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(8:06:01 PM) mode (ooooo Deiss Desmond Lena Manario Vincent) by ParrotVytzka
(8:06:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: the receptionist waves after you as you leave Alexander Investment and go out in the street again
(8:06:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: what do you do
(8:07:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: (episode 5: FORTUNE)
(8:08:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: in the previous episode of ARGENT AURORA
(8:08:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: FIVE FINGER CRAWL
(8:09:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: a fight breaks out in front of Argent Aurora but brave cultists repulse the local mob effort
(8:09:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: they contact Vito Alexander with an offer to cooperate and are met with acceptance but their own plan is brushed off in favor of one by Vito’s making
(8:10:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: he suggests the party intercepts a shipment of valuable warjack cortices destined for his competitor Fat Tony, and deliver the proceeds to himself
(8:10:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: the party accepts both the task and an advance payment of 300 crowns, with as much to be paid after the deed is done and goods delivered
(8:11:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond discovers a romantic interest harbored by Angelique, Vito’s receptionist towards the dashing Deiss Barro and hints at the possibility of introducing the two to each other
(8:12:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: confusion sets in about the vessel on which the cortices are to be delivered, due to its similarity to famous Ill Fortune and shippers squeal in delight everywhere at the possibility of introducing her into the game
(8:14:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: now the party finds itself out on an empty street in front of the iron shot entrance to Vito’s Investments
(8:14:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: some passersby look at you quickly before transferring their attention elsewhere
(8:15:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: wind blows an old newspaper past you, chased by a diseased dog
(8:15:47 PM) Vincent weighs the bag of coins in his hand. “Well, if every meeting goes like this, we’ll have a lucrative relationship ahead of us.”
(8:15:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: for a second you think you hear the sound of large reptilian feet slogging through shallow water from a partially open manhole
(8:16:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: but it’s probably just your imagination
(8:16:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is about noon
(8:16:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: distant gunfire echoes through the rooftops
(8:16:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: the sun is slightly obscured by thin smog
(8:17:21 PM) Deiss: Deiss starts walking back towards their club, “I think that bag of gold may cost us more than it is worth by the time we are done.” She turns to Desmond and Lena. “Can you two make a plan to infiltrate the docks?”
(8:17:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: cigarette butts and strips of greased brown paper litter the sidewalk
(8:18:06 PM) Vincent: “Yes, the wisest course of action seems to start planning the heist as soon as possible.”
(8:18:20 PM) Vincent: “I wouldn’t see something like this left to chance.”
(8:19:18 PM) Desmond: “We should get our hands on a map of the area or scout the thing out.”
(8:19:59 PM) Vincent: “Now would also be the time to buy any supplies we might need, considering we’re out. Are you all good on ammunition?”
(8:20:58 PM) Deiss: Deiss checks her ammo and then nods at Vincent.
(8:21:09 PM) Desmond: “I’m good on bolts. Depending on our approach, we might need climbing gear and something for transport.”
(8:21:46 PM) Deiss: “Lena and Desmond should scout the docks while it is light. We can go back to the hideout and plan.”
(8:22:44 PM) Vincent: “I agree.”
(8:23:02 PM) Lena: “Sounds like a plan. I will scout ahead.”
(8:23:19 PM) Desmond: “I think we can do that. And it will give me the opportunity to get something to eat.”
(8:24:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: like Chaser Island’s famous fish and chips
(8:24:28 PM) Vincent: “See if you can sketch us a rough map of the area while you’re at it. You were quite the artist back in the day, Desmond.”
(8:25:04 PM) Desmond: “I’ll do my very best, Vincent.”
(8:25:32 PM) Vincent: “Draw it like one of your Llaellese girls.”
(8:26:10 PM) Vincent: “When you’re done, meet us at the aurora.”
(8:27:00 PM) Desmond: “See you then. Come on Lena, we’ve got some sightseeing to do.”
(8:27:24 PM) Desmond offers Lena his arm.
(8:27:57 PM) Lena takes Desmond’s arm
(8:28:48 PM) Deiss: “So what is the plan here, Vincent? Are we going to play Vito straight?”
(8:29:56 PM) Vincent: “What do you reckon we should do? Is he playing us straight?”
(8:30:40 PM) Desmond wander off with Lena in search for fish and chips and some information.
