Five Finger Crawl

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(8:28:23 AM) The topic for #rpgnet-fivefingercrawl is: ParrotVytzka: you’re trying to pimp Deiss? is that right? Cassandra: Cassie has a lot of love to give. Yep.
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(7:03:22 PM) FusionClock: It’s scorching again.
(7:04:44 PM) Kzar: You could get a fan
(7:05:18 PM) FusionClock: Can’t take it with me.
(7:05:28 PM) FusionClock: I don’t wanna buy one then.
(7:06:02 PM) Kzar: ah
(7:27:24 PM) Cassandra [] entered the room.
(7:28:15 PM) mode (ooo Cassandra NotHereDude Ximni) by Kzar
(7:28:49 PM) Cassandra: Ooo. Should I go mad with power?
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(7:29:09 PM) Kzar: Yes
(7:29:15 PM) Beelzedude: It’s too damn hot here, too.
(7:29:27 PM) Kzar: I put on an extra shirt
(7:29:31 PM) Kzar: because it’s cold :(
(7:29:40 PM) Beelzedude: I envy you.
(7:30:03 PM) Kzar: Do have 25 degrees here apparently, maybe I’m getting sick :/
(7:30:15 PM) Beelzedude: mebbe
(7:30:23 PM) Beelzedude: it’s 29,8
(7:30:31 PM) Beelzedude: °c in my room.
(7:31:06 PM) Kzar: we could trade
(7:32:47 PM) FusionClock: I might take my laptop and sit in the kitchen.
(7:32:51 PM) FusionClock: ffs
(7:33:04 PM) Beelzedude: yay for fans.
(7:33:46 PM) Cassandra: I have a meal bar. They are good.
(7:33:59 PM) Beelzedude: a what now?
(7:35:09 PM) Beelzedude: I also can’t think of a name for my arbitrator, Cassie. that’s bad.
(7:35:23 PM) Cassandra: Indeed.
(7:36:03 PM) Cassandra: Its an soft oat bar filled with apple cinnamon gel and all sorts of vitamins and minerals. :)
(7:36:15 PM) Beelzedude: sounds tasty.
(7:36:45 PM) Cassandra: Indeed!
(7:37:05 PM) Cassandra: And quite nutritious. Cassie needs her nutritions.
(7:37:06 PM) Beelzedude: I could use one, I’m hungry.
(7:42:12 PM) Beelzedude:
(7:42:14 PM) Beelzedude: :D
(7:44:04 PM) FusionClock: Yup, I’m going downstairs.
(7:44:24 PM) Beelzedude: also:
(7:46:01 PM) Beelzedude: even better:
(7:48:01 PM) Catseye [] entered the room.
(7:49:25 PM) Cassandra pats a Catseye.
(7:49:55 PM) Catseye smiles and then hugs Cassie
(7:53:47 PM) FusionClock: So.
(7:54:21 PM) Cassandra: Hrm?
(7:54:29 PM) FusionClock: I went downstairs.
(7:55:33 PM) Catseye: who is HarryPotter?
(7:56:32 PM) Beelzedude: some wizard…
(7:59:32 PM) FusionClock: Well, #cbhq is an nWoD channel.
(7:59:59 PM) Kzar: So quite possibly a wizard
(8:01:26 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(8:01:47 PM) Catseye: I thought that were OWoD
(8:01:48 PM) vytzka: are you bad enough dudes (and ladies) to steal some cortices?
(8:02:10 PM) FusionClock: no
(8:02:11 PM) Cassandra: Nope.
(8:02:19 PM) Beelzedude: first someone has to talk to gatorguy.
(8:02:19 PM) vytzka: well, shucks
(8:02:21 PM) Ximni: no
(8:02:28 PM) Cassandra: Hehe.
(8:02:30 PM) vytzka: maybe you guys could plan some more
(8:02:35 PM) vytzka: I’d make a pizza :P
(8:02:40 PM) Cassandra grins.
(8:03:08 PM) Cassandra: We will have to do it today. Yep. :)
(8:03:14 PM) Cassandra hugs the Vytzka.
(8:03:25 PM) vytzka hugs the Cassandra
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(8:03:47 PM) vytzka: eh?
(8:03:51 PM) mode (oo Catseye vytzka) by Ronja
(8:03:52 PM) vytzka: what’s wrong with HarryPotter
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(8:04:26 PM) FusionClock: It’d be great if he would answer/react/talk.
(8:04:26 PM) Catseye is now known as Lena
(8:04:37 PM) FusionClock: He can get the log from OP.
(8:04:41 PM) vytzka: you think he’s an alien spy?
(8:04:47 PM) Cassandra: Possibly!
(8:04:47 PM) Beelzedude is now known as Desmond
(8:04:50 PM) Ronja: a wizard spy
(8:04:55 PM) Cassandra is now known as Deiss
(8:05:00 PM) FusionClock: well, he got kicked
(8:05:10 PM) FusionClock is now known as Vincent
(8:05:17 PM) vytzka is now known as ParrotVytzka
(8:05:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: you should have at least shouted FUSION KICK
(8:05:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: ANYWAY
(8:05:47 PM) Vincent: kicku
(8:05:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: kicku
(8:05:52 PM) Deiss: Rocketpunch?
(8:06:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: that could be the followup
(8:06:05 PM) Deiss: Cassie is hardcore.
(8:06:25 PM) Deiss: What is our IC channel again?
(8:06:33 PM) Vincent: gon get coffeh
(8:06:34 PM) Ronja: #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:07:26 PM) Deiss: Things!
(8:07:46 PM) Deiss: You are a silly man, Mr. Vytzka.
(8:08:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: things
(8:09:34 PM) Deiss turns Vytzka’s life up side down. ;)
(8:10:07 PM) Deiss: You know… How would he have a picture of Vito?
(8:10:17 PM) Deiss: Did someone draw it for him?
(8:10:20 PM) Vincent: a drawing
(8:10:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure!
(8:10:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: or might be a woodcut
(8:10:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: from a newspaper article perhaps?
(8:11:19 PM) Deiss: Perhaps! I don’t know.
(8:11:41 PM) Deiss: Meanwhile Vytzka likes cut scenes. :)
(8:11:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: I just realised that gatormen swimming in the sewer is really gross
(8:11:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: their mouth doesn’t close properly
(8:11:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: crocodiles have no lips
(8:11:57 PM) Vincent: thanks
(8:12:02 PM) Lena: I told you he ate people!
(8:12:05 PM) Vincent: now i can’t kiss it anymore
(8:12:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: so if anyone is romantically involved with him/her keep it in mind
(8:12:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: can you kiss with no lips to begin with?
(8:12:33 PM) Deiss: He is King Sewermouth. :)
(8:12:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: anyway I think I’ve had enough cutscenes?
(8:12:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: what are the haps?
(8:12:37 PM) Vincent: we can talk about this later
(8:13:03 PM) Vincent: i guess one of the scouts gets back to chat with gatorman
(8:13:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: bring him some breath mints?
(8:14:14 PM) Vincent: so, one of the scouts gets back?
(8:14:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure
(8:14:40 PM) Vincent: or?
(8:14:42 PM) Desmond: I went back to the bar and then back to the warehouse.
(8:15:04 PM) Deiss: Umm. Let’s skip to us creeping up on the boat or something! We wasted enough time already. :)
(8:15:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah let’s talk about stuff
(8:15:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: do we have a contingency for a meteor strike on Argent Aurora?
(8:15:28 PM) Desmond: I like talking.
(8:15:39 PM) Vincent: so let’s assume the peeps at the bar know that we need to talk to the gator
(8:15:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: or what if Fat Tony turns out to be the same person as Vito Alexander
(8:15:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: (I’ve said too much)
(8:16:01 PM) Deiss talks about Vytzka’s feet.
(8:16:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: my feet are awesome!
(8:16:29 PM) Vincent: I’ll go talk to gatorman about being a sewer guide
(8:16:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: has everyone seen this?
(8:16:49 PM) Desmond: nice
(8:17:23 PM) Desmond: just talk to the gator and be done with it. ;p
(8:17:24 PM) Deiss: So where are we starting out?
(8:17:32 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(8:17:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond and Ronja in the warehouse, the rest of you in AA
(8:17:44 PM) Vincent: We’re going to talk to the gator and ask him to work as a sewer guide
(8:17:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s cool
(8:18:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: bring it
(8:18:05 PM) Desmond: then we meet and rob the guys as planned.
(8:18:53 PM) Lena: I’m still in the warehouse we are using for an on site base
(8:19:31 PM) Desmond: correct. I am ther, too.
(8:19:42 PM) Desmond: there
(8:19:48 PM) Desmond: we can play card or something. ^
(8:19:50 PM) Desmond: cards
(8:20:23 PM) Lena: sounds good :)
(8:21:29 PM) Desmond: strip poker?
(8:22:24 PM) Lena: Given the risk we are currently facing? I’d probably say no
(8:22:27 PM) Desmond: though that could get awkward when the others get here.
(8:23:13 PM) Ronja: I wasn’t at the warehouse?
(8:23:24 PM) Deiss: Nekkid Desmond is not for the faint of heart!
(8:23:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, Ronja
(8:23:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: what’s the difference, right
(8:23:33 PM) Ronja: haha
(8:23:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: >_>
(8:23:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: where are you then?
(8:23:44 PM) Desmond: Ronja: nope, that was a mistake. ^

(8:24:59 PM) Desmond: Ronja is supposed to be at the bar.
(8:25:05 PM) Vincent: so, do we get to the gator?
(8:25:05 PM) Ronja: Indeed
(8:25:42 PM) Manario: We have three workshops to set up Vincent, and only two of them are mine
(8:26:13 PM) Ronja: is one of them a thrall workshop?
(8:26:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, he’s not home
(8:26:34 PM) Desmond: yes please.
(8:26:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: (you saw the cutscene, dammit!)
(8:26:40 PM) Vincent: oh
(8:26:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you look for him?
(8:26:50 PM) Vincent: well, maybe he was around the corner
(8:26:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe!
(8:27:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: there’s a hole in the wall that you never quite explored
(8:27:17 PM) Desmond: I want a thall workshop. not that I want to make them myself, but I want to provide bodies.
(8:27:37 PM) Manario: yes it is Ronja
(8:27:58 PM) Desmond: also it could be a good place to do the ritual to imbue my weapon.
(8:28:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you go in the hole?
(8:28:58 PM) Deiss: Describe stuff in the IC? :)
(8:29:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, since when did everyone start calling him gatorman
(8:29:16 PM) Desmond: since I did so, I think. ^^
(8:29:18 PM) Vincent: yeah, now it looks like were just making stuff up
(8:29:23 PM) Vincent: the two of us
(8:30:02 PM) Ronja: I thought we were undecided on the gators gender?
(8:30:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah I got kinda confused about what in particular you were describing
(8:30:05 PM) Desmond: at least I tend to call him gatorsomething. whereas something can be man, guy, dude or something else entirely.
(8:30:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, male is normative!
(8:30:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: or so your characters think
(8:30:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: being not very enlightened
(8:30:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: so you default to male
(8:36:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: but you don’t know for sure!
(8:36:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: smooth

Conversation with #rpgnet-fivefingercrawl at 7/18/2013 8:39:33 PM on (irc)

(8:39:33 PM) The topic for #rpgnet-fivefingercrawl is: ParrotVytzka: you’re trying to pimp Deiss? is that right? Cassandra: Cassie has a lot of love to give. Yep.
(8:39:50 PM) ParrotVytzka:
(8:39:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ximni?
(8:39:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: you okay?
(8:40:08 PM) Ximni: sorry, anti-virus update made my connection a bit wonky
(8:40:15 PM) You are now known as Manario
(8:40:21 PM) Vincent: oh, he’s not even the gatorman
(8:40:42 PM) Vincent: I thought farrow was a lady gator
(8:40:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: that was sarcasm
(8:40:50 PM) Manario: I hope I didn’t miss anything important
(8:40:57 PM) Vincent: are there multiple docs?
(8:41:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: docs?
(8:41:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manarios?
(8:41:14 PM) Vincent: docks
(8:41:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, nope
(8:41:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh, well yeah
(8:41:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: in every island, to begin with
(8:41:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: pretty much
(8:41:41 PM) Desmond: we could also get docs on people, yes.
(8:41:44 PM) Deiss bops Vytzka.
(8:41:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: docxs
(8:41:58 PM) Deiss: You are making this harder than it has to be. ;)
(8:42:01 PM) Vincent: does my character know the name of the docs?
(8:42:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: don’t blame me
(8:42:06 PM) Vincent: docks
(8:42:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: blame yourself or God
(8:42:32 PM) Deiss: Don’t quote things to me. ;)
(8:43:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you want Rivergrav North docks
(8:43:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: as opposed to Rivergrav South in the Captain’s Island
(8:43:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: you may or may not also give the gatorman too much credit
(8:43:48 PM) Deiss: Perhaps!
(8:44:03 PM) Deiss: Also I want some of those armor leggings.
(8:44:16 PM) Desmond: they look rather nice, yes.
(8:46:01 PM) Deiss: So our lizard guy is kinda dim? :)
(8:46:24 PM) Ronja: I wonder if they spend their whole lives down in the sewers
(8:46:58 PM) Deiss: Anyway. Can we please get on with it? ;)
(8:47:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: get on with what?
(8:48:17 PM) Deiss: Doing exciting adventurous things! Hehe.
(8:48:51 PM) Deiss: We are quite cordial to lizard people, you know.
(8:49:51 PM) Deiss: Muttering to himself, “Disturbing me while I am watching my show, the nerve of some people.”
(8:50:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: :)
(8:50:31 PM) Deiss: Onward!
(8:53:08 PM) Vincent: i guess we can go to the next scene
(8:53:12 PM) Desmond: to victory?
(8:53:21 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(8:53:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: what’s Lena & Desmond up to
(8:53:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: may I remind you that heist happens tomorrow or do you skip a day
(8:53:45 PM) Deiss: Indeed.
(8:54:03 PM) Lena: we were just waiting, playing cards, until the others arrive
(8:54:16 PM) Desmond: I thought the heist was going down this night.
(8:54:35 PM) Vincent: unless anyone has something we could skip
(8:54:45 PM) Desmond: because the they want to get the stuff on land before the ships docks.
(8:54:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, and it docks a day after that
(8:55:11 PM) Deiss: Okay. So we skip forward. :)
(8:55:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: I made this a bit too confusing, sorry :P
(8:55:18 PM) Desmond: ^
(8:55:58 PM) Deiss: No problems, fair Vytzka.
(8:56:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(8:56:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: skip to tomorrow night?
(8:56:50 PM) Vincent: i guess we could
(8:56:51 PM) Deiss: Indeed.
(8:56:51 PM) Desmond: yep
(8:57:00 PM) Vincent: i was pretty much under the assumption we had to hurry
(8:57:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: sigh
(8:58:00 PM) Vincent: sorry
(8:58:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: ‘s cool
(8:58:34 PM) Deiss: Besides I didn’t want to explore the mysterious of the tunnels without the rest of the group. :)
(8:58:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: and right to the docks I guess?
(8:58:45 PM) Vincent: yeah
(8:59:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah! preparation montage
(8:59:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: give me a sentence on how each of you is preparing
(8:59:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: (or not)
(8:59:52 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:00:08 PM) Vincent: so Desmond gives a sign on where the courier is going?
(9:00:16 PM) Vincent: that’s how it went, right?
(9:00:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: probably
(9:00:32 PM) Desmond: afair. ^

(9:00:46 PM) Deiss: So Desmond is the front man!
(9:00:58 PM) Deiss: Make the call Desmond, make the call.
(9:01:13 PM) Vincent: montage?
(9:01:19 PM) Desmond: the plan was: Lena and Desmond stalk the courier while the others flank them so we can attack from two sides.
(9:01:36 PM) Vincent: right
(9:01:49 PM) Ronja: we’re tactical masterminds sometimes
(9:01:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, well, Deiss checking her ammo, Desmond shaving, that kind of stuff but if you don’t want to forget it
(9:02:21 PM) Lena is keeping watch.
(9:09:47 PM) Desmond: we might have to strike now. the horse carriage could be too fast to track easily.
(9:10:19 PM) Vincent: did we all see the carriage arrive?
(9:11:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: dunno, depends on what you were doing
(9:11:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is not really hiding or anything
(9:12:00 PM) Desmond: how tough to the fice people look?
(9:12:03 PM) Desmond: five
(9:12:07 PM) Vincent: “Lena, what do you elven eyes soo?”
(9:12:10 PM) Vincent: lol
(9:12:15 PM) Vincent: your, see

(9:12:31 PM) Desmond: correct. ^
(9:12:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: they look like thugs
(9:12:54 PM) Vincent: like thuggy thugs?
(9:12:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah?
(9:12:58 PM) Vincent: or regular
(9:13:03 PM) Deiss: Is Vytzka a thug?
(9:13:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: give me a perception check
(9:13:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, no!
(9:13:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m too handsome to be a thug
(9:13:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m more of a rogue
(9:13:35 PM) Vincent: who makes the roll?
(9:13:36 PM) Desmond: all of us @ percetion?
(9:13:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, because he was asking :P
(9:14:14 PM) Vincent: perception?
(9:14:23 PM) Deiss: Cassie would make a good thug. ;)
(9:14:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: perception
(9:14:29 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+4
(9:14:29 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+4]: 12>
(9:14:30 PM) Ronja: I have detection 1 if that helps :P
(9:14:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah well they’re not total run off the mill thugs
(9:14:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: better
(9:16:24 PM) Desmond: can we still attack them from two sides?
(9:17:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: who’s on what side again?
(9:17:32 PM) Deiss: Desmond and Lena then us.
(9:17:46 PM) Vincent: yeah
(9:17:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: err, sure
(9:18:08 PM) Vincent: but could the driver be shot with a bolt in such a manner that his friends won’t notice?
(9:18:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: so Desmond and Lenna are behind the cart, the other ones to the side?
(9:18:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: does that work?
(9:18:25 PM) Desmond: as per Vincent’s order I will try to shoot the driver.
(9:18:29 PM) Desmond: sounds like a plan.
(9:18:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, give me a sec
(9:18:51 PM) Vincent: I guess we will also wait that they have the crates off the boat?
(9:19:13 PM) Desmond: I should think so.
(9:19:16 PM) Vincent: i left my rulebook upstairs
(9:20:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, you can do it but it will require like Sneak 15
(9:20:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: does that sound fair?
(9:20:34 PM) Desmond: I think that I am the one supposed to do that.
(9:20:34 PM) Vincent: the shot?
(9:20:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: yes
(9:20:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: provided you can kill him of course
(9:21:09 PM) Desmond: I also have Prowl, checking what that does axactly.
(9:21:10 PM) Vincent: so, does desmond have sneak?
(9:21:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: prowl gives you stealth while in concealment I think
(9:21:29 PM) Deiss: Well I am probably going to run at them screaming and waving my axe if we get noticed. :)
(9:21:33 PM) Vincent: desmonds sheet seems empty
(9:21:35 PM) Desmond: I have sneak.
(9:21:46 PM) Vincent: and it’s based on agility?
(9:21:52 PM) Desmond: yes.
(9:22:07 PM) Vincent: so you’ll have to throw 10
(9:22:15 PM) Vincent: but what do we have to lose?
(9:22:33 PM) Deiss: I wonder if that can merit an intimidate check to make some of them flee? :)
(9:23:00 PM) Desmond: if sneak is a non combat skill I could boot that.
(9:23:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is
(9:23:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you have backstab?
(9:23:34 PM) Desmond: yes.
(9:23:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok then you roll an extra die of damage
(9:24:14 PM) Desmond: good.
(9:24:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: you wanna try it?
(9:24:28 PM) Desmond: yes
(9:24:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(9:24:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: you get 2 to attack also
(9:25:21 PM) Desmond: first sneak, then attack, right?
(9:25:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: no, first attack, if you don’t kill him sneak doesn’t matter
(9:25:43 PM) Desmond: ?_?
(9:25:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: unless you miss I guess :)
(9:25:47 PM) Desmond: ok
(9:25:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: well he’ll be shouting and bleeding all over the place
(9:26:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: def 13
(9:26:25 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6
(9:26:25 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+7]: 14>
(9:26:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: hit
(9:26:33 PM) Desmond: that’s a hit.
(9:26:34 PM) Vincent: yeaaa
(9:26:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is a hit
(9:26:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: armor 12, vitality 8
(9:26:42 PM) Vincent: that was a quote from scooter
(9:26:55 PM) Desmond: sneak or damage?
(9:27:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: damage
(9:27:19 PM) Desmond: #roll 3d6+12
(9:27:19 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [3d6+12]: 22>
(9:27:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: sneak
(9:27:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: you got him :)
(9:27:33 PM) Vincent: boom
(9:27:33 PM) Desmond: hit location first?
(9:27:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah
(9:27:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: he only has vitality
(9:27:45 PM) Vincent: mooks have only vitality
(9:27:54 PM) Desmond: #roll 3d6+5
(9:27:54 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [3d6+5]: 21>
(9:28:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: :))
(9:28:07 PM) Vincent: did you feat boost that?
(9:28:13 PM) Desmond: yes
(9:28:19 PM) Vincent: cool
(9:28:21 PM) Deiss: He falls dead of mysterious causes. ;)
(9:28:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: he’s like chilled
(9:28:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: exactly lifelike
(9:28:33 PM) Vincent: a heart attack likely
(9:28:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: except dead and stuff
(9:28:47 PM) Desmond: do you describe it or do I?
(9:28:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: bring it on
(9:29:03 PM) Deiss: Am I in a positiion to charge them?
(9:29:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you standing in the open? :P
(9:30:02 PM) Deiss: I am standing in the shadows, like a badass. ;)
(9:30:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure, you can, I suppose
(9:30:58 PM) Deiss: I will hold back until we are noticed!
(9:31:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: they lug the box out of the boat
(9:31:17 PM) Vincent: I guess we can engage?
(9:31:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: what is everyone else doing
(9:31:28 PM) Deiss: Then Deiss will roll down the mountain and strike them with Thug fury. :)
(9:31:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: leeeeeeroy
(9:31:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: the cart thugs are standing with their backs at you now
(9:32:27 PM) Deiss: Whee!
(9:32:32 PM) Vincent: so we charge them inot a bloody melee
(9:32:43 PM) Deiss: Seems so.
(9:32:50 PM) Desmond: I will go in behind the chrging madmen and try to stab people in the back.
(9:32:50 PM) Vincent: I guess we can get a bit closr before they see us atleast
(9:32:57 PM) Lena: sounds like time for initiative
(9:32:57 PM) Deiss: I am good at bloody melee.
(9:32:59 PM) Desmond: that would be good.
(9:33:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: well the two thugs with their backs at you will go last
(9:34:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: as for the others
(9:34:21 PM) Vincent: we roll?
(9:34:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: yes
(9:34:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6+13
(9:34:29 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+13]: 16>
(9:34:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6+13
(9:34:32 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+13]: 20>
(9:34:36 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6+15
(9:34:37 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+15]: 19>
(9:34:43 PM) Vincent: 3d6+15
(9:34:45 PM) Vincent: oops
(9:34:50 PM) Vincent: #roll 3d6+15
(9:34:51 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [3d6+15]: 22>
(9:35:14 PM) Deiss: Let’s see..
(9:35:21 PM) Desmond: vytzka: the guy died, right?
(9:35:36 PM) Deiss: What boosts init again?
(9:35:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: like Lincoln
(9:35:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: a skilled benefit
(9:35:47 PM) Deiss: Ahh.
(9:35:53 PM) Vincent: preternatural awareness
(9:35:58 PM) Desmond: so I regain my feat point. ^

(9:36:07 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6+16
(9:36:07 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+16]: 21>
(9:36:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(9:36:52 PM) Lena: #roll 2d6+14
(9:36:53 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [2d6+14]: 23>
(9:37:07 PM) Vincent: boosted rolls are for n00bs
(9:37:12 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+14
(9:37:13 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+14]: 24>
(9:37:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: nice
(9:37:30 PM) Deiss: Vincent is such a noob. ;)
(9:37:59 PM) Vincent: i am the main noob
(9:38:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: Noob One
(9:38:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario? is he even here?
(9:38:49 PM) mode (o Manario) by ParrotVytzka
(9:39:11 PM) Deiss: Maybe he is back home brewing tea?
(9:39:14 PM) Ronja: Do we have anyone who fight in melee?
(9:39:23 PM) Vincent: hai
(9:39:24 PM) Manario: Manario sucks in a fight
(9:39:30 PM) Deiss: Me and Vincent.
(9:39:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, are you present, though?
(9:39:44 PM) Lena: I prefer a distance. But I can fight hand to hand if necessary
(9:39:49 PM) Desmond: I go into melee, too.
(9:40:10 PM) Desmond: for the kidney stabs.
(9:40:13 PM) Deiss: You could set back and pew pew them, Desmond. ;)
(9:40:26 PM) Desmond: I could do that, too.
(9:40:28 PM) Ronja: I was wondering who to buff :P
(9:40:29 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: probably not, but that depends on what our leader wants
(9:40:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: well give me init anyway
(9:40:43 PM) Ronja: with that chiller thing that gives people close to them -2 def
(9:40:46 PM) Vincent: Manario is there too.
(9:40:54 PM) Ronja: well, enemies close to them
(9:40:54 PM) Desmond: vytzka: what about shooting into a meele? penalties, chance to hit friendlies?
(9:41:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: -4 and yes
(9:41:18 PM) Desmond: then stabbing is the better idea.
(9:42:29 PM) Desmond: plus I got some souls, so my armour went up.
(9:42:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: one of the thugs with their backs at you looks tougher
(9:42:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: both of the boat guys look about the same
(9:43:10 PM) Deiss: Okay. Ronja first?
(9:43:22 PM) Ronja: I shall cast chiller on Vincent
(9:43:56 PM) ParrotVytzka left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
(9:44:08 PM) Vincent: huh
(9:44:15 PM) Desmond: well…
(9:44:22 PM) Manario: please don’t kill the GM
(9:44:26 PM) Vincent: what’s chiller
(9:44:37 PM) Vincent: chill 2: chiller
(9:44:50 PM) Manario: isn’t chiller an aura effect?
(9:44:58 PM) Vincent: alright.
(9:44:58 PM) Manario: centered around the caster?
(9:45:00 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(9:45:04 PM) vytzka: whoa
(9:45:06 PM) vytzka: sorry
(9:45:07 PM) Ronja: chiller is an aura effect that is centered on a friendly target that gives -2 DEF to enemies within 2"
(9:45:08 PM) mode (o vytzka) by Vincent
(9:45:08 PM) vytzka: my PC crashed
(9:45:25 PM) Vincent: linux does a quick reboot then
(9:45:25 PM) vytzka: who said anything after
(9:45:27 PM) Desmond: you came back pretty fast for that.
(9:45:28 PM) vytzka: <Desmond> plus I got some souls, so my armour went up.
(9:45:31 PM) vytzka: Vincent, yep
(9:45:35 PM) Ronja: I’m not sure what chiller does exactly, possibly makes you into snowman and distract your enemies with your snowiness
(9:45:41 PM) vytzka: <ParrotVytzka> one of the thugs with their backs at you looks tougher
(9:45:41 PM) vytzka: <ParrotVytzka> both of the boat guys look about the same
(9:46:12 PM) Desmond: <Deiss&gt; Okay. Ronja first?[21:41] &lt;Ronja> I shall cast chiller on Vincent[21:42] ParrotVytzka ( has quit IRC: Connection reset by peer[21:42] <Vincent&gt; huh[21:42] &lt;Desmond> well…[21:42] <Manario&gt; please don't kill the GM[21:42] &lt;Vincent> what’s chiller[21:42] <Vincent&gt; chill <span style="color: black;">2: chiller[21:42] &lt;Manario> isn’t chiller an aura effect?[21:43] <Vincent&gt; alright.[21:43] &lt;
(9:46:13 PM) vytzka: Ronja, they get covered with icicles!
(9:46:16 PM) vytzka: and their movements slow down
(9:46:22 PM) vytzka: thanks
(9:46:22 PM) Deiss: You leech their strength with the deadly chill of death? ;)
(9:46:31 PM) vytzka: that works too
(9:46:31 PM) Manario: Ronja: I see is as a magical vortex of cold winds and snow
(9:46:43 PM) Ronja: vytzka, but the spells is cast on a friendly target
(9:46:43 PM) vytzka: I like the snowman as well
(9:46:53 PM) vytzka: so the friendly target radiates cold
(9:46:58 PM) Vincent: yeah, Manarios version sounds the most legit
(9:47:14 PM) vytzka: but you can declare them to look like a snowman if you want!
(9:47:18 PM) Lena: hand to hand. Well this is going to get messy fast
(9:47:20 PM) vytzka: when you’re casting
(9:47:52 PM) Ronja: that might be a little silly
(9:48:00 PM) vytzka: you don’t say
(9:48:01 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+4
(9:48:02 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+4]: 14>
(9:48:06 PM) vytzka: what
(9:48:08 PM) vytzka: what’s this
(9:48:15 PM) Desmond: a 14.
(9:48:17 PM) Desmond: ;p
(9:48:20 PM) vytzka: no
(9:48:22 PM) vytzka: more generally
(9:48:34 PM) Desmond: I think it’s chiller being cast.
(9:48:37 PM) Manario: a casting roll?
(9:48:38 PM) Ronja: I don’t know, didn’t we start something?
(9:48:48 PM) Ronja: or were about to?
(9:48:59 PM) vytzka: so you cast 2 spells?
(9:49:05 PM) Ronja: no, just 1
(9:49:13 PM) Deiss: Vincent is well buffed now. :)
(9:49:24 PM) vytzka: well you don’t have to roll fatigue if you just cast for 2
(9:49:35 PM) Ronja: I rolled the spell itself just
(9:49:37 PM) vytzka: or whatever it is that you’re doing here?
(9:49:50 PM) Ronja: You don’t have to roll for friendly spells?
(9:49:51 PM) vytzka: sorry, I’m a bit confused :)
(9:49:53 PM) vytzka: no
(9:49:56 PM) vytzka: haha
(9:49:57 PM) Ronja: Okay then
(9:50:04 PM) vytzka: unless they’re offensive
(9:50:07 PM) Vincent: i let you hit me
(9:50:21 PM) Vincent: ‘hey, a snowy vortex, better catch it’
(9:50:29 PM) vytzka: more like a SNOWcent
(9:50:40 PM) Vincent: So!
(9:50:44 PM) Vincent: descriptions
(9:50:51 PM) vytzka: Ronja?
(9:51:33 PM) vytzka: vInCEnt
(9:51:48 PM) Vincent: my turn?
(9:51:50 PM) vytzka: that’s it?
(9:51:51 PM) vytzka: no
(9:51:53 PM) vytzka: Lena
(9:51:55 PM) Deiss: Vincent is now a snowcone. :)
(9:51:58 PM) vytzka: I was making a pun
(9:52:13 PM) Ronja: that’s it, I’ll keep my head down. I’m not exactly the one to lead the charge :P
(9:52:20 PM) vytzka: okies
(9:52:29 PM) vytzka: is it an upkeep spell?
(9:52:32 PM) Ronja: yes
(9:52:36 PM) vytzka: kk
(9:52:58 PM) vytzka: Lena?
(9:53:06 PM) Lena: I will be closiung in for a nice backstab. Having been using Battleplan Shadow.
(9:53:28 PM) Lena: #roll 3[1d6]
(9:53:28 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [3[1d6]]: 6 6 4 >
(9:53:40 PM) Lena: That total is 18 to hit
(9:54:00 PM) Lena: #roll 3[1d6]
(9:54:00 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [3[1d6]]: 6 5 1 >
(9:54:12 PM) Lena: 21 damage
(9:54:23 PM) vytzka: are you charging the tougher looking guy or the other one?
(9:54:27 PM) vytzka: also, do you have backstab?
(9:54:36 PM) Lena: The tougher looking guy
(9:54:39 PM) vytzka: ok
(9:54:43 PM) Vincent: what’s battleplan shadow?
(9:54:50 PM) vytzka: gives prowl to everyone
(9:54:55 PM) Vincent: alright
(9:55:00 PM) vytzka: not super useful right now but ok :)
(9:55:06 PM) Lena: No, I don’t have Backstab as a special ability
(9:55:10 PM) vytzka: ok
(9:55:16 PM) vytzka: then roll branch
(9:55:18 PM) vytzka: 1d6
(9:55:40 PM) vytzka: no, wait, I think he’s dead
(9:55:43 PM) vytzka: ^
(9:55:58 PM) vytzka: get the feat point back
(9:56:13 PM) vytzka: you were charging so you need to roll one more dice
(9:56:14 PM) vytzka: die
(9:56:32 PM) vytzka: charge attack damage is boosted
(9:56:38 PM) Lena: How do I do that?
(9:56:44 PM) vytzka: #roll 1d6 :)
(9:56:44 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for vytzka [1d6]: 5>
(9:56:49 PM) vytzka: sorry
(9:56:52 PM) vytzka: just like that
(9:56:59 PM) Lena: #roll 1d6
(9:57:04 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [1d6]: 4>
(9:57:06 PM) vytzka: yeah, dead
(9:57:13 PM) vytzka: (in that case you pick three highest out of four)
(9:57:32 PM) vytzka: virtuoso stacks with charge damage, because it’s not a boost
(9:57:32 PM) Lena: That’s 4 added to the 18. So 22 to hit
(9:57:39 PM) vytzka: no, to damage
(9:57:43 PM) vytzka: not attack
(9:57:58 PM) vytzka: JUST the damage
(9:58:13 PM) Lena: 25 damage
(9:58:18 PM) vytzka: yeah he’s done for
(9:58:24 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:58:31 PM) vytzka: you may describe how you’re skewering him
(9:58:39 PM) vytzka: is everyone clear on what happened?
(9:58:40 PM) Deiss: Think you may have slit his throat. :)
(9:58:43 PM) vytzka: how charge damage works?
(9:58:48 PM) vytzka: Deiss, from behind!
(9:58:51 PM) Deiss nods.
(9:59:04 PM) Ronja: charge attacks do 1d6 more damage?
(9:59:07 PM) vytzka: yes
(9:59:11 PM) Deiss: Vincent now, right?
(9:59:20 PM) vytzka: description first, but yes
(9:59:33 PM) Vincent: can I charge the other guy standing there in a manner that will push him into the water?
(9:59:51 PM) vytzka: unlikely
(9:59:53 PM) Vincent: or did an attack follow a charge always?
(9:59:57 PM) Vincent: alright
(10:00:08 PM) vytzka: well you could do it with beat back I supppose
(10:00:11 PM) vytzka: or a slam
(10:00:15 PM) vytzka: but charge is just an attack
(10:00:29 PM) vytzka: also characters are squishy ^

