
(8:51:35 PM) Deiss: That is unpossible.
(8:51:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe if you had babies!
(8:51:51 PM) Desmond: first general information about the surroundings.
(8:51:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: they would inherit your best parts
(8:52:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, well I suppose general information is on the map
(8:52:03 PM) Desmond: then more spedific details.
(8:52:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: what else do you want
(8:52:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: like, what things
(8:52:25 PM) Desmond: like possible approaches, hiding spots, such things.
(8:52:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: approaches from either along the shoreline or through alleys between warehouses from the streets further in
(8:52:59 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: what parts? Deiss firm ass and Vincent’s handsome nose?
(8:53:04 PM) Desmond: possible guard posts or routes.
(8:53:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: well guard posts are on the outer edge of the docks, there are a few guard cabins scattered around
(8:53:34 PM) Desmond: man holes
(8:53:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: you do notice a few manholes
(8:54:20 PM) Desmond: are they accessible?
(8:54:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you could take off the cover if you wanted to
(8:54:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: but you’re not sure where the sewers below lead to
(8:55:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you going inside?
(8:55:32 PM) Desmond: into the sewers?
(8:55:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure
(8:55:42 PM) Desmond: no
(8:55:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(8:56:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, what about you
(8:56:04 PM) Desmond: what about street lamps?
(8:56:17 PM) Desmond: or lanterns along the docks.
(8:56:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: there are lamps along the shoreline
(8:57:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: and lanterns on some warehouses but not all of them
(8:57:09 PM) Desmond: many? few? whootable?
(8:57:19 PM) Desmond: *shootable
(8:57:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: only about half of the warehouses seem even used
(8:57:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: I guess I should zoom in for you
(8:58:02 PM) Desmond: ah, so there are unused warehouses?
(8:58:11 PM) Lena: What about the landing point for the ship? How accessible is it to us?
(9:01:10 PM) Desmond: if there are empty warehouses, we could use one as a means of cover.
(9:01:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you can just walk on the wooden pathway thing
(9:01:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: that people tie the ships to
(9:01:55 PM) Desmond: yes, but do they have gates or something?
(9:02:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope
(9:02:21 PM) Ronja: they usually draw the bridge up instead to close it
(9:02:23 PM) Ronja: if needed
(9:02:24 PM) Ronja: on ships
(9:02:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: there’s sort of the assumption that ships provide their own security
(9:02:26 PM) Ronja: I think
(9:02:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(9:02:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: something like that
(9:02:43 PM) Manario needs to invent underwater gear
(9:02:58 PM) Desmond: yes, very much so.
(9:03:15 PM) Ronja: or underwater breathing elixirs
(9:03:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: also Vito did say that this ship was supposed to only get officially docked in the following morning
(9:03:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, they actually have that
(9:04:15 PM) Desmond: anything else useful or out of the ordinary there?
(9:04:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope
(9:04:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: just generic shady dock environment
(9:04:37 PM) Desmond: what about empty warehouses?
(9:05:16 PM) Lena: Empty warhouse would be helpful, yes
(9:05:55 PM) ParrotVytzka:
(9:06:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: the ones on the left and right with diagonal lines across are empty
(9:06:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: the doors are nailed up with some planks
(9:06:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: but you could probably get inside if you wanted
(9:06:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: circles along the water side are street lamps
(9:06:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: a couple lanterns on the warehouses and a closed manhole in the middle
(9:07:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, the ship is carrying VIOLENCE
(9:08:31 PM) Manario: Thus, the ship should sink.
(9:08:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: or maybe multiracial dolls for disabled kids
(9:08:56 PM) Vincent: and bad language I assume
(9:09:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: you don’t know
(9:11:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: just a reminder, setting fire to things in the fire fingers is bad form
(9:11:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: heh, freudian slip
(9:11:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: five fingers :P
(9:11:22 PM) Desmond: it’s what the city deserves.
(9:11:26 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(9:12:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: be that as it may, but arsonists frequently find themselves sans the extremities and/or having to spend some time hanging in a cage
(9:12:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: and I mean all of the time
(9:13:05 PM) Vincent: the ones that get caught?
(9:13:08 PM) Lena: we need to secure one of the Warhouses. Meaning one of us has to stay with it.
(9:13:31 PM) Vincent: why do we need a warehouse?
(9:13:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: warehouses are cool
(9:13:43 PM) Vincent: come back to the aurora and tell your plan
(9:13:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can store things in it
(9:13:56 PM) Deiss: All the cool villains have empty warehouses. Yep.