(8:32:19 PM) Deiss: “He has no reason to. We are still strangers and came into his business uninvited. He might be upset at our coming into his territory like this. Could be a suicide mission. Could be anything.”
(8:32:34 PM) Lena: “Desmond, we need to be careful. Especially with Tony’s people out here.”
(8:33:55 PM) Vincent: “I think we can agree on the fact that he does need a helping hand. Did you see the state of the place?”
(8:34:05 PM) Desmond: “Certainly. It would surprise me a bit if they would attack us with mere goons again, though.”
(8:35:19 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods and carefully watches the street as they watch along.
(8:36:14 PM) Deiss: “We would be doing him a favor if we pulled this off. His name is not worth much around here any more from what I hear.”
(8:37:37 PM) Vincent: “Right. We could do it like proper thieves, or just try to force our way in by brute force.”
(8:39:26 PM) Deiss: “Brute force is not the answer here. We don’t know what we are walking into. I say we take it slow and steady, make sure we do things right.”
(8:39:56 PM) Lena: “I think that is the least of our worries.”
(8:43:24 PM) Desmond: “We’ll try to avoid suspicion. Though sneaking around in broad daylight won’t do us any good.”
(8:48:32 PM) Lena: “Yes. It is best to blend in, talk to some of the locals. Enjoy ourselves and blend in. Best way to gather information.”
(8:49:28 PM) Desmond: “That is basically what I had in mind, yes.”
(8:50:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: (Vincent, Deiss, Manario and Ronja arrive to Argent Aurora I suppose)
(8:50:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: (while Desmond and Lena arrive at the docks)
(8:52:07 PM) Vincent: “Let’s get some tea brewing along with ideas on how to deal with this.”
(8:52:22 PM) Vincent: “Manario, did you have a stash of that good stuff somewhere?”
(8:53:32 PM) Manario: “The drinking stuff or the smoking stuff?”
(8:53:47 PM) Deiss: “Okay, boss. Here is the thing, we go in there tonight with knowing what we are up against then some of us will probably die. Taking a job with this short of a clock is hard. We need information first and foremost.”
(8:53:56 PM) Vincent: “They’re not the same?”
(8:54:16 PM) Vincent: “In that case, I’ll have the drinking stuff.”
(8:54:38 PM) Manario: “Well, you could use one for the other, but I don’t think you’d like it very much…”
(8:55:11 PM) Manario wanders off to brew the good stuff for Vincent
(8:55:33 PM) Vincent: “That must explain the runs I had around when we arrived…”
(8:56:23 PM) Deiss: “Once we know more then we have to plan a route to the ship. Given what Lena said we should expect heavy resistence on the boat itself so we may need to ambush the sailors when they off load the cargo.”“
”color: #062585;">(8:56:41 PM) Vincent seats himself at the main table, lets loose a great sigh and, for a slight moment, stares into the abyss.
(8:56:56 PM) Ronja: “How many sailors could we expect on a vessel that size?”
(8:58:10 PM) Deiss: Deiss sits down at the table and continues thinking outloud, “Maybe around thirty to forty for a smuggling ship. For a warship in the hundreds.”
(8:58:51 PM) Vincent: “Yeah, considering they’re carrying contraband, they wouldn’t want to look like the military just sailed into port.”
(8:59:27 PM) Vincent: “Then again, I would pack some extra muscle into a ship, regardless of size, if I had a cargo like that.”
(9:00:16 PM) Deiss: “I don’t think they will want to be too obvious about what they are carrying so they probably won’t set a heavy guard on their courier. We could probably lighten the guard with some tricks.”
(9:00:47 PM) Vincent: “I’d say we have an estimate of 40, with each one of them armed.”
(9:01:58 PM) Vincent: “It was a total of four cortices, was it not?”
(9:02:42 PM) Deiss: “Some of them will disperse to the local taverns as soon as they get off the ship. Say we pay some some local toughs to start fights with the sailors when they get off the ship? That should weaken their guard.”
(9:03:21 PM) Deiss: “After they get into the taverns, of course. And yes, he said four cortices.”
(9:04:09 PM) Vincent: “Good thinking.”
(9:05:14 PM) Vincent: “Should we attempt to get a hold of the cortices before they unload them, or interrupt them as they’re moving them away from the docks?”