(10:00:37 PM) vytzka: squish
(10:00:38 PM) vytzka: squish
(10:01:20 PM) Vincent: I’ll just move towards the crates, they’re already down on the ground I think
(10:01:38 PM) Vincent: we’ll have to move them onto the carriage
(10:01:39 PM) vytzka: one crate
(10:01:41 PM) vytzka: and yes
(10:01:54 PM) vytzka: but there’s still one thug between it and you
(10:01:56 PM) Vincent: so I’ll move to the crate and grab it
(10:02:02 PM) Vincent: can’t I move past him?
(10:02:11 PM) vytzka: well you can but you probably can’t lift it alone
(10:02:13 PM) vytzka: it’s like
(10:02:24 PM) Vincent: oh, right, it has all the cortices in it
(10:02:26 PM) vytzka: a cube a meter on the side
(10:02:43 PM) vytzka: maybe more
(10:02:43 PM) Vincent: i’ll just bash the guy
(10:02:47 PM) Vincent: if I can reach him
(10:02:48 PM) vytzka: get to it
(10:02:55 PM) vytzka: yeah you can charge him
(10:02:59 PM) vytzka: 2 to hit for backstab
(10:03:05 PM) vytzka: sorry back strike
(10:03:19 PM) Lena: vytzka: The to hit roll I made was actually a critical hit
(10:03:20 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6
(10:03:21 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+1+5+2]: 15>
(10:03:54 PM) Vincent: def 13?
(10:04:08 PM) vytzka: yes
(10:04:19 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+5+6
(10:04:20 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+5+6]: 22>
(10:04:20 PM) vytzka: Lena, correct, but you need a special note on the weapon to do anything on a critical hit
(10:04:28 PM) vytzka: he’s dead, Jim
(10:04:40 PM) vytzka: also that is 3d6 ;)
(10:04:44 PM) vytzka: for damage
(10:04:47 PM) Vincent: well
(10:04:50 PM) Vincent: he died
(10:05:09 PM) vytzka: as he lived – unimpressively
(10:05:34 PM) Deiss: Deiss is not impressed with his valor.
(10:06:10 PM) Ronja: Noone is impressed with these thugs
(10:06:17 PM) Ronja: they’ve not even cried for help yet
(10:06:32 PM) Vincent: we’re kinda having the jump on them
(10:06:32 PM) Ronja: very effective :P
(10:06:45 PM) Vincent: and they’ve not had turns yet
(10:06:54 PM) Ronja: quite brutally so
(10:07:04 PM) Deiss: So anything left for Deiss?
(10:07:07 PM) Vincent: I need to change computers.
(10:07:11 PM) Vincent: moment
(10:07:16 PM) Vincent: just continue
(10:07:29 PM) vytzka: Deiss, the two on the other side of the box
(10:07:31 PM) vytzka: but they
(10:07:43 PM) vytzka: they’re obscured somewhat by the box and your friends in front
(10:08:17 PM) Deiss: Hrm. Obscured.
(10:08:21 PM) Deiss: One moment.
(10:08:46 PM) Manario: this is when you use my Fist
(10:09:06 PM) Deiss: Can I shoot at them?
(10:09:27 PM) Vincent: back
(10:09:56 PM) vytzka: you can, but they get cover from the box
(10:10:01 PM) vytzka: 4
(10:10:07 PM) Deiss: I see.
(10:10:08 PM) Vincent: boost it
(10:10:15 PM) Vincent: and blow their heads off
(10:10:20 PM) Desmond: can she move to a better shooting position?
(10:10:50 PM) vytzka: they’ll still be partially obscured
(10:13:01 PM) Deiss: #roll 3d6+7
(10:13:01 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [3d6+7]: 22>
(10:13:07 PM) Deiss: Whee. :)
(10:13:09 PM) Deiss: Boosted.
(10:13:13 PM) vytzka: hit
(10:13:24 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6+12
(10:13:24 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+12]: 17>
(10:13:27 PM) vytzka: brutal damage?
(10:13:28 PM) vytzka: no?
(10:13:37 PM) Deiss: Hrm?
(10:13:44 PM) vytzka: oh!
(10:13:45 PM) vytzka: sorry
(10:13:51 PM) vytzka: you’re not a gun mage anymore
(10:13:52 PM) vytzka: branch
(10:13:54 PM) vytzka: 1d6
(10:14:10 PM) Deiss: #roll 1d6
(10:14:10 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [1d6]: 4>
(10:14:24 PM) vytzka: wait, how do you boost an attack roll
(10:14:42 PM) Manario: I was wondering that as well
(10:15:04 PM) Vincent: can you do that with feat?
(10:15:12 PM) Deiss: Feat?
(10:15:17 PM) vytzka: non-attack for feat points
(10:15:30 PM) vytzka: unless it’s written differently in different places again :)
(10:15:31 PM) Manario: feat points can only boost non-combat skills
(10:16:25 PM) vytzka: you can reroll if you miss, though
(10:16:33 PM) vytzka: could you give me another attack roll?
(10:16:42 PM) Deiss: Well even if you subtract 6 from my roll I still hit, right?
(10:16:54 PM) vytzka: actually, yes!
(10:17:00 PM) vytzka: now that you mention it, you do
(10:17:07 PM) vytzka: since he’s affected by Chiller
(10:17:15 PM) Deiss: Cool.
(10:17:16 PM) vytzka: Vincent being the local bloodthirsty snowman
(10:17:31 PM) Vincent: also giving false rules advice apparently
(10:17:31 PM) Ronja: Chiller is pretty cool
(10:17:46 PM) Vincent: i thought attack roll could be booster
(10:17:48 PM) Lena: They don’t know what hit them
(10:17:49 PM) vytzka: Vincent, snowman is called “brainless man” in Lithuanian
(10:17:59 PM) Desmond: hehe
(10:17:59 PM) Vincent: yeah?
(10:18:04 PM) Deiss scratches her head.
(10:18:06 PM) Vincent: well
(10:18:07 PM) Ronja: really?
(10:18:09 PM) vytzka: yes
(10:18:12 PM) vytzka: literally
(10:18:30 PM) vytzka: well he took some damage but nothing disabled yet
(10:18:50 PM) Deiss: Cool.
(10:18:53 PM) vytzka: thugs’ turn actually
(10:19:06 PM) Vincent: they get turns too?
(10:19:10 PM) Vincent: whaaaat
(10:19:30 PM) vytzka: imagine that
(10:19:36 PM) Deiss: I thought they were just suppose to stand there dumbly will we slaughtered them. :)
(10:19:42 PM) vytzka: that’s silly
(10:19:53 PM) vytzka: they might not actually be Tony’s men :P
(10:19:58 PM) Manario can’t figure out how nothing is disabled after taking 17 damage
(10:20:10 PM) vytzka: Manario, you subtract armor and physique from it
(10:20:14 PM) vytzka: so it’s more like 6 damage
(10:20:35 PM) Manario: ah, right, sorry, brain not working tonight
(10:20:35 PM) vytzka: or exactly like 6 damage
(10:20:40 PM) vytzka: it’s cool
(10:20:42 PM) vytzka hugs Manario
(10:20:57 PM) Deiss hugs the Ximni too!
(10:21:04 PM) Manario: I’ll shut up now
(10:21:17 PM) Lena: Looks like they are retreating :)
(10:21:42 PM) vytzka: discretion is the better part of valor
(10:21:53 PM) vytzka: one of them uses a feat point for untouchable to spite you
(10:22:04 PM) Lena: who ius our alchemist?
(10:22:13 PM) vytzka: pardon?
(10:22:27 PM) Lena: I’m thinking this is sort of the time for a grenade
(10:22:43 PM) vytzka: well he’s been sitting way back as far as I understand?
(10:22:59 PM) Manario: did you bring a grenade with you Lena?
(10:23:12 PM) Lena: yes, I would
(10:23:39 PM) Deiss: Grenades are fun. :)
(10:23:48 PM) Ronja: they make the party go boom
(10:24:21 PM) Manario: that’s why I don’t have grenades like that
(10:24:43 PM) vytzka: who has grenades
(10:25:26 PM) Manario: Lena maybe?
(10:25:43 PM) Lena: yes. I’m assuming they were made for me
(10:25:45 PM) vytzka: Lena, do you have grenades?
(10:25:52 PM) Desmond: all I have is an explosive bolt rigged to be a flare.
(10:26:05 PM) Deiss: Lena has all the grenades. :)
(10:26:16 PM) Manario: Lena, I haven’t had a chance to make any for you yet
(10:26:18 PM) Desmond: I that thing still explodes, I can shoot the boat.
(10:26:23 PM) Desmond: *if
(10:26:34 PM) vytzka: well Manario hasn’t made any grenades it turns out
(10:26:37 PM) vytzka: too bad, so sad
(10:26:39 PM) Manario: I’d need a lab and a week or two for that
(10:26:41 PM) vytzka: Desmond, your turn?
(10:26:41 PM) Lena: Desmond, shoot the boat :)
(10:26:48 PM) vytzka: shoot it below the waterline
(10:27:04 PM) Desmond: if that is viable, I will do that.
(10:27:06 PM) Manario: vytzka: I can’t really craft stuff until we get some downtime
(10:27:09 PM) vytzka: not really, no
(10:27:56 PM) Desmond: ther’s noone left alive on land, right?
(10:28:09 PM) vytzka: correct
(10:28:16 PM) vytzka: well except for horses?
(10:28:25 PM) Desmond: is the boat still in range 8?
(10:28:26 PM) Deiss: Knock a hole in the boat!
(10:28:36 PM) Deiss: Then we win. ;)
(10:28:37 PM) vytzka: at the moment it is
(10:28:44 PM) vytzka: Deiss, you still win :P
(10:28:59 PM) Desmond: and the flare doesn’t work as an explosive anymore.
(10:29:02 PM) Desmond: correct?
(10:29:25 PM) vytzka: remind me, did you use it?
(10:29:29 PM) Desmond: no
(10:29:36 PM) Desmond: didn’t need to.
(10:29:47 PM) Ronja: maybe you can set the boat on fire
(10:30:07 PM) Lena: flare in the boat would still be quite devastating
(10:30:26 PM) Deiss: Deiss always wins.
(10:30:28 PM) vytzka: it would look cool at the least
(10:30:32 PM) vytzka: so are you shooting at the boat?
(10:30:32 PM) Manario: it would make a great distraction while we flee
(10:30:42 PM) vytzka: a crossbow is not made for arcing fire, remember
(10:30:53 PM) Vincent: so Desmond will shoot the flare?
(10:31:01 PM) Vincent: I will give the command to make it seem auhtentic
(10:31:09 PM) vytzka: FUREAA
(10:31:11 PM) vytzka: HA SHA
(10:31:25 PM) Deiss: Vincent is commanding.
(10:31:25 PM) Desmond: you still haven’t answered my question if that thing still explodes or not.
(10:31:35 PM) Desmond: my action depends on that.
(10:31:40 PM) vytzka: what do you mean by “still”?
(10:31:43 PM) Vincent: it will
(10:31:45 PM) Vincent: likely
(10:31:49 PM) Vincent: i know it
(10:32:44 PM) Deiss: I try to make my attack posts as cool as possible. :)
(10:32:45 PM) Manario: It will not explode, but it will probably start a fire. Remember, I rolled a 21 for the flare, it’s probably pretty powerfull.
(10:32:54 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:32:58 PM) Desmond: ok
(10:33:33 PM) Desmond: then I will shoot the flare at the boat.
(10:33:53 PM) Desmond: any bonus for not trying to hit a person, but a bigger target?
(10:34:19 PM) vytzka: DEF 10
(10:34:35 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6+5
(10:34:35 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+5]: 13>
(10:35:09 PM) vytzka: hit
(10:35:23 PM) vytzka: damage armor 16 to make it stick
(10:36:09 PM) Desmond: the attack would have been at -2 which would still have been a hit.
(10:36:22 PM) vytzka: ok
(10:36:43 PM) Desmond: do I take the explosive bolt’s POW for the damage or something else?
(10:36:55 PM) vytzka: just a regular bolt POW
(10:36:59 PM) Desmond: k
(10:37:10 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6+12
(10:37:11 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+12]: 18>
(10:37:16 PM) Manario: YES!
(10:37:25 PM) Desmond: it stuck.
(10:37:32 PM) vytzka: #roll 1d6
(10:37:32 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for vytzka [1d6]: 1>
(10:37:46 PM) Deiss cheers!
(10:38:14 PM) Deiss: I don’t know that anyone can actually drive a carriage. :)
(10:38:39 PM) Vincent: i assume that regular safe driving doesn’t need checks
(10:38:46 PM) vytzka: sorry
(10:38:48 PM) Manario: manario could probably drive if he spends some feat points
(10:38:54 PM) vytzka: and yeah you can drive it
(10:39:01 PM) vytzka: are you dragging the whole box with you?
(10:39:16 PM) Desmond: -.

(10:39:32 PM) Deiss: Seriously, Vytzka?
(10:39:44 PM) vytzka: I did roll a 1 for extinguishing continuous effects
(10:39:47 PM) Manario: they need to be kept safe, right?
(10:39:59 PM) Deiss: I see.
(10:39:59 PM) Desmond: I’m getting those 20 gold pieces back from somebody.
(10:40:15 PM) Vincent: we’re loading the box onto the carriage
(10:40:17 PM) vytzka: (they normally go out on 1 or 2)
(10:40:21 PM) Lena: It will be taken out of the expenses
(10:40:24 PM) Vincent: Desmond: we will get 300 gc soon
(10:40:35 PM) Vincent: so Manario can roll more arrows
(10:40:53 PM) vytzka: an infinite arrows trick
(10:40:57 PM) Deiss: I think we need some downtime after this job. :)
(10:40:58 PM) Desmond: can I loot the thugs while the otehrs load the crate onto the carraige or does that take too long?
(10:41:04 PM) Manario: only if Vincent gets me my workshop+lab
(10:41:07 PM) vytzka: sure, you can
(10:41:19 PM) vytzka: one has a totally ruined armored greatcoat and a sword
(10:41:40 PM) Desmond: kaputt ruined or bloody ruined?
(10:41:46 PM) Lena: what about Mr Headless? What does he have?
(10:41:47 PM) vytzka: driver has a greatcoat with a hole in the back and a simple pistol
(10:42:06 PM) vytzka: Desmond, ruined “there are now two greatcoats where one used to be”
(10:42:31 PM) Desmond: ah, the one chopped in half.
(10:42:37 PM) vytzka: the last guy has a pistol, sword and 10 gold pieces
(10:42:42 PM) vytzka: yep
(10:43:30 PM) vytzka: sorry
(10:43:34 PM) vytzka: I’m getting sleepy now
(10:43:35 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(10:43:36 PM) Desmond: so 2x sword, 2x pistol, great coat, 10 gp.
(10:43:36 PM) Manario: ok, got the loot written down for the wiki
(10:43:45 PM) vytzka: k
(10:43:46 PM) Desmond: kk
(10:43:52 PM) Vincent: is this diablo
(10:43:53 PM) Deiss: So we all ride back with the carriage. :)
(10:44:07 PM) vytzka: do you open the box when you get home?
(10:44:14 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:44:18 PM) Deiss: Happiness reigns.
(10:44:21 PM) Vincent: we probably should
(10:44:36 PM) Vincent: but should we finish here for today? do you wanna cliffhang here?
(10:44:37 PM) Lena: best to imspect our cargo
(10:44:37 PM) Deiss: Got to make sure everything is right!
(10:44:39 PM) Ronja: it’ll be like christmas!
(10:44:57 PM) Manario: cliffhanger: who is in the box?
(10:45:04 PM) Vincent: mr box
(10:45:13 PM) Deiss: Manario is in the box!
(10:45:32 PM) Desmond: maybe a frozen young woman?
(10:45:37 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:45:44 PM) Manario: kill her!
(10:45:50 PM) Ronja: shes a witch!
(10:45:50 PM) Vincent: a living being is my guess too
(10:46:37 PM) Desmond: we should either get rid of the carriage or find a place to hide it.
(10:47:03 PM) Vincent: eyecatch?
(10:47:06 PM) vytzka: eyecatch
(10:47:12 PM) Vincent: what’s that
(10:47:15 PM) Vincent: a monster?
(10:48:06 PM) vytzka: I think I’m using the word incorrectly actually
(10:48:10 PM) vytzka: I probably meant credits
(10:48:17 PM) Manario: yes
(10:48:17 PM) Vincent: oh
(10:48:19 PM) Deiss: Wasn’t three suppose to be four?
(10:48:24 PM) vytzka: ;)
(10:48:26 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:48:37 PM) Deiss: Its a mystery!
(10:48:37 PM) Desmond: if wikipedia serves right, the eyecatch comes before or after a commercial break.
(10:48:43 PM) vytzka: yes yes
(10:48:44 PM) Manario: yes
(10:49:17 PM) Vincent: i will get out this disappointment of my system by writing on your wall about the superiority of ultramarines
(10:49:36 PM) Vincent: just kidding
(10:49:37 PM) Manario: I will now post the logs to the wiki
(10:49:52 PM) Manario: and our loot list is already updated
(10:50:17 PM) Deiss: Ximni is like a handy, dandy person!
(10:50:34 PM) Vincent: ximni is like a book keeper person
(10:50:40 PM) Manario: well, this is the only thing i can do
(10:50:50 PM) Manario: I can’t help in the fights
(10:51:08 PM) vytzka: who’s disappointed?
(10:51:23 PM) Vincent: no one afaik
(10:51:24 PM) vytzka: comments?
(10:51:28 PM) Deiss: So is there anything else in the box?
(10:51:43 PM) Manario: I’m not vytzka, I know I’ll get to do things eventually
(10:52:05 PM) vytzka: Deiss, a small sheet of paper with writing on it and cotton wool padding or whatever
(10:52:09 PM) Vincent: the start was a bit slow, I also wanted to get the party together again somewhat quick, so I terminated the lizard convo quite quickly, sorry for that
(10:52:16 PM) vytzka: they didn’t have bubbleweap or antistatic bags back then
(10:52:22 PM) vytzka: it’s ok
(10:52:30 PM) vytzka: you missed out a little but as you wish
(10:52:50 PM) Vincent: the lizard being a dense person I wasn’t sure if I should pursue it or not
(10:53:00 PM) Vincent: as people were kinda just waiting
(10:53:01 PM) vytzka: well it’s up to you
(10:53:10 PM) vytzka: you can find out more next time
(10:53:14 PM) vytzka: good night everybody
(10:53:17 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:53:18 PM) vytzka hugs
(10:53:19 PM) Deiss: I think you are improving your GMing talent, Vytzka.
(10:53:21 PM) Vincent: you’re going?
(10:53:22 PM) Desmond: XPs? ^
(10:53:22 PM) vytzka: thanks!
(10:53:25 PM) Lena: see you all next week :)
(10:53:27 PM) vytzka: 1 xp
(10:53:31 PM) Vincent: otherwise it went well, vytzka
(10:53:35 PM) Lena is now known as Catseye
(10:53:43 PM) vytzka: thanks
(10:53:46 PM) Vincent: you’re quite the game mastering master
(10:53:48 PM) vytzka: nighty night
(10:53:49 PM) vytzka: ^

(10:53:51 PM) vytzka left the room (quit: Disintegrated: Leaving).
(10:54:01 PM) Vincent: well, he was in a hurry
(10:54:27 PM) Desmond: looks like
(10:54:30 PM) Desmond is now known as Beelzedude
(10:54:30 PM) Deiss: Sleep waits for no Vtyzka.

Session 6 IC
Ill Fortune

Conversation with #fivefingercrawl_ic at 7/18/2013 6:52:54 PM on (irc)

(6:52:54 PM) The topic for #fivefingercrawl_ic is: Cassandra: I will remain loyal to Vytzka and his game until such time that he shows weakness. Then I will strike out on my own.
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(7:48:01 PM) Catseye [] entered the room.
(8:01:32 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(8:03:28 PM) Kzar [] entered the room.
(8:03:44 PM) Kzar is now known as Ronja
(8:04:14 PM) You are now known as Manario
(8:04:26 PM) Catseye is now known as Lena
(8:04:47 PM) Beelzedude is now known as Desmond
(8:05:11 PM) FusionClock is now known as Vincent
(8:05:17 PM) vytzka is now known as ParrotVytzka
(8:06:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: THE STORY SO FAR
(8:06:54 PM) Deiss [] entered the room.
(8:07:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja and Desmond are stuck in a warehouse, waiting for… the night? or whatever?
(8:07:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: everyone else is at home, excitedly talking about things and things and things
(8:07:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: IN THE MEANWHILE
(8:08:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: on a ship somewhere, a man and a women, dressed in vaguely sailor-like or perhaps piratical garb, are exchanging cryptic comments
(8:08:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: the woman is sitting on a large wooden crate with an inscription “Radcliffe Arms LIMITED. Destination: Jake Rockwell, Five Fingers”
(8:08:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: IN THE MEANWHILE
(8:09:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: Fat Tony is throwing darts at the picture of Vito Alexander, hanging on his door
(8:09:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: IN THE MEANWHILE
(8:10:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: a few men and women, dressed in that casually very expensive fashion that only looks like that to other people from the same stratum, are smoking cigars and making small talk around a table with the map of Five Fingers marked with colored crayons
(8:11:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: IN THE MEANWHILE
(8:11:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: Mr. Lizard disappears underwater in the Five Fingers sewer
(8:13:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: camera pans back over Five Fingers from high above and zooms onto Argent Aurora
(8:13:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: EPISODE FIVE (SIX?): ILL FORTUNE
(8:18:25 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, I’m going to see the gatorman. Care to join me to guard my back?”
(8:19:54 PM) Vincent: “I think it’d be better for the negotiations if I left my sword here. I’ll do the bargaining, you can do the threatening.”
(8:20:33 PM) Deiss: Deiss stands from the table and checks her weapons, “Sure, boss. I can do threatening.” Deiss grins and follows him to the basement.
(8:21:25 PM) Vincent goes to the basement door and opens it. The smell of dead bodies is somewhat nauseating. “And you gentlemen are still here too.”
(8:22:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: it seems empty
(8:22:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: well, apart from all the corpse parts and rotten books and whatnot
(8:22:50 PM) Deiss pulls her scarf up over her nose and grunts. “We need to clean this place when we get some down time.”
(8:23:19 PM) Vincent grabs a lantern off the wall and heads downstairs to meet the gatorman.
(8:23:55 PM) Vincent: “True. manario should set up his workshop down here once we get this sorted out.”
(8:25:44 PM) Deiss: “Do you think we can trust this lizard guy?”
(8:26:31 PM) Vincent: “I think they’ll de putting every pair of boots on the ground once we snatch the cortices. So, I hope we can.”
(8:28:02 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods and follows him deeper into the tunnels.
(8:28:39 PM) Vincent arrives at the gatorman’s lair. “Huh. He’s not at home. Where would a gatorman go?”
(8:29:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: there’s about six feet wide hole in the wall the opposite of the entrance, which looks like the most probable candidate
(8:29:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is not illuminated
(8:30:01 PM) Vincent: “Do you feel particularly lucky, Deiss?”
(8:30:37 PM) Deiss: Deiss peers into the big hole in the wall, “Not sure we should risk it right now. We could get lost then miss the heist.”
(8:36:46 PM) Vincent: “You’re right. We should probably head back, can’t afford any delays now.”
(8:36:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: you hear some wet steps faintly echo in the passage before you
(8:36:46 PM) Vincent: “I will bet you five gold crowns that you won’t dare to see what’s on the other side of the hole.”
(8:36:46 PM) Vincent moves to the side of the hole, against the wall. “Did you hear something?”

Conversation with #fivefingercrawl_ic at 7/18/2013 8:39:32 PM on (irc)

(8:39:32 PM) The topic for #fivefingercrawl_ic is: Cassandra: I will remain loyal to Vytzka and his game until such time that he shows weakness. Then I will strike out on my own.
(8:39:46 PM) Deiss: “Do you know the way to the docks from here through the tunnels?”
(8:39:48 PM) Vincent: “Do you know your way around the sewers? The way to the harbor and back?”
(8:40:15 PM) You are now known as Manario
(8:40:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Docks? Harbor?”
(8:40:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: “What are you babbling about?”
(8:40:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Which docks? Where?”
(8:42:51 PM) Deiss: “Show him the map, Vincent?”
(8:44:13 PM) Vincent pulls out his highly detailed map and points the location. “The Rivergrav North dock.”
(8:45:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: the gatorman studies the map intensely for an eternity
(8:45:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: then he looks up at you
(8:45:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I’m sorry, could you say that again”
(8:46:47 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, do you think we will get something out of this?”
(8:47:42 PM) Deiss: Deiss frowns then shakes her head, “Might be more trouble than it is worth.”
(8:48:24 PM) Vincent: “Right. We are sorry to have disturbed you. We’ll be on our way.”
(8:48:39 PM) Vincent rolls up the map and heads back toward the tavern floor.
(8:49:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I bid you farewell!” he waves at you
(8:49:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: and then disappears back in the hole muttering to himself
(8:49:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: “the other human was smarter than this, sheesh”
(8:50:43 PM) Vincent opens the cellar door. “I feel like I’d need a long bath after every visit down there.”
(8:50:54 PM) Ronja: “How did it go?”
(8:51:06 PM) Vincent: “Anyway, if this is all the time we plan to waste, we should go meet up with Lena and Desmond.”
(8:51:21 PM) Vincent: “I hope they don’t get any stupid ideas while sitting idly.”
(8:51:43 PM) Deiss: Deiss pulls her scarf down from her nose and takes a deep breathe, “I know what you mean. Let’s get to it.”
(8:57:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: ADVERTISMENT
(9:02:23 PM) Deiss: Deiss sits on a crate in a darkened alley, her face covered by her scarf and her dull armor blending in with the shadows.
(9:03:20 PM) Vincent is tugging on the straps of his armor, to check if they’re holding, all the while keeping his eyes sharp for any unusual activity that might foil the plan.
(9:04:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: it seems quiet here in the docks, only the cold light of lamps provides some illumination
(9:04:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: a couple of bats are flying around the warehouse
(9:05:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: you hear the distant sound of a row boat far in the river side
(9:05:12 PM) Vincent: “Bah. A ghastly place, wouldn’t you say, Ronja?”
(9:05:25 PM) Lena is keeping watch. Staying ready for the job at hand.
(9:05:41 PM) Ronja: “It does have its charm.”
(9:05:46 PM) Vincent: “If someone happened to feel like burning this place down, he would have my sympathies.”
(9:07:06 PM) Deiss: Deiss laughs softly, “Burning things down does have it’s appeal but not when we might get caught in the firestorm.”
(9:07:29 PM) Desmond: “We should think about getting us a place like this in the future. It could be quite useful.”
(9:08:07 PM) Deiss: “Sounds like a boat is pulling up. We should check it out.”
(9:08:14 PM) Vincent: “In Llael, back at the mansions, we used to have a great barn that was in rather… rambles on
(9:08:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: the rowing sound gets closer and a horse drawn cart approaches from the side
(9:08:27 PM) Ronja: “Yes yes, but the boat.”
(9:09:00 PM) Desmond: “Lena, what do you see?”
(9:09:20 PM) Vincent lowers his voice. “Keep your eyes open and move with haste once the sign is given.”
(9:09:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: three people are in it, they stop next to the pier, one of them waves facing the river
(9:10:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: a sturdy boat comes into view, one person is rowing, another one ties it to the pier and there’s a large wooden crate in it as well
(9:11:26 PM) Vincent: “A carriage. The horse might be too fast for us to catch by foot.”
(9:12:15 PM) Deiss: Deiss holds up her hand makes a signal to Desmond, “We should move now. We can catch them off guard.”
(9:13:17 PM) Desmond: “Vincent, you call the shots.”
(9:15:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: one of them remains in the cart, other two jump out and start taking out the crate
(9:15:25 PM) Vincent: “I think we’ll have better chances of taking over the cargo if we strike here.”
(9:15:52 PM) Vincent: “Even with the extra thugs.”
(9:16:37 PM) Deiss: Deiss stands up and readies her weapons, “Alright. Let’s go.”
(9:16:48 PM) Vincent: “Take positions and aim. Desmond, see if you can get a silent bolt into the throat of the chauffeur.”
(9:17:17 PM) Desmond: “I will do my best.”
(9:18:06 PM) Ronja readies her pistol.
(9:20:32 PM) Lena: “Ready”
(9:20:42 PM) Desmond readies his crossbow.
(9:31:39 PM) Desmond aims his crossbow at the driver from his hiding place and lets the bolt fly. The bolt penetrates the driver’s heart with a silent ‘thud’ and he dies not making any sounds.
(9:32:02 PM) Vincent: “Shot like an expert marksman.”
(9:32:14 PM) Vincent: “Now, commence the attack.”
(9:43:56 PM) ParrotVytzka left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
(9:45:16 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(9:51:03 PM) Ronja summons up a snowy vortex to encase Vincent.
(9:51:42 PM) Vincent: “Ha! Now to bring the fight to the enemy!”
(9:59:49 PM) Lena charges in to the strongest looking guy and slices off his head with one quick stroke.of her blade.
(10:01:07 PM) vytzka: his head flies off and falls into the boat!
(10:05:41 PM) Vincent charges the thug standing near the carriage and delives a powerful blow from the vom tag stance, splitting his body from his neck to his groin.
(10:12:20 PM) Deiss: Deiss casually walks out of the alleyway, raises her hand cannon at one of the thugs, “Thanks for the cortices, friends” Then she fires.
(10:14:57 PM) Deiss: The large gun makes an ear-splitting boom and the slug buries itself in the gut of the nearest thug.
(10:19:10 PM) vytzka: the thug grabs his belly
(10:19:21 PM) vytzka: they both swear and jump into the boat, cutting the rope
(10:21:05 PM) Vincent: “Don’t let them excape!”
(10:21:11 PM) vytzka: behind you the corpse of the impaled thug on the cart falls down disturbing the horses
(10:31:33 PM) Vincent: “Desmond, still got that flare bolt?”
(10:33:19 PM) Desmond: “Already loading it..”
(10:33:27 PM) Vincent: “Let them have it!”
(10:33:43 PM) Vincent: “The rest of you, stop standing idly and give me a hand with the crate.”
(10:33:58 PM) Vincent: “Someone keep the horses calm while we load the cargo.”
(10:34:22 PM) Lena goes over and starts working to calm the horses
(10:34:57 PM) Ronja goes to give Vincent a hand with the crate.
(10:35:25 PM) Deiss: Deiss keeps watch for any one else approaching.
(10:36:05 PM) Vincent: “Oof. I certainly hope this is worth it for us.”
(10:37:03 PM) Vincent: “Anyone qualified as a carriage driver? I wouldn’t have us driven straight into the water at this stage.”
(10:38:30 PM) vytzka: the burning bolt strikes the boat, and its side catches fire momentarily
(10:38:43 PM) vytzka: but soon it rights itself again, fire fizzles out and the boat disappears into the night
(10:39:27 PM) Vincent: “What a disappointment. Come on Desmond, let’s get out of here before they send a few boats back.”
(10:42:03 PM) Deiss: “I will drive the carriage then.” Deiss climbs up into the driver’s seat and works the reins to get the horses settled down.
(10:42:47 PM) Lena climbs up on the carrage with Deiss
(10:43:04 PM) vytzka: are all 6 of you going and the box?
(10:43:17 PM) vytzka: it will look fun :)
(10:43:22 PM) vytzka: but you can do it
(10:43:24 PM) vytzka: just hang on
(10:45:05 PM) vytzka: you make it back to Argent Aurora safely, if somewhat noisily
(10:45:57 PM) vytzka: taking the box with you inside, you all huddle around it and carefully pry off the lid
(10:46:11 PM) Vincent: “Careful, careful.”
(10:46:26 PM) vytzka: on the inside of the lid is a hand drawn design of four stars in a diamond pattern and two crossed swords
(10:46:36 PM) vytzka: inside the box are what looks like three jack cortices
(10:46:44 PM) vytzka: EYECATCH
(10:50:00 PM) vytzka: Weren’t there supposed to be four? What’s going on here? Does the four star design mean anything? What is the Lizard up to? Will there be more planning? Who gets the 300 crowns?
(10:50:09 PM) vytzka: on the next episode of Five Finger Crawl

Session 5 OOC

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(7:07:35 PM) The topic for #rpgnet-fivefingercrawl is: ParrotVytzka: you’re trying to pimp Deiss? is that right? Cassandra: Cassie has a lot of love to give. Yep.
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(7:32:16 PM) Cassandra: I should star in a movie, ‘I was a teenage Cassie.’ ;)
(7:33:43 PM) Manario: I thought Cassies hatched from eggs fully grown?
(7:35:47 PM) Cassandra: That is likely a myth.
(7:39:13 PM) Kzar: How can we be sure?
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(7:49:33 PM) Beelzedude: oi
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(8:00:56 PM) vytzka: hmm
(8:01:01 PM) Desmond: yes?
(8:01:04 PM) vytzka is now known as ParrotVytzka
(8:01:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: it appears everyone is present
(8:01:15 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(8:01:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: Catseye?
(8:03:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, Manario
(8:03:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: I decided how to handle the fake cortex thing
(8:03:24 PM) Vincent: What’s the ic channel?
(8:03:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: we’ll use Forgery rules but with mechanika skill
(8:03:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:03:38 PM) Desmond: #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:04:08 PM) Vincent: ty
(8:04:09 PM) Catseye is now known as Lena
(8:05:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss?
(8:05:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, you okay with that?
(8:05:35 PM) Deiss: Parrots know best.
(8:05:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: they do!
(8:05:54 PM) Manario: sure
(8:06:15 PM) Lena: I’m here :)
(8:06:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh right, episode title
(8:07:11 PM) Deiss: Would you mind to give a more detailed introduction?
(8:07:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(8:07:28 PM) Manario: give all the introductions!
(8:07:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you mean a recap?
(8:07:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: or the scene?
(8:08:01 PM) Manario: why not both?
(8:08:04 PM) Deiss: Some recap and setting the scene and such.
(8:08:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure thing!
(8:08:34 PM) Manario: “last time on Five Finger Crawl…”
(8:11:51 PM) Desmond: :D
(8:12:13 PM) Deiss: Craziness.
(8:13:22 PM) Deiss: Shippers?
(8:13:36 PM) Desmond: people that ship people.
(8:13:38 PM) Deiss: You are going off the rails, Vytzka. ;)
(8:13:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you did ask for a detailed summary!
(8:14:01 PM) Vincent: :D
(8:14:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m merely providing the services asked of me
(8:14:39 PM) Vincent: so we’re on the street outside vitos establishment
(8:14:48 PM) Vincent: ok
(8:17:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: I got carried away with mood setting!
(8:17:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: I like that stuff
(8:17:55 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(8:18:02 PM) Deiss: Its okay.
(8:19:01 PM) Deiss: You sneaks! Time to earn your keep. :)
(8:19:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: sneak sneak
(8:19:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: where u goin?
(8:19:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: sneak
(8:19:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: stahp
(8:19:54 PM) Manario: I’m looking at the Forgery modifiers and I will probably only have my dice left.
(8:20:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: let’s see
(8:20:26 PM) Deiss: I think Vytzka might have put some of the hard stuff in his fruit juice.
(8:20:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: several days perfecting the work – nope
(8:20:49 PM) Manario: And I don’t have a workshop to help me.
(8:20:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: has to improvise one or more of the key materials? I think
(8:21:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: you will have the original to compare to if you wait before obtaining it
(8:21:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: in a rush? not sure
(8:21:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: for four of them, probably yes
(8:21:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you want to replace all of them?
(8:22:25 PM) Manario: I don’t want to forge anything, it was not my idea
(8:23:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: who wants to forge anything?
(8:23:18 PM) Deiss: Well it was one plan.
(8:23:30 PM) Manario only wants to craft and brew
(8:23:57 PM) Deiss: I Manario person, you. :)
(8:24:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: and it’s ME drinking alcoholic juice here
(8:24:39 PM) Vincent: Cool.
(8:24:39 PM) Deiss: Hrm.
(8:24:46 PM) Vincent: I’m sober too for a change.
(8:25:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you want me to draw you people a quick map?
(8:25:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh I know
(8:25:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: we can use the roll20 thang
(8:25:44 PM) Vincent: sure
(8:25:46 PM) Deiss: I imagine we will go back to the hideout and talk out some plans IC until they finish their scouting.
(8:25:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: Llaelese girls make the world go round
(8:26:34 PM) Deiss: But Khadoran girls keep it on tilt. ;)
(8:27:17 PM) ParrotVytzka:
(8:27:49 PM) Desmond: don’t have an account.
(8:28:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(8:28:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: is it necessary?
(8:28:51 PM) Manario: yes
(8:28:54 PM) Vincent: Yeah.
(8:34:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: catseye and kzar?
(8:34:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: you gonna join it?
(8:34:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: or do you just want a snapshot when we’re done drawing?
(8:35:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: Beelzedude
(8:36:21 PM) Desmond: snapshot is fine with me.
(8:42:42 PM) Manario:
(8:42:54 PM) Vincent: coolio
(8:43:07 PM) Vincent: so, we cut to aurora with scouting done?
(8:43:22 PM) Vincent: or is there things to experience in between?
(8:43:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: as you wish
(8:43:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: thank you Manario
(8:43:39 PM) Desmond: nice
(8:43:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(8:44:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: the green nearly horizontal line isn’t supposed to be there though
(8:44:36 PM) ParrotVytzka:
(8:44:40 PM) Deiss: We are roleplaying here! :)
(8:44:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: ignore right hand stuff
(8:44:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: good!
(8:45:11 PM) Vincent: looks like win95
(8:45:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s KDE actually
(8:45:24 PM) Manario: I don’t have that blue stuff on the right
(8:45:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: so yeah
(8:45:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah it’s some layer malarkey
(8:45:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: do note the dock line though
(8:45:46 PM) Manario see no face
(8:46:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: the topmost buildings are eyes
(8:46:27 PM) Deiss: Onward!
(8:46:35 PM) Vincent: right
(8:46:41 PM) Vincent: so, aurora?
(8:46:45 PM) Deiss drives off the cliff. :)
(8:47:01 PM) Desmond: ok
(8:48:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: sooo
(8:48:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: people are still doing the roleplayings
(8:49:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: did you guys split at some point?
(8:49:18 PM) Vincent: yeah
(8:49:21 PM) Deiss: Yea.
(8:49:30 PM) Vincent: the two went to check the docks, while rest went to aurora
(8:49:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: okies
(8:50:13 PM) Deiss: We are going to make plans!
(8:50:43 PM) Deiss: Me and Vincent are like a tactical genius. :)
(8:50:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: you’re both halves of a tactical genius
(8:51:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: so added together you add up to one
(8:51:06 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(8:51:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: provided your tactical geniuses don’t overlap
(8:51:32 PM) Manario can brew up some glue to make that happen
(8:51:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, Lena, what are you looking for
(8:51:35 PM) Deiss: That is unpossible.
(8:51:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe if you had babies!
(8:51:51 PM) Desmond: first general information about the surroundings.
(8:51:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: they would inherit your best parts
(8:52:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, well I suppose general information is on the map
(8:52:03 PM) Desmond: then more spedific details.
(8:52:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: what else do you want
(8:52:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: like, what things
(8:52:25 PM) Desmond: like possible approaches, hiding spots, such things.
(8:52:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: approaches from either along the shoreline or through alleys between warehouses from the streets further in
(8:52:59 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: what parts? Deiss firm ass and Vincent’s handsome nose?
(8:53:04 PM) Desmond: possible guard posts or routes.
(8:53:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: well guard posts are on the outer edge of the docks, there are a few guard cabins scattered around
(8:53:34 PM) Desmond: man holes
(8:53:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: you do notice a few manholes
(8:54:20 PM) Desmond: are they accessible?
(8:54:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you could take off the cover if you wanted to
(8:54:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: but you’re not sure where the sewers below lead to
(8:55:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you going inside?
(8:55:32 PM) Desmond: into the sewers?
(8:55:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure
(8:55:42 PM) Desmond: no
(8:55:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(8:56:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, what about you
(8:56:04 PM) Desmond: what about street lamps?
(8:56:17 PM) Desmond: or lanterns along the docks.
(8:56:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: there are lamps along the shoreline
(8:57:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: and lanterns on some warehouses but not all of them
(8:57:09 PM) Desmond: many? few? whootable?
(8:57:19 PM) Desmond: *shootable
(8:57:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: only about half of the warehouses seem even used
(8:57:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: I guess I should zoom in for you
(8:58:02 PM) Desmond: ah, so there are unused warehouses?
(8:58:11 PM) Lena: What about the landing point for the ship? How accessible is it to us?
(9:01:10 PM) Desmond: if there are empty warehouses, we could use one as a means of cover.
(9:01:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you can just walk on the wooden pathway thing
(9:01:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: that people tie the ships to
(9:01:55 PM) Desmond: yes, but do they have gates or something?
(9:02:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope
(9:02:21 PM) Ronja: they usually draw the bridge up instead to close it
(9:02:23 PM) Ronja: if needed
(9:02:24 PM) Ronja: on ships
(9:02:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: there’s sort of the assumption that ships provide their own security
(9:02:26 PM) Ronja: I think
(9:02:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(9:02:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: something like that
(9:02:43 PM) Manario needs to invent underwater gear
(9:02:58 PM) Desmond: yes, very much so.
(9:03:15 PM) Ronja: or underwater breathing elixirs
(9:03:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: also Vito did say that this ship was supposed to only get officially docked in the following morning
(9:03:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, they actually have that
(9:04:15 PM) Desmond: anything else useful or out of the ordinary there?
(9:04:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope
(9:04:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: just generic shady dock environment
(9:04:37 PM) Desmond: what about empty warehouses?
(9:05:16 PM) Lena: Empty warhouse would be helpful, yes
(9:05:55 PM) ParrotVytzka:
(9:06:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: the ones on the left and right with diagonal lines across are empty
(9:06:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: the doors are nailed up with some planks
(9:06:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: but you could probably get inside if you wanted
(9:06:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: circles along the water side are street lamps
(9:06:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: a couple lanterns on the warehouses and a closed manhole in the middle
(9:07:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, the ship is carrying VIOLENCE
(9:08:31 PM) Manario: Thus, the ship should sink.
(9:08:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: or maybe multiracial dolls for disabled kids
(9:08:56 PM) Vincent: and bad language I assume
(9:09:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: you don’t know
(9:11:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: just a reminder, setting fire to things in the fire fingers is bad form
(9:11:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: heh, freudian slip
(9:11:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: five fingers :P
(9:11:22 PM) Desmond: it’s what the city deserves.
(9:11:26 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(9:12:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: be that as it may, but arsonists frequently find themselves sans the extremities and/or having to spend some time hanging in a cage
(9:12:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: and I mean all of the time
(9:13:05 PM) Vincent: the ones that get caught?
(9:13:08 PM) Lena: we need to secure one of the Warhouses. Meaning one of us has to stay with it.
(9:13:31 PM) Vincent: why do we need a warehouse?
(9:13:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: warehouses are cool
(9:13:43 PM) Vincent: come back to the aurora and tell your plan
(9:13:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can store things in it
(9:13:56 PM) Deiss: All the cool villains have empty warehouses. Yep.
(9:13:59 PM) Manario: we can store our warjacks there
(9:14:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: some villains have full warehouses actually
(9:14:15 PM) Desmond: it would be practical for hiding, escaping distractions.
(9:14:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: the more successful of them
(9:14:23 PM) Lena: To act as an on site base of operations. We need something there as support.
(9:14:43 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(9:14:52 PM) Manario: yes, we need support fire, like mortars
(9:15:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s better to use terms like “support artillery”
(9:15:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: fire is a bad word
(9:15:45 PM) Manario: ok, “incendiary support artillery”
(9:15:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, sounds good
(9:15:56 PM) Deiss: Okay!
(9:15:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, Lena, what are you up to now
(9:16:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you need more info or are you going back
(9:16:13 PM) Desmond: after scouting it’s back to the bar.
(9:16:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: kk
(9:16:29 PM) Desmond: I can’t think of anything else spedific.
(9:16:35 PM) Desmond: specific
(9:16:37 PM) Lena: I will stay with the warehouse we picked. Desmond can return.
(9:16:46 PM) Desmond: ok
(9:16:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: which warehouse did you pick
(9:16:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: and where are you staying, inside?
(9:17:18 PM) Manario: Warehouse 13? I’ve heard it has fun toys… :P
(9:17:33 PM) Desmond: warehoue 23 is much better.
(9:17:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: the closest nearby desolate looking warehouses are on the left and right of the second map
(9:17:59 PM) Vincent: the second map?
(9:18:07 PM) Manario: Is that where your harem is, Desmond?
(9:18:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: ttp://
(9:18:28 PM) Desmond: amongst other things, yes.
(9:18:38 PM) Vincent: oh
(9:18:50 PM) Desmond: I also keep my crashed UFOs there. and my secret experiments.
(9:19:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena?
(9:19:15 PM) Deiss: Harems are things.
(9:19:46 PM) Manario: Did you secretly read the plans for my Final Fantasy campaign, Desmond?
(9:20:00 PM) Desmond: nope
(9:20:23 PM) Vincent: so, you get back to AA?
(9:20:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario is Don Corneo?
(9:20:37 PM) Vincent: not anonymous alcoholics
(9:20:41 PM) Desmond: I do.
(9:20:48 PM) Manario burns all his notes for the FF campaign
(9:20:50 PM) Desmond: which warehouse did we pick, Lena?
(9:20:55 PM) Lena: Choose the closest one to the landing point. Then I’ll hide inside. But also set up to where I can watch teh comings and goings around the warehouse. But I’ll generally stay out of sight.
(9:21:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: so you’re breaking in? which one is it?
(9:21:14 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: I can tell you more later
(9:21:18 PM) Deiss: You must give us a short briefing Desmond. :)
(9:21:27 PM) Desmond: yes
(9:21:44 PM) Lena: is there a way I can break in unseen?
(9:21:48 PM) Vincent: also, show my character the drawing and get a remark
(9:21:59 PM) Vincent: it is mandatory
(9:22:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, a back entrance is sort of obscured not that many people are around anyway so you can break in if you want
(9:23:09 PM) Desmond: vytzka, give the word when I return.
(9:23:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, you should pick the left one or the right one
(9:24:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, k
(9:24:40 PM) Lena: I will do that. Carefully. So that I don’t reveal that it has been entered from the outside.
(9:25:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, please pick out of the two free warehouses :P
(9:25:32 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:25:39 PM) Lena: where’s the picture? The map?
(9:25:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: left top of the map or the rightmost corner
(9:26:28 PM) Lena: the one on the right
(9:27:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: roll agility + sneak
(9:28:36 PM) Lena: #roll 2d6+7
(9:28:37 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [2d6+7]: 16>
(9:28:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: nailed it
(9:29:53 PM) Lena: Good. I’ll wait inside. Keep watch, while Desmond returns to get the others.
(9:30:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, the ship is due tomorrow
(9:30:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: just a reminder
(9:30:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: desmond makes it to his friends
(9:31:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: (or “friends”)
(9:31:03 PM) Lena: I have enough supplies with me for the wait. And the others can get here in plenty of time.
(9:31:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(9:31:56 PM) Vincent: some onigiri from the rice god
(9:31:59 PM) Manario: Oh! So you’re the one who’s been stealing my ‘supplies’!
(9:32:20 PM) Deiss: Manario is well supplied.
(9:32:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh no he bought fish and chips
(9:32:34 PM) Manario has no supplies left :(
(9:32:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: roll for heart disease
(9:32:51 PM) Desmond: Desmnond is in good shape, yes.
(9:32:57 PM) Desmond: Desmond even.
(9:34:52 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:39:47 PM) Deiss: Diseases of the heart are bad.
(9:42:25 PM) Desmond: [21:30] <ParrotVytzka> also, the ship is due tomorrow
(9:43:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(9:43:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: I may have been a bit confusing
(9:43:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: the cortex cargo is due tomorrow at midnight
(9:43:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: the ship docks properly the morning after that
(9:44:38 PM) Deiss: Okay.
(9:44:47 PM) Desmond: ah, so they are transporting the cortices off the ship prior to that. presumably with a smaller boat.
(9:44:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: correct
(9:45:07 PM) Vincent: oh
(9:45:10 PM) Desmond: and fewer people.
(9:45:13 PM) Vincent: so the big ship isnät even coming
(9:45:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry if I was confusing
(9:45:17 PM) Vincent: isn’t
(9:45:24 PM) Deiss nods.
(9:45:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: well probably!
(9:45:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: you’re not privy to their exact plan
(9:45:37 PM) Deiss: Okay. Well that works for us.
(9:46:31 PM) Deiss: So are we ready to go?
(9:46:47 PM) Vincent: yeah, i guess so
(9:46:57 PM) Vincent: we should probably hand out the roles
(9:47:03 PM) Vincent: scout and shadower
(9:49:21 PM) Vincent: how do we know where to set the ambush?
(9:49:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: someone could mark ambush spots with an X?
(9:49:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: on the map?
(9:51:11 PM) Vincent: so the plan is that one keeps an eye to see where to ship comes, and after they’ve unloaded it, one shadows the courier, while others set up an ambush
(9:51:15 PM) Desmond: could manario modify an exploding bolt to be used as a flare as way to signal the others?
(9:51:41 PM) Manario: possibly
(9:51:47 PM) Desmond: If by courier you mean “the guys transporting the cortices”.
(9:51:57 PM) Vincent: yeah
(9:52:04 PM) Vincent: courier is just shorter
(9:52:22 PM) Desmond: courier sounds like someone delivering mail to me. ^^
(9:52:39 PM) Manario: Desmond: it’d depend on the TN
(9:52:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: the cortices are shipped in a flat rate box!
(9:52:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: (no they aren’t)
(9:54:14 PM) Manario: Desmond: I’d probably only have like 25% chance to make one in time with the limited supply we have right now
(9:55:40 PM) Desmond: what does our GM have to say about making an explosive bolt into a flare?
(9:56:11 PM) Deiss: Planning is fun. :)
(9:56:33 PM) Vincent: I’d like to get some coffee.
(9:56:37 PM) Vincent: IRL
(9:56:46 PM) Deiss: Are you guys doing okay?
(9:56:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, easy alchemy roll
(9:56:54 PM) Manario: it’d probably be gunsmithing, and with the penalties I’d probably have to hit like TN 19
(9:57:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m okay
(9:57:33 PM) Deiss: Sorry if the hours of planning is kinda boring. Eek. :)
(9:57:44 PM) Manario: since I don’t have much gunsmithing type gear around
(9:57:58 PM) Desmond: Manario: [21:56] <ParrotVytzka> Desmond easy alchemy roll
(9:58:01 PM) Vincent: I’m not having issues with the planning.
(9:58:22 PM) Manario: #roll 2d6+7
(9:58:22 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Manario [2d6+7]: 13>
(9:58:42 PM) Manario: what a crap roll :(
(9:59:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you produced something like it
(9:59:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: hope it works
(9:59:23 PM) Manario: I can reroll failed alchemy rolls
(9:59:28 PM) Manario: I have a thing for that
(9:59:36 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:59:43 PM) Deiss: You could boost it with a feat point too.
(9:59:46 PM) Manario: I have it for Mechanikal Engineering too
(9:59:48 PM) Vincent: “it looks like a turd, but you can try shooting it”
(10:00:06 PM) Manario: fine, I’ll reroll with a feat point
(10:00:14 PM) Manario: #roll 3d6+7
(10:00:15 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Manario [3d6+7]: 21>
(10:00:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s like
(10:00:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: the pimpingest flare bolt you have ever seen
(10:00:49 PM) Vincent: you accidentally make 4 cortices
(10:00:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: if you posted a youtube video of it you’d get 5 million views
(10:00:58 PM) Desmond: I will subtract the money for an explosive bolt from my savings.
(10:00:59 PM) Manario: 21 is what I’m aiming for to be my average roll
(10:01:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: (7 million if you used a single frame of Deiss flashing her cleavage for the thumbnail pic)
(10:01:28 PM) Manario: if I ever get to buy the equipment I need…
(10:01:55 PM) Deiss: Deiss has cleavage?
(10:01:57 PM) Desmond: explosive bolts are expensive as hell.
(10:02:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: 7 million views!
(10:02:46 PM) Manario can also substitute expensive alchemy stuff for cheep knowckoffs and you can’t tell the difference
(10:02:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: you people are going to do anything beside planning today?
(10:03:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, you mean until it’s used?
(10:03:05 PM) Deiss: Probably not.
(10:03:30 PM) Manario: the ‘tea’ has worked fine so far ParrotVytzka
(10:03:34 PM) Deiss: I guess we could start the actual heist now if you want. :)
(10:04:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: we could start the scene and then drop a cliffhanger!
(10:04:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s how I roll
(10:04:12 PM) Desmond: will I hold the flare in reserve or use it to signal the attack?
(10:04:16 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: I have an Ability that let’s me do that
(10:04:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, sweet
(10:04:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: so did the person who sold me my current supply of matcha, it seems
(10:04:47 PM) Manario: I wish there was a similar thing for engineering
(10:05:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: that only works for Orks
(10:05:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: just shove some corrugated cardboard in there
(10:05:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe throw in a couple bolts
(10:05:29 PM) Manario is secretly an Ork
(10:05:42 PM) Desmond: dun dun duuun.
(10:06:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: when you’re done planning, skip to tomorrow night and explain your positioning again because I’ve been kinda skipping stuff :P
(10:06:43 PM) Vincent: your brain has been skipping stuff
(10:06:50 PM) Vincent: whatever that means
(10:07:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: skipping stuff like OXYGEN
(10:07:08 PM) Vincent: :D
(10:07:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: and GLUCOSE
(10:07:14 PM) Vincent: it was supposed to be an insult
(10:07:17 PM) Deiss: You aren’t reading our indepth planning session, Vytzka? For shame, for shame!
(10:07:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m skimming them!
(10:07:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: besides, the NPCs aren’t reading them either so I can be surprised better
(10:07:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s all in my interest to run the best games I can
(10:07:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: for sure
(10:08:01 PM) Deiss: Indeed.
(10:08:05 PM) Vincent: for reals
(10:08:19 PM) Vincent: how about a small break now
(10:08:27 PM) Deiss: Sure.
(10:08:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: someone is burning plastic in the courtyard
(10:08:30 PM) Desmond: fine with me.
(10:08:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure Vincent
(10:08:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: or we could wrap things up quickly
(10:08:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: if you have 5-10 more minutes
(10:08:52 PM) Vincent: w/e
(10:09:11 PM) Vincent: I thought we were going to continue for 30+
(10:09:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: probably not
(10:09:35 PM) Vincent: let’s continue then
(10:09:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: unless you want to plan for an hour more :)
(10:10:00 PM) Vincent: we can change into high school comedy gear at the end
(10:10:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: is Lena up to speed?
(10:10:42 PM) Lena: yup
(10:10:42 PM) Desmond: Desmond returned to get her up to speed.
(10:10:51 PM) Desmond: shall I recap the plan?
(10:11:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: go for it
(10:11:19 PM) Lena: sure
(10:12:31 PM) Desmond: we wait for the cargo to be brought ashore, lena and desmond follow them all sneaky like for a short while, while the rest flank them to attack from the side/front.
(10:12:54 PM) Desmond: a dynamic ambush,s o to speak.
(10:13:06 PM) Desmond: a flare may or may not be used to signal the attack.
(10:13:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: um that might be better off in IC
(10:14:52 PM) Desmond: ok
(10:15:29 PM) Desmond: I’ll assume that this will be explaining Lena the plan.
(10:16:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(10:17:40 PM) Deiss: Cassie madness?
(10:17:50 PM) Desmond: hm.
(10:17:58 PM) Desmond: where do we wait? do we all wait in the warehouse?
(10:18:13 PM) Deiss: Deiss mostly has a plate breastplate with a leather and chain greatcoat as her armor. :)
(10:18:17 PM) Desmond: do some of us wait there and the rest not?
(10:18:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: sounds like a good time to find out
(10:18:34 PM) Deiss: Sounds reasonable.
(10:19:04 PM) Desmond: which one?
(10:19:38 PM) Deiss: That we wait in the warehouse.
(10:19:42 PM) Desmond: k
(10:19:57 PM) Manario: Diess needs to have custom modifications on her armour.
(10:20:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh you
(10:21:02 PM) Deiss: Hehe. What would those be?
(10:21:20 PM) Manario: Deiss need to be able to run as fast as lightning and to leap tall building in a single bound.
(10:21:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: zettai ryouiki
(10:21:33 PM) Manario: that too
(10:22:14 PM) Manario can only make the first option happen right now
(10:22:30 PM) Desmond: we should also think of an escape route/strategy.
(10:22:37 PM) Deiss: I imagined my custom battle armor as a chain and leather greatcoat with some small pauldrons, breastplate and thigh guards. So that she looks like a really metal biker chick. :)
(10:22:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: you probably only have skills to make grade C zettai ryouiki right now
(10:23:08 PM) Vincent: how about onigiri
(10:23:18 PM) Desmond: I like onigiri.
(10:23:19 PM) Vincent: yeah, what about escape?
(10:23:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: onigiri modifications for armour?
(10:23:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m not sure that word means what you think it means
(10:23:38 PM) Desmond: escape, people.
(10:23:51 PM) Manario: Deiss: you should have a look at the armor runes in the mechanika section and make a wishlist
(10:23:53 PM) Vincent: I assume we just leg it after we get the cortices
(10:24:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: you could use a huge onigiri to escape on into the river
(10:24:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: if it’s properly cooked
(10:24:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: also you could hide cortices in onigiris
(10:24:38 PM) Deiss: Cassie already has a wishlist. :)
(10:24:40 PM) Manario needs a proper kitchen for that plan to work
(10:25:02 PM) Deiss: So escape. Hrm.
(10:25:22 PM) Vincent: if the warehouse is nearby, we could get back in there
(10:25:25 PM) Desmond: one idea was the sewers, but there are gatormen down there.
(10:25:35 PM) Vincent: otherwise just grap the cortices and disappear into the night
(10:25:41 PM) Vincent: grab even
(10:25:50 PM) Deiss: Disappearing into the night works.
(10:25:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: grabble
(10:27:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: you people are stuck planning again!
(10:27:18 PM) Vincent: we have a plan
(10:27:19 PM) Manario: warhouse?
(10:27:26 PM) Manario: I like the sound of that :)
(10:27:39 PM) Manario: we need to turn AA into a warhouse
(10:27:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: metal
(10:28:08 PM) Vincent: I think the plan is about done
(10:28:09 PM) Deiss: We are not kick in the door gamers. :)
(10:28:34 PM) Manario: We are shoot down the door gamers. :)
(10:29:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: you open the door just a little, throw a bunch of grenades in, then fill everything with poison gas, leave to drink beer and loiter about for a couple days until the gas subsides, then enter
(10:29:30 PM) Vincent: I thought Desmond went solo to Lena.
(10:29:42 PM) Manario: I don’t think we have any poison gas, but sure
(10:29:52 PM) Desmond: I thought so, too. But the others have to get there sometime, too.
(10:30:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, in a pinch you can use some burning tires instead
(10:30:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: or old rubber shoes
(10:30:33 PM) Manario: What? Have I invented tires already?
(10:31:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: you’re so good at alchemisting that you invented tires, forgot about it and then invented them again
(10:31:32 PM) Manario: Cool!
(10:31:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: so are you going to Mr. Lizard now or what
(10:31:55 PM) Desmond: who’s on good term with the gartordude in the basement?
(10:32:08 PM) Manario: I just hope I get a chance soon to play around with some real alchemy stuff soon.
(10:33:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: real ultimate alchemy
(10:33:26 PM) Vincent: I’m not following the course of IC anymore.
(10:33:28 PM) Manario: but I’d need a lab far away for that
(10:33:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: far away? pshaw
(10:34:00 PM) Desmond: you are still supposed to be at the bar.
(10:34:07 PM) Vincent: Alright.
(10:34:33 PM) Desmond: and maybe it would be a good idea to ask gatorguy for a little help getting the cortices out through the sewers.
(10:35:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe
(10:36:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, sorry for taking longer than I said it would take
(10:36:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: I don’t think any heists are happening tonight
(10:36:50 PM) Deiss: Okay.
(10:37:39 PM) Desmond: so..break here, talk to gatorguy first, something else?
(10:37:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: break here maybe
(10:39:36 PM) Vincent: did ParrotVytzka go mad
(10:39:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s called foreshadowing
(10:39:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: you dorks
(10:40:05 PM) Deiss: Cut scenes!
(10:40:07 PM) Vincent: mad with… unpower
(10:40:10 PM) Desmond: foremaddening?
(10:40:14 PM) Vincent: :D
(10:40:43 PM) Vincent: this is the madness before the shit-hits-the-fan
(10:41:12 PM) Vincent: also, romantic high school comedy stuff goes to next session
(10:41:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: well no one deigned to talk to Receptionist-Chan
(10:41:42 PM) Vincent: We were planning.
(10:41:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: so I did notice!
(10:41:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: any comments?