(9:13:59 PM) Manario: we can store our warjacks there
(9:14:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: some villains have full warehouses actually
(9:14:15 PM) Desmond: it would be practical for hiding, escaping distractions.
(9:14:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: the more successful of them
(9:14:23 PM) Lena: To act as an on site base of operations. We need something there as support.
(9:14:43 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(9:14:52 PM) Manario: yes, we need support fire, like mortars
(9:15:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s better to use terms like “support artillery”
(9:15:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: fire is a bad word
(9:15:45 PM) Manario: ok, “incendiary support artillery”
(9:15:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, sounds good
(9:15:56 PM) Deiss: Okay!
(9:15:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, Lena, what are you up to now
(9:16:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you need more info or are you going back
(9:16:13 PM) Desmond: after scouting it’s back to the bar.
(9:16:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: kk
(9:16:29 PM) Desmond: I can’t think of anything else spedific.
(9:16:35 PM) Desmond: specific
(9:16:37 PM) Lena: I will stay with the warehouse we picked. Desmond can return.
(9:16:46 PM) Desmond: ok
(9:16:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: which warehouse did you pick
(9:16:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: and where are you staying, inside?
(9:17:18 PM) Manario: Warehouse 13? I’ve heard it has fun toys… :P
(9:17:33 PM) Desmond: warehoue 23 is much better.
(9:17:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: the closest nearby desolate looking warehouses are on the left and right of the second map
(9:17:59 PM) Vincent: the second map?
(9:18:07 PM) Manario: Is that where your harem is, Desmond?
(9:18:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: ttp://
(9:18:28 PM) Desmond: amongst other things, yes.
(9:18:38 PM) Vincent: oh
(9:18:50 PM) Desmond: I also keep my crashed UFOs there. and my secret experiments.
(9:19:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena?
(9:19:15 PM) Deiss: Harems are things.
(9:19:46 PM) Manario: Did you secretly read the plans for my Final Fantasy campaign, Desmond?
(9:20:00 PM) Desmond: nope
(9:20:23 PM) Vincent: so, you get back to AA?
(9:20:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario is Don Corneo?
(9:20:37 PM) Vincent: not anonymous alcoholics
(9:20:41 PM) Desmond: I do.
(9:20:48 PM) Manario burns all his notes for the FF campaign
(9:20:50 PM) Desmond: which warehouse did we pick, Lena?
(9:20:55 PM) Lena: Choose the closest one to the landing point. Then I’ll hide inside. But also set up to where I can watch teh comings and goings around the warehouse. But I’ll generally stay out of sight.
(9:21:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: so you’re breaking in? which one is it?
(9:21:14 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: I can tell you more later
(9:21:18 PM) Deiss: You must give us a short briefing Desmond. :)
(9:21:27 PM) Desmond: yes
(9:21:44 PM) Lena: is there a way I can break in unseen?
(9:21:48 PM) Vincent: also, show my character the drawing and get a remark
(9:21:59 PM) Vincent: it is mandatory
(9:22:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, a back entrance is sort of obscured not that many people are around anyway so you can break in if you want
(9:23:09 PM) Desmond: vytzka, give the word when I return.
(9:23:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, you should pick the left one or the right one
(9:24:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, k
(9:24:40 PM) Lena: I will do that. Carefully. So that I don’t reveal that it has been entered from the outside.
(9:25:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, please pick out of the two free warehouses :P
(9:25:32 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:25:39 PM) Lena: where’s the picture? The map?
(9:25:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: left top of the map or the rightmost corner
(9:26:28 PM) Lena: the one on the right
(9:27:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: roll agility + sneak
(9:28:36 PM) Lena: #roll 2d6+7
(9:28:37 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [2d6+7]: 16>
(9:28:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: nailed it
(9:29:53 PM) Lena: Good. I’ll wait inside. Keep watch, while Desmond returns to get the others.
(9:30:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, the ship is due tomorrow
(9:30:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: just a reminder
(9:30:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: desmond makes it to his friends
(9:31:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: (or “friends”)
(9:31:03 PM) Lena: I have enough supplies with me for the wait. And the others can get here in plenty of time.
(9:31:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(9:31:56 PM) Vincent: some onigiri from the rice god
(9:31:59 PM) Manario: Oh! So you’re the one who’s been stealing my ‘supplies’!
(9:32:20 PM) Deiss: Manario is well supplied.
(9:32:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh no he bought fish and chips
(9:32:34 PM) Manario has no supplies left :(
(9:32:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: roll for heart disease
(9:32:51 PM) Desmond: Desmnond is in good shape, yes.
(9:32:57 PM) Desmond: Desmond even.
(9:34:52 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:39:47 PM) Deiss: Diseases of the heart are bad.