(9:06:22 PM) Deiss: “I think an ambush is best in this situation. The ship will be too well defended. We could have someone shadow the courier and report their path back to us then we could setup an ambush.”
(9:07:20 PM) Vincent: “Did we have any information on what else the ship is carrying?”
(9:07:50 PM) Deiss: “He did not say. What are you thinking, Vincent?”
(9:08:31 PM) Vincent has a sip from his excellent tea. “If they have multiple groups moving the stuff about, we would need to identify the correct one.”
(9:09:24 PM) Deiss: “Yes. We could have one person spot the ship for us and the other shadow the couriers to find the right one.”
(9:10:14 PM) Deiss: “Another option is to wait for them to move the cargo then set fire to the ship.”
(9:10:33 PM) Vincent: “A distraction, yes.”
(9:11:16 PM) Vincent: “While they’re busy saving what is left from their ship, we ambush the cargo carrier on the outskirts of the docks.”
(9:12:19 PM) Vincent: “This seems like the best course of action to me.”
(9:12:23 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods and frowns. “That could be quite dangerous I think it is more of a action of last resort. The fire could easily spread.”
(9:12:49 PM) Vincent: “But a distraction, even if we resort to the fight then, would be good for us.”
(9:15:29 PM) Deiss: “We can decide on this when our scouts come back. But cautious is necessary with fire, I think.”
(9:18:08 PM) Ronja: “We’d make a lot of enemies if it spread”
(9:29:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena enters an abandoned warehouse through a side entrance, carefully peeling off the planks entrance was boarded in
(9:29:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: barely any sunlight makes inside through some cracks in the roof and you nearly choke from the dust inside
(9:30:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: it seems nearly empty save for a few large shattered wooden crates and a couple graffiti on the walls
(9:32:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond arrives to Argent Aurora bearing informations!
(9:32:13 PM) Desmond walks into the bar as he finishes the last bites of his fish and chips.
(9:32:58 PM) Vincent: “Desmond, you suave son of a gun. You made it. What news do you bring?”
(9:33:36 PM) Desmond: “Well, we checked out the docks and the surroundings. Here have a look.”
(9:33:44 PM) Desmond presents the hand drawn map.
(9:34:08 PM) Vincent: “I see you still have the touch to this drawing business.”
(9:34:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: (thank you!)
(9:35:39 PM) Vincent: “Did you meet resistance? Where is Lena?”
(9:36:08 PM) Desmond: “As you can see, we checked the locations of our target, street lamps and lanterns, man holes and we found a couple of empty warehouses suitet as a staging area of sorts. Lena is occupying the one on the right here, as we speak.”
(9:36:49 PM) Vincent: “Looks good.”
(9:36:52 PM) Deiss: Deiss leans over to look at the map with Vincent, “I see. And where do you think it would be best to set up an ambush? We decided that the ship will likely be too well guarded.”
(9:37:00 PM) Desmond: “No. We had no trouble. Lena stayed behind to secure the warehouse for us.”
(9:37:20 PM) Vincent: “We have been crafting schemes of our own too.”
(9:38:19 PM) Desmond: “Well a good ambush site would very much depend on where there are taking the merchandise.”
(9:38:53 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods, “With luck we could drive them where we want them to go.”
(9:39:40 PM) Vincent: “So, the plan is to ambush the ones carrying the cargo somewhere where the troops on the ship can’t assist them.”
(9:40:21 PM) Vincent: “We only need to figure out which way they are taking the cargo, or find a way to force them into taking one suitable to us.”
(9:41:20 PM) Desmond: “Correct. And we have to figure out when they are transporting the cargo. All we know is that the ship will dock tomorrow.”
(9:41:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: (the day after tomorrow)
(9:42:11 PM) Vincent: “Looking at the map, the options seem to be somewhat limited, but still too many for us to cover at the same time.
”color: #a82f2f;">(9:43:18 PM) Deiss: “So we need someone to keep a look out for the ship to dock and someone else to shadow the courier. Then we lead them into our trap hammer and anvil style.” Deiss grins.
(9:44:40 PM) Vincent: “I assume they will keep a relatively low amount of guards on the cargo, to avoid standing out.”