Session 5 IC

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(8:05:45 PM) mode (o ParrotVytzka) by Ronja
(8:06:01 PM) mode (ooooo Deiss Desmond Lena Manario Vincent) by ParrotVytzka
(8:06:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: the receptionist waves after you as you leave Alexander Investment and go out in the street again
(8:06:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: what do you do
(8:07:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: (episode 5: FORTUNE)
(8:08:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: in the previous episode of ARGENT AURORA
(8:08:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: FIVE FINGER CRAWL
(8:09:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: a fight breaks out in front of Argent Aurora but brave cultists repulse the local mob effort
(8:09:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: they contact Vito Alexander with an offer to cooperate and are met with acceptance but their own plan is brushed off in favor of one by Vito’s making
(8:10:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: he suggests the party intercepts a shipment of valuable warjack cortices destined for his competitor Fat Tony, and deliver the proceeds to himself
(8:10:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: the party accepts both the task and an advance payment of 300 crowns, with as much to be paid after the deed is done and goods delivered
(8:11:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond discovers a romantic interest harbored by Angelique, Vito’s receptionist towards the dashing Deiss Barro and hints at the possibility of introducing the two to each other
(8:12:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: confusion sets in about the vessel on which the cortices are to be delivered, due to its similarity to famous Ill Fortune and shippers squeal in delight everywhere at the possibility of introducing her into the game
(8:14:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: now the party finds itself out on an empty street in front of the iron shot entrance to Vito’s Investments
(8:14:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: some passersby look at you quickly before transferring their attention elsewhere
(8:15:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: wind blows an old newspaper past you, chased by a diseased dog
(8:15:47 PM) Vincent weighs the bag of coins in his hand. “Well, if every meeting goes like this, we’ll have a lucrative relationship ahead of us.”
(8:15:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: for a second you think you hear the sound of large reptilian feet slogging through shallow water from a partially open manhole
(8:16:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: but it’s probably just your imagination
(8:16:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is about noon
(8:16:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: distant gunfire echoes through the rooftops
(8:16:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: the sun is slightly obscured by thin smog
(8:17:21 PM) Deiss: Deiss starts walking back towards their club, “I think that bag of gold may cost us more than it is worth by the time we are done.” She turns to Desmond and Lena. “Can you two make a plan to infiltrate the docks?”
(8:17:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: cigarette butts and strips of greased brown paper litter the sidewalk
(8:18:06 PM) Vincent: “Yes, the wisest course of action seems to start planning the heist as soon as possible.”
(8:18:20 PM) Vincent: “I wouldn’t see something like this left to chance.”
(8:19:18 PM) Desmond: “We should get our hands on a map of the area or scout the thing out.”
(8:19:59 PM) Vincent: “Now would also be the time to buy any supplies we might need, considering we’re out. Are you all good on ammunition?”
(8:20:58 PM) Deiss: Deiss checks her ammo and then nods at Vincent.
(8:21:09 PM) Desmond: “I’m good on bolts. Depending on our approach, we might need climbing gear and something for transport.”
(8:21:46 PM) Deiss: “Lena and Desmond should scout the docks while it is light. We can go back to the hideout and plan.”
(8:22:44 PM) Vincent: “I agree.”
(8:23:02 PM) Lena: “Sounds like a plan. I will scout ahead.”
(8:23:19 PM) Desmond: “I think we can do that. And it will give me the opportunity to get something to eat.”
(8:24:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: like Chaser Island’s famous fish and chips
(8:24:28 PM) Vincent: “See if you can sketch us a rough map of the area while you’re at it. You were quite the artist back in the day, Desmond.”
(8:25:04 PM) Desmond: “I’ll do my very best, Vincent.”
(8:25:32 PM) Vincent: “Draw it like one of your Llaellese girls.”
(8:26:10 PM) Vincent: “When you’re done, meet us at the aurora.”
(8:27:00 PM) Desmond: “See you then. Come on Lena, we’ve got some sightseeing to do.”
(8:27:24 PM) Desmond offers Lena his arm.
(8:27:57 PM) Lena takes Desmond’s arm
(8:28:48 PM) Deiss: “So what is the plan here, Vincent? Are we going to play Vito straight?”
(8:29:56 PM) Vincent: “What do you reckon we should do? Is he playing us straight?”
(8:30:40 PM) Desmond wander off with Lena in search for fish and chips and some information.
(8:32:19 PM) Deiss: “He has no reason to. We are still strangers and came into his business uninvited. He might be upset at our coming into his territory like this. Could be a suicide mission. Could be anything.”
(8:32:34 PM) Lena: “Desmond, we need to be careful. Especially with Tony’s people out here.”
(8:33:55 PM) Vincent: “I think we can agree on the fact that he does need a helping hand. Did you see the state of the place?”
(8:34:05 PM) Desmond: “Certainly. It would surprise me a bit if they would attack us with mere goons again, though.”
(8:35:19 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods and carefully watches the street as they watch along.
(8:36:14 PM) Deiss: “We would be doing him a favor if we pulled this off. His name is not worth much around here any more from what I hear.”
(8:37:37 PM) Vincent: “Right. We could do it like proper thieves, or just try to force our way in by brute force.”
(8:39:26 PM) Deiss: “Brute force is not the answer here. We don’t know what we are walking into. I say we take it slow and steady, make sure we do things right.”
(8:39:56 PM) Lena: “I think that is the least of our worries.”
(8:43:24 PM) Desmond: “We’ll try to avoid suspicion. Though sneaking around in broad daylight won’t do us any good.”
(8:48:32 PM) Lena: “Yes. It is best to blend in, talk to some of the locals. Enjoy ourselves and blend in. Best way to gather information.”
(8:49:28 PM) Desmond: “That is basically what I had in mind, yes.”
(8:50:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: (Vincent, Deiss, Manario and Ronja arrive to Argent Aurora I suppose)
(8:50:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: (while Desmond and Lena arrive at the docks)
(8:52:07 PM) Vincent: “Let’s get some tea brewing along with ideas on how to deal with this.”
(8:52:22 PM) Vincent: “Manario, did you have a stash of that good stuff somewhere?”
(8:53:32 PM) Manario: “The drinking stuff or the smoking stuff?”
(8:53:47 PM) Deiss: “Okay, boss. Here is the thing, we go in there tonight with knowing what we are up against then some of us will probably die. Taking a job with this short of a clock is hard. We need information first and foremost.”
(8:53:56 PM) Vincent: “They’re not the same?”
(8:54:16 PM) Vincent: “In that case, I’ll have the drinking stuff.”
(8:54:38 PM) Manario: “Well, you could use one for the other, but I don’t think you’d like it very much…”
(8:55:11 PM) Manario wanders off to brew the good stuff for Vincent
(8:55:33 PM) Vincent: “That must explain the runs I had around when we arrived…”
(8:56:23 PM) Deiss: “Once we know more then we have to plan a route to the ship. Given what Lena said we should expect heavy resistence on the boat itself so we may need to ambush the sailors when they off load the cargo.”“
”color: #062585;">(8:56:41 PM) Vincent seats himself at the main table, lets loose a great sigh and, for a slight moment, stares into the abyss.
(8:56:56 PM) Ronja: “How many sailors could we expect on a vessel that size?”
(8:58:10 PM) Deiss: Deiss sits down at the table and continues thinking outloud, “Maybe around thirty to forty for a smuggling ship. For a warship in the hundreds.”
(8:58:51 PM) Vincent: “Yeah, considering they’re carrying contraband, they wouldn’t want to look like the military just sailed into port.”
(8:59:27 PM) Vincent: “Then again, I would pack some extra muscle into a ship, regardless of size, if I had a cargo like that.”
(9:00:16 PM) Deiss: “I don’t think they will want to be too obvious about what they are carrying so they probably won’t set a heavy guard on their courier. We could probably lighten the guard with some tricks.”
(9:00:47 PM) Vincent: “I’d say we have an estimate of 40, with each one of them armed.”
(9:01:58 PM) Vincent: “It was a total of four cortices, was it not?”
(9:02:42 PM) Deiss: “Some of them will disperse to the local taverns as soon as they get off the ship. Say we pay some some local toughs to start fights with the sailors when they get off the ship? That should weaken their guard.”
(9:03:21 PM) Deiss: “After they get into the taverns, of course. And yes, he said four cortices.”
(9:04:09 PM) Vincent: “Good thinking.”
(9:05:14 PM) Vincent: “Should we attempt to get a hold of the cortices before they unload them, or interrupt them as they’re moving them away from the docks?”
(9:06:22 PM) Deiss: “I think an ambush is best in this situation. The ship will be too well defended. We could have someone shadow the courier and report their path back to us then we could setup an ambush.”
(9:07:20 PM) Vincent: “Did we have any information on what else the ship is carrying?”
(9:07:50 PM) Deiss: “He did not say. What are you thinking, Vincent?”
(9:08:31 PM) Vincent has a sip from his excellent tea. “If they have multiple groups moving the stuff about, we would need to identify the correct one.”
(9:09:24 PM) Deiss: “Yes. We could have one person spot the ship for us and the other shadow the couriers to find the right one.”
(9:10:14 PM) Deiss: “Another option is to wait for them to move the cargo then set fire to the ship.”
(9:10:33 PM) Vincent: “A distraction, yes.”
(9:11:16 PM) Vincent: “While they’re busy saving what is left from their ship, we ambush the cargo carrier on the outskirts of the docks.”
(9:12:19 PM) Vincent: “This seems like the best course of action to me.”
(9:12:23 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods and frowns. “That could be quite dangerous I think it is more of a action of last resort. The fire could easily spread.”
(9:12:49 PM) Vincent: “But a distraction, even if we resort to the fight then, would be good for us.”
(9:15:29 PM) Deiss: “We can decide on this when our scouts come back. But cautious is necessary with fire, I think.”
(9:18:08 PM) Ronja: “We’d make a lot of enemies if it spread”
(9:29:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena enters an abandoned warehouse through a side entrance, carefully peeling off the planks entrance was boarded in
(9:29:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: barely any sunlight makes inside through some cracks in the roof and you nearly choke from the dust inside
(9:30:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: it seems nearly empty save for a few large shattered wooden crates and a couple graffiti on the walls
(9:32:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond arrives to Argent Aurora bearing informations!
(9:32:13 PM) Desmond walks into the bar as he finishes the last bites of his fish and chips.
(9:32:58 PM) Vincent: “Desmond, you suave son of a gun. You made it. What news do you bring?”
(9:33:36 PM) Desmond: “Well, we checked out the docks and the surroundings. Here have a look.”
(9:33:44 PM) Desmond presents the hand drawn map.
(9:34:08 PM) Vincent: “I see you still have the touch to this drawing business.”
(9:34:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: (thank you!)
(9:35:39 PM) Vincent: “Did you meet resistance? Where is Lena?”
(9:36:08 PM) Desmond: “As you can see, we checked the locations of our target, street lamps and lanterns, man holes and we found a couple of empty warehouses suitet as a staging area of sorts. Lena is occupying the one on the right here, as we speak.”
(9:36:49 PM) Vincent: “Looks good.”
(9:36:52 PM) Deiss: Deiss leans over to look at the map with Vincent, “I see. And where do you think it would be best to set up an ambush? We decided that the ship will likely be too well guarded.”
(9:37:00 PM) Desmond: “No. We had no trouble. Lena stayed behind to secure the warehouse for us.”
(9:37:20 PM) Vincent: “We have been crafting schemes of our own too.”
(9:38:19 PM) Desmond: “Well a good ambush site would very much depend on where there are taking the merchandise.”
(9:38:53 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods, “With luck we could drive them where we want them to go.”
(9:39:40 PM) Vincent: “So, the plan is to ambush the ones carrying the cargo somewhere where the troops on the ship can’t assist them.”
(9:40:21 PM) Vincent: “We only need to figure out which way they are taking the cargo, or find a way to force them into taking one suitable to us.”
(9:41:20 PM) Desmond: “Correct. And we have to figure out when they are transporting the cargo. All we know is that the ship will dock tomorrow.”
(9:41:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: (the day after tomorrow)
(9:42:11 PM) Vincent: “Looking at the map, the options seem to be somewhat limited, but still too many for us to cover at the same time.
”color: #a82f2f;">(9:43:18 PM) Deiss: “So we need someone to keep a look out for the ship to dock and someone else to shadow the courier. Then we lead them into our trap hammer and anvil style.” Deiss grins.
(9:44:40 PM) Vincent: “I assume they will keep a relatively low amount of guards on the cargo, to avoid standing out.”
(9:46:58 PM) Desmond: “Lena is keeping her eyes on the dock from where she is hidden. I could take the courier.”
(9:48:05 PM) Vincent: “How will you signal the rest of us the location of the courier?”
(9:48:16 PM) Vincent: “So we can set up the ambush?”
(9:51:28 PM) Deiss: Deiss frowns, “Once we have the courier marked Desmond and Lena could try to harry the courier towards our preplanned ambush spot.”
(9:51:49 PM) Vincent: “That seems doable.”
(9:52:17 PM) Ronja: “What if we can’t get them to the right spot?”
(9:53:24 PM) Deiss: “If things go south then Desmond could sent up a flare and we could all meet up at a gathering location to decide what to do next.”
(9:55:08 PM) Desmond: “Maybe setting up a fixed ambush spot is not such a good idea.”
(9:55:38 PM) Vincent: “We could try getting some horses or the like to be able to intercept the cargo.”
(9:57:20 PM) Desmond: “Why not just do it on foot? We wait for them to get the cargo ashore, Lena and I follow them discretely and you other circle around them to attack from the other side.”
(9:59:19 PM) Vincent: “Right. We could go with that then. Once they start moving the cargo on land, Lena and Desmond follow them, while we perform a flanking maneuver on the courier.”
(10:00:48 PM) Deiss nods, “That may be reasonable.”
(10:01:23 PM) Vincent: “We need to be hasty in our actions though.”
(10:01:41 PM) Vincent: “Fast and precise.”
(10:03:29 PM) Desmond: “Correct. This way we get the element of surprise without having to commit to a single locale.”
(10:04:00 PM) Vincent: “Though we will have less preparations at the scene.”
(10:04:25 PM) Vincent: “I will have to call off the boiling oil.”
(10:05:06 PM) Deiss: “And remember to watch it with the guns. We don’t want to damage the goods.”
(10:06:24 PM) Vincent: “Alright. Get some rest before we scramble for the mission. Have some tea, grab some food, double check your gear.”
(10:06:52 PM) Desmond: “I will have to return to Lena to get her up to speed on the plan.”
(10:07:44 PM) Vincent: “Sound thinking Desmond.”
(10:16:30 PM) Desmond makes his way back to the abandoned warehouse where Lena is hiding.
(10:17:32 PM) Desmond: “So, we have got a plan for tonight.”
(10:18:47 PM) Lena: “Good. Please fill me in.”
(10:22:07 PM) Desmond: “We will wait here for the cargo the be brought ashore. When it arrives, we two follow it discretely, while the others try to flank the guards. We will strike at an opportune moment and take the cargo for our own.”
(10:24:00 PM) Lena: “It sounds simple enough. But things rarely are so simple.”
(10:24:31 PM) Desmond: “Well the best plan can not account for everything, can it?”
(10:26:58 PM) Lena: “There is a sewer entrance here in this warehouse. If we absolutely need to, we can escape through that. Though with luck, they won’t even know we occupy this warhouse.”
(10:28:09 PM) Ronja: “Maybe our neighbor could provide assistance with that? Might know the sewers.”
(10:28:42 PM) Lena: “It would be worth a try.”
(10:28:57 PM) Desmond: “I have never talked to that chap, is he reliable?”
(10:30:16 PM) Lena: “The others said that they have been able to negociate with him. And the fact they were not used for food says something about his temperment. So it might just work.”
(10:38:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: CUT
(10:38:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: in the meanwhile in a cramped space somewhere that is slightly swaying from side to side, a few people with their faces not visible are standing around a large crate that says “Radcliffe Arms LIMITED. Destination: Jake Rockwell, Five Fingers”
(10:39:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: CUT
(10:39:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: Mr. Lizard is walking through sewer, chewing on an arm
(10:39:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: CUT
(10:39:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: Fat Tony is snorting white powder off his table
(10:40:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: CUT
(10:40:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: Will the next session also be spent planning? What’s up with the cortex thing? What happens in abandoned warehouses at night? Is Angelique x Deiss still a thing?
(10:41:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: next episode: ILL FORTUNE
(10:41:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: please watch it
(10:43:12 PM) Ronja: Stay tuned for more cultist adventures next week!
(10:43:19 PM) Ronja: or maybe return
(10:43:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: or planning thereof
(10:43:44 PM) Desmond is now known as Beelzedude
(10:43:49 PM) Ronja is now known as Kzar
(10:43:54 PM) Lena is now known as Catseye
(10:44:20 PM) Deiss is now known as Cassandra
(10:45:35 PM) ParrotVytzka is now known as vytzka
(10:45:37 PM) Vincent is now known as FusionClock