(9:42:25 PM) Desmond: [21:30] <ParrotVytzka> also, the ship is due tomorrow
(9:43:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(9:43:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: I may have been a bit confusing
(9:43:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: the cortex cargo is due tomorrow at midnight
(9:43:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: the ship docks properly the morning after that
(9:44:38 PM) Deiss: Okay.
(9:44:47 PM) Desmond: ah, so they are transporting the cortices off the ship prior to that. presumably with a smaller boat.
(9:44:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: correct
(9:45:07 PM) Vincent: oh
(9:45:10 PM) Desmond: and fewer people.
(9:45:13 PM) Vincent: so the big ship isnät even coming
(9:45:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry if I was confusing
(9:45:17 PM) Vincent: isn’t
(9:45:24 PM) Deiss nods.
(9:45:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: well probably!
(9:45:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: you’re not privy to their exact plan
(9:45:37 PM) Deiss: Okay. Well that works for us.
(9:46:31 PM) Deiss: So are we ready to go?
(9:46:47 PM) Vincent: yeah, i guess so
(9:46:57 PM) Vincent: we should probably hand out the roles
(9:47:03 PM) Vincent: scout and shadower
(9:49:21 PM) Vincent: how do we know where to set the ambush?
(9:49:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: someone could mark ambush spots with an X?
(9:49:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: on the map?
(9:51:11 PM) Vincent: so the plan is that one keeps an eye to see where to ship comes, and after they’ve unloaded it, one shadows the courier, while others set up an ambush
(9:51:15 PM) Desmond: could manario modify an exploding bolt to be used as a flare as way to signal the others?
(9:51:41 PM) Manario: possibly
(9:51:47 PM) Desmond: If by courier you mean “the guys transporting the cortices”.
(9:51:57 PM) Vincent: yeah
(9:52:04 PM) Vincent: courier is just shorter
(9:52:22 PM) Desmond: courier sounds like someone delivering mail to me. ^^
(9:52:39 PM) Manario: Desmond: it’d depend on the TN
(9:52:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: the cortices are shipped in a flat rate box!
(9:52:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: (no they aren’t)
(9:54:14 PM) Manario: Desmond: I’d probably only have like 25% chance to make one in time with the limited supply we have right now
(9:55:40 PM) Desmond: what does our GM have to say about making an explosive bolt into a flare?
(9:56:11 PM) Deiss: Planning is fun. :)
(9:56:33 PM) Vincent: I’d like to get some coffee.
(9:56:37 PM) Vincent: IRL
(9:56:46 PM) Deiss: Are you guys doing okay?
(9:56:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, easy alchemy roll
(9:56:54 PM) Manario: it’d probably be gunsmithing, and with the penalties I’d probably have to hit like TN 19
(9:57:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m okay
(9:57:33 PM) Deiss: Sorry if the hours of planning is kinda boring. Eek. :)
(9:57:44 PM) Manario: since I don’t have much gunsmithing type gear around
(9:57:58 PM) Desmond: Manario: [21:56] <ParrotVytzka> Desmond easy alchemy roll
(9:58:01 PM) Vincent: I’m not having issues with the planning.
(9:58:22 PM) Manario: #roll 2d6+7
(9:58:22 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Manario [2d6+7]: 13>
(9:58:42 PM) Manario: what a crap roll :(
(9:59:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you produced something like it
(9:59:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: hope it works
(9:59:23 PM) Manario: I can reroll failed alchemy rolls
(9:59:28 PM) Manario: I have a thing for that
(9:59:36 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:59:43 PM) Deiss: You could boost it with a feat point too.
(9:59:46 PM) Manario: I have it for Mechanikal Engineering too
(9:59:48 PM) Vincent: “it looks like a turd, but you can try shooting it”
(10:00:06 PM) Manario: fine, I’ll reroll with a feat point
(10:00:14 PM) Manario: #roll 3d6+7
(10:00:15 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Manario [3d6+7]: 21>
(10:00:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s like
(10:00:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: the pimpingest flare bolt you have ever seen
(10:00:49 PM) Vincent: you accidentally make 4 cortices
(10:00:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: if you posted a youtube video of it you’d get 5 million views
(10:00:58 PM) Desmond: I will subtract the money for an explosive bolt from my savings.
(10:00:59 PM) Manario: 21 is what I’m aiming for to be my average roll
(10:01:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: (7 million if you used a single frame of Deiss flashing her cleavage for the thumbnail pic)
(10:01:28 PM) Manario: if I ever get to buy the equipment I need…
(10:01:55 PM) Deiss: Deiss has cleavage?