(9:46:58 PM) Desmond: “Lena is keeping her eyes on the dock from where she is hidden. I could take the courier.”
(9:48:05 PM) Vincent: “How will you signal the rest of us the location of the courier?”
(9:48:16 PM) Vincent: “So we can set up the ambush?”
(9:51:28 PM) Deiss: Deiss frowns, “Once we have the courier marked Desmond and Lena could try to harry the courier towards our preplanned ambush spot.”
(9:51:49 PM) Vincent: “That seems doable.”
(9:52:17 PM) Ronja: “What if we can’t get them to the right spot?”
(9:53:24 PM) Deiss: “If things go south then Desmond could sent up a flare and we could all meet up at a gathering location to decide what to do next.”
(9:55:08 PM) Desmond: “Maybe setting up a fixed ambush spot is not such a good idea.”
(9:55:38 PM) Vincent: “We could try getting some horses or the like to be able to intercept the cargo.”
(9:57:20 PM) Desmond: “Why not just do it on foot? We wait for them to get the cargo ashore, Lena and I follow them discretely and you other circle around them to attack from the other side.”
(9:59:19 PM) Vincent: “Right. We could go with that then. Once they start moving the cargo on land, Lena and Desmond follow them, while we perform a flanking maneuver on the courier.”
(10:00:48 PM) Deiss nods, “That may be reasonable.”
(10:01:23 PM) Vincent: “We need to be hasty in our actions though.”
(10:01:41 PM) Vincent: “Fast and precise.”
(10:03:29 PM) Desmond: “Correct. This way we get the element of surprise without having to commit to a single locale.”
(10:04:00 PM) Vincent: “Though we will have less preparations at the scene.”
(10:04:25 PM) Vincent: “I will have to call off the boiling oil.”
(10:05:06 PM) Deiss: “And remember to watch it with the guns. We don’t want to damage the goods.”
(10:06:24 PM) Vincent: “Alright. Get some rest before we scramble for the mission. Have some tea, grab some food, double check your gear.”
(10:06:52 PM) Desmond: “I will have to return to Lena to get her up to speed on the plan.”
(10:07:44 PM) Vincent: “Sound thinking Desmond.”
(10:16:30 PM) Desmond makes his way back to the abandoned warehouse where Lena is hiding.
(10:17:32 PM) Desmond: “So, we have got a plan for tonight.”
(10:18:47 PM) Lena: “Good. Please fill me in.”
(10:22:07 PM) Desmond: “We will wait here for the cargo the be brought ashore. When it arrives, we two follow it discretely, while the others try to flank the guards. We will strike at an opportune moment and take the cargo for our own.”
(10:24:00 PM) Lena: “It sounds simple enough. But things rarely are so simple.”
(10:24:31 PM) Desmond: “Well the best plan can not account for everything, can it?”
(10:26:58 PM) Lena: “There is a sewer entrance here in this warehouse. If we absolutely need to, we can escape through that. Though with luck, they won’t even know we occupy this warhouse.”
(10:28:09 PM) Ronja: “Maybe our neighbor could provide assistance with that? Might know the sewers.”
(10:28:42 PM) Lena: “It would be worth a try.”
(10:28:57 PM) Desmond: “I have never talked to that chap, is he reliable?”
(10:30:16 PM) Lena: “The others said that they have been able to negociate with him. And the fact they were not used for food says something about his temperment. So it might just work.”
(10:38:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: CUT
(10:38:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: in the meanwhile in a cramped space somewhere that is slightly swaying from side to side, a few people with their faces not visible are standing around a large crate that says “Radcliffe Arms LIMITED. Destination: Jake Rockwell, Five Fingers”
(10:39:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: CUT
(10:39:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: Mr. Lizard is walking through sewer, chewing on an arm
(10:39:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: CUT
(10:39:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: Fat Tony is snorting white powder off his table
(10:40:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: CUT
(10:40:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: Will the next session also be spent planning? What’s up with the cortex thing? What happens in abandoned warehouses at night? Is Angelique x Deiss still a thing?
(10:41:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: next episode: ILL FORTUNE
(10:41:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: please watch it
(10:43:12 PM) Ronja: Stay tuned for more cultist adventures next week!
(10:43:19 PM) Ronja: or maybe return
(10:43:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: or planning thereof
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