Session 4 OOC

(7:04:41 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(7:04:49 PM) Cassandra: Great.
(7:05:12 PM) vytzka: so I realised something about our game
(7:05:18 PM) vytzka: Five Fingers is basically New Jersey
(7:05:54 PM) Cassandra: Laugh.
(7:06:12 PM) Catseye laughs
(7:06:17 PM) vytzka bows
(7:06:21 PM) vytzka: are you from NJ, Cassie?
(7:08:52 PM) Cassandra: No.
(7:09:10 PM) Cassandra: Been there before. It was kinda scary. :)
(7:09:41 PM) Ronja: What is special about New Jersey?
(7:10:20 PM) Cassandra: Well it is sometimes called the arm pit of America. ;)
(7:10:26 PM) Ronja: haha
(7:10:41 PM) Ronja: but it is kind of located in the armpit
(7:10:44 PM) Ronja: so I can understand that
(7:10:50 PM) Ronja: just like florida is the wang
(7:11:03 PM) vytzka: well it does seem to be a mafia nest in popular culture
(7:11:10 PM) vytzka: as well as being a general purpose shithole
(7:12:29 PM) vytzka: :D
(7:13:10 PM) vytzka: the worse than detroit bit must be pretty bad
(7:14:12 PM) Cassandra: Yea.
(7:17:29 PM) vytzka: I should add a conversion of the Jersey Devil
(7:20:06 PM) Cassandra: Vytzka is a legend maker. Yep.
(7:20:25 PM) Cassandra: So there is excitement in the air!
(7:20:42 PM) Cassandra: And in the Cassie.
(7:20:51 PM) Cassandra: Because I breathe air.
(7:22:51 PM) vytzka: that’s good
(7:22:59 PM) vytzka: keep breathing!
(7:24:27 PM) Ronja: air is good for you
(7:24:32 PM) Cassandra: I will have to get back into being Deiss.
(7:24:44 PM) Cassandra: I been thinking about power armor elves too much. :)
(7:29:16 PM) Catseye smiles
(7:31:52 PM) Cassandra: They are pretty cool!
(7:32:05 PM) Beelzedude [] entered the room.
(7:32:53 PM) NivionClock: I’m sleepy.
(7:33:44 PM) mode (oooooo Beelzedude Catseye DWPearce FusionClock NivionClock vytzka) by Ronja
(7:34:09 PM) Cassandra: You and your sleeps.
(7:34:14 PM) NivionClock: I will secretly sleep.
(7:34:19 PM) NivionClock: zZzZzZ
(7:34:35 PM) NivionClock: nobody will know
(7:35:40 PM) vytzka: we will, no one will be tanking
(7:35:50 PM) vytzka: and everyone gets murdered by the mob
(7:35:52 PM) vytzka: BAD END
(7:36:09 PM) vytzka: so focus!
(7:36:12 PM) vytzka: get some caffeine
(7:36:23 PM) vytzka: go out for a run, you have 25 minutes
(7:36:44 PM) vytzka injects NivionClock’s eyeballs with amphetamine
(7:37:04 PM) Ronja: that’s a little bit extreme
(7:37:25 PM) vytzka: that’s the point!
(7:37:30 PM) vytzka: this whole game is totally EXXXTREME
(7:37:43 PM) vytzka: rad to the ninth level
(7:38:05 PM) vytzka: this isn’t your Dad’s iron kingdoms
(7:38:07 PM) vytzka: that was d20
(7:38:40 PM) vytzka: shit is both real and in your face
(7:38:52 PM) vytzka: well, you get the idea
(7:39:00 PM) Ronja: CHAOS!
(7:39:03 PM) vytzka: wait, so which clock is real?
(7:39:16 PM) NivionClock: Both.
(7:39:20 PM) Ronja: It is 5:38 pm GMT
(7:39:26 PM) NivionClock: FusionClock is the shell account.
(7:39:37 PM) vytzka: there should be a law
(7:39:38 PM) NivionClock: I use this through pidgin to get a larger text box.
(7:39:42 PM) vytzka: I’ll go lie down for a minute
(7:39:51 PM) NivionClock: A law for that?
(7:40:11 PM) Cassandra: Vytzka is taking an extreme nap!
(7:40:21 PM) NivionClock: “Ah yes, the law 135C, section B: A vytzka can lie down if he so pleases.”
(7:41:45 PM) Beelzedude: can somebody run me through combat quickly before we start?
(7:41:53 PM) Ronja: Don’t get hit, kill the enemy
(7:42:46 PM) Beelzedude: I literally haven’t rolled for anything yet.
(7:43:01 PM) NivionClock: Is that bad?
(7:43:19 PM) NivionClock: Desmond…
(7:43:20 PM) Beelzedude: I don’t know what to actually roll, for example.
(7:43:23 PM) NivionClock: THE DAGGER??
(7:43:24 PM) Cassandra: Mostly you just roll 2d6attribute+skill.
(7:43:32 PM) Beelzedude: kthx
(7:43:54 PM) NivionClock: I already developed a reason for the nick name.
(7:45:28 PM) Beelzedude: brb
(7:50:27 PM) Beelzedude: back
(7:51:27 PM) NivionClock: wb
(7:51:43 PM) Beelzedude: vytzka: fyi I took Ghost Shield als my 4 xp advancement.
(7:51:59 PM) NivionClock: I haven’t used my exp
(7:52:03 PM) NivionClock: How much exp are we on?
(7:52:10 PM) Beelzedude: 4
(7:52:49 PM) Cassandra: You should take all the things!
(7:53:08 PM) Cassandra: Like a toothpick crafting skill!
(7:53:28 PM) Beelzedude: I can just buy those.
(7:54:14 PM) vytzka: Beelzedude, is that a spell?
(7:54:23 PM) Beelzedude: nope
(7:54:30 PM) NivionClock: what are general skills
(7:54:33 PM) Beelzedude: it’s an ability
(7:54:38 PM) vytzka: general skills are like
(7:54:44 PM) NivionClock: eating, breathing
(7:55:13 PM) vytzka: animal handling, climbing, detection, driving, gambling, intimidation, jumping, lore, riding and swimming
(7:55:18 PM) vytzka: eating is etiquette :P
(7:55:34 PM) Ronja: can you use a fork without etiquette?
(7:55:41 PM) vytzka: badly!
(7:55:56 PM) Ronja: good thing I have etiquette
(7:55:57 PM) Beelzedude: I just stuff my face in the food on the table. much easier.
(7:56:06 PM) NivionClock: whats oratory
(7:56:11 PM) Ronja: I think I did at least
(7:56:17 PM) vytzka: NivionClock, public speaking
(7:56:17 PM) Ronja: need to look :P
(7:56:18 PM) Cassandra: Speech making.
(7:56:24 PM) Ronja: yes :D
(7:57:02 PM) vytzka: also Ronja
(7:57:14 PM) vytzka: you don’t really need the marked bits on your damage spiral
(7:57:20 PM) vytzka: just the cells where you would mark damage
(7:57:27 PM) vytzka: empty ones (initially)
(7:57:33 PM) Ronja: aha
(7:57:56 PM) Ronja: does the row which you mark them in matter?
(7:58:07 PM) vytzka: a little
(7:58:10 PM) vytzka: but yes
(7:58:57 PM) NivionClock: I took deception and cryptography
(7:59:06 PM) Beelzedude: mm..cherries.
(8:01:07 PM) Cassandra: You can take a military skill or an ability too.
(8:01:35 PM) NivionClock: And appraise
(8:01:47 PM) NivionClock: so i can spot if the soldiers outside are fake :D
(8:02:20 PM) vytzka: you can determine how much they cost
(8:02:50 PM) Beelzedude is now known as Desmond
(8:02:52 PM) NivionClock: So we can pick only the expensive fights.
(8:03:06 PM) Ronja: I have both detection and deception
(8:03:10 PM) Ronja: I wonder if that is useful here
(8:03:23 PM) NivionClock: you can spot counter deception
(8:03:37 PM) NivionClock is now known as Vincent
(8:03:49 PM) vytzka: counter deception?
(8:03:53 PM) vytzka: this is way too deep for me
(8:03:57 PM) Vincent: yeah
(8:04:11 PM) Vincent: You’re trying to deceive someone, but they deceive you that they’re falling for it.
(8:04:15 PM) Vincent: So you can spot that.
(8:04:25 PM) vytzka: so they know that you don’t know that they know?
(8:04:39 PM) vytzka: but what if you know that they know that you don’t know that they know and they don’t?
(8:04:40 PM) Vincent: No.
(8:04:51 PM) Vincent: You got it wrong.
(8:05:00 PM) vytzka: that wasn’t very hard
(8:05:10 PM) Vincent: It’s just that you know that they know that you don’t know.
(8:05:21 PM) vytzka: but you know!
(8:05:27 PM) Vincent: Like I said.
(8:05:33 PM) vytzka: apparently
(8:06:21 PM) Desmond: hm..I just thought of something. is the taking of souls visible?
(8:06:28 PM) vytzka: probably
(8:06:52 PM) vytzka: where’s Ximni?
(8:06:52 PM) Ronja: a screaming white mists escapes their body, hurling towards you as you swallow it down
(8:06:57 PM) Ronja: as its screams die out forever
(8:07:01 PM) vytzka: green maybe
(8:07:04 PM) vytzka: but yeah
(8:07:08 PM) Desmond: how about the ghost shield?
(8:07:33 PM) Desmond: it just states, that you get 1 arm for each soul token you currently have.
(8:07:56 PM) vytzka: you probably glow a little
(8:08:05 PM) vytzka: I mean the armor manifests physically somehow
(8:08:08 PM) Vincent: Are a thousand soldiers a lot in IK?
(8:08:12 PM) vytzka: yeah
(8:08:39 PM) vytzka: well, for whom?
(8:08:43 PM) vytzka: for a country, not that much
(8:08:49 PM) vytzka: for a party of adventurers, usually too many
(8:08:52 PM) You are now known as Manario
(8:08:56 PM) Vincent: for mercs
(8:09:08 PM) vytzka: yeah, that’s a large company
(8:09:21 PM) Cassandra is now known as Deiss
(8:09:59 PM) Deiss: So!
(8:10:04 PM) vytzka: souls are green!
(8:10:07 PM) Deiss: Whats the plan, boss?
(8:10:23 PM) vytzka is now known as ParrotVytzka
(8:10:24 PM) Vincent: I think the guys outside are just customers.
(8:10:32 PM) Vincent: So we should tell them we are closed.
(8:10:50 PM) Desmond: tasty, tasty souls.
(8:11:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, Vincent, Deiss, to the IC channel
(8:11:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: Catseye, you there?
(8:11:23 PM) Vincent: gief naem plox
(8:11:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:11:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: let’s wait a few minutes for Catseye
(8:12:25 PM) Vincent: I will go visit a small room downstairs.
(8:12:32 PM) Vincent: brb
(8:12:33 PM) Desmond: hm…radio rivendell isn’t working.
(8:12:39 PM) Deiss: Huh.
(8:13:02 PM) Deiss: Ximni likes quoting my funny comments. :)
(8:14:22 PM) Catseye is now known as Lena
(8:14:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: that was a Frank Klepacki reference, you guys
(8:14:33 PM) ParrotVytzka:
(8:14:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: hey Lena
(8:14:42 PM) Vincent: right
(8:14:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: has everyone spent their xp bonuses?
(8:14:53 PM) Ronja: I haven’t
(8:15:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: can you do that right now?
(8:15:06 PM) Ronja: Yes
(8:15:11 PM) Ronja: how do I spend xp?
(8:15:29 PM) Lena: I’ll grab my book and start working on my bonuses
(8:15:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: there’s a table on page 154
(8:15:55 PM) Deiss: The agressions!
(8:16:07 PM) Deiss: They are going to awaken, maybe.
(8:16:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: for 4 xp, you get 2 occupational (i.e. noncombat) skills and 1 spell, ability, connection or military skill
(8:17:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: is everyone of you in the main hall?
(8:17:55 PM) Deiss: Eldar tanks taste like chicken.
(8:17:56 PM) Desmond: I’m near a window in the main hall.
(8:18:02 PM) Deiss: I am, aye.
(8:18:08 PM) Vincent: Yeah.
(8:18:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: how many windows are there on the ground floor?
(8:18:38 PM) Deiss: So the plan was to try to talk the gangsters down first, I think.
(8:18:42 PM) Desmond: I have no idea.
(8:18:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, that is still on the table
(8:18:54 PM) Deiss: Probably two or three?
(8:18:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: as far as you know
(8:18:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(8:19:15 PM) Ronja: there we go
(8:21:07 PM) Deiss: So Vincent! This is your time to shine!
(8:22:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: shine, you crazy diamond
(8:24:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, Deiss, a quick note lest I forget again, last time I forgot about a -4 penalty when a character without gunfighter shoots when engaged
(8:24:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: so have that in mind
(8:24:55 PM) Deiss: So if I flip the table over, would it be good cover?
(8:25:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure!
(8:25:08 PM) Deiss: Ahh.
(8:25:24 PM) Deiss: Can I use my Black Penny spell for that?
(8:25:38 PM) Deiss: I think that cancels that penalty.
(8:26:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: no, that’s for firing into melee
(8:26:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry
(8:26:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: you could get gunfighter as your new ability for 4 xp?
(8:27:18 PM) Deiss: Sure.
(8:28:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: what were you planning to get instead?
(8:28:47 PM) Lena: Oh I see where this is going…..
(8:29:33 PM) Deiss: I was going to up my pistol skill.
(8:29:51 PM) Ronja: I went and learned making thralls
(8:30:01 PM) Desmond: groovy
(8:31:36 PM) Lena: oh he did go there…. Time for pain
(8:32:00 PM) Deiss: Can I charge up my bullets before combat?
(8:32:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(8:32:53 PM) Deiss: Now is the time to lay an epic verbal smackdown, Vincent. ;)
(8:32:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope
(8:33:00 PM) Deiss: Okay.
(8:33:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: they need to be cast at the same turn they’re used
(8:33:12 PM) Deiss nods.
(8:33:50 PM) Vincent: how many guys are there?
(8:33:50 PM) Desmond: I’d like to ready my crossbow in a not obvious fashion.
(8:34:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, 10 including the leader
(8:34:56 PM) Desmond: 12 iirc
(8:35:05 PM) Desmond: ah, better.
(8:35:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: has anyone seen stats for a molotov cocktail?
(8:35:45 PM) Lena: I’ve decided my new skills.
(8:36:33 PM) Vincent: I heard they’re pretty bad ParrotVytzka.
(8:36:37 PM) Vincent: :DD
(8:36:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: nevermind
(8:36:59 PM) Vincent: can I shoot him with my holdout pistol?
(8:37:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you have quick draw?
(8:37:18 PM) Vincent: no
(8:37:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: then you will have to draw it first
(8:37:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: everyone rolls for initiative
(8:37:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’ll have the generic goons just go last
(8:37:39 PM) Vincent: so he punches me?
(8:37:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: not necessarily
(8:37:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: you may still do something firsr
(8:38:12 PM) Vincent: well, I’ll draw the pistol
(8:38:13 PM) Desmond: is that 2d6 plus the ini thingy?
(8:38:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(8:38:21 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6?
(8:38:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: no ?
(8:38:28 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6+15
(8:38:29 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+15]: 22>
(8:38:43 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6+15
(8:38:43 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+15]: 24>
(8:38:58 PM) Deiss: You should draw your sword, Vincent. You aren’t good at ranged combat in melee range. Yep.
(8:38:59 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+14
(8:39:00 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+14]: 20>
(8:39:01 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+14]: 17> nerd
(8:39:17 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+14]: 17> duelist
(8:39:18 PM) Vincent: #roll 3d6+15
(8:39:18 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [3d6+15]: 25>
(8:39:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry the second was 19
(8:39:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: you guys are fast
(8:40:11 PM) Deiss: 2 to init with Quick Draw, yes?
(8:40:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, Lena
(8:40:16 PM) Ronja: That’s how we roll
(8:40:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, correct
(8:40:23 PM) Deiss: Good.
(8:40:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: also you get to draw a weapon for free before combat begins
(8:41:03 PM) Deiss: Draw my magelock pistol, of course.
(8:41:05 PM) Desmond: vincent why 3d6?
(8:41:12 PM) Vincent: that’s boosted, right?
(8:41:15 PM) Vincent: one d6 more
(8:41:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: probably an archetype advantage
(8:41:21 PM) Desmond: kk
(8:41:22 PM) Vincent: Preternatural Awareness
(8:41:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: there you go
(8:41:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: and yes, boosted is an extra die
(8:41:53 PM) Deiss: Draw your sword and gut him!
(8:42:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, you okay?
(8:42:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario?
(8:42:26 PM) Manario: #roll 2d6
(8:42:27 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Manario [2d6+15]: 23>
(8:43:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: start, Vincent
(8:43:15 PM) Vincent: So, I’ll draw the sword at least, then attack.
(8:43:24 PM) Vincent: draw is a quick action?
(8:44:07 PM) Vincent: Yeah, so Ii’ll draw the sword and swing rwice with the sword, due to being skilled and all.
(8:44:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(8:44:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh you!
(8:44:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: go for it
(8:44:40 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+5+1
(8:44:40 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+5+1]: 13>
(8:44:46 PM) Lena: #roll 2d6+14
(8:44:47 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [2d6+14]: 21>
(8:45:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: miss
(8:45:25 PM) Vincent: second swing
(8:45:34 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+5+1
(8:45:34 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+5+1]: 11>
(8:45:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: not so fast!
(8:45:38 PM) Vincent: oh
(8:45:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: he punches you with riposte
(8:45:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: ^
(8:45:52 PM) Vincent: alright
(8:46:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6+6
(8:46:01 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+6]: 15>
(8:46:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: does that hit?
(8:46:12 PM) Vincent: def 12
(8:46:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: it does!
(8:46:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6+5
(8:46:23 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+5]: 9>
(8:46:26 PM) Vincent: by the gods
(8:46:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: guess that’s no damage
(8:46:39 PM) Vincent: armor 12
(8:46:47 PM) Deiss: Vincent takes it like a champ. :)
(8:47:00 PM) Vincent: so my second strike was a miss too
(8:47:19 PM) Vincent: riposte on that?
(8:47:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope, once per turn
(8:47:28 PM) Vincent: right
(8:47:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you move? you’re blocking the doorway
(8:47:52 PM) Desmond: salesman..yea right.
(8:47:57 PM) Vincent: I can move too?
(8:48:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: yes but you’ll get a free strike
(8:48:14 PM) Vincent: Sure, I’ll move to my right
(8:48:19 PM) Vincent: he’s still unarmed so
(8:48:23 PM) Vincent: i assume
(8:48:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: how bad can it be, huh?
(8:48:38 PM) Vincent: he gets like, what 2?
(8:48:43 PM) Desmond: and five seconds later, vincent was dead.
(8:48:48 PM) Vincent: and a boost
(8:48:49 PM) Vincent: jeez
(8:48:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(8:49:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: you still want that?
(8:49:06 PM) Vincent: sure
(8:49:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(8:49:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6
(8:49:16 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+8]: 16>
(8:49:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: hit
(8:49:24 PM) Vincent: y
(8:49:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 3d6+5
(8:49:27 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [3d6+5]: 17>
(8:49:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: what’s your armor?
(8:49:37 PM) Vincent: 12
(8:49:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: 5 damage
(8:49:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 1d6
(8:49:44 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [1d6]: 6>
(8:49:45 PM) Vincent: where’d it hit?
(8:49:48 PM) Deiss: Quick reminder. How do feat points work?
(8:49:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: in the 6
(8:49:54 PM) Vincent: in the brain
(8:50:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, a second
(8:50:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: this is EXACTLY what I have a GM screen for
(8:50:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: ^

(8:50:52 PM) Desmond: re-roll a failed rool, perform relentless charge, perform run & gun, perform two-fister, perform heroic dodge
(8:50:56 PM) Desmond: cont.
(8:51:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: things like that
(8:51:06 PM) Vincent: so three from 6 and three from 1
(8:51:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: you start with three feat points and can have no more than that
(8:51:24 PM) Desmond: boost non-combat skill roll, make quick action, shale, sprint, parry, walk it off
(8:51:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: you get a new one when you incapacitate someone, and at GM’s discretion otherwise
(8:51:56 PM) Vincent: oops, 5 dmg
(8:51:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, haven’t lost any aspects I assume
(8:51:57 PM) Desmond: whatever those actions actually do…
(8:52:04 PM) Vincent: no
(8:52:06 PM) Deiss: Okay.
(8:52:09 PM) Vincent: from 6 and 1
(8:52:13 PM) Vincent: but still got some
(8:52:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(8:52:43 PM) Deiss: You could spend a feat to half the damage too.
(8:52:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, page 221
(8:52:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: and yes you can spend a feat point to halve the damage
(8:53:34 PM) Vincent: or parry
(8:53:43 PM) Deiss: Hrm. Yea.
(8:53:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: or parry
(8:53:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: !
(8:53:52 PM) Vincent: anyway, next
(8:53:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: dramatic editing
(8:53:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: will you take that choice?
(8:54:16 PM) Vincent: alright then
(8:54:27 PM) Desmond: I’m next, I think.
(8:54:32 PM) Deiss: Yea.
(8:54:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: alright what?
(8:54:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, yeah
(8:54:38 PM) Desmond: Do I have a clear shot at the guy in the door?
(8:54:39 PM) Vincent: I’ll parry
(8:54:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay!
(8:55:04 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(8:55:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond?
(8:55:44 PM) Desmond: <@Desmond> Do I have a clear shot at the guy in the door?
(8:55:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: what was that
(8:55:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: anyway
(8:56:04 PM) Desmond: a question
(8:56:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: I guess!
(8:56:18 PM) Desmond: about desmond having a clear shot at the guy in the doorway.
(8:56:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent just ducked out of the way
(8:56:29 PM) Desmond: then I’d like to shoot him.
(8:56:36 PM) Desmond: 2d6+RAT?
(8:56:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: unless anyone else is standing in front of the door? fat chance right
(8:56:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: yes
(8:56:53 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6+5
(8:56:54 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+5]: 13>
(8:57:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: miss
(8:57:08 PM) Desmond: darn
(8:57:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can describe it :P
(8:58:44 PM) Deiss: Me next?
(8:58:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario
(8:59:05 PM) Deiss: Ahh yes.
(8:59:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond has been told
(9:00:05 PM) Deiss: He has.
(9:01:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, dear
(9:01:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: the stage is set for you
(9:01:20 PM) Manario: Manario hides behind cover
(9:01:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: alright
(9:01:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss
(9:01:49 PM) Deiss: Alright.
(9:01:59 PM) Deiss: Spend a feat poind for an extra quick action.
(9:02:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: sweet stuff
(9:02:20 PM) Deiss: Cast Accuracy and Bruatl, draw my gun and fire at the thug.
(9:03:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: let’s say he gets partial cover from you since Desmond was positioned to get a clean shot
(9:04:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: attack with a 2
(9:04:33 PM) Deiss: #roll 3d6+5
(9:04:34 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [3d6+5]: 18>
(9:04:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s a hit!
(9:05:01 PM) Deiss: #roll 3d6+10
(9:05:01 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [3d6+10]: 21>
(9:05:07 PM) Vincent: the -2 was the coin
(9:05:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: column
(9:05:23 PM) Deiss: Hrm?
(9:05:29 PM) Vincent: just kidding
(9:05:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry :) damage branch
(9:05:43 PM) Deiss: Health?
(9:05:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m used to rolling “columns” because that’s how you mark damage on jacks
(9:05:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(9:05:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: 1d6
(9:06:03 PM) Deiss: #roll 1d6
(9:06:04 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [1d6]: 6>
(9:06:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, he spends a feat point to halve damage from 10 to 5
(9:06:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: neener neener
(9:06:42 PM) Deiss: I just did my cool coin maneuver. ;)
(9:06:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: still, that is some damage!
(9:06:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: and it is a cool coin maneuver
(9:07:20 PM) Deiss: I have to keep up my image as the baddest gunslinger around. ;)
(9:07:39 PM) Deiss: And so she takes cover behind the table after she fires if possible.
(9:07:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: doing well so far!
(9:07:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(9:08:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena,
(9:08:48 PM) Deiss: Please keep your attention focused on the game windows for the duration of the game. Yep.
(9:08:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: if at all possible
(9:09:04 PM) Vincent: sure
(9:09:46 PM) Lena: #roll 3d6+6
(9:09:47 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [3d6+6]: 17>
(9:10:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: that is also a hit
(9:10:12 PM) Lena: Virtuoso bonus made the third die
(9:10:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(9:10:25 PM) Lena: what do I roll for damage?
(9:10:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: virtuoso makes you drop the lowest
(9:10:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: not just add
(9:10:30 PM) Desmond: I want third dice, too. ;_;
(9:10:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: could you roll it like 3[1d6]
(9:10:50 PM) Ronja: Desmond, two dice is way cooler anyway
(9:10:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: so we see the individual dice
(9:11:04 PM) Lena: #roll 3[1d6]
(9:11:05 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [3[1d6]]: 2 2 6 >
(9:11:28 PM) Lena: 8 6 =14
(9:11:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s a miss due to cover, likewise
(9:11:40 PM) Deiss: Deiss knows magic gun katas so she gets more dice. ;)
(9:11:50 PM) Vincent: break out the calculators
(9:11:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: magic cheats, more like!
(9:12:04 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(9:12:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: well his defense is 14 and armor 11 :P
(9:12:13 PM) Desmond: my calculator stays broken in.
(9:12:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja
(9:12:46 PM) Desmond: do you have to reach or exceed DEF to hit?
(9:12:55 PM) Deiss: Oh..
(9:12:56 PM) Ronja: I want to ice bolt the thug in the doorway
(9:13:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: reach def
(9:13:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: exceed arm
(9:13:12 PM) Ronja: from where I’m standing behind the bar
(9:13:17 PM) Desmond: we’re starting a projectile collection in the doorframe
(9:13:35 PM) Deiss: It’ll be okay. :)
(9:14:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, that will likewise be at -2 and the hit roll is 2d6 + ARC
(9:14:22 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6
(9:14:22 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+2]: 7>
(9:14:29 PM) Ronja: I think I missed badly
(9:14:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can boost the attack roll by gaining one extra fatigue though in this case it’s not going to save you
(9:15:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: you could cast another spell?
(9:15:27 PM) Ronja: Can I cast the same one again?
(9:15:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(9:16:10 PM) Desmond: it’s very unlikely that you will hit him with 2d6+2.
(9:16:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah you have to roll both 6s
(9:16:28 PM) Desmond: correct
(9:16:32 PM) Ronja: I’ll draw my pistol
(9:16:36 PM) Deiss: Yea. You would neet to boast it.
(9:16:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah you can just draw your pistol and have it ready for next round
(9:17:02 PM) Ronja: You only use plain arcane for spells?
(9:17:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(9:17:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: but it’s easier to boost it
(9:17:18 PM) Ronja: ah
(9:17:22 PM) Ronja: I’ll have to start doing that
(9:17:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: so you have 2 fatigue now
(9:17:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: so far so good
(9:17:42 PM) Ronja: next round I’ll just be a menace to everyone around me
(9:17:44 PM) Ronja: Ronja with a gun…
(9:17:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: I think everyone is done?
(9:17:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: on your side, that is
(9:17:59 PM) Ronja: yes, I was last
(9:17:59 PM) Deiss: You can also spend a feat to reroll an attack roll I think?
(9:17:59 PM) Vincent: well, the woodwork is done
(9:18:19 PM) Deiss: That doorframe is never going to be the same again.
(9:18:20 PM) Desmond: we’ll make a new door frame out of the bones of the thugs.
(9:18:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, skill or willpower roll
(9:18:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: so probably weapon skills but not spells?
(9:18:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: for whatever reason
(9:18:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: how far is everyone standing from the doorway?
(9:19:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: no one is blocking it as I understand
(9:19:08 PM) Desmond: how big is the room?
(9:19:09 PM) Deiss: Says reroll failed attack roll.
(9:19:16 PM) Lena: behind the bar
(9:19:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, not how my screen says but fair enough
(9:19:26 PM) Deiss: 220
(9:19:33 PM) Deiss: Page 220.
(9:19:41 PM) Ronja: I’m standing behind the bar
(9:20:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, weird, my screen is missing the “attack” part
(9:20:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: c’est la vie
(9:20:15 PM) Deiss: Okay.
(9:20:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can reroll attacks
(9:20:27 PM) Desmond: don’t know if it’s too late, but could I have dropped my crossbow and drawn my blade after shooting?
(9:20:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, sure
(9:20:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: which ones are standing in the open again?
(9:20:46 PM) Desmond: than I’d like to have done that.
(9:20:50 PM) Desmond: <
(9:20:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay!
(9:20:53 PM) Vincent: I’m in the open I assume
(9:20:56 PM) Desmond: near a window somewhere.
(9:20:59 PM) Deiss: I am hiding behind the table.
(9:21:00 PM) Vincent: next to the front wall
(9:21:39 PM) Desmond: I’m probably next to one of the other walls.
(9:21:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, I assume you’re visible from the outside because you were shooting through the door with no penalties?
(9:21:59 PM) Desmond: if you say so.
(9:22:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay!
(9:22:30 PM) Desmond: DEF: 13, ARM: 10
(9:22:42 PM) Desmond: just fyi
(9:23:22 PM) Desmond: untill someone dies, then its ARM 1 ^
(9:23:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: presuming they don’t collect souls :P
(9:24:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: (which is probably fair)
(9:24:19 PM) Desmond: I have the higher ini, I’m faster. ^

(9:24:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: that will be a boosted attack roll, with partial cover for the doorway
(9:24:44 PM) Vincent: magical lightning magic :D
(9:24:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s magical!
(9:24:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: just making sure
(9:25:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: also I will remember to boost it and then fail the fatigue roll
(9:25:08 PM) Desmond: magic! jazzahnds
(9:25:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: let’s see what happens
(9:25:10 PM) Deiss: Crazy lightning guy.
(9:25:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 3d6
(9:25:20 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [3d6+2]: 8>
(9:25:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: miss!
(9:25:31 PM) Desmond: good
(9:25:36 PM) Deiss: I will shoot him next!
(9:25:43 PM) Vincent: in the face!
(9:25:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6
(9:25:48 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6]: 10>
(9:25:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: he ducks out of sight as well
(9:26:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: a couple thugs barge in through the door and attack Desmond and Vincent
(9:26:52 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+5]: 13> Desmond
(9:26:54 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+5]: 16> Vincent
(9:27:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh, you guys
(9:27:20 PM) Vincent: 12 armor
(9:27:30 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+8]: 15> Desmond
(9:27:33 PM) Desmond: ARM 10
(9:27:35 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+8]: 18> Vincent
(9:27:39 PM) Vincent: sheesh
(9:27:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: Jesus
(9:27:42 PM) Deiss: Ouch.
(9:27:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, 5 damage
(9:27:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 1d6
(9:27:59 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [1d6]: 2>
(9:28:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: in the 2
(9:28:06 PM) Vincent: I will half that
(9:28:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, 3 damage
(9:28:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 1d6
(9:28:15 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [1d6]: 2>
(9:28:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: in the 2 as well
(9:28:19 PM) Vincent: in the 2
(9:28:19 PM) Desmond: I will parry that.
(9:28:34 PM) Desmond: a nope, that doesn’t work
(9:28:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: errr
(9:28:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: parry is when you avoid free strikes :)
(9:28:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can halve damage if you want3
(9:28:48 PM) Desmond: correct
(9:29:03 PM) Desmond: how does the damage thing work exactly?
(9:29:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: you have six branches in three aspects
(9:29:37 PM) Desmond: yes
(9:29:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: total number of cells in every aspect is equal to the corresponding stat value
(9:29:45 PM) Desmond: yes
(9:30:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: so you mark damage in the branch rolled from the outside in
(9:30:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: then shift to 3, then 4, etc
(9:30:28 PM) Desmond: k
(9:30:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: all branches have 2 innermost cells joined, and if there’s an odd number of points the odd branch has one more cell
(9:31:01 PM) Desmond: k
(9:31:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: all good
(9:31:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: ?
(9:31:11 PM) Desmond: yes
(9:31:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: everyone okay?
(9:31:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: we can start next turn
(9:31:30 PM) Vincent: y
(9:31:35 PM) Desmond: y
(9:31:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: other goons mill around, I presume no one is looking at windows specifically?
(9:31:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: or are they?
(9:31:54 PM) Deiss: iOkay.
(9:31:57 PM) Desmond: I was. until the fight started.
(9:32:19 PM) Lena: I’m good
(9:32:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: so the situation is, two goons back to back inside the doorway engaging Desmond and Vincent respectively
(9:32:23 PM) Deiss: Deiss is more about just shooting people at the moment.
(9:32:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: everyone else is behind cover
(9:32:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: some people are outside
(9:32:54 PM) Desmond: about to throw fire bombs most likely.
(9:33:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: lies
(9:33:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: I would never do that to you
(9:33:25 PM) Deiss: You are an evil Vytzka person. Trying to burn down our joint.
(9:33:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: but Fat Tony just might!
(9:33:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: look they did specifically offer fire insurance
(9:33:42 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(9:33:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent!
(9:33:50 PM) Vincent: Right
(9:33:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: your move
(9:33:53 PM) Deiss: Let’s gooooo!
(9:33:59 PM) Vincent: I’ll melee one of the mooks
(9:34:02 PM) Vincent: for starters
(9:34:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure
(9:34:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: help yourself
(9:34:08 PM) Ronja: If the leader guy isn’t too damaged, could we thrall him and send him back to fat tony as an assassin? you know, just to show what happens when you mess with us
(9:34:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: if you drop one of them with the first attack, you can backstab the other one because he’s not facing you
(9:34:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, that sounds like a plan
(9:34:35 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+5+1
(9:34:35 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+5+1]: 14>
(9:35:35 PM) Desmond: . radio rivendell is crapping out on me the whole time.
(9:36:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: hit, Vincent
(9:36:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: arm 14
(9:36:20 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+6
(9:36:20 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+6]: 14>
(9:36:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: =/
(9:36:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: bounces off
(9:36:51 PM) Deiss: That is a well armored thug.
(9:37:07 PM) Vincent: Do I get strength too?
(9:37:14 PM) Deiss: Yea.
(9:37:17 PM) Vincent: power+strength
(9:37:28 PM) Vincent: so that’s a 5 then from strength
(9:37:37 PM) Desmond: nice
(9:37:39 PM) Vincent: 19
(9:38:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh!
(9:38:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s 5 damage then
(9:38:11 PM) Desmond: :D
(9:38:12 PM) Vincent: woop
(9:38:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: second attack?
(9:38:22 PM) Vincent: i’ll do the 2nd too, then describe
(9:38:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, they are enveloped by said magical markings
(9:38:40 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6
(9:38:40 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+5+1]: 13>
(9:38:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s probably that they’re affected by a spell
(9:38:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: hit
(9:38:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: *probable
(9:38:56 PM) Deiss: I see.
(9:39:01 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+6+5
(9:39:01 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+6+5]: 18>
(9:39:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: he dro[s
(9:39:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: you get a feat point back
(9:39:16 PM) Vincent: is he incapacitated?
(9:39:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(9:39:30 PM) Vincent: so I get cleave
(9:39:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: probably!
(9:39:36 PM) Desmond: get the other one’s attention.
(9:39:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s a back strike against the other one
(9:39:47 PM) Vincent: so I hit him too!
(9:39:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: wait, you’re using a great weapon?
(9:39:52 PM) Vincent: yeah
(9:39:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(9:40:10 PM) Lena: Oh this is going to be messy :)
(9:40:20 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+5+1+2
(9:40:20 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+5+1+2]: 16>
(9:40:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: 2 to attack
(9:40:23 PM) Deiss: He was a great swoopy sword.
(9:40:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: hit
(9:40:36 PM) Vincent: #roll 3d6
(9:40:36 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [3d6+5+6]: 22>
(9:40:46 PM) Desmond: very nive.
(9:40:55 PM) Deiss: Splat.
(9:40:59 PM) Desmond: nice even.
(9:41:24 PM) Vincent: did he drop?
(9:42:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: yes
(9:42:16 PM) Vincent: kewl
(9:42:22 PM) Desmond: groovy
(9:42:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: you get the third feat point
(9:42:31 PM) Deiss: Vincent may be the new badass. ;)
(9:42:34 PM) Lena: how many more?
(9:42:56 PM) Desmond: the interesting question now is: can I take their souls? ^
(9:42:58 PM) Deiss: Their morale has to break soon!
(9:43:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can’t see clearly but around 8?
(9:43:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s up to Vincent if he wanted to incapacitate or kill them
(9:43:40 PM) Desmond: sounds like they’re dead. ^

(9:43:50 PM) Vincent: I assumed they died
(9:43:53 PM) Vincent: they’re mooks
(9:43:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep, you get their souls then
(9:44:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: next time if you defeat someone in combat, you decide what happens to them
(9:44:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: unless they’re a PC :P
(9:44:27 PM) Vincent: unless killing doesn’t grant the cleave
(9:44:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: of course it does
(9:44:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s from D&D anyway
(9:44:42 PM) Deiss: Are you a PC Vytzka?
(9:44:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope, I’m the main villain of the campaign
(9:44:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: keep up
(9:44:56 PM) Vincent: anyway, i’m done I guess
(9:44:57 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(9:45:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: you are done
(9:45:13 PM) Deiss: So next?
(9:45:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: I believe Manario was next
(9:45:18 PM) Desmond: me
(9:45:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: though he seems to be away?
(9:45:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: or Desmond
(9:45:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can take out your pistol and shoot the nerd?
(9:45:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: he’s visible outside from your position
(9:45:56 PM) Desmond: I have no pistol.
(9:46:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: then you could jump outside and stab him!
(9:46:11 PM) Desmond: I have Bleed, though.
(9:46:12 PM) Deiss: Desmond! Do you Mortal Kombat shenanigans!
(9:46:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: he does
(9:46:26 PM) Desmond: what was that with boosting ARC?
(9:46:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: take one more fatigue per boost
(9:46:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: (attack/damage separately)
(9:46:47 PM) Desmond: boost was a die?
(9:46:53 PM) Deiss: Yea.
(9:46:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: yes
(9:47:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: if you take more fatigue than your ARC you have to roll 2d6 over current fatigue points
(9:47:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: after every spell
(9:47:48 PM) Desmond: then I’d like to make him bleed with one boost on the attack.
(9:47:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: okays!
(9:48:05 PM) Vincent: make him bleed real good
(9:48:12 PM) Desmond: fatigue isn’t really my problem. ^
(9:48:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: you have arc 5 or something?
(9:48:30 PM) Desmond: nope
(9:48:39 PM) Desmond: but Strength of Will and souls.
(9:48:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: alright
(9:48:50 PM) Desmond: #roll 3d6+3
(9:48:50 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [3d6+3]: 17>
(9:48:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: that will be a hit
(9:49:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: armor 13
(9:49:14 PM) Deiss: Do a nice evocative description too. Yep.
(9:49:19 PM) Desmond: the spell has POW 10 does anything add to that?
(9:49:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope
(9:49:29 PM) Deiss: 2d6?
(9:49:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can boost
(9:49:44 PM) Desmond: 1 fatigue for what?
(9:49:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: extra die
(9:50:01 PM) Desmond: ah, or is it 2d6+POW?
(9:50:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry
(9:50:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: 2d6+POW like with all damage rolls :)
(9:50:14 PM) Desmond: kk
(9:50:18 PM) Desmond: that’ll do.
(9:50:27 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6+10
(9:50:27 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+10]: 21>
(9:50:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: (yes, technically melee rolls are P+S instead of POW)
(9:50:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: there are just, like, the shoes left
(9:50:42 PM) Desmond: hehe
(9:50:56 PM) Deiss: Your soul is mine!
(9:50:59 PM) Deiss: Or his!
(9:51:03 PM) Desmond: so now I gain 1d3 vitality points
(9:51:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: roll
(9:51:17 PM) Desmond: does the thing do 1d3?
(9:51:37 PM) Desmond: #roll 1d3
(9:51:37 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [1d3]: 3>
(9:51:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: it does
(9:51:43 PM) Desmond: :D
(9:51:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you heal all damage?
(9:52:07 PM) Desmond: no, 3 out of 5
(9:52:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(9:52:16 PM) Deiss: You are healed by the power of Thamar, my brother! Hehe.
(9:52:17 PM) Desmond: which ones are healed first?
(9:52:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: your call
(9:52:27 PM) Desmond: k
(9:52:32 PM) Desmond: description incoming
(9:53:09 PM) Vincent: so mooks have only vitality?
(9:54:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: no
(9:54:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: yes!
(9:54:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: read that as “one vitality”
(9:55:01 PM) Vincent: lol
(9:57:41 PM) Desmond: ;D
(9:58:06 PM) Deiss: Laugh.
(9:58:26 PM) Desmond: If I can, I’d like to take a quick looks what the other goons are up to.
(9:59:14 PM) Vincent: champion of cha- Thamae!
(9:59:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: they seem inclined to run away, though one is preparing to toss a fire bomb through the window on the side that you are looking at
(10:00:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario?
(10:00:47 PM) Manario: Who in our group is most likely to get hit by a ranged attack?
(10:00:53 PM) Ronja: oh wait, we’re not done yet, theres more guys
(10:01:10 PM) Desmond: keep in mind that he basically looks like the nicest guy around. ^

(10:01:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: I like it how people just chat about hiding the bodies in the middle of combat with bullets and spells flying around
(10:01:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: (y)
(10:01:39 PM) Vincent: :DD
(10:01:53 PM) Desmond: one word: Thralls.
(10:02:04 PM) Vincent: important to plan forward
(10:02:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m sure Mr. Lizard would take good care of them
(10:02:37 PM) Desmond: As I said, can I peek aruond the corner at what the rest of the goons are doing?
(10:02:45 PM) Desmond: I asked that somewhere up there.
(10:02:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: <ParrotVytzka> they seem inclined to run away, though one is preparing to toss a fire bomb through the window on the side that you are looking at
(10:03:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: unless you want to stick your head outside the door :P
(10:03:11 PM) Desmond: oh, sorry, missed that.
(10:03:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s ok
(10:03:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, right now probably Desmond
(10:04:03 PM) Manario: I cast Return Fire on Desmond and continues to take cover.
(10:04:09 PM) Desmond: I’d really like to get into cover.
(10:04:27 PM) Vincent: did you have a melee weapon, Desmond?
(10:04:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you could move back?
(10:04:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss
(10:04:49 PM) Desmond: melee, yes.
(10:04:53 PM) Vincent: right
(10:04:56 PM) Deiss: Okay.
(10:04:58 PM) Vincent: we will charge them
(10:05:03 PM) Desmond: ok
(10:05:03 PM) Deiss: Can I shoot anyone?
(10:05:27 PM) Deiss: I would like to shoot the fire bomb guy.
(10:05:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: through a window, maybe
(10:05:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay, but he will have concealment
(10:05:57 PM) Vincent: pls, open the window first
(10:06:00 PM) Deiss: What does that do?
(10:06:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: 2
(10:06:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, haha
(10:06:04 PM) Deiss: Cool.
(10:06:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, lighter cover basically
(10:06:31 PM) Deiss: Okay. Accuracy and Brutal again.
(10:06:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond is blasted by positive magics!
(10:06:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s like throwing potions at people
(10:06:45 PM) Desmond: cool
(10:06:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, bring it
(10:07:54 PM) Deiss: #roll 3d6+7
(10:07:55 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [3d6+7]: 17>
(10:08:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: damage
(10:08:10 PM) Deiss: #roll 3d6+10
(10:08:11 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [3d6+10]: 21>
(10:08:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: he EXPLODES IN A HUGE FIREBALL
(10:08:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: well, probably less huge in practive
(10:08:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: *practice
(10:08:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: but you could turn around and pose in front of it quickly
(10:08:45 PM) Deiss: Give me a good description then. :)
(10:09:12 PM) Vincent: oops, i was too fast
(10:10:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: whoever was next, Lena?
(10:11:04 PM) Deiss: I imagine they are probably scared shitless now. Hehe.
(10:11:12 PM) Deiss: We are really putting it to them.
(10:11:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: the union will be pissed
(10:11:33 PM) Vincent: Yup!
(10:11:41 PM) Lena: where is the Nerd?
(10:11:52 PM) Lena: Or is he dead yet?
(10:12:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: he’s so dead even Orpheus couldn’t get him back
(10:12:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: he reincarnated into a baby that a meteor immediately fell on
(10:12:39 PM) Lena: what about the guy with the firebomb?
(10:12:53 PM) Desmond: nope, I’ve got his soul. no reincarnation here.
(10:12:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: well there’s one other guy with a firebomb next to another window
(10:13:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, yeah yeah
(10:13:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you want to throw a knife straight through a window?
(10:13:47 PM) Deiss: She could peek out and throw it.
(10:14:02 PM) Vincent: spend feat point, open it, throw knife
(10:14:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: or that
(10:14:40 PM) Vincent: it’s getting sooper hot
(10:14:45 PM) Vincent: gotta open a window
(10:14:54 PM) Vincent: if you understand my point
(10:14:57 PM) Lena: I’ll spend the feat point
(10:15:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: of course if she misses she might catch a firebomb with her face
(10:15:22 PM) Vincent: just kill it
(10:15:34 PM) Vincent: FusionClock doesn’t care for windows, Vincent does, a bit.
(10:15:53 PM) Vincent: He can now tell the value of a window right away.
(10:16:01 PM) Deiss laughs.
(10:16:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: I don’t think it really makes him feel better
(10:16:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s like a counter at the corner of the screen, measuring material damage
(10:16:29 PM) Lena: #roll 3[1d6]
(10:16:30 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [3[1d6]]: 5 6 4 >
(10:16:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: 11
(10:16:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: ?
(10:16:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: well it’s a hit anyway
(10:16:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: roll damage
(10:16:50 PM) Lena: 11
6 = 17
(10:16:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: same way
(10:17:17 PM) Lena: Gotta roll damage.
(10:17:42 PM) Lena: #roll 3[1d6]
(10:17:43 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Lena [3[1d6]]: 1 3 1 >
(10:17:50 PM) Lena: ew
(10:18:01 PM) Lena: Can I spend for a reroll on that?
(10:18:12 PM) Deiss: I don’t think so.
(10:18:38 PM) Lena: 10 is the total, then.
(10:18:49 PM) Deiss: Maybe you threw the knife at the bomb? ;)
(10:20:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: well that doesn’t do any damage, sadly enough
(10:20:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: although you should add the POW of the knife and your STR
(10:20:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: if you haven’t done that
(10:21:01 PM) Lena: that would be 14 with the STR
(10:21:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: 3 damage
(10:22:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: wait
(10:22:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: your throwing knife is pow 6?
(10:22:44 PM) Lena: yes
(10:22:57 PM) Desmond: it’s 2+STR
(10:23:00 PM) Desmond: which is 6
(10:23:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: ah
(10:23:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: so you don’t add STR the second time
(10:23:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry
(10:23:22 PM) Desmond: the first result should have been the correct one.
(10:23:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(10:23:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: apologies for being confusing
(10:23:41 PM) Lena: It’s okay
(10:23:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja,
(10:23:56 PM) Lena: someone else can whack the mad bomber
(10:24:02 PM) Ronja: Okay
(10:24:09 PM) Vincent: description?
(10:24:10 PM) Ronja: From behind the bar, can I still see anyone?
(10:24:18 PM) Vincent: or can I just comment?
(10:24:23 PM) Desmond: do you have crazy ninja skills, so you can catch the bomb and throw it back? ^
(10:24:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, not especially
(10:25:22 PM) Ronja: I want to move over to the window and ice bolt the bomber
(10:25:25 PM) Ronja: with boost
(10:25:35 PM) Ronja: for that one fatigue I think it was?
(10:25:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(10:25:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(10:26:29 PM) Ronja: okay
(10:26:35 PM) Ronja: -2 still?
(10:26:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope, but you should probably spend a feat point if you want to walk there from the bar
(10:26:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: in one turn
(10:27:00 PM) Ronja: will do that
(10:27:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: okies
(10:27:09 PM) Ronja: #roll 3d6+4
(10:27:10 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [3d6+4]: 16>
(10:27:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: hit
(10:27:31 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+12
(10:27:32 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+12]: 20>
(10:28:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: what chilling efficiency
(10:28:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: he’s like frozen in an ice cube
(10:28:20 PM) Deiss: Awesome. :)
(10:28:28 PM) Ronja: ice cubes are good
(10:28:31 PM) Desmond: badum tss
(10:28:33 PM) Ronja: we can use him to serve cold ale
(10:28:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah but then the firebomb explodes inside the cube, melting it again
(10:29:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you want to describe it?
(10:29:05 PM) Ronja: Sure
(10:29:47 PM) Desmond: I’d like to spend a feat point at the end of the turn to Walk it Off.
(10:30:27 PM) Desmond: potential damage has to be resolved first, therefore at the end and such.
(10:30:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure
(10:30:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: walk it off
(10:30:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: YOU BIG BABY
(10:30:46 PM) Lena: we should send fFat Tony’s boys back to them. After they have been turned into Thralls, of course :)
(10:30:56 PM) Ronja: Indeed
(10:31:02 PM) Ronja: with the mission to kill Fat Tony
(10:31:06 PM) Deiss: That sure how much is left of them at this point.
(10:31:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: the leader and 4 more guys
(10:31:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: soon to be just their footprints
(10:31:38 PM) Desmond: #roll 1d3+1
(10:31:38 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [1d3+1]: 4>
(10:31:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: nice
(10:31:46 PM) Deiss: Well that was bracing.
(10:32:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: nothing of note was burned!
(10:32:15 PM) Ronja: how do I note fatigue?
(10:32:19 PM) Desmond: only one window broken.
(10:32:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: also you have three corpses to take care of and 2 partially frozen/burned people
(10:32:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, it only matters round to round
(10:32:29 PM) Ronja: ah
(10:32:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: disappears quickly
(10:32:44 PM) Ronja: I should boost more often then
(10:32:44 PM) Lena: yeah. because we took out half of them without breaking a sweat
(10:32:49 PM) Ronja: I was thinking it was something more long term
(10:32:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: also you should have an appointment with Vito Alexander in like five minutes
(10:32:56 PM) Ronja: so that I should be careful with getting any fatigue
(10:33:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, not that I know of
(10:33:11 PM) Ronja: and I should go read through the rules before next game
(10:33:15 PM) Vincent: they’re legging it?
(10:33:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: as long as you don’t use more than your ARC in fatigue per turn nothing happens
(10:33:25 PM) Vincent: we should catch the boss man!
(10:33:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, and how
(10:33:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: well they have a head start
(10:33:52 PM) Vincent: nevermind then
(10:34:04 PM) Vincent: I just wanted to break his legs
(10:34:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: plenty of legs will yet be broken!
(10:34:15 PM) Vincent: and have him crawl back
(10:34:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: how nice :P
(10:34:24 PM) Desmond: Ronja: the feat Strength of Will is quite nice to deal with fatigue.
(10:34:42 PM) Vincent: so, combat is over?
(10:34:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(10:34:59 PM) Desmond: let’s you spend a feat point to automatically succeed in a failed fatigue roll.
(10:35:17 PM) Ronja: aha
(10:35:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: you wanna cut to Fat Tony audience now or do we leave that for next week?
(10:35:25 PM) Ronja: That’s pretty cool
(10:35:39 PM) Deiss: You guys sleepy?
(10:35:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry about the long combat
(10:35:45 PM) Deiss: I am fine with doing it now.
(10:35:51 PM) Ronja: I’m fine with doing it now
(10:35:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: though considering that we’ve had like a 10 on 6 combat it was okay
(10:36:39 PM) Vincent: fat tony audience?
(10:36:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm3
(10:36:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry
(10:37:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vito
(10:37:04 PM) Vincent: I think we could cut it here
(10:37:05 PM) Desmond: I’m up for doung it right now.
(10:37:14 PM) Deiss: Are the thugs wearing any identifying objects?
(10:37:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: they all wear dark blue striped shirts
(10:37:35 PM) Desmond: Or anything else for that matter? weapons, armour, monies?
(10:37:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: also the geek has a pocket protector
(10:37:49 PM) Desmond: I’ll take that.
(10:37:55 PM) Deiss: Like badges, gang colors, etc?
(10:38:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, do you also take his lunch money?
(10:38:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: no badges
(10:38:05 PM) Desmond: yes
(10:38:15 PM) Deiss: I want some trophies to take to Vito. :)
(10:38:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: I dunno they have like 20 gold on all of them
(10:38:26 PM) Desmond: It’s liek I bled him to death or something. :D
(10:38:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: swords and pistols
(10:38:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: the geek has a staff
(10:38:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, you tired?
(10:39:00 PM) Desmond: that goes to whomever can use it.
(10:39:20 PM) Vincent: no
(10:39:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(10:39:46 PM) Lena: well we can divide up the money :)
(10:40:09 PM) Desmond: put it towards a new window. ^