(10:01:57 PM) Desmond: explosive bolts are expensive as hell.
(10:02:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: 7 million views!
(10:02:46 PM) Manario can also substitute expensive alchemy stuff for cheep knowckoffs and you can’t tell the difference
(10:02:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: you people are going to do anything beside planning today?
(10:03:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, you mean until it’s used?
(10:03:05 PM) Deiss: Probably not.
(10:03:30 PM) Manario: the ‘tea’ has worked fine so far ParrotVytzka
(10:03:34 PM) Deiss: I guess we could start the actual heist now if you want. :)
(10:04:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: we could start the scene and then drop a cliffhanger!
(10:04:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s how I roll
(10:04:12 PM) Desmond: will I hold the flare in reserve or use it to signal the attack?
(10:04:16 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: I have an Ability that let’s me do that
(10:04:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, sweet
(10:04:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: so did the person who sold me my current supply of matcha, it seems
(10:04:47 PM) Manario: I wish there was a similar thing for engineering
(10:05:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: that only works for Orks
(10:05:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: just shove some corrugated cardboard in there
(10:05:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe throw in a couple bolts
(10:05:29 PM) Manario is secretly an Ork
(10:05:42 PM) Desmond: dun dun duuun.
(10:06:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: when you’re done planning, skip to tomorrow night and explain your positioning again because I’ve been kinda skipping stuff :P
(10:06:43 PM) Vincent: your brain has been skipping stuff
(10:06:50 PM) Vincent: whatever that means
(10:07:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: skipping stuff like OXYGEN
(10:07:08 PM) Vincent: :D
(10:07:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: and GLUCOSE
(10:07:14 PM) Vincent: it was supposed to be an insult
(10:07:17 PM) Deiss: You aren’t reading our indepth planning session, Vytzka? For shame, for shame!
(10:07:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m skimming them!
(10:07:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: besides, the NPCs aren’t reading them either so I can be surprised better
(10:07:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s all in my interest to run the best games I can
(10:07:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: for sure
(10:08:01 PM) Deiss: Indeed.
(10:08:05 PM) Vincent: for reals
(10:08:19 PM) Vincent: how about a small break now
(10:08:27 PM) Deiss: Sure.
(10:08:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: someone is burning plastic in the courtyard
(10:08:30 PM) Desmond: fine with me.
(10:08:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure Vincent
(10:08:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: or we could wrap things up quickly
(10:08:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: if you have 5-10 more minutes
(10:08:52 PM) Vincent: w/e
(10:09:11 PM) Vincent: I thought we were going to continue for 30+
(10:09:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: probably not
(10:09:35 PM) Vincent: let’s continue then
(10:09:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: unless you want to plan for an hour more :)
(10:10:00 PM) Vincent: we can change into high school comedy gear at the end
(10:10:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: is Lena up to speed?
(10:10:42 PM) Lena: yup
(10:10:42 PM) Desmond: Desmond returned to get her up to speed.
(10:10:51 PM) Desmond: shall I recap the plan?
(10:11:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: go for it
(10:11:19 PM) Lena: sure
(10:12:31 PM) Desmond: we wait for the cargo to be brought ashore, lena and desmond follow them all sneaky like for a short while, while the rest flank them to attack from the side/front.
(10:12:54 PM) Desmond: a dynamic ambush,s o to speak.
(10:13:06 PM) Desmond: a flare may or may not be used to signal the attack.
(10:13:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: um that might be better off in IC
(10:14:52 PM) Desmond: ok
(10:15:29 PM) Desmond: I’ll assume that this will be explaining Lena the plan.
(10:16:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(10:17:40 PM) Deiss: Cassie madness?
(10:17:50 PM) Desmond: hm.
(10:17:58 PM) Desmond: where do we wait? do we all wait in the warehouse?
(10:18:13 PM) Deiss: Deiss mostly has a plate breastplate with a leather and chain greatcoat as her armor. :)
(10:18:17 PM) Desmond: do some of us wait there and the rest not?
(10:18:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: sounds like a good time to find out
(10:18:34 PM) Deiss: Sounds reasonable.
(10:19:04 PM) Desmond: which one?
(10:19:38 PM) Deiss: That we wait in the warehouse.
(10:19:42 PM) Desmond: k
(10:19:57 PM) Manario: Diess needs to have custom modifications on her armour.
(10:20:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh you
(10:21:02 PM) Deiss: Hehe. What would those be?
(10:21:20 PM) Manario: Deiss need to be able to run as fast as lightning and to leap tall building in a single bound.
(10:21:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: zettai ryouiki
(10:21:33 PM) Manario: that too
(10:22:14 PM) Manario can only make the first option happen right now
(10:22:30 PM) Desmond: we should also think of an escape route/strategy.