(10:40:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: they also have
(10:40:31 PM) Desmond: I say we pur all the equipment on a big pile for now and sort it out later.
(10:40:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll d20
(10:40:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 1d20
(10:40:35 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [1d20]: 13>
(10:40:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: 13 pistol shots
(10:40:59 PM) Vincent: I assume we just pile the bodies and leave for Vito?
(10:41:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: and a book with arcane bolt and aura of protection inscribed
(10:41:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: for whoever of you can learn it at some point
(10:42:43 PM) Deiss: Okay.
(10:42:48 PM) Vincent: Right.
(10:42:49 PM) Deiss: So we ready to go?
(10:43:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: I eat ready for breakfast!
(10:43:04 PM) Vincent: I assume we aren’t looting them now?
(10:43:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry, Vito Alexander, we were held up by looting some bodies
(10:43:22 PM) Deiss: Yea.
(10:43:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: but we’re okay now
(10:43:25 PM) Vincent: So just jot the items down and get em later?
(10:43:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: :P
(10:43:28 PM) Vincent: :D
(10:43:33 PM) Vincent: let’s go then
(10:43:35 PM) Desmond: I would think so.
(10:43:53 PM) Lena: time for the meeting. We can handle the bodies later
(10:44:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: spoilers I don’t really know what mahogany is
(10:44:56 PM) Desmond: Wood
(10:45:01 PM) Vincent: this is unplayable now
(10:45:03 PM) Desmond: red in colour
(10:45:05 PM) Deiss: Its a type of tree.
(10:45:06 PM) Vincent: can I appraise the table?
(10:45:18 PM) Vincent: just kidding
(10:45:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s an expensive table
(10:45:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vito will probably kill you if you try to take it
(10:49:18 PM) Desmond: I’ll hold back in this meeting, I’m even newer to this town than you are. 11
(10:49:29 PM) Desmond: -11 +^^
(10:49:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: 11
(10:50:39 PM) Desmond: I don’t know how it is for you, but on the german keyboard ^ is right next to 1.
(10:51:07 PM) Deiss: Its on 6 for me. :)
(10:52:39 PM) Deiss: We must take the initiative with poor Vito.
(10:52:56 PM) Deiss: We are not lackeys. Nope.
(10:53:06 PM) Desmond: take away, i say.
(10:53:21 PM) Vincent: Lena typing?
(10:53:28 PM) Desmond: probably
(10:53:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: I think so
(10:54:26 PM) Deiss: Interesting plan. :)
(10:54:31 PM) Lena: yup, I was :)
(10:55:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: Five Fingers is in Ordic territory though
(10:55:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you aware of that?
(10:56:06 PM) Desmond: isn’t it a free city or something?
(10:56:12 PM) Lena: Totally. It’s also a major shipping port for everybody
(10:56:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: not really
(10:56:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s a lawless city, which is a different thing
(10:56:43 PM) Desmond: yea
(10:57:17 PM) Lena: It will create chaos we can all take advantage of :)
(10:58:32 PM) Deiss: Urgent. Ooo.
(10:59:41 PM) Deiss: Desmond is going to fillet him. Watch out!
(10:59:49 PM) Desmond: is it, btw, possible to use seduction on behalf of another person?
(11:00:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: eh?
(11:01:04 PM) Desmond: I’d like to convice vito’s secretary that it is a splendid idea to get it on with Deiss.
(11:01:17 PM) Desmond: ;d
(11:01:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: you’re trying to pimp Deiss? is that right?
(11:01:21 PM) Desmond: ;D
(11:01:26 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(11:01:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: only if she’s okay with that
(11:01:32 PM) Desmond: nope, no monies involved.
(11:02:15 PM) Deiss: I thought we were in competition for the ladies. That is not competition. :)
(11:02:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah Desmond should compete it out
(11:02:35 PM) Desmond: well the ladies in general, not this one in particular.
(11:03:18 PM) Desmond: Deises already made her move and staked her claim. ^^
(11:03:49 PM) Vincent: “a or b?” “yes”
(11:03:53 PM) Desmond: -.

(11:04:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: :P
(11:05:50 PM) Manario has changed the topic to: ParrotVytzka: you’re trying to pimp Deiss? is that right? Cassandra: Cassie has a lot of love to give. Yep.
(11:07:53 PM) Desmond: aargh..fuck radio rivendell. .
(11:08:06 PM) Deiss: Eek.
(11:08:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: :D
(11:08:12 PM) Deiss: That is pretty crazy.
(11:09:22 PM) Deiss: Maybe we could turn the Cygnarians on him?
(11:09:23 PM) Vincent: are cortices heavy?
(11:10:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(11:10:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: good question
(11:10:38 PM) Deiss: Cortices are pretty hot items.
(11:11:08 PM) Deiss: Maybe we should try to neogotiate for more money?
(11:11:26 PM) Deiss: We could basically start a war if we got caught. Eek.
(11:11:29 PM) Vincent: Maybe.
(11:11:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: depends on the quality of cortices in question
(11:11:59 PM) Vincent: Maybe we should take them and see the quality
(11:12:08 PM) Vincent: maybe keep one to sell ourselves :o
(11:12:27 PM) Lena: The name of that ship gives me scarey feelings
(11:12:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: let’s say a person can carry a cortex
(11:12:37 PM) Vincent: Right.
(11:12:40 PM) Deiss: Possibly. I wonder if Manario could make a convincing fake?
(11:13:16 PM) Deiss: We need to Oceans Eleven this bad bad. ;)
(11:13:34 PM) Deiss: Bad boy.
(11:13:37 PM) Ronja: We need a perfect heist
(11:14:31 PM) Manario: Deiss: With only 3D6+7 and a reroll? No way!
(11:14:55 PM) Deiss nods.
(11:15:39 PM) Deiss: We will have to have a good plan if we do steal them.
(11:15:55 PM) Deiss: To deflect any possible retribution.
(11:16:32 PM) Desmond: I have an interesting idea for the seduction of Deiss’s behalf. Success: it works as intended; Failure: It works like a regular successful seduction roll. ^
(11:16:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah, it’s probably not Fiona’s ship
(11:16:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: though nice try :)
(11:17:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, failure means she seduces you
(11:17:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: :P
(11:17:56 PM) Deiss: Probably not he says.
(11:18:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: who knows!
(11:18:22 PM) Deiss: You do. ;)
(11:18:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: you probably don’t want to get the wrong ship
(11:18:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: well, in setting :P
(11:18:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, we’ll leave that for the cliffhanger so just remember it
(11:19:23 PM) Lena: yup
(11:19:32 PM) Deiss: Woo.
(11:19:37 PM) Deiss: So another fun session!
(11:19:41 PM) Desmond: yes
(11:19:42 PM) Desmond: very
(11:19:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond?
(11:19:51 PM) Desmond: yes?
(11:19:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you talking to the receptionist?
(11:19:58 PM) Desmond: yes
(11:20:03 PM) Deiss: Action, adventure, excitement!
(11:20:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: well get to it
(11:20:08 PM) Desmond: kk
(11:20:15 PM) Lena: we are SO screwed!
(11:20:38 PM) Vincent: why?
(11:20:42 PM) Deiss: Well I am sure Fiona is a nice lady.
(11:20:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: she is!
(11:20:52 PM) Ronja: We are never screwed
(11:20:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s why she’s called Fiona the Nice
(11:21:09 PM) Ronja: I wonder what suffixes we will earn
(11:21:47 PM) Lena: The good news is that she is a Thamarite. The bad news? She’s a Thamarite.
(11:21:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: attention, this is now a dating sim
(11:22:01 PM) Deiss grins.
(11:22:04 PM) Vincent: Lena: Something wrong with the boat you think?
(11:22:39 PM) Desmond: what kind of large?
(11:23:07 PM) Desmond: animal in the headlights of a car large or another kind?
(11:23:16 PM) Deiss: You do know I caused that poor women to panic the last time we were here, right?
(11:23:27 PM) Lena: Not the boat itself. But who knows? we may get lucky and be able to talk our way through this.
(11:23:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe she’s into subbing
(11:23:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: or maybe she likes jerks!
(11:23:57 PM) Deiss: This is getting silly. ;)
(11:24:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: you wanted a dating sim so that’s what you get
(11:24:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: this is the after-credits silly part
(11:24:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: so strap in
(11:24:50 PM) Deiss: Strap on? :P
(11:24:53 PM) Vincent: ParrotVytzka turns this into a high school romantic comedy
(11:25:05 PM) Desmond: Also: imagine the whole thing with a british accent.
(11:25:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s just weird
(11:25:29 PM) Ronja: I have a hard time not hearing it in japanese school girl voices
(11:25:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, probably make a roll already
(11:25:39 PM) Vincent: We should actually make fake cortices. I can spot if they’re good enough.“
”color: #a82f2f;">(11:25:40 PM) Desmond: hehe
(11:25:41 PM) Deiss: So Vytzka makes roleplaying Omakes?
(11:25:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja alone appreciates my effort
(11:25:51 PM) Ronja: <3
(11:26:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, think of it as bonus DVD material
(11:26:35 PM) Deiss grins.
(11:27:02 PM) Deiss: Manario probably doesn’t have the skill.
(11:27:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: next time will be Deiss and Vincent in highschool drama
(11:27:13 PM) Deiss: Laugh.
(11:27:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: super deformed
(11:27:23 PM) Ronja: could do a romantic sitcom spin off
(11:27:25 PM) Vincent: If Manario can make fakes, I could appraise them
(11:27:37 PM) Ronja: about the troubles of thug life and relationships
(11:27:37 PM) Vincent: and we could keep the real deal
(11:27:42 PM) Manario: What’s the TN?
(11:27:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, a hip hop musical?
(11:27:53 PM) Ronja: Yes
(11:28:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, will you roll seduction or will we just consider it a success :P
(11:28:38 PM) Deiss: So I guess we can discuss what we plan to do on the heist over the next week.
(11:29:14 PM) Deiss: I am lost in my thoughts?
(11:29:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: no
(11:29:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: the receptionist
(11:29:31 PM) Deiss: Oh.
(11:29:45 PM) Desmond: let’s consider it a mission accomplished. ^

(11:29:51 PM) Vincent: do the tracks clear?
(11:29:54 PM) Deiss: That is one weird receptionist.
(11:30:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, nah, it would still be funny if she gets into you suddenly
(11:30:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: roll for it
(11:30:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, her name is Angelique
(11:30:11 PM) Desmond: ok
(11:30:17 PM) Desmond: I’ll roll it.
(11:30:18 PM) Deiss: So exp?
(11:30:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: ROLL
(11:30:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: matte, Deiss
(11:30:42 PM) Desmond: with which stat?
(11:30:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss-sama
(11:30:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: INT
(11:30:48 PM) Deiss: Hrm?
(11:30:51 PM) Desmond: seduction being social and and all.
(11:30:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: no actually
(11:31:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: well yeah
(11:31:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: INT
(11:31:04 PM) Desmond: k
(11:31:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, we’re resolving important things
(11:31:25 PM) Desmond: #roll 2d6+5
(11:31:25 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Desmond [2d6+5]: 13>
(11:31:30 PM) Deiss pokes Vytzka.
(11:31:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond is in danger of getting in the sights of a clingy receptionist
(11:31:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: but he seems to avoid it
(11:31:42 PM) Desmond: success!
(11:31:54 PM) Deiss is now known as Cassandra
(11:32:33 PM) Desmond is now known as Beelzedude
(11:32:38 PM) Lena is now known as Catseye
(11:32:42 PM) Cassandra: Important things!
(11:32:49 PM) Vincent: so
(11:32:53 PM) Catseye: XP?
(11:32:56 PM) Vincent: we can talk cortices through the week
(11:33:15 PM) Cassandra: Are we going to betray him or not?
(11:33:23 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: Wiki time! What is the exact number of swords and pistols we looted? What was the name of today’s episode? What’s the TN to make a fake cortex?
(11:33:34 PM) You are now known as Ximni
(11:33:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: today’s episode was awakening of aggression
(11:33:48 PM) Ronja is now known as Kzar
(11:33:56 PM) Kzar: I’d say we’ll almost certainly betray him
(11:34:03 PM) Kzar: once we feel comfortable enough about getting away with it
(11:34:07 PM) Kzar: how we do it is yet undecided
(11:34:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: 2 swords, 2 knives, 3 (simple) pistols, 13 shots
(11:34:10 PM) Kzar: I’d prefer not to kill him
(11:34:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’ll look at cortex forgeries later
(11:34:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: comments?
(11:34:28 PM) Kzar: or what do everyone else think? :P
(11:34:45 PM) Kzar: It was awesome
(11:34:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: also Ximni could you host the OOC chats somewhere too? I think they’re kind of entertaining
(11:34:54 PM) Cassandra: Cassie is quite happy.
(11:34:57 PM) Kzar: I wish spells had greater descriptions, they feel a little lacking :P
(11:35:06 PM) Beelzedude: yes, sadly.
(11:35:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: Kzar, it’s sort of freeform, you can describe them as you want
(11:35:17 PM) Beelzedude: I just made shit up for the bleed spell.
(11:35:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s ok!
(11:35:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, everyone gets 2 xp
(11:35:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: as there was lots of action
(11:35:32 PM) Beelzedude: yeah
(11:35:36 PM) Cassandra: I always make up the things.
(11:35:43 PM) Ximni: group inventory updated!
(11:35:49 PM) ParrotVytzka hugs everyone
(11:35:57 PM) Cassandra: I will need to think of more cool stuff to do with my magic next time.
(11:36:01 PM) Cassandra hugs Vytzka!
(11:36:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: did we overdo it with the dating sim genre shift? :P
(11:36:05 PM) Beelzedude: Ximni: someone wanted something from you in the regular channel, I think.
(11:36:10 PM) Cassandra: Have fun at your Mom’s house.
(11:36:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: I will!
(11:36:25 PM) Catseye: XP?
(11:36:30 PM) Beelzedude: 2 XP each
(11:36:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, I will be back by next week game
(11:36:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: Catseye, 2
(11:36:40 PM) Beelzedude: which brings us up to 6 and the next advancement.
(11:36:46 PM) ParrotVytzka is now known as vytzka
(11:36:49 PM) Catseye: cool :)
(11:37:05 PM) Cassandra: Stat point!
(11:37:09 PM) Kzar: I really should start remembering to untick mail notificiation for vytzka
(11:37:09 PM) Cassandra: Nice.
(11:37:16 PM) Beelzedude: which is +1 Stat
(11:37:20 PM) Kzar: feels a bit mean to spam with every update :P
(11:37:29 PM) vytzka: Kzar, I don’t mind3

Session 4 IC
Awakening of aggression.

Conversation with #fivefingercrawl_ic at 7/4/2013 8:07:21 PM on (irc)

(8:08:42 PM) Ximni has changed the topic to: Cassie is firm. I need all the advantages I can get ;)
(8:08:52 PM) You are now known as Manario
(8:10:14 PM) mode (o Manario) by vytzka
(8:10:23 PM) vytzka is now known as ParrotVytzka
(8:11:42 PM) Vincent [] entered the room.
(8:11:54 PM) Deiss [] entered the room.
(8:12:11 PM) Ronja [] entered the room.
(8:13:51 PM) mode (ooo Deiss Ronja Vincent) by ParrotVytzka
(8:14:22 PM) Catseye is now known as Lena
(8:21:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: so, the leader goon knocks on the door
(8:21:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: what happens?
(8:22:11 PM) Vincent “The chances that they’ve come for Manario’s brews are slim, but I think we should see what they want.”
(8:22:55 PM) Vincent: “I will open the door, be ready in case they aren’t here to make friends.”
(8:23:07 PM) Lena backs away from the door and looks at the others. “Let’s keep calm for the moment. They seem a bit determined.”
(8:23:08 PM) Deiss: Deiss is standing back beside the table, watching the door and windows.
(8:23:19 PM) Ronja takes a few steps back behind the bar.
(8:23:45 PM) Desmond steps away from the window and keeps it in his sight.
(8:23:53 PM) Vincent: “I will open the door.”
(8:24:10 PM) Deiss: “I got your back, boss.”
(8:24:15 PM) Vincent moves to the door and pulls it open, greeting the man behind it with a stare
(8:24:28 PM) Lena leaps over the bar and squats down behind it.
(8:24:56 PM) Vincent: “How can I be of service?”
(8:26:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: the goon looks about 30 years old, with a large mustache, he has a cutlass at his side and a repeating pistol
(8:27:04 PM) Vincent: “I am sorry to inform you of this, but we are closed for the day.”
(8:27:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: “But wait!” he says, grinning
(8:28:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I bring you the latest offer from Fat Tony Insurance & Financing with regards to your previous query about real estate insurance”
(8:28:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I’m sure you won’t be able to resist it this time”
(8:28:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: he tries to squeeze past you inside the building
(8:28:46 PM) Vincent: “I will likely have to hear the proposal first.”
(8:29:01 PM) Vincent moves his arm, blocking the entrance
(8:29:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Well” he looks slyly at you
(8:29:20 PM) Vincent: “I can hear you here perfectly fine.”
(8:30:35 PM) Deiss: Deiss does some stretching exercises and flexes her hands, the leather on her gloves creaking softly.
(8:30:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: “That will be 50 gc per month including arson, water poisoning and cave-in insurance. Also an up-front charge of 50 cp to cover the doors and windows durability inspection from the union guys I brought here. If you know what I mean.”
(8:31:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: “This is a last chance offer! Don’t blow it!” he laughs and backs up a step, giving a look to his closest assistant, a guy wearing very thick glasses and holding a book
(8:32:27 PM) Vincent: “The windows look rather fine to me.”
(8:32:59 PM) Vincent: “I will make you a counter offer: Leave now, while you still can on your own legs.”
(8:33:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Oh ho ho. Did you hear it boys?” he looks back at everyone else, people start looking agitated
(8:33:39 PM) Vincent: “I am aware of the schemes your boss runs, and I am not impressed.”
(8:36:07 PM) Vincent: “Now, I’d have you leave, as to restore the sight of the surroundings, before all future clients are scared off.”
(8:36:17 PM) Vincent: “Or I will see to it myself.”
(8:36:32 PM) Deiss: Deiss finishes her exercises and practices her breathing as she gets ready for the possible fight. She glances to her companions and gives them a short nod.
(8:36:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: he tries to punch Vincent in the face!
(8:37:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: combat music
(8:47:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: the salesman deftly evades Vincent’s blows and even lands a punch, although it bounces off Vincent’s armor with a curse
(8:53:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: however when Vincent tries to duck into the doorway he catches a punch at the back of his head and staggers a bit!
(8:54:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: or it looks that way! but Vincent actually dodges
(8:58:16 PM) Desmond aims at the salesman standing in the doorway and fires. Alas the bolt imbeds itself in the door’s frame instead.
(8:59:01 PM) Vincent: “Aim at the man Desmond, not the woodwork!”
(8:59:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh snap!
(8:59:58 PM) Deiss: Deiss takes a coin from her pocket and begins to flip it and catch it repeatedly as the combat breaks out.
(9:03:12 PM) Deiss: Deiss cocks her head to the side, eyeing the thug.
(9:04:00 PM) Deiss: She then kicks the table over, flips the coin high in the air and draws her gun. As the coin crosses her sights she blasts it and the thug behind it.
(9:07:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: the thug is slammed back by the force of the shot, and blood sprays from his shoulder
(9:09:03 PM) Lena pops up from behind the bar and throws a knife at the thug.
(9:12:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: the knife embeds itself in the door frame
(9:13:39 PM) Vincent: “Again!”
(9:14:09 PM) Desmond: “Like you hit anything!”
(9:22:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: the salesman ducks out of sight to a side of the door
(9:23:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: the nerdy guy with the glasses waves around and magical runes manifest on the ground a few yards around him, they envelop his friends in faint bluish aura
(9:24:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: he also waves and points at Desmond and streaks of magical lightning magic shoots at him!
(9:32:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: two goons enter the doorway and attack Desmond and Vincent, causing them some damage
(9:38:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: one of them reels from Vincent’s blow
(9:43:17 PM) Vincent hammers the thug facing him into oblivion, while dealing a fatal blow to the back of the other goon, splitting his torso open
(9:57:15 PM) Desmond: After having taken the souls of the two goons slain by Vincent, Desmond stretches out out his hand towards the geek and exclaims “Your sould is mine!”. Green light forms around his hand and as he closes it his opponent begins to bleed as if cut by dozens of knives. As he dies, some of Desmonds wounds close up.
(9:58:26 PM) Vincent: “By the gods Desmond, you truly are a champion of Thamar.”
(9:58:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: you hear some screams of terror outside!
(9:59:33 PM) Deiss: “Oh look, I think that might have scared them just a bit” Deiss says.
(10:00:42 PM) Ronja: “So, what were you thinking of doing with the bodies?”
(10:01:07 PM) Vincent: “I think it’s the vulgar display of power that happened here, Deiss.”
(10:05:02 PM) Manario: Spell runes appears around Manario’s hand and blasts forward to surround Desmond.
(10:07:35 PM) Deiss: Deiss stands from behind the table and takes her gun in a firm two-handed stance. A dark energy collects around the barrel as she fires at the man through the window.
(10:08:51 PM) Vincent: “I guess that’s a kill. A pity for the window.”
(10:09:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: there’s a dull thud when the firebomb the guy was holding explodes in a ball of fire!
(10:09:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: totes extreme and stuffs
(10:09:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, no more windows
(10:09:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: well, one window
(10:10:09 PM) Deiss: “Eh. Take it out of my salary, boss.” Deiss grunts and vents the steam from her gun.
(10:10:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: but falling shards of glass create a nice pattern in front of the fireball
(10:10:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: you may admire it
(10:10:22 PM) Vincent: “Done.”
(10:11:28 PM) Lena leaps over the bar, and retrieves her knife. She looks out the door to see what remains.
(10:13:14 PM) Vincent: “What do you see, Lena?”
(10:15:51 PM) Lena: “A goon with a firebomb.” She spins the knifein her hand, opens the window, and hurls the knife out the window at the guy holding the firebomb
(10:24:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: the guy jerks in pain as the dagger slashes at his arm, but remains focused on his firebomb
(10:25:23 PM) Vincent: “Hah! Nice throw, but I would’ve aimed for the head. Maybe Desmond can give you some lessons, he is the Dagger after all.”
(10:30:20 PM) Ronja peeks out the window, shooting a bolt of frost at the mad bomber, turning him into a human icicle just to watch him explode a moment later as the firebomb goes off.
(10:31:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: everyone else is frozen in shock!
(10:31:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: before they run for it
(10:31:31 PM) Vincent: “We’re really giving them a show, huh!?”
(10:32:48 PM) Deiss: Deiss stands from behind the table and brushes herself off, “Amateurs” She snorts dismissively.
(10:33:14 PM) Desmond: “Yes, quite. I think we should get the remains taken care of.”
(10:33:27 PM) Lena goes and retrieves her knife.
(10:34:48 PM) Lena walks back inside. “Well it looks like we don’t have too much damage to the place. But we have a meeting to go to as well.”
(10:35:17 PM) Deiss: Deiss runs her hand back through her spiky hair, “So everyone make sure you look your best. We have a meeting to go to.”
(10:35:37 PM) Ronja: “Now, what do we do with the bodies?”
(10:35:56 PM) Vincent: “I think we should dump then into the basement for now.”
(10:36:09 PM) Lena nods to Vincent
(10:36:11 PM) Deiss: “Sounds like a plan.”
(10:36:20 PM) Vincent: “We can take care of them when we return. I wouldn’t want to miss the meeting any more than we already have.”
(10:36:29 PM) Desmond: “Let’s not dally, then”
(10:38:16 PM) Vincent looks around him. “I think I need a drink before we go.”
(10:38:58 PM) Vincent: “Well fought. I wouldn’t have expexted any less of you.”
(10:39:29 PM) Desmond: “Well I took quite a hit there at the start, but I think I got that taken care of.”
(10:39:42 PM) Vincent: “I am a bit disappointed the leader got away. I would’ve schooled that barking dog in an unspeakable manner.”
(10:40:19 PM) Vincent: “I doubt this will be the last time we meet. Plenty of henchmen to go around.”
(10:41:01 PM) Deiss: Deiss walks up and picks some trophies off the dead thugs, gang colors and the like. “I think Vito might be interested in these.”
(10:41:17 PM) Desmond: “Sadly, yes. And I think that they will come either in far greater numbers or with people who are actually competent.”
(10:42:07 PM) Vincent: “Good thinking. Let’s dump the bodies in the basement for now. Someone willing can free them of their valuables if they feel it is required.”
(10:42:24 PM) Ronja: “I was thinking we could turn these into thralls, maybe they could pay Fat Tony a visit some night if he doesn’t agree to our terms?”
(10:42:50 PM) Desmond: “I’ll take care of that. I’ll make a big pile and we can sort through it after we come back.”
(10:43:09 PM) Desmond: “That’s a wonderful idea right there.”
(10:43:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: alright! you are all sitting in leather chairs in a large-ish office
(10:44:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vito Alexander, about 50 years old, balding fat guy is sitting behind a large mahogany table
(10:44:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: there are some bags of white powder stacked on one side of it
(10:45:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: he’s doodling in his leather bound luxury notebook as he’s looking at you
(10:46:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: “So let me get this straight, you’re in this city for how many days and already you’re picking fights with Fat Tony? You sound like a fun bunch.”
(10:46:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Since you’re a bit new here I’ll just jump ahead and tell you something. I don’t actually sell insurance.”
(10:46:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: “So with that in mind, what do you want from me?”
(10:46:47 PM) Deiss: Deiss is standing behind Vincent with her arms folded behind her back.
(10:46:49 PM) Vincent: “That’s what Fat Tony’s thugs thought too. Until they ran like whipped dogs.”
(10:47:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I don’t follow.” He raises an eyebrow.
(10:47:23 PM) Ronja: “I don’t think we had time to get to the runners, I wouldn’t say whipped…”
(10:48:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Oh, you think you’re all very important and powerful now? Alright. I may yet have a job for you, we’ll see what you’re really made of.”
(10:48:12 PM) Deiss: Deiss tosses a ball of cloth strips in gang colors on the desk, “I don’t think you will have to worry about this group of low rent thugs any more.”
(10:48:28 PM) Vincent: “We’re here to see about advancing mutual interests.”
(10:48:58 PM) Vincent: “The word on the street is that you’re having some troubles with Tony. It so happens that we are in the same pickle.”
(10:49:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: He looks at you irritated
(10:49:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I don’t have TROUBLES. But there are some issues, yes. As a matter of fact, there is something you can do to hit them right where it hurts, and help both of us.”
(10:49:56 PM) Vincent: “We might not have the same goals, but we would both profit from Tony’s disappearance.”
(10:50:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Don’t think it so easy that a bunch of whippersnappers could easily get rid of him. However. Are you interested in what I want to share with you?”
(10:50:51 PM) Vincent: “We would save our humble tavern and you, well, could continue your business with renewed vigor.”
(10:50:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: “There is some money in that, naturally.”
(10:51:19 PM) Vincent: “Naturally.”
(10:51:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Business! Ha. I always wanted to get into opera production, you know?”
(10:51:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: “But that’s for later.”
(10:51:49 PM) Lena brings her hands up and arches her fingers together. “Oh I have an idea that should advance our interests here. As well as deal with Fat Tony. If the rest of you are game?”
(10:52:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vito glares at her but allows to continue
(10:53:42 PM) Lena: “There is a major arms shipment coming in from Cygnar, through this port. I was thinking we could get the Cygnarians to take Fat Tony out for us. Since we will plant evidence that he has somehow compromised their shipment.”
(10:54:12 PM) Lena: “Would that be satisfactory?”
(10:57:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: “That may be worth a try, though I’m not thrilled with the fact that Cygnaran scum are messing around on my turf. I’ll consider this.”
(10:57:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: “However, I have something more urgent for you. Something that should be done tomorrow night.”
(10:58:22 PM) Vincent: “This plan would have the Cygnarans do the heavy lifting, while free us to reap the benefits. But let us hear you out, Vito.”
(10:59:03 PM) Desmond reacts nearly imperceptibly at the mention of Gygnarian “scum”.
(11:00:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: “There’s expensive stolen cargo coming in from a ship for Fat Tony’s goons tomorrow. I’d have you snatch it and deliver for me, and for that I will handsomely recompense you. To the tune of 600 crowns, half of that in advance.”
(11:01:04 PM) Vincent: “What cargo?”
(11:01:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Well, naturally, I will tell you no more until you accept. Suffice is to say that the cargo itself is not dangerous.”
(11:03:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: he takes out a heavy bag jingling with coins out of a drawer
(11:03:26 PM) Vincent: “Do we need to worry about the local authorities or another third party chasing us like rabid dogs, or can we limit our worries to Tony and his men?”
(11:03:33 PM) Deiss: Deiss frowns and looks down at Vincent.
(11:03:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Yes.”
(11:03:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: he shoves the bag towards you
(11:04:35 PM) Vincent leans towards Deiss. “Has something come up?”
(11:05:54 PM) Deiss: She shakes her head and turns her attention back to Vito.
(11:06:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent can tell there are exactly 300 crowns in the bag
(11:06:49 PM) Vincent: “Well, mon ami, I think we have a deal.”
(11:07:11 PM) Lena: “Now what is the cargo?”
(11:07:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: “The cargo is four jack cortices, smuggled from Cygnar.”
(11:08:46 PM) Deiss: “Do you have transport available?”
(11:10:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: “They’re coming in on the ship called Fortune, it’s scheduled to dock Friday morning (as you know it is Wednesday now) but it will come to the harbour Thursday night and Tony’s goons are picking up the item an hour before midnight.”
(11:11:10 PM) Vincent: Do you have a drop location for the cortices?“
”color: #a82f2f;">(11:13:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: “It should be harbour #13, but that might have changed. I suggest you don’t take a cart there but rather unpack them and carry them by hand to make it less noticeable.”
(11:13:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Also, I should probably not have to tell you what’s going to happen if you try to burn me.”
(11:14:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: “So I wish you the best of luck!”
(11:14:13 PM) Vincent: “We are aware of the consequences.”
(11:14:48 PM) Vincent grabs the bag of coins and ties it onto his belt, hiding it under his coat
(11:14:53 PM) Lena: “Sir, I have a question.”
(11:14:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: “See you on Friday, then, and now I am a very busy man as you understand. I have someone coming in to discuss insurance, so if you don’t mind.”
(11:14:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Oh?”
(11:15:28 PM) Lena: “That ship would not be the Ill Fotune, would it?”
(11:15:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I think it was just Fortune?”
(11:15:47 PM) Lena: ((Fortune))
(11:16:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Though now that you mention it. Oh well, I’m sure you can check the ship schedule yourselves.”
(11:16:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Godspeed!”
(11:16:44 PM) Lena: “We are so screwed…..”
(11:16:57 PM) Lena gets up and walks outside.
(11:16:58 PM) Vincent: “I thank you for the audience, and I hope this business will lay a foundation for a profitable future for the both of us.”
(11:17:23 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods to Vito and follows Vincent out.
(11:17:30 PM) Vincent does a small bow before moving out
(11:17:38 PM) Ronja follows Vincent and Deiss out the door.
(11:17:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Yes, yes.”
(11:17:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: Don Vito rubs his hands in glee when you leave.
(11:18:18 PM) Desmond walks out behind the others.
(11:18:23 PM) Lena goes immediately to check the schedule of the ship and to confirm its name. She’s got a very bad feeling.
(11:20:33 PM) Desmond: On his way out, Desmond stops at the secretary’s desk.
(11:21:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Yes?” she raises her eyes from the papers
(11:21:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: “May I help you?”
(11:21:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: you feel the faint aroma of rose scented perfume
(11:22:18 PM) Desmond: “Well hello again. Forgive me for being so blunt but was I right in detecting a little chemistry between you and my lovely associate yesterday?”
(11:22:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: she has VERY large eyes
(11:22:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Oh?” her pupils turn into little hearts and she clasps her hands
(11:23:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Would that be Mistress Deiss? She’s so cool!”
(11:24:22 PM) Desmond: “That would be her, yes. As I understand it, she seemed quite fond of you, too.”
(11:24:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: “No way!~~~~”
(11:26:12 PM) Desmond: “I am rather serious, my dear.”
(11:28:29 PM) Desmond: “Now…We sadly have other, more depressing thing to attend to, but I’ll be sure to mention your interest in seeing her again.”
(11:28:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: “To meet Mistress Deiss would be so amazing” she seems lost in her thoughts
(11:29:19 PM) Desmond: “Cheerio, my dear.”
(11:31:55 PM) Deiss is now known as Cassandra
(11:31:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: she grabs your arm “Please tell Mistress Deiss about me! I am free this weekend!”
(11:32:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: EYECATCH
(11:32:33 PM) Desmond is now known as Beelzedude
(11:32:39 PM) Lena is now known as Catseye
(11:33:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: Is Vito going to doublecross Argent Aurora or vice versa? Is Fiona the Black making a cameo? How will the fans react to Deiss x Angelique ship? What IS the lizard dude’s deal?
(11:33:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: next episode on Five Finger Crawl
(11:33:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: please watch it!
(11:33:34 PM) You are now known as Ximni
(11:33:48 PM) Ronja is now known as Kzar

Session 3 OOC

(7:53:29 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(7:53:37 PM) FusionClock: Not really.
(7:53:38 PM) Ximni: A wild parrot appears!
(7:53:44 PM) Beelzedude: hi
(7:53:46 PM) vytzka: hello, you guys
(7:53:50 PM) FusionClock: Hi vytzka.
(7:54:07 PM) mode (o vytzka) by Kzar
(7:54:11 PM) Kzar: Ops! Ops for everyone!
(7:54:12 PM) Cassandra: Vytzka man!
(7:54:46 PM) Beelzedude: I’ve got my character finished if I don’t get any xp or something.
(7:55:09 PM) Kzar: I think we all have 3 xp? Does that apply to new chars joining us too?
(7:55:29 PM) vytzka: it does
(7:55:29 PM) FusionClock: Well, we could just roll with something like I’ve sent a message to you, inviting you to five fingers.
(7:55:30 PM) Kzar: Personally, I’d rather see us remain at the same level
(7:55:34 PM) Kzar: Good :)
(7:55:49 PM) Beelzedude: nice
(7:56:07 PM) Ximni: vytzka: we kinda have a plan for todays session
(7:56:12 PM) vytzka: oh?
(7:56:29 PM) Beelzedude: that means I gain 2 occupational skills, right?
(7:56:35 PM) vytzka: yeah
(7:57:21 PM) Cassandra: Apparently we planned everything down to the finest detail!
(7:57:23 PM) Ximni: Phase 1: deal with Mr Gator-Ordic
(7:57:23 PM) Ximni: Phase 2: Mr B comes and says hello to Mr M upstairs
(7:57:23 PM) Ximni: Phase 3: The glorious basement adventurers return
(7:57:25 PM) Cassandra: Maybe.
(7:57:35 PM) vytzka: I’m sure what you guys have heard Bismarck say about plans
(7:57:38 PM) vytzka: or was it von Moltke?
(7:57:44 PM) Ximni: Phase 4: everybody drinks tea
(7:57:51 PM) Cassandra: Tea is yummy.
(7:57:59 PM) vytzka: I’m gonna make some tea
(7:58:00 PM) FusionClock: What?
(7:58:03 PM) Beelzedude: brb, on the can really quickly.
(7:58:07 PM) vytzka: and put cheese and tomato sandwiches in the oven
(7:58:07 PM) Kzar: Plans never survive contact with the players?
(7:58:10 PM) vytzka: then we can start
(7:58:32 PM) Kzar is now known as Ronja
(7:58:36 PM) vytzka: Kzar, victory comes to the side with bigger guns
(7:58:40 PM) vytzka: or maybe the plans thing, yeah
(7:58:47 PM) FusionClock: Beelzedude: So do you wanna go with the ‘I invited you over’ plan for now?
(7:59:01 PM) Ronja: I’d say victory comes to whoever was left alive, not necessarily the one with the biggest guns :P
(7:59:05 PM) FusionClock: You could come up with why later.
(7:59:55 PM) FusionClock: If you wanna make the assassin thingie into the usual suspects, go ahead.
(8:00:11 PM) FusionClock: As long as you don’t turn the voclain dynasty into dinosaurs.
(8:00:13 PM) Ronja: a evil ninja monkey thrall delivered a mysterious note in the dark of the night
(7:59:37 PM) FusionClock: I will employ the pidgin.
(7:59:54 PM) Beelzedude: back
(8:00:16 PM) FusionClock1 [] entered the room.
(8:00:37 PM) FusionClock1 is now known as Vincent
(8:01:09 PM) Vincent: So.
(8:01:12 PM) Beelzedude is now known as Desmond
(8:02:17 PM) Cassandra is now known as Deiss
(8:02:31 PM) Ximni: vytzka: Beelzedude, Obsidian Portal, campaign invite?
(8:02:37 PM) Desmond: was there an ooc channel or did I understand that wrong?
(8:02:50 PM) Vincent: I think this is the ooc channel.
(8:02:54 PM) Ximni: this is the OOC
(8:02:55 PM) Desmond: whatnowwho?
(8:03:00 PM) Desmond: oh ^^
(8:03:16 PM) Deiss: Woo.
(8:03:50 PM) Desmond: should I have registered for obsidianportal?
(8:04:00 PM) Deiss: I like the name Deiss because I imagine it is pronounced the name as ‘Dice’ and sounds German. :)
(8:04:26 PM) Desmond: is there a seperate IC channel, then?
(8:04:30 PM) Ximni pokes vytzka a few times
(8:04:33 PM) Deiss: Indeed.
(8:04:44 PM) Deiss: Vytzka is making his refreshments.
(8:04:54 PM) Ximni: #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:05:05 PM) Vincent: I’ll get a second bottle of poison.
(8:05:15 PM) Ximni: I know Deiss, I just like poking him ;)
(8:05:51 PM) Deiss: Not sure he can here when he is at his tea making facility!
(8:06:29 PM) Ximni: I’m sure his client highlights when we mention his name
(8:07:55 PM) Desmond: just made an account on obsidianportal, name Beelzedude.
(8:08:01 PM) Vincent: Right.
(8:09:02 PM) vytzka: alright
(8:09:11 PM) Deiss: You are the model of efficiency, Desmond. :)
(8:10:03 PM) mode (o Vincent) by vytzka
(8:10:11 PM) vytzka: everybody here?
(8:10:19 PM) vytzka: where’s FC
(8:10:24 PM) Vincent: Here.
(8:10:26 PM) Ximni: No sign of Catseye
(8:10:36 PM) vytzka: FC: what about IC channel
(8:10:51 PM) vytzka: Ximni, well, when he sorts out his shit he can join us but we’re not waiting for him now
(8:10:51 PM) vytzka: sorry
(8:11:05 PM) Vincent: Can you give the name please?
(8:11:09 PM) Desmond: how do I get my character to you, vytzka?
(8:11:09 PM) vytzka: here’s some Klepacki
(8:11:14 PM) vytzka: #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:11:17 PM) vytzka: Desmond, hmm
(8:11:18 PM) Vincent: I can’t remember all these subsub channels.
(8:11:23 PM) You are now known as Manario
(8:11:25 PM) vytzka: let me invite you to the campaign on OC
(8:11:39 PM) Vincent: So we’re still playing with manario?
(8:11:44 PM) vytzka: ostensibly
(8:11:53 PM) vytzka: Ximni said he liked it best
(8:11:56 PM) vytzka: so that will have to do
(8:12:08 PM) Deiss: You like to use that word, Vytzka.
(8:12:25 PM) vytzka: Deiss, which one?
(8:12:26 PM) Vincent: vytzka likes making me open my dictionary.
(8:12:33 PM) Vincent: If you know what I mean.
(8:12:41 PM) vytzka: and by dictionary you mean your legs?
(8:12:49 PM) Deiss: Ostensibly.
(8:12:55 PM) vytzka: it’s a good word ^
(8:13:07 PM) vytzka: it’s simultaneously sophisticated and avoiding commitment
(8:13:09 PM) vytzka: just like me
(8:13:11 PM) vytzka: ANYWAY
(8:13:15 PM) vytzka: can I start in IC?
(8:13:19 PM) Vincent: SUre.
(8:13:33 PM) vytzka: Beelzedude you got your invitation, you can create your character and copypaste your stats when you do so
(8:13:37 PM) Deiss: You are crazy, Vytzka man.
(8:13:46 PM) vytzka: crazy like a fox
(8:14:00 PM) vytzka: actually had a panic attack about running the game with about half an hour left :P but enough about me
(8:14:11 PM) vytzka: and more full metal magical realism
(8:14:12 PM) Manario: Desmond: if you want any help with the wiki just ask me
(8:16:04 PM) Desmond: there’s no invite anywhere.
(8:16:54 PM) vytzka is now known as ParrotVytzka
(8:17:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: that’s odd
(8:17:50 PM) Ronja: Was just some of us who had spotted that one?
(8:17:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: check your spam folder?
(8:18:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: probably all of you by now
(8:18:04 PM) Desmond: nope, nothing
(8:18:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s not very bright but the thing isn’t particularly sneaky
(8:18:19 PM) Ronja: checking
(8:18:45 PM) Manario: Desmond: nothing on your OP profile?
(8:18:52 PM) Desmond: nope
(8:18:53 PM) Desmond: zip
(8:19:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh sorry
(8:19:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: I think you should be getting it now
(8:19:15 PM) Desmond:
(8:19:43 PM) Desmond: that too a while.
(8:19:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry!
(8:20:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: apparently you need to click update to send the invites
(8:20:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: rather than just, I dunno, adding a name
(8:21:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: tell me if I’m overdoing the sss
(8:21:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: I mean you probably get it, it sounds like a fucking lizard
(8:21:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: or a snake?
(8:21:36 PM) Manario: A third advocate? Sweet!
(8:22:08 PM) Vincent: sssss
(8:22:10 PM) Vincent: tis cool
(8:22:28 PM) Deiss: Sssss?
(8:22:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: sssss
(8:22:48 PM) Manario: sssss!
(8:23:59 PM) Deiss twirls a Vytzka.
(8:24:18 PM) Manario: The pen is mightier than the sword?
(8:25:41 PM) Vincent: I think you might’ve been waiting for me there.
(8:26:37 PM) Manario: Feed it! Make him our pet/ally.
(8:27:06 PM) Ronja: Yes!
(8:27:07 PM) Deiss: Obviously.
(8:27:16 PM) Ronja: Scratchy
(8:27:23 PM) Manario gives Deiss 2 Badass Points
(8:27:31 PM) Deiss: Silly skeletons, playing their rock & roll music all night.
(8:27:42 PM) Ronja: keeping our joint bouncin’
(8:27:50 PM) Manario: muggles? really? muggles?
(8:28:33 PM) Manario ponders IK+HP fanfiction
(8:28:47 PM) Ronja: I’d read it
(8:29:07 PM) Desmond: Oo
(8:29:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: mundanes?
(8:29:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: imagine some other derisive and obscure term if you like
(8:29:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: but all the associations fit
(8:30:56 PM) Manario: Ronja: Harry approached the warjack. “Oh my! How strong you are, and how hard…” Harry let his soft fingers gently caress the cold metal of the ‘jacks cannon-arm.
(8:31:15 PM) Ronja: I put on my robe and wizards hat.
(8:31:35 PM) Deiss: You are pretty crazy, Ximni. :)
(8:31:36 PM) Desmond: hehe
(8:31:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: :D
(8:32:12 PM) Manario: Vincent: Are you gonna try to make it drink tea?
(8:32:14 PM) Vincent: I can’t read both channels at once.
(8:32:18 PM) Vincent: Sure.
(8:32:55 PM) Manario: Vincent: Multiple windows dude!
(8:33:06 PM) Vincent: Can the lizard even come upstairs?
(8:33:28 PM) Desmond: on what backstory did we agree anyways? ^

(8:33:31 PM) Desmond: for my dude
(8:33:34 PM) Deiss: Lizards with teacups. What will they think of next?
(8:34:11 PM) Desmond: regarding a connection to the group
(8:36:07 PM) Manario: (7:58:47 PM) FusionClock: Desmond: So do you wanna go with the ‘I invited you over’ plan for now?
(8:36:07 PM) Manario: (7:59:05 PM) FusionClock: You could come up with why later.
(8:36:07 PM) Manario: (7:59:55 PM) FusionClock: If you wanna make the assassin thingie into the usual suspects, go ahead.
(8:36:07 PM) Manario: (8:00:11 PM) FusionClock: As long as you don’t turn the voclain dynasty into dinosaurs.
(8:36:42 PM) Manario: not sure you ever answered that Desmond
(8:36:45 PM) Vincent: Heh.
(8:37:01 PM) Desmond: ah ok, I think I was on the can, when you postet that. ^
(8:37:11 PM) Desmond: we can do that, yes.
(8:37:46 PM) Manario: ok, so the Gator-Ordic gentleman is sort of dealt with, yes?
(8:38:03 PM) Deiss: Think Manario will like our scaly friend? Maybe he could be a lab assistant? :)
(8:38:40 PM) Vincent: the gator lives in a pile of shit, but draft is a no-no
(8:38:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s not shit
(8:38:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s water damage and rotting flesh
(8:38:56 PM) Manario: drafts are evil
(8:39:05 PM) Vincent: ParrotVytzka: Yup, that’s shit.
(8:39:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: :P
(8:39:22 PM) Deiss: We will have to get our lizard dressed up in something snazzy.
(8:39:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: so is Desmond about to arrive now?
(8:39:29 PM) Manario: so… switch scene to Desmond and Manario meeting? and the group joining them after a few minutes?
(8:39:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: or whatever?
(8:39:33 PM) Vincent: Yeah, we get up.
(8:39:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: probably
(8:39:48 PM) Vincent: Sure, Desmond arrive before we got up?
(8:39:53 PM) Deiss: Do you have any nice suits we could lend to the lizard, Vincent? :)
(8:39:58 PM) Deiss: Sounds good.
(8:40:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, I guess
(8:40:06 PM) Vincent: I might have a skirt of my mistress somewhere.
(8:40:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe lizard is a girl?
(8:40:35 PM) Vincent: Maybe you wanna do a scene? Before we get up?
(8:40:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure
(8:40:42 PM) Vincent: ParrotVytzka: I heard it’s hard to know.
(8:40:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: so they say
(8:40:57 PM) Deiss: Girls can wear suits too, you know.
(8:41:01 PM) Manario: just send in captain Kirk
(8:41:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, sure!
(8:41:27 PM) Vincent: I might have a suit of my mistress somewhere.
(8:41:27 PM) Manario: if it’s female he’ll seduce it, if it’s male he’ll kill it
(8:41:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s important not to get it mixed up
(8:42:00 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(8:42:21 PM) Deiss: Well I doubt anyone in our group is going to have sex with the beast, so I doubt it really matters.
(8:42:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: so Manario is basically Rakshata from Code Geass?
(8:42:29 PM) Manario: ???
(8:42:39 PM) Manario: he’s just following orders
(8:42:49 PM) Vincent: I did tell him to make the teas.
(8:42:55 PM) Vincent: Tho it will be bathwater soon.
(8:42:57 PM) ParrotVytzka:
(8:43:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: engineer :)
(8:43:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: but spends 99% of the time sitting on sofas and smoking her pipe
(8:43:52 PM) Deiss: She is having deep thoughts.
(8:44:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: (I think they even had a sofa in the battleship specifically for her to lounge on)
(8:44:29 PM) Deiss: Lounging is important.
(8:45:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is
(8:45:04 PM) Vincent: I often find myself lounging while false.
(8:45:23 PM) Deiss: While false?
(8:45:37 PM) Vincent: It was a programming joke.
(8:45:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: ha!
(8:45:59 PM) Deiss: Well then.
(8:46:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: but while false takes no time at all
(8:46:12 PM) Vincent: So I never lounge.
(8:46:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m sorry :(
(8:46:59 PM) Vincent: What happened?
(8:47:04 PM) Deiss: You are incorrigible.
(8:48:15 PM) Deiss: Maybe you can be Manarios friend, Desmond! He needs more friends. Doesn’t get out enough.
(8:48:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: if I ever have a rock band I’ll call it the incorrigible dirigible
(8:48:50 PM) Deiss: Sounds about right to me.
(8:49:39 PM) Deiss: Steampunk rock? :)
(8:49:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure!
(8:49:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: progressive steampunk
(8:50:28 PM) Vincent: Progressive-aggressive crabsteam corepunk
(8:50:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: sounds good
(8:50:45 PM) Vincent: RYn?
(8:51:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ryn is the nationality of most people in Llael (the ones that are not Umbrean that is)
(8:51:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: or Rynnish
(8:52:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: Wilson and Seacat really wanted to make nationality names different from countries (which makes certain historical sense – Caspia used to be the core region of Cygnar, and Llael is basically composed of two cultures)
(8:52:18 PM) Desmond: scrap that lost one.
(8:52:23 PM) Desmond: no whispering
(8:52:37 PM) Vincent: Llael stronk.
(8:52:52 PM) Deiss: Fun times.
(8:53:32 PM) Deiss: So you two are fancy gentleman. :)
(8:53:33 PM) Manario: you wanna join now?
(8:53:45 PM) Vincent: Sure.
(8:53:49 PM) Deiss: Certainly, good sir.
(8:53:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m wondering which one’s going to tap out of the conversation first
(8:53:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: but oh well
(8:53:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: :D
(8:53:54 PM) Manario: we’ve had a nice little RP scene now
(8:53:55 PM) Vincent: :D
(8:54:09 PM) Vincent: Can we join then?
(8:54:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure
(8:54:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: remember to wipe your feet
(8:54:18 PM) Manario: come on up!
(8:54:37 PM) Manario: wipe on what? the carpet made out of mold?
(8:54:42 PM) Desmond: Imagine him as kind of a d’artagnan type with blond hair and the little goatee.
(8:54:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: well maybe you have some rags at home
(8:55:23 PM) Desmond: roguishly handsome so to say.
(8:55:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: did you take off the DANGER sign?
(8:55:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: if not, people will be afraid to let you in now!
(8:55:53 PM) Manario: I think we had to to get down there
(8:56:39 PM) Manario: do I need to Alchemy the tea?
(8:56:46 PM) Vincent: Did desmond use daggers?
(8:56:58 PM) Deiss: Deiss is a tall pale women with short black hair and blue eyes, muscular, etc.
(8:57:09 PM) Desmond: assassin’s blade.
(8:57:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, I’m sure you can just make some tea
(8:57:19 PM) Desmond: don’t know if that’s a dagger or a short sword.
(8:57:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: unless you’re trying to knock people out or something
(8:57:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desmond, sort of in between
(8:57:31 PM) Vincent: I will call you the Dagger.
(8:57:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: more like a heavy dagger
(8:57:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, are you saying he’s a princess in disguise?
(8:58:13 PM) Vincent: ParrotVytzka: Huh?
(8:58:18 PM) Vincent: A daggers a weapon right?
(8:58:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: never played Final Fantasy 9, I see
(8:58:24 PM) Vincent: He’s a cutthroat?
(8:58:42 PM) Manario: I need to finish my latest replay of FF9
(8:59:30 PM) Desmond: yes
(8:59:34 PM) Desmond: and advocate
(9:04:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: MR. BEEEEE
(9:05:15 PM) Manario: Mr B?
(9:05:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: ha!
(9:05:51 PM) Vincent: Heh, sorry if I’m forcing the nickname.
(9:05:56 PM) Desmond: .
(9:06:13 PM) Desmond: and I am determined to undermine the effort.
(9:06:16 PM) Manario: we now have a pic of Mr B for the wiki :P
(9:06:29 PM) Deiss: Drama!
(9:06:33 PM) Vincent: It’s like in game of thrones!
(9:06:50 PM) Vincent: Nicknames all around.
(9:07:48 PM) Manario nicknames Vincent “The Kingslayer”
(9:07:51 PM) Desmond: are we alone in the bar or are there customers?
(9:08:02 PM) Manario: no customers right now
(9:08:29 PM) Vincent: Manario: Better than the Imp.
(9:08:30 PM) Manario: or, well, it was empty when people went down to the basement
(9:09:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: there haven’t been sudden bursts of activity since
(9:09:08 PM) Deiss: I think we put out a ‘Closed’ sign after the mobsters left. :)
(9:10:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: that might have been a good idea
(9:10:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Closed for gang warfare”
(9:10:58 PM) Vincent: due to
(9:11:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: or due to!
(9:11:13 PM) Manario: “secret cult meeting, do not disturb”
(9:11:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: I was thinking something like closed for inventory
(9:11:30 PM) Deiss: Obviously this is a common thing in Five Fingers.
(9:11:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: so you close the shop and then go shoot some fools with your steampunk tommy guns
(9:11:46 PM) Manario: shoot all the fools!
(9:11:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: in your neighborhood? more likely than you think
(9:12:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: nice way of summarizing :D
(9:12:31 PM) Manario: pew pew pew!
(9:12:46 PM) Manario: AOE 3 is awesome!
(9:16:25 PM) Vincent: The wall needed to be sealed, right?
(9:16:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: depends on what do you want?
(9:16:48 PM) Manario: sort of, for now anyway
(9:16:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: you didn’t even look for what was on the other side
(9:17:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe it’s, like, another wall
(9:17:16 PM) Vincent: True
(9:18:03 PM) Manario: Manario, Ronja and Desmond should go down there and take another look later
(9:18:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: who’s souslemiroir?
(9:19:04 PM) Vincent: What?
(9:19:19 PM) Manario: I’m not sure
(9:19:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: someone who favorited my campaign on OP
(9:19:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: he seems to have ximni as friend
(9:19:34 PM) Manario: yes
(9:20:04 PM) Manario: it’s probably somebody from the main channel
(9:20:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: I think it’s Gemini
(9:21:03 PM) Manario: yes, it’s Gemini
(9:22:21 PM) Deiss: Do you have anything to add, Ronja? :)
(9:23:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: Skirov Black sounds like a rapper
(9:23:06 PM) Ronja: not atm, sorry, rl came and interrupted me quite severly there for a moment
(9:23:17 PM) Deiss: Okies.
(9:23:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: you okay now Ronja?
(9:23:27 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: it’s a kind of tea that Vincent likes
(9:23:28 PM) Ronja: yea, got some stuff I need to take care of after the game just
(9:23:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, yeah, I gathered that
(9:24:16 PM) Manario: but this isn’t the real deal, if you know what I mean…
(9:24:32 PM) Manario has all kinds of secret brews :)
(9:25:15 PM) Deiss: Manario is the brewmaster!
(9:25:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: Da Broomastah
(9:26:09 PM) Manario can make soup on a nail
(9:26:32 PM) Vincent: How about a snail?
(9:26:42 PM) Deiss: But how good are you with a mop, Manario? ;)
(9:26:44 PM) Manario: Or possibly a stone.
(9:26:59 PM) Manario: Not as good as you are Deiss ;)
(9:27:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: I think you can make soup out of snails
(9:27:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: probably
(9:27:48 PM) Desmond: it has lots of iron.
(9:27:58 PM) Manario was making a reference to an old folk tale
(9:28:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, I got it!
(9:28:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: although over here it’s axe soup or porridge
(9:28:34 PM) Manario: You’re just saying that to make me smile
(9:30:05 PM) Vincent: can we like split up the group?
(9:30:16 PM) Manario: that’s fine by me
(9:30:36 PM) Vincent: if we need to fix the basement and get the meeting set up?
(9:30:56 PM) Deiss: Sure!
(9:31:14 PM) Deiss: Cassie is all about the efficiency.
(9:31:20 PM) Vincent: small break? I could use the toilet and get coffee.
(9:31:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure
(9:31:33 PM) Vincent: brb
(9:31:39 PM) Desmond: I remember there being a saysing which goes a little bit like “never split the party”. ^

(9:31:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: well, as you wish, guys
(9:31:59 PM) Deiss: Deiss likes to razz Manario. :)
(9:32:14 PM) Manario: leader+muscle go to the mafia, Mr M + ?? deals with the basement
(9:32:24 PM) Manario: did I get that right?
(9:33:19 PM) Deiss: So I don’t really think fixing up the basement will be all that interesting to roleplay. Unless you guys start exploring the undercity or something. :)
(9:33:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: good point
(9:33:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: or negotiate with Mr. Lizard?
(9:33:48 PM) Deiss: So we could all tromp together.
(9:34:03 PM) Manario: I’m sure we’ll all go to the undercity together one day.
(9:34:23 PM) Deiss: Do you want to have wacky hijinks with the lizard, Ximni?
(9:34:49 PM) Manario: No thanks, Manario isn’t into lizards ;)
(9:35:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: basically you people get the same amount of game time whether you go together or not :P
(9:35:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: just everyone can talk if they’re all there
(9:35:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: so I don’t see why not do it
(9:35:22 PM) Deiss: Yea.
(9:35:30 PM) Manario has a reason to stay hidden
(9:35:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh?
(9:35:50 PM) Manario: future story thing
(9:35:52 PM) Deiss: So we all go together to meet the other gang then?
(9:35:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: I thought you were going to go out more now :P
(9:36:12 PM) Vincent: So.
(9:36:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: besides, what happens if mobsters show up and Manario is alone?
(9:36:19 PM) Vincent: I’m back.
(9:36:21 PM) Manario: also, Vincent should be staying hidden too maybe, with the assassins and all that
(9:36:30 PM) Vincent: Heh.
(9:36:37 PM) Manario: ParrotVytzka: It’s Fisting time!
(9:36:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: eek!
(9:36:48 PM) Deiss: Vincent leads from the front, err middle!
(9:37:30 PM) Manario: Well, five Fistings anyway, then he’ll need to reload…
(9:37:37 PM) Vincent: Well, we could go to the mob boss together.
(9:37:45 PM) Manario <3 Fist of Freedom
(9:38:15 PM) Vincent: I’m just afraid that ParrotVytzka is running the time limit D&D trope.
(9:38:26 PM) Manario needs more “Fist of X” names for future weapons
(9:38:32 PM) Vincent: Yes, I learned that today.
(9:38:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: time limit?
(9:38:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: me?
(9:38:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: never
(9:39:07 PM) Deiss: We must go forth and confront our nemesis!
(9:39:09 PM) Deiss: Maybe!
(9:39:16 PM) Vincent: Then we could go to the mob boss as a group imo.
(9:39:22 PM) Desmond: I’ll take the Iron Fist of Opression should we ever find such a weapon.
(9:39:31 PM) Vincent: If the basement freezes in time.
(9:39:41 PM) Manario: I take it we’ll bring the Fist too?
(9:39:47 PM) Vincent: Iron Fist of Fisting.
(9:39:53 PM) Vincent: What a fearsome weapon.
(9:40:00 PM) Deiss: So cut to going to meeting with Alexander?
(9:40:13 PM) Manario: We’re not that kind of a club Vincent
(9:40:16 PM) Vincent: When peeps are ready, sure.
(9:40:28 PM) Deiss: Are peeps ready?
(9:40:28 PM) Vincent: Manario: I could run it as a side event.
(9:40:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: so what time is it? sometime in the afternoon?
(9:40:46 PM) Manario: Vincent: That’s ok with me.
(9:41:08 PM) Deiss: Afternoons.
(9:41:10 PM) Deiss: Seems right.
(9:41:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: alright
(9:41:21 PM) Manario: Who wants to carry the Fist?
(9:41:34 PM) Deiss: I vote Manario.
(9:41:51 PM) Vincent: Can I get a pear of anguish in this game?
(9:42:15 PM) Vincent: This is becoming blatant fetish quest, isn’t it.
(9:42:16 PM) Desmond: yikes
(9:42:18 PM) Manario: Desmond: In case you don’t know, the Fist of Freedom is a repeating pistol with AOE 3 shots. It can make everything explode.
(9:42:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: including buildings, ships and stone columns
(9:42:31 PM) Desmond: nice
(9:42:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, dragons
(9:42:39 PM) Manario: Vincent: You say that like it’s a bad thing ;)
(9:42:45 PM) Vincent: If it doesn’t require aiming, Manario can use it.
(9:42:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: :D
(9:43:01 PM) Manario: yup, that sums up his weapon skills
(9:43:07 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(9:43:09 PM) Desmond: damn…I need a drawing of someone who looks like d’artagnan and green arrow had a son.
(9:43:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: so, who’s going to see Vito again?
(9:43:17 PM) Deiss: You have three weapen skills.
(9:43:23 PM) Vincent: I guess you roll two dice, one for friendly fire and one for enemy damage.
(9:43:36 PM) Vincent: So we cut to alex then?
(9:44:17 PM) Manario: fine, I’ll carry the doomsday weapon
(9:44:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: I guess
(9:44:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: just remind me who’s going or is it everyone
(9:44:37 PM) Deiss: Everyone!
(9:44:37 PM) Vincent: Everyone.
(9:44:40 PM) Manario: I think everybody is going
(9:44:42 PM) Deiss: Even me. :)
(9:44:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(9:44:58 PM) Deiss: Maybe Ronja. She is quiet.
(9:44:58 PM) Vincent: (now ParrotVytzka burns the place down)
(9:45:07 PM) Manario will stand behind all the tough people
(9:45:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, lizardpocalypse
(9:45:17 PM) Vincent: And shoot them in the back?
(9:45:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: he won’t hit them anyway
(9:45:31 PM) Manario: with my luck? yes
(9:45:32 PM) Catseye [] entered the room.
(9:45:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: Catseye!
(9:45:42 PM) Manario: well, I do have AOE 3
(9:45:43 PM) Desmond: hi
(9:46:01 PM) Deiss: The eye of the cat. Yep.
(9:46:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: Catseye?
(9:46:09 PM) Catseye: hi. Sorry about my being late
(9:46:13 PM) Manario: gear up Lena, we’re going to the mafia to talk
(9:46:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: if you hurry you’ll make it to the meeting with Vito Alexander
(9:46:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you ready?
(9:46:20 PM) Catseye is now known as Lena
(9:46:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: alright
(9:46:25 PM) Lena: All ready
(9:46:32 PM) mode (o Lena) by ParrotVytzka
(9:46:34 PM) Vincent: So all go to alex then!
(9:46:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(9:46:40 PM) Vincent: oorah!
(9:46:47 PM) Manario: CUT IT!
(9:46:57 PM) Deiss: Hopefully we won’t have to shoot him.
(9:47:11 PM) Manario: Ammo is expensive, Yep.
(9:47:52 PM) Manario: No, it’s my wild hair.
(9:48:04 PM) Deiss: Deiss is mean and dangerous!
(9:48:06 PM) Manario: People fear the wild hair.
(9:48:25 PM) Deiss: But Manario is the nut.
(9:48:34 PM) Manario: We need to get matching coats or something.
(9:49:08 PM) Manario: I vote for green coats. Green is nice.
(9:49:34 PM) Vincent: I vote for red with gold highlights for bosses.
(9:50:14 PM) Manario: But then it’s easier to single you out.
(9:50:31 PM) Deiss: I am all about grey myself. :)
(9:50:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, psychological warfare
(9:50:38 PM) Desmond: I’m cool with green as long as it is not too bright.
(9:53:19 PM) Manario: are they smoking the good stuff?
(9:54:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah
(9:54:48 PM) Manario: :( I was hoping to get a lead on where you could get the good stuff
(9:54:57 PM) Manario needs the good stuff
(9:55:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe the goons aren’t the best source for that
(9:55:08 PM) Manario: the quest continues
(9:57:12 PM) Deiss: I think you might need to see a tobacconist, Manario. :)
(9:57:13 PM) Manario: "It’s under ‘the guy who can kill Fat Tony for you’ “
”color: #a82f2f;">(9:57:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: if it was that simple :P
(9:57:45 PM) Manario kills Fat Tony
(9:57:48 PM) Manario: :P
(9:57:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: stop godmodding
(10:00:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: intimidate check?
(10:00:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss?
(10:00:43 PM) Vincent: “At five minutes ago?”
(10:00:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: PHY
(10:01:04 PM) Manario: Go Deiss, go!
(10:01:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: or PRW maybe
(10:01:12 PM) Vincent: Kill her!
(10:01:13 PM) Vincent: err
(10:01:22 PM) Vincent: intimidate herr
(10:01:28 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d67
(10:01:29 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+7]: 12>
(10:02:14 PM) Deiss: Intimidate plus Strength?
(10:02:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: physical
(10:02:49 PM) Deiss: Just add one if it is physique.
(10:03:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(10:03:53 PM) Vincent: I hope that crown is out of your own purse
(10:04:11 PM) Vincent: and not, like, shared monays
(10:04:24 PM) Vincent: but it was alright, so no biggie
(10:04:35 PM) Manario: how much do we have in the AA treasury?
(10:04:48 PM) Lena: Do I need to make a Bribery check?
(10:05:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, nah
(10:05:09 PM) Manario: take the deal
(10:05:54 PM) Manario: I don’t think we can fight our way in
(10:06:17 PM) Vincent: heh
(10:06:43 PM) Deiss: Deiss can talk her way in! She is quite persausive. :)
(10:07:04 PM) Lena: Money talks
(10:07:50 PM) Vincent: We take it then?
(10:07:52 PM) Manario: anybody want to do anything else in this scene or are we skipping ahead to the meeting?
(10:08:10 PM) Desmond: wink at the receptionist maybe. ^
(10:08:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: threatening receptionists may be hazardous to one’s health
(10:09:09 PM) Deiss: Deiss did not threaten anyone. ;)
(10:09:31 PM) Lena: gold crown got us what we wanted :)
(10:09:33 PM) Manario: Is that so? We should probably get some of our own then.
(10:09:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario for receptionist
(10:10:03 PM) Manario imagines a mine field of receptionists
(10:10:06 PM) Deiss: Maybe Deiss could go on a date with the receptionist? Hehe.
(10:10:23 PM) Deiss: That would be kinda silly.
(10:10:27 PM) Vincent: So cut to aurora then? Should we do the basemen or skip to tomorrow?
(10:10:31 PM) Vincent: basement*
(10:10:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, you could try!
(10:10:37 PM) Vincent: that is this basemen
(10:10:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, as you wish
(10:10:44 PM) Deiss does have seduction!
(10:10:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: we only have time for a short scene
(10:10:51 PM) Manario: Seduce her!
(10:10:52 PM) Desmond does, too.
(10:10:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, you could try getting some information that way? :P
(10:11:04 PM) Manario votes for the meeting
(10:11:17 PM) Deiss: So me and Desmond will be competing for all the ladies. Yep.
(10:11:27 PM) Deiss: Maybe some of the men too.
(10:11:28 PM) Vincent: I will be competing for the monies.
(10:11:29 PM) Ronja: That leaves all the hunks for Ronja.
(10:11:41 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(10:11:42 PM) Desmond: I’ll stick to the ladies, thank you. ;p
(10:11:49 PM) Manario will be looking for dwarves
(10:11:55 PM) Deiss: Cassie is flexible.
(10:12:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: a dwarfophile?
(10:12:11 PM) Manario: future story
(10:12:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: everyone’s okay with skipping to the morning?
(10:12:25 PM) Vincent: We could skip to tomorrow, leave basement for later.
(10:12:30 PM) Deiss: I almost made Deiss a dwarf.
(10:12:31 PM) Desmond: yep
(10:12:42 PM) Manario: skip!
(10:13:04 PM) Deiss: Go forth, fair Vytzka. Sail us to glad seas.
(10:13:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure thing!
(10:13:22 PM) Vincent: I would like to have a bath before the meeting.
(10:13:29 PM) Vincent: I will write it in IC.
(10:13:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: okay
(10:13:36 PM) Deiss: Bathing is nice.
(10:14:01 PM) Desmond: it is.
(10:14:24 PM) Vincent: I just want to avoid infections.
(10:14:35 PM) Deiss: Have you built an automated scrub brush, Manario?
(10:15:09 PM) Manario: No, I have not made any toys for you yet, Deiss.
(10:15:31 PM) Manario can brew medicine
(10:15:46 PM) Deiss: You should make a mechanik roomba. Tiny jack that zooms around eating the dirt!
(10:16:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: ha!
(10:16:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: a roombajack
(10:16:17 PM) Vincent: Heh.
(10:16:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: anyone else wants to do something before leaving?
(10:16:34 PM) Desmond: wash
(10:16:45 PM) Desmond: have tea
(10:16:46 PM) Manario: now we know why one sock always disappears
(10:16:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you suspecting the lizard?
(10:17:10 PM) Manario: no, the roombajacks
(10:17:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: that also makes sense
(10:17:29 PM) Deiss: You must build this, Manario. :)
(10:17:37 PM) Deiss: I will pay you anything. :)
(10:18:10 PM) Manario: I need you to kill somebody.
(10:18:34 PM) Deiss: Hrm. Depends on who!
(10:18:39 PM) Manario: but we can talk more about that after the session
(10:18:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: alright
(10:19:03 PM) Manario has ideas for a future story to discuss
(10:19:12 PM) Lena: could someone tell me what happened in the basement?
(10:19:35 PM) Deiss: Maybe Deiss slicks back her hair with some alchemical gel. ;)
(10:19:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: they found some thralls and a gatorman
(10:19:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: does anyone of you open the door?
(10:19:53 PM) Deiss: Got to look nice for the receptionist.
(10:19:57 PM) Lena: if the gatorman boots now?
(10:19:59 PM) Manario: Lena: there’s a Gator-Ordic person down there, and outcast, we’re making a deal with him soon
(10:20:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s probably still blocked with the chair
(10:20:12 PM) Lena: ah, okay
(10:20:48 PM) Manario: Lena: there’s also some kind of undercity down there, we’ll investigate that more in the future
(10:20:55 PM) Deiss: Commotion!
(10:21:25 PM) Manario: violence!
(10:21:42 PM) Lena: sounds like it could be very useful to us
(10:21:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: here’s your cliffhanger
(10:21:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: ^___________

(10:22:03 PM) Manario: we need secret holes in the walls that we can shoot through
(10:22:03 PM) Vincent: wat
(10:22:17 PM) Desmond: yes, very.
(10:22:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, good idea
(10:22:20 PM) Vincent: Well, I am a bit tired anyway.
(10:22:25 PM) Deiss: Ooo. Cliffy.
(10:22:25 PM) Manario hits ParrotVytzka with a trout
(10:22:34 PM) Vincent: We need a safe for the goods.
(10:22:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: next week if I’m still at home we can start playing earlier and maybe end later
(10:22:42 PM) Vincent: For future goods.
(10:22:43 PM) Deiss: You are an excellent example of a Vytzka.
(10:22:43 PM) Manario: give us more! we need more!
(10:22:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: the goons all wear white striped shirts with suspenders and fedoras?
(10:22:59 PM) Deiss hugs Vytzka.
(10:23:02 PM) Lena: okay, sounds good. And next week, I shouldn’t be late
(10:23:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: also they have swords and pistols
(10:23:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, take care
(10:23:11 PM) ParrotVytzka hugs Deiss
(10:23:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: comments?
(10:23:20 PM) Deiss is now known as Cassandra
(10:23:23 PM) Manario: +1XP?
(10:23:25 PM) Vincent: Well, better to end it like this than mid sentence.
(10:23:28 PM) Vincent left the room.
(10:23:28 PM) You are now known as Ximni
(10:23:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: +1 XP
(10:23:29 PM) Desmond is now known as Beelzedude
(10:23:37 PM) Beelzedude: :D
(10:23:38 PM) Ronja: Next week I shouldn’t have rl coming and shitting all over my attention
(10:23:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: so everyone has 4 now
(10:23:42 PM) FusionClock: It’s a me, FusionClock.
(10:23:50 PM) Ronja is now known as Kzar
(10:23:53 PM) Cassandra: Fun times.
(10:24:16 PM) Lena is now known as Catseye
(10:24:19 PM) Beelzedude: correct, that means +1 spell, ability, connection or military skill.
(10:24:21 PM) Ximni: does todays session have a cool title?
(10:24:50 PM) FusionClock: Yeah, I should use that exp too.
(10:24:53 PM) Cassandra: I wonder if we can challenge their leader to a knife fight? I would say a fist fight but I sadly do not have unarmed combat.
(10:25:33 PM) Beelzedude: you lure him inside, I stab him in the kidneys.
(10:25:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ximni, how about “Connections within shadows”?
(10:25:58 PM) Beelzedude: or something like that.
(10:26:15 PM) Cassandra: That may be your way of doing things. :)
(10:26:28 PM) Cassandra: Deiss has dramatic knife fights!
(10:26:32 PM) FusionClock: Soo.
(10:26:39 PM) FusionClock: How did this go?
(10:26:48 PM) FusionClock: Bitter disappointment?
(10:26:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: I hope not!
(10:26:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: there was a lot of talking
(10:27:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: so maybe people are getting more comfortable with that
(10:27:18 PM) Cassandra: I was quite happy with the session. :)
(10:27:24 PM) Beelzedude: yep
(10:27:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: also we have 6 players now so there won’t be a big deal if someone can’t make it
(10:27:32 PM) FusionClock: Yeah.
(10:27:36 PM) FusionClock: Just retcon it.
(10:27:38 PM) Catseye: It definitely isn’t like your average D&D session
(10:27:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: we can just go on, give them xp and brief them in
(10:28:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: let’s see how many rounds a 6 on 12 combat goes for next session
(10:28:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: I have a hunch it won’t be very long
(10:28:28 PM) Cassandra: Speaking of which I think I will give Deiss a point of Unarmed.
(10:28:32 PM) FusionClock: Well, peeps get like 20 attacks.
(10:29:15 PM) Beelzedude: just stick that fist of freedom thing through the keyhole and fire. ^
(10:29:16 PM) Ximni: the log is up and looks ok
(10:29:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: huzzah
(10:30:01 PM) Cassandra: Yay!
(10:30:17 PM) Cassandra: So I can now punch people better. :)
(10:30:22 PM) ParrotVytzka is now known as ^_

Session 3 IC
Connections within shadows

Conversation with #fivefingercrawl_ic at 6/27/2013 7:53:57 PM on (irc)