(10:22:37 PM) Deiss: I imagined my custom battle armor as a chain and leather greatcoat with some small pauldrons, breastplate and thigh guards. So that she looks like a really metal biker chick. :)
(10:22:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: you probably only have skills to make grade C zettai ryouiki right now
(10:23:08 PM) Vincent: how about onigiri
(10:23:18 PM) Desmond: I like onigiri.
(10:23:19 PM) Vincent: yeah, what about escape?
(10:23:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: onigiri modifications for armour?
(10:23:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m not sure that word means what you think it means
(10:23:38 PM) Desmond: escape, people.
(10:23:51 PM) Manario: Deiss: you should have a look at the armor runes in the mechanika section and make a wishlist
(10:23:53 PM) Vincent: I assume we just leg it after we get the cortices
(10:24:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: you could use a huge onigiri to escape on into the river
(10:24:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: if it’s properly cooked
(10:24:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: also you could hide cortices in onigiris
(10:24:38 PM) Deiss: Cassie already has a wishlist. :)
(10:24:40 PM) Manario needs a proper kitchen for that plan to work
(10:25:02 PM) Deiss: So escape. Hrm.
(10:25:22 PM) Vincent: if the warehouse is nearby, we could get back in there
(10:25:25 PM) Desmond: one idea was the sewers, but there are gatormen down there.
(10:25:35 PM) Vincent: otherwise just grap the cortices and disappear into the night
(10:25:41 PM) Vincent: grab even
(10:25:50 PM) Deiss: Disappearing into the night works.
(10:25:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: grabble
(10:27:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: you people are stuck planning again!
(10:27:18 PM) Vincent: we have a plan
(10:27:19 PM) Manario: warhouse?
(10:27:26 PM) Manario: I like the sound of that :)
(10:27:39 PM) Manario: we need to turn AA into a warhouse
(10:27:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: metal
(10:28:08 PM) Vincent: I think the plan is about done
(10:28:09 PM) Deiss: We are not kick in the door gamers. :)
(10:28:34 PM) Manario: We are shoot down the door gamers. :)
(10:29:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: you open the door just a little, throw a bunch of grenades in, then fill everything with poison gas, leave to drink beer and loiter about for a couple days until the gas subsides, then enter
(10:29:30 PM) Vincent: I thought Desmond went solo to Lena.
(10:29:42 PM) Manario: I don’t think we have any poison gas, but sure
(10:29:52 PM) Desmond: I thought so, too. But the others have to get there sometime, too.
(10:30:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, in a pinch you can use some burning tires instead
(10:30:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: or old rubber shoes
(10:30:33 PM) Manario: What? Have I invented tires already?
(10:31:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: you’re so good at alchemisting that you invented tires, forgot about it and then invented them again
(10:31:32 PM) Manario: Cool!
(10:31:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: so are you going to Mr. Lizard now or what
(10:31:55 PM) Desmond: who’s on good term with the gartordude in the basement?
(10:32:08 PM) Manario: I just hope I get a chance soon to play around with some real alchemy stuff soon.
(10:33:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: real ultimate alchemy
(10:33:26 PM) Vincent: I’m not following the course of IC anymore.
(10:33:28 PM) Manario: but I’d need a lab far away for that
(10:33:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: far away? pshaw
(10:34:00 PM) Desmond: you are still supposed to be at the bar.
(10:34:07 PM) Vincent: Alright.
(10:34:33 PM) Desmond: and maybe it would be a good idea to ask gatorguy for a little help getting the cortices out through the sewers.
(10:35:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe
(10:36:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, sorry for taking longer than I said it would take
(10:36:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: I don’t think any heists are happening tonight
(10:36:50 PM) Deiss: Okay.
(10:37:39 PM) Desmond: so..break here, talk to gatorguy first, something else?
(10:37:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: break here maybe
(10:39:36 PM) Vincent: did ParrotVytzka go mad
(10:39:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s called foreshadowing
(10:39:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: you dorks
(10:40:05 PM) Deiss: Cut scenes!
(10:40:07 PM) Vincent: mad with… unpower
(10:40:10 PM) Desmond: foremaddening?
(10:40:14 PM) Vincent: :D
(10:40:43 PM) Vincent: this is the madness before the shit-hits-the-fan
(10:41:12 PM) Vincent: also, romantic high school comedy stuff goes to next session
(10:41:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: well no one deigned to talk to Receptionist-Chan
(10:41:42 PM) Vincent: We were planning.
(10:41:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: so I did notice!
(10:41:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: any comments?


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