(7:54:31 PM) Ximni has changed the topic to: Deiss moves over to the bar and grabs her kit and begins strapping it on.
(8:04:57 PM) Desmond [] entered the room.
(8:05:14 PM) Ronja [] entered the room.
(8:05:25 PM) Deiss [] entered the room.
(8:09:09 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(8:11:23 PM) You are now known as Manario
(8:11:26 PM) Vincent [] entered the room.
(8:16:06 PM) vytzka: so as Vincent, Ronja and Deiss are standing around in the basement ruffling through human bones and second rate art, you notice a large silhouette entering the room through the large hole in the wall opposite to the entrance
(8:16:23 PM) vytzka: the silhouette’s large scaly feet are making a lot of noise walking over puddles of water
(8:16:30 PM) vytzka: hence the ease with which you noticed them
(8:16:38 PM) mode (+o vytzka) by Manario
(8:16:54 PM) vytzka is now known as ParrotVytzka
(8:17:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: the silhouette stops and eyes you menacingly with its burning red eyes from underneath its hood
(8:17:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: it looks kinda big
(8:17:30 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, Ronja, I think we have company!”
(8:18:07 PM) Ronja turns around. “More skeletons?”
(8:18:12 PM) Vincent instinctively grasps towards his sword.
(8:18:40 PM) Deiss: Deiss draws her axe from the loop on her belt and braces herself for the confrontion, “Doesn’t look like a skeleton.”
(8:19:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Sssssskeleton?” the silhouette asks
(8:19:44 PM) Vincent: “Identify yourself, beast.”
(8:19:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: while the voice sounds rather inhuman, you can tell it’s annoyed
(8:20:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Who are you and why are you wrecking my ssssssshit?”
(8:20:45 PM) Vincent lowers his voice to a whisper “Apparently it can understand us. Keep your guard up.”
(8:20:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Thessssse sssskeletons don’t build themsssssselvesssss”
(8:21:20 PM) Deiss: “This is our shit now.”
(8:21:32 PM) Ronja: “What are you doing in our basement?”
(8:22:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Your basement? Madnessss. Father Alfonssssso left it to me before he disssapeared”
(8:22:48 PM) Vincent: “Alfonso sold the tavern upstairs to us and fled the city.”
(8:23:18 PM) Deiss: “That old guy we bought the place from? Why did he keep on a big lizard like you?”
(8:23:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Oh.” it looks puzzled for a second
(8:23:23 PM) Vincent: “Whatever claim you have, we have a binding contract with signature and all.”
(8:23:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: “That’s odd. What businessssss do you sssseek here in the undercity then? And why are there three of you?”
(8:24:04 PM) Ronja shrugs. “Why is there one of you?”
(8:24:12 PM) Vincent: “I don’t think it is hostile. I will lower my weapon in an attempt to approach the beast.”
(8:24:23 PM) Ronja: “We’re investigating what was down here to begin with, there is an undercity?”
(8:24:29 PM) Vincent says, with a whispering voice.
(8:25:20 PM) Vincent: “Are you armed?”
(8:25:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: “What’sss a lizard? Alsssso I thought monkeys only come in onesssss. There’sss one of me because othersss rejected me and threw me out as prophecied.”
(8:26:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Yess, I have armss”
(8:26:11 PM) Deiss: “Well your skeletons were keeping us up all night with their weird bone rattling and there was a big door that said Danger on it. So we had to investigate. You know how this things go.”
(8:26:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: it takes off the hood and shows you large taloned claws
(8:27:00 PM) Ronja takes a step back. “What is it you do down here?”
(8:27:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Well I leave the skeletonss around in case some muggles come from the sssewer and try to sssteal my ssshit”
(8:27:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I exssssperiment”
(8:27:42 PM) Vincent: “By Thamar, those claws can probably slice a grown man in twain with a single strike.”
(8:27:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: “and read”
(8:28:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Don
”color: #a82f2f;">(8:28:24 PM) Vincent: “We are not looking to spill blood, we only want to secure what is ours. The basement in this case.”
(8:28:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Don’t know about ssssigns though”
(8:28:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Why do you need it? Don’t you have ssspace above?”
(8:29:27 PM) Vincent: “We have paid good coin for every inch.”
(8:30:36 PM) Deiss: “We thought we might redecorate down here too. Do you know how to make flower arrangements, lizard?” Deiss rolls her eyes, “Our mystery man wants this space for his lab.”
(8:31:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I’m not sssure you really want to leave this basement alone. The outsssside walls are cracking and other gatormen will ssson find way in if it’s unguarded. They may even ssssneak into your house above.”
(8:31:33 PM) Vincent: “I think we can come to an agreement without resolving to violence like brutes. On a gentlemans agreement I will lower my sword and we will discuss this in a civilized manner.”
(8:31:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I have never done flower arrangementssssss, ssssmaller human, but I know what those are.”
(8:32:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Yesss. We are all civilissssed.”
(8:32:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Do you want sssome tea?”
(8:32:51 PM) Vincent: “I propose the following: Come upstairs and we will make an arrangement in the best interests of all parties involved.”
(8:32:52 PM) Deiss: “Looks like he is right, Boss. We will need to shore up those walls.”
(8:33:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Upssstairs? Isssn’t it the bright time now?”
(8:33:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I’d rather wait until the night if that’sssss okay with you”
(8:34:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Not a fan of daylight and sssstuff”
(8:34:21 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, it does look like it.”
(8:34:53 PM) Vincent: “We might need to get Manario here and have a look, maybe we can use his beer to patch up the wall.”
(8:36:09 PM) Ronja: “It is sunlight right now, but it isn’t indoors in our tavern.”
(8:36:11 PM) Deiss: “Yea, right. Look beast, don’t get any funny ideas while we are gone. We need to take care of some business today but we will be back to speak with you later.”
(8:36:18 PM) Vincent: “You strike a hard bargain, gatorman, but we have a deal. We will promptly return with tea and foodstuffs to see about patching the wall.”
(8:36:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Godsssspeed, surface dwellers. Could you bring ssssome new books assss well?”
(8:37:35 PM) Vincent: “I think I saw the latest issue of Gobbers Got The Stuff lying around.”
(8:38:06 PM) Vincent lowers his weapon and backs away to the hallway.
(8:38:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: “It doesssssn’t matter, I jusssst want sssomething new. Alsssso, close the revolving bookshelf, there’s some draft in here otherwisssse.”
(8:38:34 PM) Deiss: Deiss eyes the beast for a moment then follows after Vincent.
(8:40:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: CUT
(8:41:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario is doing his thang in the lab
(8:41:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: when Desmond shows up
(8:41:38 PM) Manario is relaxing with his pipe and is enjoying the swarm of rainbow butterflies in the room
(8:42:03 PM) Manario: Some tea is brewing in the corner.
(8:42:44 PM) Desmond: “Well hello. Might I get some of this tea, when it’s ready?”
(8:43:00 PM) Manario: “Oh, ehm, hello there”
(8:43:18 PM) Manario: “I.. Uhm.. Sorry, I didn’t notice you enter..”
(8:43:28 PM) Manario: “Um.. Well, yes, sure…”
(8:44:00 PM) Manario quickly hurries over the the tea and pours the stranger a cup
(8:44:26 PM) Desmond: “Thank you old chap.”
(8:44:27 PM) Manario hands Desmond the cup “Here you go, one cup of Skirov Black… Sort of..”
(8:44:59 PM) Desmond drinks his tea for a while.
(8:45:22 PM) Manario looks at Desmond, trying to read him
(8:45:47 PM) Manario looks a bit uncomfortable
(8:46:53 PM) Desmond: “Tell me…I was looking for a chap. Dark haired fellow, goes by the name of Vincent.”
(8:47:17 PM) Manario: “Oh, you do? Well…”
(8:47:34 PM) Manario: “Sure, I know one or two people named Vincent”
(8:47:39 PM) Desmond: “I was told I might find him here.”
(8:47:58 PM) Manario: “What is your business with him, if you don’t mind me asking?”
(8:48:35 PM) Desmond: “No harm in asking, so sir.”
(8:49:00 PM) Manario: “You can never be too careful in a place like this.”
(8:49:24 PM) Desmond: “Sure. He sent me a note requesting my presence.”
(8:49:50 PM) Manario: “Oh, an old friend then? You don’t sound llaelease…”
(8:50:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ryn
(8:50:30 PM) Desmond: “Well gladly I’m not.”
(8:50:50 PM) Desmond: “Nothing against old Vincent, though, right?”
(8:51:35 PM) Desmond leans a bit closer and lowers his voice.
(8:51:35 PM) Manario: “Well.. Vincent is a bit tied up at the moment… Please sit here for a while and I’m sure he’ll be back soon.”
(8:52:37 PM) Manario holds out his pipe towards Desmond “Would you like a smoke? It’s my own blend”
(8:52:42 PM) Manario smiles proudly.
(8:52:48 PM) Desmond: “No problem. Nice tea, by the way.”
(8:53:01 PM) Manario: “Thank you.”
(8:53:16 PM) Desmond: “Thanks, but no thanks. I like to keep my nose clear.”
(8:53:57 PM) Desmond sips his team and plays with his beard a bit.
(8:54:48 PM) Vincent stomps up the basement stairs “By the gods, it smells like the devourer wurm itself took a dump down there!”
(8:55:20 PM) Manario hurries to pour Vincent a steaming cup “Here you go Boss, your cup of Skirov Black… Well, sort of…”
(8:55:23 PM) Deiss: Deiss tromps up the stairs in her heavy boots and bangs the door open from the basement, following behind Vincent.
(8:55:36 PM) Manario: “Do you have any idea how hard it is to find real Skirov Black in these parts? But don’t you worry, I’ve managed to scrounge up something very similar.”
(8:55:52 PM) Vincent: “Will I live, Manario?”
(8:55:59 PM) Deiss: “So what are we going to do about that big scaly thing?”
(8:56:11 PM) Manario: “Well.. Your friend here is still standing..”
(8:56:23 PM) Manario motions towards Desmond
(8:56:36 PM) Desmond keeps sipping his tea.
(8:57:32 PM) Ronja follows behind Deiss and Vincent up from the basement. “We need to get it cleaned…”
(8:57:53 PM) Vincent: “Well well well, if it isn’t old Desmond the Dagger”
(8:58:14 PM) Manario turns to Ronja “So.. Did you find anything fun down there?”
(8:58:35 PM) Deiss: Deiss grins at Manario, “We have a job for you, Manario. Tell me, how good are you with a scrub brush?”
(8:58:44 PM) Desmond: “Ah well, I don’t know about the dagger part, but it’s me…like you requested.”
(8:58:49 PM) Vincent: “It seems like you got the message.”
(8:59:13 PM) Desmond gets up and walks over to Vincent offering him his hand.
(8:59:23 PM) Ronja looks to Manario. “We found a lizard who seem to be making thralls…”
(8:59:26 PM) Manario: “Well, Deiss… I’m not sure I’m as good as you are.”
(8:59:32 PM) Vincent shakes Desmonds hand with a tight grip.
(8:59:50 PM) Manario stumbles backwards and falls over “Great Thamar! A WHAT?!?”
(9:00:07 PM) Desmond: “It’s been a while since I’ve been in these here parts. What brings you here?”
(9:00:57 PM) Vincent: “Let’s just say that upper class drama was the reason.”
(9:01:14 PM) Desmond: “Trouble with the folks?”
(9:01:41 PM) Vincent: “Near death experiences were involved. And if it wasn’t for this lady here, I would be buried in the gutter.”
(9:01:42 PM) Manario slowly composes himself
(9:01:50 PM) Vincent points to Deiss.
(9:01:54 PM) Deiss: “No more thralls now.” Deiss holsters her pistol, moves over to teh bar to lounge. “We do need to do a quick look into the security of the basement later though. Huge holes in the walls all over. No telling what might crawl in.”
(9:02:11 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods to Vincent and Desmond.
(9:02:24 PM) Ronja nods. “The lizard mentioned an undercity. We might want to secure it with a gate, don’t know what might be down there.”
(9:02:53 PM) Desmond walks over to Deiss.
(9:03:00 PM) Manario: “How about we make it you’re room then Deiss? I’m sure nothing will dare try to enter when you’re on guard.”
(9:03:31 PM) Desmond: “may I offer you my thanks for the rescue of my friend?”
(9:03:47 PM) Manario faces Ronja " An undercity? That sounds… dangerous…“
”color: #a82f2f;">(9:04:05 PM) Ronja: “and intriguing, imagine what we could find down there.”
(9:04:06 PM) Deiss: Deiss snorts and looks up at Desmond, evaluting him. “Sure, though the coin he gives me is thanks enough.”
(9:04:15 PM) Desmond: “My name is Desmond Blackburn, by the way. Most people call me Mr. B.”
(9:04:28 PM) Deiss: “Deiss Barro.”
(9:04:40 PM) Vincent: “Or Desmond the Dagger, if you know him from way back.”
(9:04:45 PM) Desmond: “A pleasure.”
(9:05:28 PM) Deiss: “Yea, likewise.”
(9:05:40 PM) Desmond: “I have since upgraded, Vincent. Getting around sometimes pays off.”
(9:06:59 PM) Deiss: “I am sorry to break up his heart warming reunion but we do still have some problems we need to deal with today, Boss.”
(9:07:26 PM) Vincent: “You are right, as you have a habit of being, Deiss.”
(9:08:08 PM) Vincent: “Let us gather round the table and help ourselves to Manarios brew while we have everyone catch up to speed on the gatorman ordeal and the issues that have arisen from it.”
(9:08:16 PM) Desmond: “Well then, how may I be of service to the faithful?”
(9:10:47 PM) Vincent has a seat while sipping his tea.
(9:10:53 PM) Deiss: “Sounds good, Vincent”
(9:11:32 PM) Vincent: “So, I assume everyone has to some extent an idea of what we found downstairs.”
(9:13:12 PM) Deiss: “Back strain from trying to move that book case, for one. Oh yea, Manario, we found some Ordic cookbooks for you!” Deiss grins.
(9:13:22 PM) Desmond: “All I heard was some business about a lizard. Can’t be too troubling if you’re all still standing.”
(9:13:34 PM) Manario: “Oh, how nice Deiss.”
(9:13:44 PM) Vincent: “Desmond, you didn’t see the claw the beast was sporting.
”color: #a82f2f;">(9:14:28 PM) Desmond: “As you will be well aware, I saw nothing but your nice bar up until now.”
(9:14:43 PM) Vincent: “As an official note, I won’t have anyone of you going down there alone. Thamar forbid the beast gets hungry and needs a quick snack.”
(9:15:05 PM) Deiss: “Yea, so, I guess the lizard seems nice enough. Probably for the best. Perhaps we should concentrate on our gang problem?”
(9:15:49 PM) Vincent: “True. Though we should seal the basement up before focusing our efforts elsewhere.”
(9:16:27 PM) Desmond: “Rival gangs, eh? Semms like you dug in nicely here already.”
(9:17:00 PM) Vincent: “Yeah, the neighbors decided to come over.”
(9:17:10 PM) Deiss: Deiss stands, grabs a stool and props it up under the door knob to the basement to help keep it closed.
(9:17:42 PM) Desmond raises an eyebrow at that.
(9:18:14 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, Manario, could you see about the crack in the wall and what needs to be done to prevent the gatormen from invading our tavern?”
(9:18:22 PM) Desmond: “Anyways, what kind of neighbours are we talking about?”
(9:18:58 PM) Manario: “Well, Boss, I’m an alchemist, not a bricklayer, but I’ll see what I can do.”
(9:19:01 PM) Deiss: “So we have a couple gangs in the neighborhood. We are looking to try to get a meeting with one of them, I think. Maybe try to get some firepower to help us out.”
(9:20:10 PM) Vincent: “We kindly declined an offer of insurance. You know how it is Desmond. Deals are proposed, rejected, feeling get hurt.”
(9:20:23 PM) Vincent: “Indirect threats are made.”
(9:20:32 PM) Manario: “And then the shooting starts.”
(9:21:02 PM) Deiss: “I scared the the piss from those gangsters. Did you see them run out of here?” Deiss laughs as she sits down again.
(9:21:33 PM) Vincent: “I am still glad to have you here bolstering our ranks, Desmond. We will have good use for a man of your skill with a blade.”
(9:22:16 PM) Desmond: “Hey, I’m always glad to be of help, you know that.”
(9:22:39 PM) Manario is happy people are liking his Skirov Black facsimile
(9:22:53 PM) Vincent: “And you will get duly paid for your services.”
(9:23:26 PM) Vincent: “Once we strike gold, that is.”
(9:24:20 PM) Desmond: “Let’s not talk about such mundane things. I can always stick my blade into someone if I really need the money.”
(9:24:46 PM) Vincent: “True. Where life is worthless, death does have a price.”
(9:24:55 PM) Deiss: “So we going to set up that meeting, Boss? Day is not getting any younger. I am sure those goons ran back to their master already.”
(9:25:18 PM) Vincent: “So, gang, let’s talk business. What should we focus out efforts on next?”
(9:27:01 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, you mean with Alexander?”
(9:27:52 PM) Deiss: “Yea, that guy. Seems we have some mutual enemies. Maybe we could try to play them off each other?”
(9:28:43 PM) Vincent: “Alright. That is a pressing matter. The basement is little comfort if the place burns down on us.”
(9:29:22 PM) Vincent: “We should see that the basement gets fixed up and Manario can set up his devices down there.”
(9:29:38 PM) Vincent: “What becomes of the gatorman is still uncertain as far as I know.”
(9:29:44 PM) Manario: “We can do that, yes.”
(9:30:27 PM) Deiss: “I think you have a new friend, Manario. He shares your taste in clothing too.”
(9:30:36 PM) Desmond: “having one of those chaps as an ally could be really good for this here establishment.”
(9:31:29 PM) Manario: “Friend? Oh, no no no. I don’t think that thing is a friend. At least, not with a bodyguard or two around.”
(9:36:41 PM) Ronja: “I think we should hire the gatorman, I’m sure he could be useful”
(9:37:59 PM) Deiss: “He does seem to like books. Maybe we could grab him some? I don’t know.”
(9:39:09 PM) Manario: “Well, if he likes books then he can’t be all bad, can he?”
(9:41:14 PM) Vincent: “So we will meet Alexander next then.”
(9:46:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: so you guys make your way through the streets towards Alexander Holdings Investments
(9:47:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: you probably look a bit mean and dangerous because people seem to be giving you a wide berth, and whispering to each other looking at you
(9:47:46 PM) Lena [] entered the room.
(9:47:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: <ParrotVytzka> so you guys make your way through the streets towards Alexander Holdings Investments
(9:47:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: <ParrotVytzka> you probably look a bit mean and dangerous because people seem to be giving you a wide berth, and whispering to each other looking at you
(9:47:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: ^^
(9:49:27 PM) Lena had been lurkjing in the crowd. Staying out of sight for the most part. But she followed along with the group, an inobviously as she could.
(9:49:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: you see the plaque spelling “Alexander Holdings Investments” on a heavy iron door in a run down three story building on Plague Street
(9:49:57 PM) Deiss: Deiss leads the group ahead of Vincent, giving a stern look to anyone that gets too close.
(9:50:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: there’s a knocker on the door
(9:50:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: and a few bullet holes
(9:50:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: no windows
(9:50:32 PM) Ronja: “Doesn’t look like a very popular place…”
(9:50:40 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, would you kindly knock on the door?”
(9:51:00 PM) Deiss: Deiss grabs the knocker and gives it a few quick raps.
(9:51:01 PM) Vincent: “Keep an eye out gang.”
(9:52:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: a blonde woman in black business dress opens the door, glances over you with a raised eyebrow and then forces a smile
(9:52:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Welcome to Alexander Holdings Investments, what can we help you with?”
(9:52:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Please come in!”
(9:52:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: a couple guys in white striped shirts with suspenders and fedoras are smoking inside
(9:53:06 PM) Manario enters the building and sniffs the air
(9:53:07 PM) Deiss: Deiss folds her arms and looks to Vincent.
(9:53:31 PM) Vincent shrugs. “I assume we can enter.”
(9:54:03 PM) Vincent advances towards the door, waiting for Deiss to go in before him.
(9:54:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: the woman goes to a table at the middle of the room, sits down and shuffles through a pile of papers
(9:54:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: motioning you after her
(9:54:12 PM) Deiss: Deiss grins at the young women and follows thew in.
(9:54:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Please take some seats!”
(9:54:39 PM) Lena follows the group in and takes a seat. She is none too comfortable with the current setup.
(9:55:25 PM) Vincent: “We’re here to meet with Alexander.”
(9:55:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: one of the goons leaves the room through the door leading further inside the building
(9:56:02 PM) Vincent: “We have a business proposal.”
(9:56:09 PM) Deiss: “I think we have some information he might want to hear about.”
(9:56:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: she looks at Vincent
(9:56:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: “what name do you have the appointment as?”
(9:56:38 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, did you happen to get an appointment?”
(9:57:58 PM) Deiss: Deiss looks to the young woman, “Do we need appointments?”
(9:58:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: she laughs nervously
(9:58:13 PM) Vincent: “Apparently not.”
(9:58:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Oh, you don’t? I’m sorry, I thought there was some mistake of mine. See, Mr. Alexander is not at work today. I could give you an appointment next Monday?”
(9:59:03 PM) Vincent: “We’re here on pressing matters. We would like to see Alexander as soon as the possibility presents itself.”
(9:59:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I’m sure you are and we value your business a great deal! However, MISTER Alexander is a very busy man, you see.”
(10:00:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: “So, um. Friday?”
(10:00:13 PM) Deiss: Deiss steps closer to the woman, looming over her. “Maybe you should check your book again.”
(10:00:16 PM) Vincent retreats to the gang. “I guess that’s what she says to everyone without an appointment.”
(10:00:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: “I think I could squeeze you in at…”
(10:03:18 PM) Lena pulls out a gold crown and gently walks over to the table, placing it in front of the woman. “Will this expedite matters?”
(10:03:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: she kinda panics at Deiss, shooting a quick glance to the goon at the door, then smiles at Lena nervously and pockets the coin
(10:04:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: “Yeah I THINK I could find you a spot tomorrow at 11:30? If you promise to be quick?”
(10:04:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: three goons walk in through the door at the end of the room and start smoking and looking at you
(10:05:50 PM) Deiss: Deiss nods at the gentleman, “I hear you been having trouble with a fellow by the name of Fat Tony. We are looking to solve that problem for you.”
(10:05:51 PM) Vincent: “Alright, no need to resort to brutish violence.”
(10:06:11 PM) Lena: “We will take it. See you tomorrow.”
(10:07:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: the men don’t answer you
(10:08:12 PM) Lena walks toward the door.
(10:08:22 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, I have a feeling we have overstayed our welcome.”
(10:08:31 PM) Manario follows Lena
(10:08:34 PM) Vincent: “Better not push their hospitality, or the lack of it.”
(10:08:45 PM) Deiss: Deiss winks at the young woman and follows Vincent out the door.
(10:09:01 PM) Desmond walks out with the others.
(10:09:02 PM) Vincent: “Tomorrow then, fair lady.”
(10:09:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: she smiles nervously at Deiss
(10:09:25 PM) Vincent leaves the place.
(10:14:11 PM) Vincent has a relaxing bath to wash off the filth of the cellar before the meeting with Alexander.
(10:15:18 PM) Lena cleans herself up and bathes before the meeting. She decided she wanted to project an aire of respectability.
(10:16:52 PM) Deiss: Deiss cleans up and puts on her cap and good tunic.
(10:17:50 PM) Ronja gets herself cleaned up and bathed before the meeting.
(10:17:52 PM) Manario tries his best to clean up and look respectable, but with so-so success
(10:18:14 PM) Desmond cleans himself up and puts on his better set of clothes.
(10:19:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: you all assemble in the main hall of your bar before venturing out
(10:19:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: when you notice there seems to be some sort of commotion outside
(10:20:32 PM) Desmond tries to get look out a window to see what’s going on.
(10:20:49 PM) Lena looks out of the peephold (every good badguy hideout has a peephole))
(10:20:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: the street is full of people who have assembled to watch the upcoming spectacle
(10:20:58 PM) Lena: ((Peephole))
(10:21:12 PM) Vincent: “What’s going on?”
(10:21:30 PM) Vincent: “Lena, can you see anything through that peephole?”
(10:21:39 PM) Deiss: Deiss hears the noise and frowns, “Well there goes the neighborhood.”
(10:21:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: also there are about a dozen armed goons in front of your door, and their leader knocks on it a few times with his fist just as you look
(10:21:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: EYECATCH
(10:23:20 PM) Deiss is now known as Cassandra
(10:23:28 PM) You are now known as Ximni
(10:23:28 PM) Vincent left the room.
(10:23:29 PM) Desmond is now known as Beelzedude
(10:23:50 PM) Ronja is now known as Kzar
(10:24:16 PM) Lena is now known as Catseye

Session 2 OOC

(8:02:21 PM) Kzar is now known as Ronja
(8:02:55 PM) You are now known as Manario
(8:03:37 PM) Cassandra: Everybody do the Cassie dance!
(8:03:49 PM) FusionClock: /dance
(8:03:59 PM) Cassandra: We lack a proper Vytzka.
(8:04:17 PM) Ronja does the Cassie dance
(8:05:29 PM) PuppetVytzka [] entered the room.
(8:05:38 PM) Cassandra: Ah ha!
(8:05:45 PM) Cassandra: Vytzka is alive!
(8:06:00 PM) Manario: Let’s all worship the puppet!
(8:06:23 PM) Cassandra is now known as Deiss
(8:06:36 PM) FusionClock is now known as Vincent
(8:07:12 PM) Vincent: What was the other channel?
(8:07:28 PM) Catseye is now known as Lena
(8:07:33 PM) mode (o PuppetVytzka) by Ronja
(8:07:54 PM) Deiss: Tell us of your benvolent plans, Vytzka. ;)
(8:07:59 PM) PuppetVytzka is mad with power!
(8:08:09 PM) Vincent: So eveyrhting normal?
(8:08:21 PM) Vincent: Everything’s*
(8:08:28 PM) PuppetVytzka laughs omniously
(8:09:18 PM) Ronja: What was the IC channel?
(8:09:38 PM) PuppetVytzka: #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:10:26 PM) Vincent: I didn’t say that what is in the topic.
(8:10:54 PM) Manario: It’s partially correct
(8:11:07 PM) Manario: You said most of it.
(8:11:12 PM) Deiss: Set by Manario on Thu Jun 20 14:01:55. ;)
(8:11:34 PM) Manario: Well, somebody had to be the first in the room
(8:12:04 PM) Deiss: Spikes are not sex toys, Ximni.
(8:12:41 PM) Manario: Do you want more quote twisting?
(8:12:48 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(8:12:54 PM) vytzka: join #fivefingercrawl_ic
(8:13:05 PM) PuppetVytzka pokes vytzka
(8:13:10 PM) vytzka: hey guys
(8:13:15 PM) vytzka: sorry for being a bit late
(8:13:17 PM) PuppetVytzka: Worship me!
(8:13:18 PM) vytzka: is everyone ready?
(8:13:22 PM) vytzka: :P
(8:13:26 PM) Vincent: yeah
(8:13:32 PM) Ronja: I’m ready!
(8:13:33 PM) Lena: yeah
(8:13:37 PM) mode (o vytzka) by Ronja
(8:13:44 PM) Deiss rolls up a news paper and bats Ximni.
(8:14:06 PM) Deiss hugs the Vytzka.
(8:14:07 PM) vytzka: alright
(8:14:07 PM) Manario: But I haven’t shown you the new topic yet!
(8:14:10 PM) vytzka hugs Deiss
(8:14:12 PM) PuppetVytzka left the room (quit: Disintegrated: ajax IRC Client).
(8:14:31 PM) vytzka: I think Manario prepared something for us?
(8:14:36 PM) Manario: It’s all about Cassie being seductive…
(8:14:41 PM) vytzka: OR… DID HE!?
(8:14:52 PM) Manario: it’s on the wiki
(8:14:55 PM) Deiss: Cassie is super seductive. :)
(8:15:08 PM) Deiss: I have a Seduction of 1!
(8:15:13 PM) Manario has changed the topic to: Deiss: Maybe I could do a midriff? Control the early game, pump out some big load, then kill them?
(8:15:24 PM) vytzka: wait, what
(8:15:44 PM) Manario: vytzka: it’s mostly MTG-talk from before
(8:15:52 PM) vytzka: I see
(8:16:06 PM) vytzka: I thought she was talking about distracting Fat Tony with her midriff
(8:16:09 PM) Deiss: Kinda but not really. :)
(8:16:11 PM) vytzka: and then presumably killing everyone
(8:16:14 PM) vytzka: and then animating them
(8:16:25 PM) Manario: That could be a plan, yes.
(8:16:30 PM) Ronja: and we could make them dance
(8:16:35 PM) Ronja: thrall dance crew
(8:16:42 PM) Ronja: Five Fingers Got Talent
(8:16:44 PM) Lena laughs
(8:16:50 PM) Manario: vytzka: you wanted this, yes?
(8:16:59 PM) Manario: vytzka: now do your thing in the IC channel
(8:17:17 PM) Manario likes bossing around the GM and telling him what to do
(8:17:20 PM) Manario: =P
(8:17:37 PM) vytzka: this is the soundtrack!
(8:18:04 PM) vytzka: ironically, it’s not Frank Klepacki, but David Arkenstone. Although Frank worked on that game as well
(8:18:05 PM) Manario: just so we’re clear, I’m not doing any video for this campaign
(8:18:06 PM) vytzka: ANYWAY
(8:18:20 PM) vytzka: Manario, what if I give you 5 xp?
(8:18:37 PM) Manario: no matter the quality?
(8:18:50 PM) Vincent: 6 if you do it naked.
(8:18:52 PM) vytzka: with LITTLE regard for quality
(8:18:57 PM) vytzka: 6 if you don’t do it naked
(8:19:03 PM) Manario: =(
(8:19:19 PM) Deiss: Naked Ximni? Hrm.
(8:19:20 PM) vytzka: also did everyone spend their points for being at 2 xp
(8:19:23 PM) vytzka: and MAJOR BADASS
(8:19:30 PM) Vincent: no
(8:19:35 PM) Vincent: I will save xp in case of boss.
(8:19:36 PM) vytzka: why not
(8:19:40 PM) Vincent: I will save xp in case of boss.
(8:19:40 PM) Deiss: I have more Streetwise and Intimidate. :)
(8:19:42 PM) vytzka: that’s not how it works
(8:19:47 PM) vytzka: or is it
(8:19:56 PM) Vincent: I don’t know the system.
(8:19:59 PM) vytzka: you just get stuff at set xp levels
(8:20:01 PM) Manario isn’t sure if he should be scared of Deiss thinking about naked Ximnis
(8:20:06 PM) vytzka: at 2 xp you get 2 points in noncombat skills
(8:20:10 PM) Vincent: I’ll save up a little.
(8:20:13 PM) Deiss: You does the table in the book.
(8:20:26 PM) vytzka: or else you gets the hose again!
(8:20:27 PM) vytzka: ANYWAY
(8:20:39 PM) Vincent: It puts the lotion on its skin.
(8:20:42 PM) Deiss: That is what you get!
(8:20:45 PM) Manario: Vincent: at 2 xp you ‘level up’, pick two occupation skills and give them a 1
(8:20:49 PM) Deiss: You can’t pick other things!
(8:21:01 PM) vytzka: so what are you people doing now
(8:21:04 PM) Deiss: So no saving!
(8:21:05 PM) vytzka: I’m assuming it’s the same day
(8:21:20 PM) vytzka: are you going to the basement?
(8:21:30 PM) Vincent: Yeah, that was on the list.
(8:21:33 PM) Manario: I’m expecting this to be a retcon/flashback
(8:21:33 PM) Vincent shows list
(8:21:40 PM) Deiss: I guess we gear up abit and check out the basement.
(8:21:41 PM) Lena: I finally arrive at our place
(8:21:55 PM) vytzka: Lena, describe your entrance in IC
(8:22:03 PM) vytzka: what are you, again
(8:22:17 PM) Deiss: I am a tomato.
(8:22:26 PM) vytzka: not you, pumpkin
(8:22:34 PM) Manario is not a goblin like vytzka previously said
(8:22:39 PM) Lena: spy/thief
(8:22:39 PM) Deiss is a sexy thug girl. Yep.
(8:22:43 PM) vytzka: oh a personality change?
(8:22:56 PM) vytzka: are you now a warforged paladin?
(8:23:19 PM) Deiss: Hrm?
(8:23:20 PM) Manario: I was for two session once, actually
(8:23:25 PM) Manario: *sessions
(8:23:45 PM) vytzka: Deiss, trying to find out what Ximni is playing as today :)
(8:23:48 PM) Deiss: Manario is some a mad scientist.
(8:24:22 PM) Manario: ‘Doc’ Emmet Brown + Walter Bishop from Fringe
(8:24:30 PM) vytzka: human?
(8:24:36 PM) Manario: that’s the personality
(8:24:36 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(8:24:39 PM) vytzka: oh right
(8:24:42 PM) vytzka: sorry about the goblin
(8:24:45 PM) Manario: yes, it’s the same character as last week
(8:24:47 PM) Deiss: He is very human.
(8:25:02 PM) vytzka: anyway react to Lena’s arrival somehow and maybe decide to head to the basement or whatever
(8:25:08 PM) vytzka: because I have a sheet full of statblocks here
(8:25:10 PM) vytzka: JUST IN CASE
(8:25:23 PM) Manario: Did you stat Vito?
(8:25:27 PM) vytzka: more like half a sheet really but they’re abbreviated
(8:25:35 PM) vytzka: maybe!
(8:25:41 PM) Manario: Cause he’s totally gonna die now that he’s on the wiki.
(8:25:50 PM) vytzka: the wiki rule
(8:25:56 PM) Deiss: So we are gathered around a table discussing our plan of action!
(8:26:02 PM) Deiss: Then Lena walks in!
(8:26:04 PM) vytzka: if it’s in a wiki you can kill it
(8:26:06 PM) Deiss: So go!
(8:26:10 PM) vytzka: go go go
(8:26:10 PM) Manario puts everything in the wiki, sees the whole world burn
(8:26:33 PM) vytzka is now known as ParrotVytzka
(8:28:01 PM) Manario: so, what’s the battle plan?
(8:28:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: by the way! dark deco is the drawing style from Batman Animated Series and later the Big O where they would draw animation on black paper with white ink to make things darker
(8:28:36 PM) Deiss: Basement wars! With small remote controlled robots!
(8:28:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: and now you know
(8:29:00 PM) Ronja: No way am I entering the basement now
(8:29:13 PM) Vincent: why not
(8:29:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you the slutty girl who dies first
(8:29:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: or is that Deis
(8:29:28 PM) Ronja: I don’t know
(8:29:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: sss
(8:29:39 PM) Ronja: But I read Pickman’s Model
(8:29:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: _______
(8:29:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: anyone remembers who Alfonso is?
(8:30:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: or was
(8:30:04 PM) Deiss: Deiss doesn’t die. But I am okay with being slutty. Hehe.
(8:30:09 PM) Manario knows
(8:30:19 PM) Manario knows very well
(8:30:37 PM) Manario: this is gonna be fun :)
(8:31:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: ghouls are actually the protagonists of Lovecraft’s work
(8:31:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: so it will be okay
(8:31:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: for them
(8:31:30 PM) Manario: ghouls are awesome
(8:31:36 PM) Manario <3 ghouls
(8:31:48 PM) ParrotVytzka: well don’t get your hopes TOO high
(8:31:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: but ghouls are indeed <3
(8:32:09 PM) Manario: I like the culture war stuff with them
(8:32:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, putting explosives in the basement is a good way to distribute casualties in the vertical direction
(8:33:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: YES grenades
(8:33:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: yes all the grenades
(8:33:29 PM) Deiss: Laugh.
(8:33:30 PM) Manario: But I need to sell them!
(8:33:47 PM) Manario: I need to sell all the grenades and my Fist!
(8:34:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh they will sell your fists alright
(8:34:59 PM) Manario: That’s so gonna be a topic
(8:35:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’m not sure what her kit is specifically but probably not what I’m imagining
(8:35:46 PM) Deiss grins.
(8:35:54 PM) Deiss: Well I was referring to her armor and gun.
(8:36:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: I see every character has helpfully read the episode title
(8:36:06 PM) Manario: only one?
(8:36:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: good
(8:37:57 PM) Manario is surprised Deiss can be satisfied with onlt one ‘partner’
(8:37:59 PM) Manario: I thought you’d go for dual wield, John Woo style
(8:38:16 PM) Manario: dual repeaters FTW!
(8:38:29 PM) Deiss: Well it is a crazy magic gun!
(8:45:06 PM) Lena: I keep hearing some of the soundtrack to Evil Dead 2
(8:45:20 PM) Vincent: :D
(8:45:33 PM) Vincent: so we opened the door?
(8:45:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(8:47:04 PM) Manario has just fixed the adventure log
(8:47:08 PM) Deiss is the brave one. :)
(8:47:50 PM) Vincent: true
(8:50:33 PM) Deiss: Is there an orc and a pie too? ;)
(8:50:52 PM) Vincent: are torches going to be realistic here
(8:50:56 PM) Vincent: or can we just use them
(8:51:03 PM) Vincent: without dying
(8:51:13 PM) Manario: realism = boring
(8:51:26 PM) Manario: cinematic adventure = fun
(8:51:38 PM) Vincent: is it a whole floor carpet?
(8:51:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: pretty much
(8:51:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: you wanna take it?
(8:52:03 PM) Vincent: that’s gonna cost a lot to replace
(8:52:05 PM) Vincent: no
(8:52:31 PM) Deiss: We will have to renovate. :)
(8:52:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: what are you doing / looking for
(8:53:02 PM) Manario: I don’t have enough stuff to sell to be able to pay for this :(
(8:53:21 PM) Deiss: Deiss is just watching for threats while the others check out the room.
(8:54:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: no threats appear just yet
(8:55:24 PM) Manario wants all the books
(8:55:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you even there
(8:55:46 PM) Manario: nope
(8:55:51 PM) Ronja: or tries to at least :P
(8:56:00 PM) Manario: the boss told me to stay topside and make tea
(8:56:26 PM) Manario: but this is the OOC channel and I, the player, is here
(8:56:28 PM) Vincent: how roll
(8:56:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6
(8:56:36 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6]: 3>
(8:56:40 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6
(8:56:40 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6]: 6>
(8:56:49 PM) Manario: and I, the player, wants the books for my character
(8:57:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: :p
(8:58:13 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(8:58:14 PM) Manario: “101 Ordic cuisine dishes”? I know what we’ll be eating soon!
(8:58:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, roll Perception
(8:58:23 PM) Ronja: How do I roll?
(8:58:28 PM) Deiss: Well you can came down stairs. :)
(8:58:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, things not related to Ordic cuisine in any way?
(8:58:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, #roll 2d6
whatever your perception is
(8:58:47 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+4
(8:58:48 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+4]: 11>
(8:59:02 PM) Deiss: You are absent minded and stuff! You probably forgot where the tea is or something. :)
(8:59:22 PM) Vincent: yeah, you could come down with some excuse if you wanted
(9:00:06 PM) Manario: it’s ok, you go ahead with your fantastic adventure
(9:01:45 PM) Deiss is in defensive mode!
(9:02:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: cool :)
(9:03:03 PM) Deiss: You need a fantastic adventure too!
(9:03:45 PM) Manario: That’s what’ll happen when we get our Doomjack
(9:04:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s deathjack
(9:04:36 PM) Manario: No, it’s Doomjack. Kzar named it.
(9:05:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: bangin’
(9:05:18 PM) Vincent: I assume we’d take all
(9:05:33 PM) Manario: The tricky thing will be inventing some cluster grenade lancher for it.
(9:05:40 PM) Vincent: A foot is like 3 meters, so the case is massive.
(9:06:07 PM) Vincent: Or 0.3 meters.
(9:06:21 PM) Ronja: A foot is 28 cm
(9:06:47 PM) Vincent: the passageways split?
(9:07:12 PM) Deiss: A crazy revolving bookcase!
(9:07:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah I mean the bookcase rotates leaving space at the sides
(9:07:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: a person easily fits in there
(9:07:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: roll 2d6+PHY
(9:07:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: all of you
(9:07:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, describe how are you standing in relation to the bookcase
(9:08:40 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+5
(9:08:41 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+5]: 12>
(9:08:52 PM) Deiss: #2d6+6
(9:08:59 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6+6
(9:08:59 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+6]: 9>
(9:09:07 PM) Deiss: Curses!
(9:09:11 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+5
(9:09:11 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+5]: 7>
(9:09:14 PM) Ronja: I’m probably standing next to my pile of books which if I understood the room correctly should be in a corner not too far from the bookshelf
(9:09:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: aw you guys are nauseated
(9:09:19 PM) Ronja: or well, the pile of books
(9:09:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: except for Ronja
(9:09:32 PM) Manario: That’s ok, it’s easy to brew a restorative tonic.
(9:10:08 PM) Vincent: how about you brew a bath
(9:10:33 PM) Deiss: With bubbles!
(9:10:58 PM) Deiss: I imagine we wait for a moment to see if anything comes running at us. :)
(9:11:18 PM) Manario: Good idea! We’ll need something for soothing bubble baths.
(9:11:43 PM) Vincent: yeah
(9:11:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, give me a perception check
(9:11:57 PM) Vincent: also, if the smell is a punch in the face, I doubt i’d run at it.
(9:12:06 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6+3
(9:12:07 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+3]: 10>
(9:12:15 PM) Manario has a solution to the smell problem
(9:12:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope, you don’t see anything through the doorway
(9:12:47 PM) Deiss: Vinegar soaked rag would probably work, Manario. :)
(9:12:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: or maybe things are still a bit blurry
(9:13:06 PM) Vincent: so it’s just one corridor?
(9:13:10 PM) Manario: Deiss: or you could just use a gas mask
(9:13:21 PM) Deiss: Sure.
(9:13:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, seems so
(9:13:43 PM) Manario knows all about using gas masks. Alchemy can be dangerous work.
(9:14:51 PM) Deiss: Do you have enough to share? :)
(9:15:20 PM) Manario: Depends on how many wants one.
(9:17:43 PM) Deiss shakes her fist at Vytzka. :)
(9:18:08 PM) Manario shakes his fist at Vytzka too. :)
(9:18:20 PM) Deiss: I can’t shoot things and hold a lantern!
(9:18:30 PM) Vincent: I’ll hold the lantern
(9:18:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: you guys
(9:18:57 PM) Manario: That’s ok, I can make a gun with a built-in lamp.
(9:18:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: two people can fit into the corridor side by side
(9:19:30 PM) Vincent: Yeah, but Deiss is peeking around the corner
(9:19:52 PM) Deiss: I assume we bring enough light. ;)
(9:19:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(9:20:00 PM) Vincent: so i’ll jut reach around the corder with the lantern
(9:20:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’d need something to doodle on
(9:20:02 PM) Vincent: just
(9:20:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: what did we use back then?
(9:20:10 PM) Vincent: roll20
(9:20:59 PM) Deiss: Do you want us to be more cinematic and crazy? Hehe.
(9:21:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah I just don’t want misunderstandings
(9:22:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: can you connect to roll20?
(9:22:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: the five finger crawl campaign as before
(9:23:08 PM) Vincent: it should have the link
(9:23:14 PM) Vincent: in the chat log
(9:23:29 PM) Vincent: can I assume i get the lantern?
(9:24:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: ys
(9:24:15 PM) Vincent: a) lantern holder is afk b) lantern holder is not aware of lantern c) something else, what
(9:24:44 PM) Deiss: Vincent is the bearer of light and martial glory. ;)
(9:24:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: afk probably
(9:25:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: you get the lantern
(9:25:23 PM) Manario: I’ll add a Roll20 link on the wiki
(9:25:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: k
(9:27:51 PM) Vincent: Oops, i wasn’t sure if i had two people behind me
(9:28:00 PM) Vincent: Lena and Ronja or just one
(9:28:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: I think Lena kind of disappeared again?
(9:28:18 PM) Ronja: Ronja is behind you
(9:28:32 PM) Deiss: Disapeearing!
(9:28:47 PM) Deiss: Skeletion nonsense.
(9:28:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: where’s the eraser on this fucking thing
(9:29:04 PM) Vincent: select and delete
(9:29:17 PM) Vincent: with the cursor
(9:29:20 PM) Vincent: top tool
(9:30:23 PM) Vincent: Manario: did you miss my call for you to get down?
(9:30:25 PM) Ronja: How do I find this roll20 link?
(9:30:34 PM) Vincent: I am missing a human shield.
(9:30:35 PM) Manario:
(9:30:45 PM) Manario: that link should work
(9:30:50 PM) Manario: I hope…
(9:31:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you get it
(9:31:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: why is Vincent not in front I may never know
(9:31:18 PM) Ronja: unauthorized
(9:31:28 PM) Ronja: had no roll20 account, so had to make one
(9:31:41 PM) Vincent: ParrotVytzka: Leading the group?
(9:31:49 PM) Vincent: Deiss is general badass
(9:31:53 PM) Vincent: also gets paid for it
(9:31:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, I thought Deiss wanted to be in front? Vincent is a Knight
(9:32:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: but whatever works for you
(9:32:23 PM) Deiss: Because Vincent pays me to bodyguard him? :)
(9:32:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: anyone knows how initiative works?
(9:32:44 PM) Manario: highest to lowest?
(9:32:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you roll anything or just take the value?
(9:32:56 PM) Vincent: roll probably
(9:33:04 PM) Vincent: as I get a boosted init roll
(9:33:15 PM) Manario: yup
(9:33:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(9:33:27 PM) Deiss: 2d6+init seems likely.
(9:33:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: roll 3[2d6+12]
(9:33:48 PM) Vincent: so boosted was
(9:33:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 3[2d6+12]
(9:33:49 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [3[2d6+12]]: 20 17 20 >
(9:34:16 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6+13
(9:34:17 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+13]: 19>
(9:34:49 PM) Deiss: Not sure if skeletions merit magic bullets or if I should just axe them. :)
(9:35:04 PM) Vincent: what was boosted? roll 3 pick best 2?
(9:35:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: does anyone have Lore [Thamarite] or so?
(9:35:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, just extra die
(9:35:41 PM) Vincent: #roll 3d6+15
(9:35:41 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [3d6+15]: 24>
(9:35:42 PM) Deiss: Ronja is savvy, aye?
(9:36:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: or something magic related
(9:36:07 PM) Vincent: Yup, Ronja has it.
(9:36:12 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+14
(9:36:13 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+14]: 25>
(9:36:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: fuckin’ a
(9:36:27 PM) Ronja: sorry, phone
(9:36:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s cool
(9:37:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: can you roll int+lore, Ronja?
(9:37:24 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+6
(9:37:24 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+6]: 11>
(9:38:25 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:38:38 PM) Vincent: no need for technicality as swords bash heads
(9:39:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you moving out of the corridor or trying to use restricted space to your advantage?
(9:39:21 PM) Vincent: we have no idea how many there are?
(9:39:32 PM) Deiss: He said three.
(9:39:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can see three of them, there don’t seem to be others nearby
(9:39:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, remind me who’s playing with permadeath on
(9:39:54 PM) Manario is
(9:40:01 PM) Vincent: permadeath?
(9:40:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: shush, you
(9:40:06 PM) Manario: and i think I’m the only one
(9:40:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, you don’t die if you don’t want to
(9:40:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: I know Cassie doesn’t
(9:40:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario does
(9:40:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: what about you and Ronja
(9:40:36 PM) Deiss: Manario is going die of pipe and too much gin. :)
(9:40:38 PM) Manario: I can’t remember anybody being as brave as I am
(9:40:38 PM) Vincent: I’d pref not to, unless theres a choice
(9:40:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, you can change your mind later if you want to
(9:40:54 PM) Manario: Deiss: That is a good death to die.
(9:41:03 PM) Vincent: Sure
(9:41:11 PM) Vincent: I’d pref not to get dead now
(9:41:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: :)
(9:41:29 PM) Vincent: first combat and all
(9:41:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: so technically Ronja acts first
(9:41:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: RonjaRonjaRonja
(9:41:41 PM) Ronja: I don’t mind dying, but I’d rather not :P
(9:41:46 PM) Ronja: but if it happens, it happens
(9:41:46 PM) Vincent: “yeah the skeleton slices ur head off, next.”
(9:41:49 PM) Ronja: but still phone
(9:41:51 PM) Ronja: :/
(9:41:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you just stay at the back then?
(9:42:06 PM) Ronja: yea
(9:42:08 PM) Ronja: I’m a spellcaster
(9:42:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: k
(9:42:09 PM) Vincent: you can take the lantern
(9:42:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: cast any buffs?
(9:42:57 PM) Deiss: Ronja should try to assert her authority with these undead baddies!
(9:43:31 PM) Manario: “Oh! My poor babies! Come to mama, let me give you some love!”
(9:43:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: Chiller could help
(9:44:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: please tell me if this starts moving too slow for someone
(9:44:19 PM) Manario read that as Thriller, is now imagining a dance party in the basement
(9:44:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s the first combat ^^
(9:44:37 PM) Ronja: There we go
(9:45:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: there we go where
(9:45:31 PM) Ronja: phone over
(9:45:34 PM) Ronja: so now I am here :)
(9:45:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(9:45:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s your turn
(9:45:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you cast anything?
(9:45:57 PM) Ronja: I was thinking of drawing my pistol
(9:46:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(9:46:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent and Deiss are standing in front of you
(9:46:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: though I guess you could try shooting one thrall
(9:46:41 PM) Ronja: ah, I get to act same round?
(9:46:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: drawing is a quick action
(9:47:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: I think
(9:47:06 PM) Ronja: yea, I’ll shoot one thrall, the one that has Deiss and Vincent the least in the way
(9:47:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: the middle one probably
(9:47:39 PM) Ronja: okay
(9:47:45 PM) Ronja: 2d6+pistol?
(9:47:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(9:47:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: + poise
(9:48:02 PM) Deiss: And Poise.
(9:48:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: no one is listening to Vincent :<
(9:48:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: the BGM is too loud
(9:48:33 PM) Vincent: :D
(9:48:37 PM) Vincent: it is
(9:48:48 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+5
(9:48:48 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+5]: 7>
(9:48:49 PM) Vincent: gathering charges.mp3
(9:48:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: gah@
(9:49:00 PM) Ronja: I don’t think I hit anything
(9:49:01 PM) Deiss: I am pretty sure we are still in the corridor. :)
(9:49:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s an automiss
(9:49:22 PM) Deiss: Ack!
(9:49:26 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can describe some sort of entertainingly dangerous misfire
(9:50:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: (all 1s on an attack always miss)
(9:50:36 PM) Vincent: snake eyes miss?
(9:50:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss was faster than you here :P
(9:50:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, ye[
(9:50:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(9:50:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent’s turn
(9:51:20 PM) Vincent: I’d like to place the lantern safely down and get my two hander ready.
(9:51:46 PM) Vincent: as I can’t one hand it
(9:52:01 PM) Vincent: any hooks on the wall, something i can hang it on?
(9:52:17 PM) Deiss will turn the bones to powder. :)
(9:52:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, let’s say yes but that will cost you your quick and normal action
(9:52:38 PM) Vincent: Sure
(9:52:45 PM) Vincent: I hang the lantern safe and get sword ready
(9:52:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(9:54:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6+4
(9:54:14 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+4]: 10>
(9:54:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: is your defense 10 or less?
(9:54:29 PM) Deiss: 12
(9:54:30 PM) Vincent: Is it a hit?
(9:54:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: miss!
(9:54:48 PM) Vincent: alright
(9:55:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss
(9:55:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: you are now in melee
(9:55:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you have Riposte?
(9:55:28 PM) Deiss: Okies.
(9:55:32 PM) Deiss: I do.
(9:55:39 PM) ParrotVytzka: quick draw?
(9:55:46 PM) Deiss: No.
(9:55:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: hmm
(9:56:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: well you would have gotten a free counterattack if you had your sword drawn
(9:56:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: but maybe you can still do it later
(9:56:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: what do you do
(9:56:20 PM) Vincent: freebies are for newbies
(9:56:36 PM) Deiss: Let’s see.
(9:56:59 PM) Deiss: I can fire at it now? Is there a penality?
(9:58:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: you can fire at the one that is engaging you
(9:58:12 PM) Deiss: Okay!
(9:58:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: oh!
(9:58:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: you could make a riposte attack with your pistol actually
(9:58:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: back during his turn
(9:58:51 PM) Deiss: I cast Accuracy and Brutal on my gun. Yep.
(9:59:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: can you do that out of turn?
(9:59:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: probably not
(10:00:09 PM) Vincent: i think Deiss is doing her turn, not minding the riposte
(10:00:09 PM) Deiss: No.
(10:00:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: ah, carry on then
(10:00:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: alright
(10:00:32 PM) Deiss: #roll 3d6+7
(10:00:33 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [3d6+7]: 20>
(10:00:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: that is so a hit
(10:01:03 PM) Deiss: #roll 3d6+10
(10:01:03 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [3d6+10]: 15>
(10:01:03 PM) Vincent: is it?
(10:01:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: just smoking boots
(10:02:14 PM) Deiss bows. :)
(10:02:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: another one charges Deiss
(10:03:18 PM) ParrotVytzka: #roll 2d6+4
(10:03:19 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for ParrotVytzka [2d6+4]: 11>
(10:03:27 PM) Deiss: Miss.
(10:03:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: riposte?
(10:04:41 PM) Deiss: Sure.
(10:05:00 PM) Deiss: I will draw my axe next turn. :)
(10:05:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: make a melee attack
(10:05:28 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6+5
(10:05:28 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+5]: 13>
(10:05:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: and a damage roll with your STR
(10:05:56 PM) Deiss: #roll 2d6+5
(10:05:56 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Deiss [2d6+5]: 8>
(10:05:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: also I’ll remind that all of you have 3 feat points
(10:06:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: Dei-Dei here would have had 4 now had the maximum not been 3
(10:06:22 PM) Manario: Did you add the POW of the weapon?
(10:06:41 PM) Deiss: I didn’t fire it. Just pistol whipped it.
(10:06:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: yeah
(10:06:47 PM) Manario: A POW+STR of 5 seems a bit low.
(10:06:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s an emergency weapon
(10:07:13 PM) Manario: Don’t they have some POW?
(10:07:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: if you had hand weapon 2 you could spend a feat point and try to knock it out :)
(10:07:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: no
(10:07:36 PM) Deiss is good at the combats. :)
(10:07:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja
(10:08:03 PM) Ronja: Yes
(10:08:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: what up
(10:08:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: your turn again
(10:08:14 PM) Ronja: My turn again?
(10:08:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(10:08:23 PM) Deiss: Give it a taste of Thamarite power!
(10:08:32 PM) Ronja: Definately!
(10:08:42 PM) Ronja: I want to do ice bolt on one of the thralls
(10:08:44 PM) Manario points ParrotVytzka to Urban Adventures page 23 and the bottle having a POW of 1
(10:08:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, check the pistol whip maneuver
(10:09:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja, sure but you will get a -4 attack penalty because they are in combat
(10:09:19 PM) Ronja: Ah
(10:09:59 PM) Ronja: will try it anyway
(10:10:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: I mean, what could possibly go wrong right
(10:10:07 PM) Vincent: nothing
(10:10:11 PM) Vincent: safe move
(10:10:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: its DEF becomes 11
(10:10:16 PM) Ronja: I don’t know
(10:10:20 PM) Ronja: what could go wrong?
(10:10:24 PM) Vincent: just roll with it
(10:10:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you have any way to boost spells?
(10:10:29 PM) Ronja: I don’t yet
(10:10:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: ok
(10:10:38 PM) Deiss: You could hit someone else. :)
(10:10:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: that would never happen
(10:11:00 PM) Ronja: I totally missed Deiss
(10:11:02 PM) Ronja: almost
(10:11:04 PM) Ronja: mostly
(10:11:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: roll 2d6 + arcane
(10:11:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: try to make 11 or more
(10:11:43 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+4
(10:11:43 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+4]: 12>
(10:11:49 PM) Deiss: Yay!
(10:11:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: booya
(10:12:06 PM) Deiss: You now can blow stuff up too!
(10:12:10 PM) Vincent: boomshakalaka
(10:12:12 PM) Ronja: Yay :D
(10:12:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: she has a license to chill
(10:12:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: now roll power of the attack + 2d6
(10:13:12 PM) Ronja: #roll 2d6+12
(10:13:12 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Ronja [2d6+12]: 19>
(10:13:41 PM) Deiss: We be adventuring boys and girls.
(10:13:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: hahaha
(10:13:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s done
(10:14:15 PM) ParrotVytzka: description?
(10:14:50 PM) Ronja: :)
(10:14:59 PM) Vincent: i thought we had 1 alive
(10:15:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: well
(10:15:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: technically none of them are alive
(10:15:18 PM) Vincent: i close my mouth not to breathe the stuff
(10:15:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s probably carcinogenic
(10:15:36 PM) Vincent: :I
(10:15:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: what do you do?
(10:15:55 PM) Vincent: I will describe
(10:16:04 PM) Deiss: Vincent should probably sword the last one. :)
(10:16:13 PM) Deiss: With righteousness!
(10:16:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: ha
(10:16:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: I should probably get dressed to use the camera
(10:16:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: but it’s too hot
(10:17:12 PM) Vincent: i hope u not nekkid
(10:17:24 PM) Deiss: Being nekkid is free!
(10:17:39 PM) Vincent: 2d6 + prowess?
(10:17:41 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(10:17:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: + weapon skill
(10:17:59 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+5+1
(10:17:59 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+5+1]: 16>
(10:18:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: got it
(10:18:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: now damage
(10:18:45 PM) Vincent: #roll 2d6+5+6
(10:18:45 PM) RPGServ: (notice) <Roll for Vincent [2d6+5+6]: 19>
(10:18:55 PM) Vincent: was that correct?
(10:19:01 PM) Vincent: str+weapon power
(10:19:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(10:19:14 PM) Vincent: sweet
(10:19:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: also it’s destroyed
(10:19:29 PM) Vincent: gon write
(10:19:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: kk
(10:19:36 PM) Deiss: You smited it with the wrath of Vincent!
(10:20:50 PM) Vincent: I might need another client for this
(10:21:24 PM) Vincent: only space for like 80 chars before losing sight of the other end of my line
(10:21:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: aw
(10:24:29 PM) Vincent: probably why i cut my lines so often
(10:24:39 PM) Vincent: compared to real people
(10:24:59 PM) ParrotVytzka: I just use line breaks as punctuation
(10:29:25 PM) Deiss: Clues are here! We have to find them! I am sure the paintings are nothing important.
(10:29:37 PM) Vincent: check ALL the bones
(10:29:42 PM) Vincent: :D
(10:29:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: you guys are ruining my homage
(10:29:50 PM) ParrotVytzka: but it’s okay I love you anyway
(10:29:51 PM) Deiss: Hehe.
(10:31:22 PM) Vincent: do the paintings stare back?
(10:31:46 PM) Lena: evil dead theme turned out to be prophetic
(10:32:05 PM) Deiss: Are you an undead monster, Lena?
(10:32:33 PM) Lena: no
(10:33:05 PM) Deiss: Sadness.
(10:33:51 PM) Vincent: that = than
(10:34:09 PM) Vincent: yeah
(10:34:14 PM) Vincent: eveyrone just checkin
(10:34:27 PM) Deiss: Deiss is alert!
(10:35:26 PM) Deiss: Thinks could jump out at us at any moment! She probably doesn’t get a ton of sleep. :)
(10:36:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: this will be our cliffhanger for the night
(10:36:23 PM) Vincent: Alright.
(10:36:27 PM) Deiss: Hangery.
(10:36:35 PM) Vincent: I missed any holes in any walls.
(10:36:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: I did actually mention it
(10:36:48 PM) Deiss: The mysterious lizard man!
(10:36:58 PM) Vincent: I was so occupied with the thought of you naked.
(10:37:08 PM) Vincent: That came out wrong.
(10:37:11 PM) ParrotVytzka: I need to use this distracting technique for face to face games
(10:37:24 PM) Deiss: Will he give us lizard secrets or will he simply be filled with mindless rage? Find out next week!
(10:37:34 PM) ParrotVytzka: something like that, yes
(10:37:55 PM) Deiss: I want lizard secrets. That sounds badass.
(10:37:58 PM) Vincent: Right.
(10:38:01 PM) Vincent: So, were done?
(10:38:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: also I’m pretty glad I don’t have to do lizard voice acting
(10:38:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: sure
(10:38:13 PM) Vincent: :D
(10:38:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: also also they’re called gatormen :)
(10:38:23 PM) Lena: nasty
(10:38:56 PM) Lena: gatormen and Thralls in a single lair.
(10:39:00 PM) Deiss: I call them mysterious lizard people with an occult agenda!
(10:39:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: well as I said they might not be literally Thralls
(10:39:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: but gatormen magic is strongly associated with death and voodoo
(10:39:46 PM) Deiss: I expect lizard secrets from you next week, Vytzka! You better deliver. :)
(10:39:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: so there might be some relation in there
(10:39:56 PM) Vincent: How massive is the basement?
(10:40:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: 30-40 feet on the side
(10:40:07 PM) Vincent: We could like build a kingdom there.
(10:40:10 PM) Vincent: oh
(10:40:28 PM) ParrotVytzka: but there’s another exit
(10:40:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: at least
(10:40:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, there will be lizard secrets!
(10:40:44 PM) Deiss: Woo hoo!
(10:40:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: you’ll say there are so many, what will I do with them
(10:40:50 PM) Vincent: abstract combat was good
(10:40:52 PM) Lena: sounds fun :)
(10:40:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: and I’ll say not my problem, order less next time
(10:40:54 PM) Vincent: i like combat abstract
(10:41:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: I hope the combat didn’t drag too much?
(10:41:11 PM) Vincent: no
(10:41:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: good
(10:41:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: I’d like to keep it at about this pace
(10:41:41 PM) Deiss: Hope I wasn’t crazy over alert!
(10:41:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: nope, you were cool :)
(10:41:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: also it’s nice that all three of you killed one thrall each!
(10:42:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: that was cool
(10:42:14 PM) Deiss: I did blast the undead with my magics. Woo. Fun times.
(10:42:29 PM) Lena: yeah. Sorry, I was laying down. I did not feel too well
(10:42:40 PM) Deiss nods the Lena.
(10:42:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry about that, Lena
(10:42:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: don’t worry
(10:42:54 PM) Deiss: Hugs too!
(10:43:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, all of you are now at 3 xp
(10:43:25 PM) Deiss: Ooo. Exps.
(10:43:48 PM) Ronja: :D
(10:43:53 PM) Lena: where am I XP wise? I sort of had none to begin with
(10:43:57 PM) Vincent: aren’t we leveling fast?
(10:44:13 PM) Vincent: so i has now 3 expsp to use?
(10:44:14 PM) ParrotVytzka: Lena, you also have 3
(10:44:15 PM) Deiss: Lena is at three too?
(10:44:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: :)
(10:44:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: yep
(10:44:21 PM) Vincent: I have no idea about these expes
(10:44:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, correct
(10:44:29 PM) Lena: awesome :)
(10:44:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: so you can pick two noncombat skills to improve
(10:45:00 PM) Deiss: There is a ‘Character Advancement’ table in the book. Look it up, Vincent. :)
(10:45:27 PM) Lena: I like the character advancement table
(10:45:29 PM) ParrotVytzka: page 154
(10:46:20 PM) Vincent: We probably need to sell Manario with his gear to get money to fix the basement.
(10:46:25 PM) Vincent: Water damage and all.
(10:46:52 PM) Deiss: Well he does make good bubble baths.
(10:46:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: if you befriend the gatorman you’ll have to teach them to use a doormat
(10:47:02 PM) Vincent: I was just jokin of course.
(10:47:22 PM) Vincent: We could skin him for sweet kicks.
(10:47:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: they get water everywhere
(10:47:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, do you have any comments
(10:47:47 PM) Manario: I have already given away all my non-essencial items to the group
(10:47:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: or wishes
(10:48:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: sorry that you didn’t make it through the basement quickly Cassie
(10:48:04 PM) Manario: it’s only ~948gc, but it’s a start
(10:48:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: but I hope it was interesting :)
(10:48:09 PM) Vincent: I wish for gm to be clothed.
(10:48:14 PM) Deiss: Okay!
(10:48:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: Manario, so now you suicide and make another alchemist?
(10:48:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: with another mechanikal weapon
(10:48:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: Desert Gorge, Iron Kingdoms style
(10:48:34 PM) Vincent: infinite money
(10:48:35 PM) Manario: sure’
(10:48:38 PM) Deiss: I wish Manario would play with us. :)
(10:48:39 PM) Vincent: we broke the system
(10:48:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: no :P
(10:48:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss, he should build an iron man suit
(10:49:04 PM) Deiss: Indeed!
(10:49:07 PM) Ronja: I think that sounds pretty much like the plan
(10:49:19 PM) Ronja: I like our plans
(10:49:46 PM) Lena: well we soon as the basement is clean, we can get to work on that.
(10:49:51 PM) ParrotVytzka: 1) go to the basement
(10:49:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: 2) build an iron man suit
(10:49:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: 3) take over the world
(10:50:24 PM) Ronja: Yes
(10:50:42 PM) Vincent is now known as FusionClock
(10:50:53 PM) Deiss is now known as Cassandra
(10:50:57 PM) Lena is now known as Catseye
(10:51:07 PM) FusionClock: I is tired
(10:51:19 PM) Ronja is now known as Kzar
(10:51:39 PM) Cassandra: There is tiredness.
(10:51:59 PM) ParrotVytzka is now known as vytzka
(10:52:04 PM) You are now known as Ximni
(10:52:11 PM) Cassandra: So ours is a game of lizard secrets and gangsters. Quite unique.
(10:52:39 PM) vytzka: but wait! there’s more
(10:52:47 PM) Cassandra: Possibly!
(10:53:08 PM) Cassandra: Hopefully the Cryx don’t invade yet.
(10:53:16 PM) vytzka: hopefully not!
(10:53:20 PM) vytzka: I’d like to do things more noir
(10:53:26 PM) vytzka: but I guess I don’t really understand it
(10:53:57 PM) Cassandra: Practice!
(10:54:05 PM) vytzka: probably
(10:54:18 PM) Cassandra: Watch all the noirs and read them too!
(10:54:35 PM) vytzka: oh I got it
(10:54:36 PM) vytzka: check this out
(10:54:41 PM) vytzka: this is full metal magical realism
(10:54:57 PM) Ximni: the session log is up
(10:58:14 PM) Cassandra: I expect Ximni will make us all the best Ordic dishes from the books too. ;)
(10:58:33 PM) vytzka: fried pig with pig sauce

Session 2 IC
The Alfonso's model

Conversation with #fivefingercrawl_ic at 6/20/2013 8:03:14 PM on (irc)

(8:04:07 PM) Manario has changed the topic to: Vincent: I propose that we all sacrifice ourselves to the dark gods by driving spikes through our anuses
(8:09:54 PM) Vincent [] entered the room.
(8:09:59 PM) Ronja [] entered the room.
(8:10:00 PM) Deiss [] entered the room.
(8:10:51 PM) Lena [] entered the room.
(8:13:01 PM) vytzka [] entered the room.
(8:23:35 PM) Lena finally arrives at the building. Her prior business had taken longer than she suspected. So she walks inside.
(8:26:15 PM) Vincent notices Lena walking in. “So, you decide to show up at last. Just in time.”
(8:26:33 PM) vytzka is now known as ParrotVytzka
(8:27:06 PM) ParrotVytzka: (EPISODE TWO: THE ALFONSO’S MODEL)
(8:27:39 PM) Lena looks at Vincent. “Unfinished business. I got here as soon as I could.”
(8:26:48 PM) Manario is smoking his pipe, trying out his newest special mix
(8:26:59 PM) Deiss: Deiss standing by the table with her hands clasped behind her back, she nods once to Lena when she walks in. “Wo got trouble already.”
(8:26:59 PM) Manario: “Sit down girl, we’re just about to start.”
(8:28:23 PM) Vincent: “Well, no use crying over spilt milk. Deiss, gather the crew. We should clear that basement to get Manario set up.”
(8:28:30 PM) Lena walks over and takes a seat. “I of course want to hear all about it.”
(8:29:44 PM) Manario looks at Vincent “Set up? Bah! I don’t need a special place for my conconctions, and the smoke is completely harmless most of the time anyways…”
(8:30:53 PM) Vincent: “I would prefer having you set up beneath ground level. To minimize casualties.”
(8:31:38 PM) Vincent: “Of course you enjoy my full trust.”
(8:32:25 PM) Deiss: “Okay. We need to gear up before we take a peek into the basement. Could have something to do with the last tennant’s rather sudden eviction. We don’t want to be caught unprepared. No telling what this cursed place will cough up.”
(8:33:10 PM) Manario: “So, no grenades then?”
(8:33:34 PM) Vincent: “I doubt we will need anything else than a few brooms to clear the webs.”
(8:34:20 PM) Ronja: “Grenades could damage the structure too much”
(8:34:27 PM) Manario: “So it’s ‘women first’ then, huh?”
(8:34:42 PM) Deiss: Deiss moves over to the bar and grabs her kit and begins strapping it on.
(8:35:34 PM) Lena checks her gear and and makes certain her armor is secure.
(8:35:34 PM) Vincent: “Seems like you are convinced that something evil lurks down there, huh Deiss?”
(8:37:13 PM) Vincent moves to the money counting chamber to get his armor on and grab his sword
(8:37:20 PM) Deiss: “You don’t pay me for my good looks, Vincent.” She grins lopsidedly at him.
(8:38:16 PM) Vincent: “You got right that one. Let’s hope you’re wrong about the basement.”
(8:38:19 PM) Ronja: “Do we know more than that the sign says Danger?”
(8:38:38 PM) ParrotVytzka: (actually it says BEWEAR)
(8:38:48 PM) Manario: “Well, when the night is done, we’re not gonna need it anymore.”
(8:38:58 PM) Vincent: “Back at the estates we used to hang signs like that all around to keep the plebs away.”
(8:39:15 PM) Vincent: “Saved some coin on guards.”
(8:40:10 PM) Vincent: “Manario , I doubt you will be piping whatever is down there. Do you have what you need?”
(8:40:28 PM) Deiss: Deiss walks up to the door and tries the doorknob.
(8:40:32 PM) Manario: “Well, what do you want me to do?”
(8:40:52 PM) Manario: “I can do a lot of things, but I can’t work miracles with stick and stones.”
(8:41:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: (the door is also nailed with planks, and you can see the actual door frame has a couple dents in it from the other side)
(8:41:24 PM) Manario: “If you want the good stuff then I’ll need the right tools for it.”
(8:41:35 PM) Lena: “Well it does look a bit menacing.”
(8:41:41 PM) Deiss: “Anyone want to help me pry these boards off?”
(8:41:45 PM) Vincent: “Well, see that the kettle is on when we get back.”
(8:42:11 PM) Vincent moves past Lena towards the door
(8:42:23 PM) Manario: “Normal tea or a special blend?”
(8:42:35 PM) Manario looks hopeful
(8:42:50 PM) Vincent shouting from the door “Just tea, please!”
(8:43:03 PM) Manario: “As you wish, Boss!”
(8:43:10 PM) Deiss: Deiss grabs hold of one of the boards and starts to strip it off.
(8:43:16 PM) Lena steps back and watches the others. She gets out a knife, just in case.
(8:43:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: you probably manage to tear off the planks soon enough
(8:43:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: the door is not locked
(8:43:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: although it does open outwards
(8:44:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: (inwards? into your room anyway)
(8:44:39 PM) Vincent: “Anyone got a light?”
(8:44:44 PM) Deiss: “Someone grab a lantern, probably dark down there.”
(8:44:54 PM) Ronja grabs a lantern as she approaches the door.
(8:44:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is light down there
(8:45:03 PM) ParrotVytzka: there are stairs that go down in a semicircle
(8:45:07 PM) ParrotVytzka: errr
(8:45:09 PM) ParrotVytzka: dak
(8:45:10 PM) ParrotVytzka: DARK
(8:46:03 PM) Deiss: Deiss holds her gun in a solid two-handed grip and takes point as they go down the stairs.
(8:46:06 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, ladies first.”
(8:46:47 PM) Vincent follows Deiss, giving her enough room to jump back if need be.
(8:47:29 PM) Ronja follows Vincent
(8:47:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s not very convenient going down the stairs when the lantern is in the back but you probably manage it
(8:48:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: the railings are old and crumbling, and the air is dank
(8:49:03 PM) Vincent: “Bah, we will have to keep the door open for a few days.”
(8:49:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: at the bottom you find a doorway and a small room, maybe 10×10 feet
(8:49:35 PM) Vincent: “No wonder we got the place on the cheap.”
(8:49:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: there are slots for torches on the left and right hand walls, and in front of you a large bookcase
(8:49:58 PM) Lena follows the others down. Keeping keeping enough distance to give them enough space to manuever.
(8:50:13 PM) Deiss: “Hrm. Haven’t seen what made those dents yet.” Deiss scans the room as they reach the bottom of the stairs.
(8:50:38 PM) Vincent: “Get some torches set up, check the room.”
(8:51:21 PM) ParrotVytzka: the carpet is moldy and rotten
(8:52:45 PM) Vincent checks the contents of the book case.
(8:53:54 PM) ParrotVytzka: pretty old looking books, and seem a bit water damaged from the looks of it
(8:53:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you touching them?
(8:54:05 PM) Vincent: “Lena, can you see about setting up same light here?”
(8:54:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: many books seem missing
(8:54:56 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s maybe half to 2/3rds full
(8:55:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: the bookcase is maybe 7 feet wide and almost as tall as the room
(8:55:24 PM) Vincent: “I wonder what books these are..”
(8:55:28 PM) Lena starts setting up some lanterns.
(8:55:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: nah 6 feet ^^
(8:55:43 PM) Ronja checks to see if there is a behind the bookshelf.
(8:56:02 PM) Vincent pulls out a few books at random and tried to see the titles.
(8:56:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: it seems set into the wall Ronja
(8:56:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent, give me a 2d6
(8:56:40 PM) Deiss: Deiss frowns and looks at the bookshelf, “Good work, Sestra.”
(8:57:23 PM) ParrotVytzka: they’re just old books, “101 Ordic cuisine dishes”, “Poetry of Rob Rabarbarous”, “Travels in the land of Caspia”
(8:57:49 PM) ParrotVytzka: one of them seems dripping wet
(8:58:06 PM) Vincent: “Ordic cuisine? By the gods, I’d rather see the dungeons.”
(8:59:43 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja notices that there is slight draft right at the edges of the bookcase though
(8:59:53 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is barely noticeable
(9:00:17 PM) Ronja: “Hey! There is something here!”
(9:00:56 PM) Vincent yells loudly “Manario, get down here, we found something for you.”
(9:01:23 PM) Deiss: Deiss moves to cover Ronja, “What is it?”
(9:01:50 PM) Ronja points out the slight draft. “There seems to be some opening behind here”
(9:02:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: you THINK you maybe faintly hear something on the other side just as Vincent stops running his mouth
(9:02:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: or maybe it’s just echo
(9:02:43 PM) Deiss: Deiss looks to Vincent, “Should we try to push it out of the way?”
(9:02:50 PM) Vincent: “Can you see through?”
(9:03:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: no
(9:03:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: or maybe there’s no light on the other side?
(9:03:21 PM) Vincent: “Sure, seems like a sturdy book case though.”
(9:03:52 PM) Vincent: “Let’s push together, see if it moves.”
(9:03:59 PM) Deiss: “Pile up all the books on the floor and we will try to push it to the side.”
(9:04:24 PM) Vincent: “Good call, less weight.”
(9:04:36 PM) ParrotVytzka: are you taking out all the books?
(9:05:36 PM) Ronja starts to careful move the books over to a pile away from the bookshelf.
(9:06:01 PM) ParrotVytzka: when you try to take out one of them, it doesn’t give, but there is a loud CLICK
(9:06:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: the bookshelf starts rotating and stops at 90 degrees to the wall, opening two passageways on each side
(9:07:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: your sense of smell is assaulted by the scent of stale water and decomposing human flesh
(9:07:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: also, a bell rings
(9:08:05 PM) Deiss: Deiss steps back to cover the passageways with her gun, “Looks like we found some trouble.”
(9:09:52 PM) Vincent: “The smell. Forget tea, I will need a hot bath to scrub this off.”
(9:10:10 PM) Ronja waves her hand before her nose. “What reeks?”
(9:10:16 PM) ParrotVytzka: Vincent and Deiss feels a bit light headed from the smell
(9:10:16 PM) Deiss: Deill coughs and pulls her tunic up over her nose.
(9:10:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: do you try to wait it out or go forward?
(9:12:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: the smell gets a bit less overpowering soon
(9:13:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: maybe it’s sucked into your restaurant above
(9:14:12 PM) Ronja: “I wonder where this leads…”
(9:14:13 PM) Vincent: “If you’re feeling fine, why don’t you shine us some light while I lead with Deiss?”
(9:14:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: or maybe your sense of smell just died
(9:14:20 PM) Deiss: Deiss takes point again and moves carefully into the corridor, “Bring the lantern.”
(9:15:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: the corridor is about six feet wide, it goes on for maybe thirty feet and turns right
(9:15:25 PM) ParrotVytzka: the stone floor is wet
(9:16:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: Deiss steps on a stray bone that shatters with a crunch
(9:17:01 PM) Deiss: Deiss stands with her back to the wall and peeks around the corner.
(9:17:11 PM) Vincent: “Anything?”
(9:17:17 PM) ParrotVytzka: you don’t see anything because your torch is behind you
(9:17:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: you probably cast a nice shadow though
(9:17:50 PM) Vincent: “Hand me the lantern.”
(9:25:14 PM) Vincent reaches his hand over the corner and shines some light with the lantern.
(9:25:24 PM) Vincent: “Anything?”
(9:25:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: you see the corridor stretches for a few more yards and then expands into a room
(9:26:49 PM) Deiss: Deiss jerks her head to Vincent and takes the corner, “Seems like the hall leads to a room down here.”
(9:26:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s a largish room, maybe 30-40 feet on a side, roughly square, it’s strewn with garbage, torn clothing, books and whatnot
(9:27:06 PM) Vincent: “Alright, steel yourselves, we move.”
(9:27:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: three animated skeleton-looking figures are marching through it when they notice your lantern and ready their swords
(9:27:23 PM) Ronja nods as she stays back a bit behind Deiss and Vincent.
(9:27:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: cue fight music
(9:27:34 PM) Vincent: “Deiss, take point, you two, follow me.”
(9:37:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: Ronja knows that skeletons are technically called Thralls
(9:37:52 PM) ParrotVytzka: although these look kinda more… primitive than the ones she’s heard of
(9:38:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: it’s hard to put your finger on how exactly, especially as they raise their rusty, chipped blades to better stab you with
(9:46:32 PM) Ronja pulls out her trusty repeater pistol.
(9:46:52 PM) Vincent: “Steel yourselves, don’t let them flank you.”
(9:48:09 PM) Vincent: “If they overwhelm us, back up and force them into this corridor where their numbers mean nothing.”
(9:50:02 PM) Deiss: Deiss jumps and shouts a curse in Khadoran as Ronja shoots wide.
(9:51:16 PM) Ronja does an innocent smile as the bullet whizzes past Deiss
(9:51:55 PM) ParrotVytzka: the shot bounces off the sword of one thrall warrior, and his eyes gleam with malevolent red glow
(9:52:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: (her? who knows?)
(9:53:18 PM) Vincent hangs the lantern on a nearby hook on the wall. “Mind the lantern ladies, I’d prefer not to fight blind.”
(9:53:33 PM) ParrotVytzka: that same thrall raises their sword and charges Deiss!
(9:54:46 PM) ParrotVytzka: but his sword bounces off the wall corner
(9:55:04 PM) ParrotVytzka: another one moves behind the first
(10:00:02 PM) Deiss: Deiss focuses her power and feels it rush up her arms and into her gun, the runic symbols glowing a soft blue then she fires a brilliant lance at the attacking thrall!
(10:01:40 PM) ParrotVytzka: bone splinters everywhere as the thrall is vaporised by the powerful shot!
(10:02:23 PM) Vincent: “Hah! Excellent shot young lady, I see the wealth is well spent on you!”
(10:02:52 PM) Ronja looks at her gun a little disappointed.
(10:03:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: the last thrall to move lowers his sword pointing at Deiss and charges
(10:03:24 PM) ParrotVytzka: but misses!
(10:04:00 PM) Deiss: Deiss dodges to the side and cracks the butt of her gun against the skull of the thrall!
(10:06:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: with a satisfying crunch his skull caves in slightly but he seems undeterred
(10:14:21 PM) Ronja mumbles her arcane words before sending a bolt of ice into the last thrall, creating a thrallcicle.
(10:14:47 PM) ParrotVytzka: the thrall explodes in slow motion, sending a shower of icicles everywhere
(10:14:58 PM) ParrotVytzka: and possibly crystallised bone
(10:15:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: gross
(10:16:55 PM) Vincent raises his sword beneath his head and attempts to slice the remaining thrall in twain!
(10:20:35 PM) Vincent: The heavy blade of the sword crushes the thrall beneath its weight, accompanied with the sound of cracking bones.
(10:21:08 PM) ParrotVytzka: it appears there are no more hostile entities in the room so you can get a better look
(10:21:39 PM) Deiss: Deiss draws her axe and steps forward to survey the room.
(10:21:49 PM) Vincent: “That’s how you break them.”
(10:22:02 PM) Vincent: “Well fought ladies.”
(10:22:13 PM) ParrotVytzka: in one corner there’s a large pile of bones
(10:22:45 PM) ParrotVytzka: a few tables stand near the walls, covered with piles of all kinds of garbage, old books and torn clothing
(10:22:57 PM) Deiss: Deiss twists a small knob on her gun and it hisses with released steam, “Nothing to it, boss.”
(10:23:05 PM) ParrotVytzka: the floor is likewise strewn about with burned out torches, bones and whatever miscellaneous items
(10:23:07 PM) Ronja approaches the old books.
(10:23:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: there are a few paintings hanging on the walls
(10:23:35 PM) Vincent: “Ronja, do you reckon these wont get up after this handling?”
(10:23:50 PM) Vincent: “You being the expert and all.”
(10:24:37 PM) Deiss: Deiss toes some of the bone fragments, “I could stomp on them a few times if you are worried.”
(10:24:38 PM) Ronja looks to the remains of the thralls. “I reckon at least two of them will never rise again.”
(10:25:07 PM) Vincent: “I will take your word for it.”
(10:26:19 PM) Vincent gets the lantern off the hook.
(10:27:04 PM) Deiss: Deiss remains alert as the other two look around, “So why do you think those things were down here?”
(10:27:58 PM) Vincent: “I must say I am rather surprised by the presence of the undead.”
(10:28:34 PM) Vincent goes to see the large pile of bones, crouching next to it.
(10:28:35 PM) ParrotVytzka: THERE ARE PAINTINGS
(10:28:37 PM) ParrotVytzka: ON THE WALLS
(10:28:58 PM) Vincent: “See anything valuable?”
(10:29:19 PM) ParrotVytzka: a few golden teeth maybe if you dig through it?
(10:29:20 PM) Vincent: “I would prefer to turn this into a profit instead of a sinkhole for money.”
(10:30:26 PM) Deiss: Deiss scans the paintings briefly.
(10:30:28 PM) Vincent: “How about the paintings? Anything by someone famous?”
(10:30:42 PM) Ronja: “I haven’t the slightest clue as to what has been going on down here… I will take the books, maybe they will hold some answer.”
(10:31:02 PM) ParrotVytzka: the paintings are remarkably realistic
(10:31:30 PM) ParrotVytzka: the leftmost portrays a white lizard-like creature, about dog sized, lying on a table next to a bowl of fruit
(10:32:22 PM) ParrotVytzka: the latter ones seem to showcase its growth, turning bipedal, first child sized and then as big as an adult human and more massive
(10:32:28 PM) Vincent stands up to have a look-see at the paintings.
(10:32:42 PM) ParrotVytzka: the last picture has the lizard-like creature with burning red eyes, paper-white skin, crunching on a human skull
(10:33:27 PM) ParrotVytzka: you seem disturbed by this
(10:33:31 PM) ParrotVytzka: I guess
(10:33:38 PM) Vincent: “I hope this is just a figment of someones imagination. I’d rather see about that cuisine that a lizard of that scale.”
(10:34:00 PM) ParrotVytzka: are all of you looking through the room?
(10:34:12 PM) ParrotVytzka: or is anyone keeping watch
(10:34:14 PM) Deiss: “So you think that lizard thing is down here?” Deiss looks around wary.
(10:34:33 PM) Ronja: “It looks a bit too massive to be down here now, if we haven’t seen it yet.”
(10:35:13 PM) Vincent: “Let’s not paint devils on the wall, shall we? Let’s take them down so we can inspect them upstrairs better.”
(10:35:20 PM) ParrotVytzka: as everyone is ruffling through stuff, Deiss turns around to see a large shape slink out of the hole in the opposite wall
(10:35:32 PM) ParrotVytzka: it is wrapped into a huge black cloak and seems larger than a man
(10:35:33 PM) Ronja: “I do wonder if we could get anything for these paintings”
(10:35:44 PM) ParrotVytzka: two red eyes burn within its hood
(10:35:57 PM) ParrotVytzka: EYECATCH
(10:35:58 PM) Deiss: “I think we got company, gang”
(10:50:42 PM) Vincent is now known as FusionClock
(10:50:53 PM) Deiss is now known as Cassandra
(10:50:57 PM) Lena is now known as Catseye
(10:50:59 PM) FusionClock left the room.
(10:51:19 PM) Ronja is now known as Kzar
(10:51:59 PM) ParrotVytzka is now known as vytzka
(10:52:04 PM) You are now known as Ximni


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